HCQ plant burns down. MORE evidence that the banning is political, not medical

1. Pennsylvania:

2. Socialist calls in to Hannity

At first I thought it was a rational person posing as a leftist as a literary device. By the end, I wasn’t sure.

3. How the mutated form of Covid has rapidly spread across swathes of England over the last fortnight – and now accounts for more than 60% of cases in London

(The most important thing to know is, never, but NEVER stop being afraid)

The mutated coronavirus strain has rapidly spread through swathes of England in a fortnight, according to official data that shows it now accounts for the majority of infections in some regions.

The Office for National Statistics estimates 62 per cent of cases in London were because of the new variant in the week up to December 9, the most recent snapshot provided by the Government agency. That was almost double the amount of infections in the capital attributed to the mutation in the seven-day period to November 25 (35 per cent).

It’s believed the new variant — thought to be up to 70 per cent more infectious than regular Covid — emerged in a patient in Kent and made its way into London and the commuter belt.

4. Second largest plant for raw materials for Hydroxychloroquine burns to ground

One of the biggest scandals of the COVID Plandemic is the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who died needlessly because the FDA refused to issue off-label emergency use for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a safe drug whose patent ran out years ago, and that thousands of doctors around the world have used effectively, often with a 100% success rate, in treating COVID patients.

We have an entire page in our COVID Information Center covering this scandal.

News sources in Taiwan (thanks to Dr. Meryl Nass for breaking this story here in the U.S.) are reporting that the world’s second largest supplier of raw materials to make HCQ blew up earlier this week, which will most certainly put a strain on the world’s supply of HCQ.

At this time the source link for this major story which won’t get told is down

Euronews sort of has the story here.

At least one person has died and another has been injured following an explosion at a pharmaceutical factory in Taiwan’s Taoyuan City.

The blast on Sunday caused a fire at a factory, which wasn’t fully extinguished until Tuesday.

Thick smoke was also seen rising into the air for several days after the explosion.

An investigation pointed to a chemical leak in nearby sewers as the reason the blaze kept burning despite a prompt intervention from local firefighters.

A 30-year-old foreign worker from the Philippines suffered third-degree burns to 80%-90% of his body and subsequently died on Monday in hospital.

Another 40-year-old man suffered burns to his hand.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation.

Euronews says nothing about HCQ or its significance. Isn’t that interesting.

Thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan, PePo, Xanthippa, Richard, and all who’s keen observance of events prompted them to send in these materials.

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  1. Agenda 21 is just like Ceaucescu’s plans for Romania, put everyone in high density housing, with a bug in every room, eventually video survellance. The countryside would be for the dachas of the party members.

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