The slide into totalitarian authoritarianism in the West, 5 items: Links 1, November 28, 2020

1. One of the distinct differences between an Islamic/Socialist state, and one based on modernism/liberalism and Greek thought, is the concept of innocent till proven guilty. In Islam as in socialism, you are assumed to be guilty and treated as such more or less arbitrarily. At that point proving innocence becomes difficult for several reasons, not the least of which is that you cannot prove a negative. This is why there is guilty or not guilty, but no verdict of innocent.


2. Canadian politician charged for organizing anti-lockdown protest, faces jail time

‘Just to put this into perspective, Canadians now live in a country in which a sitting opposition politician was charged for dissenting with the government’

TORONTO, November 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario Independent Member of Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier was charged yesterday for organizing and attending an anti-lockdown protest outside the provincial legislature that was attended by an estimated 700 people.

Hillier was charged under the Reopening Ontario Act and is scheduled to appear in court January 7, 2021, reported Global News.

The penalty for a conviction runs from a minimum $10,000 fine to a maximum $100,000 fine and a year in jail.

(This site has been journaling for many years now, how left leaning states have been criminalizing opposition to government policy. A thing that was once the actual job description for opposition parties, is now criminal. We see that in spades with Geert Wilders in The Netherlands, and with Marine Le Pen in France and the EU is attempting the same tactics against the V4 who stand up to communist attempts to negate those people and cultures. The person who sent in the above link also felt it was important to look at this historical example of how another government gave itself unlimited power to crush opposition to its fiat rule.)

3. So what is up with the timing on a vaccine Trump facilitated the development of, but not released till 6 days after the election and credit went to a senile corrupt old kleptocrat?

4. Imperial college prof: NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT LOCKDOWNS

5. Canadian military to head up vaccine distribution.

Remember, this is the same organization that did the propaganda effort against the Canadian people Father Ted style, with fake reports of wolves in the province of Nova Scotia. I wouldn’t buy a used car from them let alone let them inject me with anything.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., ET., Hellequin GB., and MANY more who have been containing their rage while still observing reality.

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  1. Yesterday, I needed help dealing with an injured animal. We must be three people. So, I called on my next door neighbor and my girlfriend who lives three houses down. My girlfriend is used to assisting me re those cases.

    Lo and behold, she shows up wearing a MASK. I didn’t say a word but I’m still wondering how scared is that woman of being infected?

    I tried giving her information but she doesn’t listen. She’ll be waiting in line for the possibly dangerous vaccine. So many like her.

    • Today I did the goose step in a few stores and was greeted with laughs and many many nods.

      There have been 9 suicides in a small area of late. Does ANYBODY care? debt, young people losing their jobs.

      Damn Justine Trudeau and Doug Ford, such compassionate SOBs.

      Many people are taking off their masks and saying enough is enough. Older lady told me today “We Re being lied to!”

      I am older, live on comfortable pension, my heart aches for the young people. COVID con

  2. 1. Knowing what the police will ask for when arriving at these checkpoints designed to restrict the spread of covid-19, ‘Jesus’s Minister’ should have been well prepared.

    Bring information for the answers the police need.
    Phone ahead to let the check point know to expect you.
    The Inter-Faith Councils produce an approved sticker “superstitious emergency on call.”
    There is no excuse.

    Wingeing like a pom.

  3. Police cars everywhere, funeral for slain OPP officer, Is Doug Ford attending? Justine and Ford are responsible for the sad state of affairs.

  4. Methinks….The Canadian Armed Forces, like the RCMP….since 1945…, has been morphed into a tool of the United Nations. Vaccines from overseas? Are you kidding? When do the Communist Chinese troops and UN gunmen arrive? Will each be paired with a Canadian soldier so we not resist? Will we wake up to them on our streets? Knocking door to door?

    • The UN gunmen might ALSO be ChiCom troops.
      The PRC has provided more UN “peacekeepers” than any other nation. They get on the ground experience, and the UN pays their salary. (With the USA foots more than its share of the UN budget.)

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