More election fraud video, and an explanation for the cyber-attack that was devastating to perhaps 7 nations: Links 3, December 20, 2020

1. Hadn’t seen this bit of subterfuge before

2. Quebecers are the most willing to fight or at least demonstrate for individual rights and freedoms.

3. Hungary calls EU’s ruling against kosher slaughter a ‘disgrace’

(During the last Hungarian federal election, the New York Times tried to convince everyone that Orban was a Nazi, and in the same article, tried to encourage people to support and vote for Jobik, an actual Nazi party in Hungary. It was well covered on this site at the time.)

Hungary’s deputy prime minister called Thursday’s ruling by the European Union’s highest court in favor of banning kosher slaughter a “disgrace,” setting up the first public international clash over the landmark decision.

“Yesterday’s ruling by the European Court of Justice upholding a ban on kosher ritual slaughter in Belgium is a disgrace to the religious freedom and security of the European Jewish community and is yet one more sign of the total collapse of our traditional Judeo-Christian value system,” said Zsolt Semjén, the head of the right-wing Christian Democratic People’s Party, a coalition partner of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling Fidesz party. […]

Jews have strict laws to make the slaughter of animals as quick and painless and possible, requiring a trained professional slaughterer and extremely sharp and large knives, among other requirements. Advocates of the custom reject claims that it is crueler than other methods.

4. A worthy cartoon

5. Here is an easy to read and short explanation of the largest cyber-attack to take place so far as we know. Its a few minutes reading and makes a few things pretty clear.

Thank you ML., Johnny U., M., PC., Malca, and all who sent in materials this weekend.

For Ontarians:

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8 Replies to “More election fraud video, and an explanation for the cyber-attack that was devastating to perhaps 7 nations: Links 3, December 20, 2020”

  1. 3.
    Kosher, Halal, Jhatka
    Non of life’s animals thank ya.
    A prayer done before
    Or not one at all
    The most painless, they still call a wanker.

    • From the animal’s perspective, no matter what grand status humanity divided itself into, their feelings towards their killer is always the same.

      And they are the same.

      Those to be less humane, when offered to be more so, is not a religion but a cult.

      Nonsense by memorizers.

      “Ask the rabbi Halacha General Questions
      Are vaccinations kosher?
      Rabbi David Samson18 Elul 5762
      General Questions
      Medicine and Medications

      News reports say that Israel is considering giving smallpox vaccinations to all of its citizens. How can they do this when the smallpox vaccination contains rat blood, monkey brains, and human fetal tissue? Don’t they know that these things are Treif?
      While we have not heard about a smallpox vaccine with rat blood in it, the vaccine does contain monkey kidney cells and human fetal tissue as stabilizers. These are both non-kosher. However, the smallpox vaccine is not taken orally. Rather it is an inoculation. There is no prohibition to use these specific non-kosher substances, so long as they are not eaten.

      An interesting halachic opinion by Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzenski states that if a man is fed through a tube directly into his stomach, then he is allowed to be fed non-kosher foods[1]. Similarly, a diabetic can use insulin, even though it contains substances derived from pigs, since it is injected and not taken orally[2].”

      You can’t make this up.

      • It’s not about humane treatment of animals, although that matters and is dealt with elsewhere in the Bible. It’s the simple fact that kosher slaughter is defined by law.

        Our laws don’t have to make sense to you or anyone else. Nobody’s looking to convert you. And Jews don’t excommunicate one another, people’s choices in manner of observance are personal.

        We speculate about the logic and practice of the laws all the time. That’s a constant discussion, that’s how we engage with torah-talmud.

        But we condition our behavior on the terms of the Covenant we made with G-d on Mt. Sinai. Commandments, written and oral.

        You can ridicule us as a cult, all the empires have done that. And we’ve watched them rise and fall. That’s something you certainly can’t make up.

        We are the same people, the same homeland, speaking the same language, and praying to the same G-d for over 3000 years. The Covenant is why Am Yisroel Chai.

        • “But we condition our behavior on the terms of the Covenant we made with G-d on Mt. Sinai…”

          What was once was an outdoor activity of slaughter, codified for the health of the consumers… slit-throat, hung upside down, beating-heart, blood-drain-out… that works every time. Prayers as ordered.


          The same as the Hindu’s “Sacred Cow” that they never slaughter because it gives them milk throughout the winter bur they say their Religion tells them so.


          Both protecting their flocks

          But today, we achieve cleanliness in supermarket food – even pork.
          Anyone hungry enough,who eats a bacon sandwich from the crashed airline locker is forgiven, lives in guilt for the rest of their lives, or starves. Any time when human limbs become next on their list.

          Mercy to animals – and you are 100% correct in this – breaks Covenants.

        • So, if some fundamental Hindus came across someone eating beef, I would defend that very life too, (in spite of them breaking the Commandments).

    • So, after examining the animals’s rights to not suffering, (they still get eaten), let’s examine our Human Rights.

      Fox hunting with hounds, was formalized in the UK in the1500s.
      Four centuries of tradition was stopped by The Hunting Act, which prohibited hunting foxes and wild mammals with dogs. It was approved by the UK’s parliament in 2003 with 362 MPs in favour and 156 against. The following year it became law. – wiki

      Now, no God had ordained Fox Hunting, but it is not beyond the imagination that a tribe thousands of years ago could have codified it into their religion and said it was first revealed to Barry. But this decree was taken as yet again the City-dwellers dictating to the Country-Folk, with cock fighting, dog fighting, and on towards the protests against Spanish bull fighting. All outlets for the instincts of the pleasures of life and death in the balance of life gone. Today heavyweights can bruise and bloody themselves into a coma, rather than the epic Roman spectacles of gladiators fighting to their honorable deaths. Football is the poorman’s chase.

      This connection, with life and death, heaven and hell, may be seen as the instinct of hunting your own food. Where most hunters stop when their prey freezes or faints. The thrill of the chase gone, will evoke no desire. The rapist is bewildered when their victim shows no fear towards them, and the islamic pederast disgusted when their victims smile and reache around.

      This basic animal in us then then, may be just the fundamental glue and cohesion for a sense of community and it’s survival. Soccer fans around the world all agreeing with their tribe.

  2. 3)
    I’m pretty sure that for Muslims their “Halal” Slaughter is still allowed.
    For me this is a clear sign what the intentions of the EUSSR are.
    They do everything to satisfy their new “Masters”.
    I wonder when it will be made compulsory for Jews and Christians in Europe to abort the Unborn?

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