Was Covid intended to force the non-left public into revolutionary action? Links 1, November 29, 2020

1. London police state compilation from November 28th

2. Claim is that a judge ruled the election to not be constitutional. Interestingly Google’s Youtube took it upon themselves to contradict this video like Twitter does any fact they don’t want to be true.

3. Epoch Times:

4. I hope its not too late for this

More here.

5. At least one Irish politician is fighting to preserve freedom of speech in the face of communist made, political correctness.

Thank you Hellequin GB., M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, EB., ET., Johnny U., Miss Piggy, Richard and all who sent in materials, thoughts and observations this weekend.

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8 Replies to “Was Covid intended to force the non-left public into revolutionary action? Links 1, November 29, 2020”

  1. Was Covid intended to force the non-left public into revolutionary action?

    I don’t know if it was intended the to do this but it is forcing freedom loving people to act long before the time that history says it would take.

    • J.E. Dyer’s flipped the “Great Reset” that’s becoming a cliche: WE are doing the Reset, WE are the Revolution:

      “Most people, I think, have awakened to this Great Reset only in recent years. It has actually been in progress for at least a century, and we may count it back further if we look to the intellectual roots of some of its prominent systematic thinkers (e.g., the “Frankfurt School”). As a practical matter, in the United States, its career got a rocket boost with the Progressivism of Woodrow Wilson and the proto-socialist agenda of FDR.…

      “The Great Reset, by this definition, has been reaching its realization for at least the last two decades. We aren’t waiting for it. To a significant extent, it has already happened.…

      “That Great Reset has been in sight of its goal line for years. It is not the revolutionary development anymore. It’s the reality around us, affecting our national policies, our state laws, our local ordinances, our school curricula, the news and entertainment we consume. It’s a major reason why people have grown so fretful and unhappy. It has largely taken down the culture, in the media-packaged form we navigate by. It has lacked only the last formal levers of government power.…

      But then something unexpected happened. Instead of a mainstream politician being duly handed the U.S. presidency in 2016, Donald Trump won.

      That is the real Great Reset. You, the Trump voter, are the true Great Reset. Those who had in sight the finish line of their vision for a Great Reset have been scrambling desperately since 2016 to recover their position on the racetrack…

      Seize the title and raise it as a banner. Arbitrary transnationalism should be thrown off. And it’s already being done. The throw-off is the actual Great Reset that’s in progress, and each advance it makes is breaking more and more of the previously attempted “Great Reset.”

      The game is already ours. Don’t be transfixed by theirs; it’s disappearing in the rearview mirror. You – we – are the Great Reset. Don’t lose heart. There’s nothing to go “back” to; people sense that in their spirits. The only way now is forward, and the old “Great Reset” crowd has only the same old material from an exposed and debunked backward. It has no vision for forward. You do.


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