Paris on fire again, Egyptian President about to be called a White Supremacist, misc. Islam: Links 1, December 1, 2020

1. Trillions of zeros and ones go up in flames in Paris as Rothschild bank Branch of the Bank of France. (Calling it the Rothschild bank, which it isn’t, turns out to be an antisemitic slur).

2. Egyptian president, Al Sisi: Europe has a right to its culture, people and interests

3. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas apparently has damning evidence of CNN’s honesty failure, motives and choices of what makes “all the news thats fit to print”.

4. How crappy is 2020 when a lethal terrorist attack by Muslims in Europe gets folded into a miscellaneous post?

At least four are killed ‘including a young girl’ and 15 hurt in German ‘terror attack’: Car ploughs through pedestrian zone that usually hosts Christmas market in city of Trier

At least four people are dead and up to 15 injured after a car drove into pedestrians in the German city of Trier in what police say was a deliberate attack.   

A 51-year-old German man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after the car drove more than half a mile through the city’s main pedestrian area, which usually hosts a popular Christmas market. 

Trier mayor Wolfram Leibe told regional broadcaster SWR that the driver had gone on ‘a rampage’ that had killed several people, but authorities said the motive was not yet clear. 

(Man plows car into German Christmas market, motive unclear. The cognitive dissonance of living in the pseudo reality of the communist state)

5. Child taken from family in Australia, because they wouldn’t let the child have sterilizing mutilating surgery


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7 Replies to “Paris on fire again, Egyptian President about to be called a White Supremacist, misc. Islam: Links 1, December 1, 2020”

  1. This Arab Muslim “ German “ it’s obvious Merkel favourite pet , since 2015 every year around Christmas time it’s the same thing all over again, and they don’t know the motive!!!, ask Merkel she have answer for that , destroying whole country and Europe in the same time, let in terrorist and haters of European Christian people, it’s awful just awful, this whole government is a garbage!!!, except AFD , but people are so stupid to understand what is really going on for 5 long years , keep bringing this parasites, you can have more blood on streets in Germany..

      • Do you have Any link with “ German” His name , ?? Like I said if this killer happene to be German it will be of from of need papers , they don’t give the name beacuse, it’s Merkel utiopia with Muslims , never happened before 2015 never ever..

  2. And his name is —-Mohammed or Abdul , if that killer it happens to be German , His name will be right away on the front page !!, so this parasites have 2 passports, that’s why they using “ German “ to cover Muslim crimes.;

  3. 4: What I just saw on the news was that the driver had psychiatric problems and was very drunk. Also, there was no Christmas market according to the BBC:
    The driver, a 51-year-old local man, has been arrested. The prosecutor said the suspect had drunk a significant amount of alcohol.
    Initial indications “suggest that psychiatric problems possibly played a role”, prosecutor Peter Fritzen told reporters. The man did not have a criminal record, had no fixed address and was living in the car, which had been lent to him by someone else.
    A Christmas market that is usually held in the area was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but shops were open.
    Bollards that would usually be in place to protect the pedestrianised area because of the Christmas market were therefore not put up.

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