Karens and Abdis: Links 1 for December 18, 2020

1. Going out on a limb here, but based on both his actions and his words, it seems like he is upset that she isn’t following irrational authority on this and he feels he has to. “Does it bother anyone else that she doesn’t have to wear a mask and we all do?” Where is the disease in any of this?

2. Terrorism event in Oz. Couple stabbed to death by 22 YO Raghe Abdi.

An elderly couple have been killed in their Brisbane home in what detectives suspect is a “terrorism incident” perpetrated by a knife-wielding man who was shot dead by police, officials said on Friday.

Raghe Abdi, 22, was shot dead on a highway on the outskirts of Brisbane on Thursday morning after threatening police with a knife, officers said.

Later the same day, the bodies of an 87-year-old man and an 86-year-old woman were found in their home in the Brisbane suburb of Parkinson, near where Mr Abdi died, according to the deputy commissioner, Tracy Linford.

Ms Linfold said homicide detectives had found evidence that Mr Abdi had been in the house. She declined to detail how the couple had died.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll described Mr Abdi as a known extremist, adding that he had been acting alone. 

“We had no choice but to declare this as a terrorism incident,” Ms Carroll told a press briefing. […]

Mr Abdi was known to a counter-terrorism taskforce and had  been was arrested in 2019 after attempting to board a flight to Somalia. Charges against him were dropped due to a lack of evidence, but his passport was cancelled.

(“…as a known extremist”. What? Weight lifter? Jazz pianist? Extreme sports? Journalists should be in the new isolation facilities being built all over the place)

3. Here is a perfect example of social medicine. Triage is done by skin colour and not by actual medical need.

4. Randy Hillier questions the peculiar lack of additional deaths and the Covid narrative

5. This video is wildly viral now. The explanation for it is that this nurse regularly blacks out from minor pains. Which makes her a peculiar choice to be the poster girl for getting the vaccine.

Thank you all who sent in materials. Much more to come including a Brad Johnson look at the curious SCOTUS decision to not decide on the Texas suit.

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