Covid regs and authoritarian actions post 1 for November 30, 2020

1. Covid regs enforcement is political, and not science nor medical

2. World Economic Forum tweet on how they can use Covid to change our world

3. The exemptions for mask wearing is honoured in exactly the same way that exemptions from the initial smoking ban in bars was honoured. Which is to say that the written law was intended to stop too much protest by writing in an escape clause that was never intended to be allowed. A phoney exemption in fact. With the smoking ban, they said it wouldn’t apply to private clubs. Then bars and clubs that went private got ticketed and fined and harassed and told they would only not be forced to pay endless exorbitant fines if they just banned smoking despite the fact that they were obeying the letter and the spirit of the law as it was presented.

Clearly that initial smoking ban, done in Ottawa by the way, and which became a template for the world, was a template for much much more than just no smoking in bars. Which they called public places. But if you injured yourself inside, it was the bar owner that was liable, and if you got drunk and drove it was the bartender who was guilty. But it was a public place for the purposes of smoking. And lookey here:

4. Every single one of us knew this was how it would go. This mix of government and big business is technically called, “Fascism”.

5. We are all criminals


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  1. 3- One of the best Rebels ever. Absurd silence to simple questions. Cops afraid to speak. Distortion and control as the mettle of society twists under maniacal regulation.

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