Just more medical theatre. Another fake injection of the vaccine

One of the basics of Game Theory according to Laszlo Mero, is that most people in a situation all think the same way, and think everyone else is crazy for thinking the way they themselves are thinking.

In this case, pretty much everyone is thinking the same thing about getting the vaccine: “Ill let everyone else take the new vaccine and see how they do before I will”.

A very rational approach to a problem like this.

And as usual, authorities appear to be a step ahead of the public, getting all sorts of famous or powerful people to appear to take the vaccine first so that the public can feel OK about taking it.

Quite unusual that they didn’t just inject saline or something else for real though and elect to leave the cap on, not have the plunger up or one of the other deceptions we have seen recently. I guess the recipients don’t trust the injectors to have the right fake substance in the needle.

There is a lot of incorrect information about these vaccines though, from all sides. Messenger RNA cannot penetrate the cell nucleus and cannot alter DNA. So these claims are false. At least for the vaccines that use RNA to do what they do. As it was explained to me, and as best as I can remember it, the RNA acts like a catalyst to get the vaccine material into the cell, but not the nucleus, to offer some degree of immunity to Covid19. This doesn’t mean there are not other dangers or problems with the vaccine, that its good or desirable or that it isn’t. It just means that RNA does not alter DNA and those claims are false.

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    • A Tennessee nurse fainted after she received the COVID-19 vaccine Thursday, but officials say that is not unexpected with vaccinations.

      “In a video posted by WTVC, CHI Memorial nurse manager Tiffany Dover was being interviewed by members of the media after receiving her shot when she appeared to become lightheaded. A doctor is then seen catching her as she falls to the ground.

      When she recovered, Dover said the reaction is not uncommon for her

      “I have a history of having an over-reactive vagal response, and so with that if I have pain from anything—hangnail or if I stub my toe — I can just pass out,” Dover told WRCB.”

  1. I don’t care about the actual injection, if it takes place at all. I want to hear what happens to the regular and uncelebrated vaccine recipients in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months. How many develop autoimmune disorders? How many are rendered infertile or produce disabled children? How many develop neurological conditions like chronic pain, tinnitus, loss of strength, or schizoid issues?

  2. Well, I did some research myself and found in those photo ops the syringes were not even loaded, as they were empty and the plunger is at the stop. Take a close look at the syringes before they stick them in the arm .9 milliliter does not look like the syringe is at the stop. look at the dosing of those shots and see that they would not be able to inject it so quick into the arm and look at the dose, never happen they would have to take about 2 seconds to inject, not milliseconds as they are showing.

    • There is no sign that those injections were even loaded to .03 ml. the syringes were at the stop of the plunger not a quarter of the way up the syringe where the .03 is on the syringe. Fact check this!

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