Some of the myths of Covid begin to be debunked: Links 2, December 202020

1. The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have. -Raegan

2. This doctor asks a good question:

3. Please please please read this:

Asymptomatic Spread Revisited


That failure was embarrassing enough, given the overwhelming costs. Schools closed, commercial rights were vanquished, shelter-in-place orders from wartime were imposed, travel nearly stopped, all large events were cancelled, and so on. Clearly there needed to be a good, solid, science-based reason for why the politicians and their advisers had, on their own, decided to take away much of what we once regarded as human rights. 

Talk about this began in March but faded. Sometime in summer, the idea of asymptomatic spread started to trend, bit by bit. It finally went to an explosion of interest in the first week of June. It trailed off again until very recently. […]

4. Did anyone know about the chopper? First Ive heard of it. Must be video somewhere.

Hockey must seem like total dissident activity to leftist Muslim mayor Nenshi if he circles a kids outdoor hockey game with a chopper.

5. CBC continues its full frontal assault on the truth on behalf of the narrative.

6. As we have come to expect, The Rebel managed to get to the man who was assaulted and attacked by two Calgary civil servants in matching pants suits and interview him.

Story idea: An aggressive Karen walks the streets using intimidation, threats of police and shovel fulls of sanctimony. She accosts anyone without the right kind of mask, or is too close to someone else, even if they live together. No one knows for sure who she is as she always has a classic winter strip of plaid fabric covering nearly all of her head. She warns people that first you get the covid, then you get contagious, then you kill the elderly.

The title would be, Scarf Face.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Richard, PC., C., and everyone who made the effort to try and keep the toxins out of our eyes today.

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9 Replies to “Some of the myths of Covid begin to be debunked: Links 2, December 202020”

  1. I have a theory that the rats in power; here in the UK and elsewhere in the Western civilised world; are content with the masses wearing masks all the time, is because they have facial recognition technology that effectively sees through masks. They know who is behind the masks, even if we don’t.
    And those of us who decline to wear a mask, well, they obviously know who we are.

  2. Karen is a racist term used to denigrate white, middle-aged women. Open your eyes to who you join in disparaging.
    On behalf of my friends–white or not–named Karen

    • Totally agree, malca.

      These police officers had the disadvantage of deliberately choosing to be smaller than average in their front line roles, and so obviously had to resort to kicking and screaming to gain compliance. Little guys would have done exactly the same.

      All they were doing was their duty to enforce the law, and disband a crowd. Laws are for Politicians to decide, not plebs.

      Where this “Karen” insult came from, of the femaled-natured demanding ” because I have to, so must you,” I do not know. And because this blog requests we provide evidence when called out for it, the instigator of the accusation should be able to show evidence quite soon.

      Otherwise, the derision of white women who stand up independently for their country, community and homes seems to be the Lie of Demoralisation, that allows fifty year old men to claim become the very-same women: resistance is futile.

    • I guess I view it as an internet meme term, and not a disparagement of anything other than officious and sanctimonious people. So im always puzzled when people take offence to it. But seeing it your way, I can understand.

  3. 2. How does mamadoc know she has tests for flu and covid? Well, that is what the label says. What if the covid labelled test is actually for the flu and the flu test is sterile? This would explain what she observes and answer her question.
    I wonder when and where these tests were manufactured? I expect the covid test was manufactured in 2020. But what about the flu test.
    I would love to see a comparison between flu tests manufactured in 2020 and those from earlier years. Also an earlier year flu test on a patient with a positive covid test result.

    • All good questions. The thinking around the Covid ward is that the lockdown measures worked for the flu but Covid is more contagious.

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