Five heavy items on how the November 3rd election was rigged for Biden

1. Google shifted votes to Biden -Sidney Powell’s law suit

2. A graphic representation of Sidney Powell’s vote fraud allegations

INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia

(Click through for article and more graphs)

3. Arizona:

4. Foreign actors interfered with election and this testimony is pending by US military

5. The Kraken Document

Thank you all who participated in any constructive way to the week’s efforts. More to come today.

A depressing thought to cap off this post:



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2 Replies to “Five heavy items on how the November 3rd election was rigged for Biden”

  1. Georgia’s infographic is so very clear.
    Should Donald Trump prevail, the tragedy is no MSM will report on the reasons why and they’ll throw more hate at him.
    He’s being ridiculed and diminished every time he shows up in public. They now have a new hashtag ‘Diaper Don’. It’s so damn frustrating.

  2. The last Tweet/Video about that young woman in Spain…..

    Generalissimo Francisco Franco Bahamonde will be SOOO Proud of these Policemen.
    Even though their Government is Socialist, but so is Fascism in a Nutshell.

    The people have to stand up and fight for their Freedom now, otherwise it will be Decades and lots of Lives and lost, peaceful Futures of the yet unborn.

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