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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Iran Vows to Crush Any Israeli Attempt to Hit its ‘Advisory’ Role in Syria

    “Iran on Sunday vowed to defeat any Israeli attempt to harm its role in Syria, saying the era of “hit and run” attacks by Israel there was over, days after Israel carried out air strikes on Syrian army and Iranian paramilitary targets in the country.

    Israel, which views Tehran as its biggest security threat, has repeatedly attacked Iranian targets and those of allied militia in Syria, where Tehran has backed president Bashar Assad and his forces against opposition factions and militants since 2012.

    On Wednesday, an Israeli military spokesman said eight targets were attacked, including an Iranian headquarters at Damascus international airport and a “secret military site” that served as a “hosting facility for senior Iranian delegations when they come to Syria to operate”.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khateebzadeh told a virtual weekly news conference: “The Zionist regime (Israel) is well aware that the era of hit and run is over and therefore they are very cautious.”

    Iran denies having military forces in Syria and says it has sent commandos to the country as military advisers. Tehran says it will provide military advisers to Syria for as long as necessary.

    “Iran’s presence in Syria is advisory and naturally if anyone disrupts this advisory presence, our response will be a crushing one,” Khatibzadeh said.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, said at least 10 people, including five Iranians from the Quds Force, a branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards responsible for operations outside of Iran’s own borders, were killed during the attack.

    “I do not confirm the martyrdom of Iranian forces in Syria,” “Khatibzadeh said.”

  2. Consultant linked to Hunter Biden approached top State Dept. official to set up Ukraine meeting
    By Daily Caller News Foundation November 23, 2020

    A Democratic consultant working for Burisma Holdings and connected to Hunter Biden approached Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken at an event for a liberal think tank in June 2016 to arrange a meeting to discuss “troubling events” in Ukraine, State Department emails reveal.

    At the time, Sally Painter, a consultant for Blue Star Strategies, was working for Burisma to quash investigations into corruption at the Ukrainian energy company. She was reportedly put in touch with Burisma through Biden, who joined the firm as a director in April 2014.

  3. If Americans die from failing to get inoculated with ‘Trump’s vaccine,’ it’s on the Democrats
    By Ben Bowles November 23, 2020

    Although the two COVID-19 vaccines — one from Pfizer, one from Moderna — are now literally “around the corner” (to pick up on the claim by Donald Trump that was treated with derision), not all Americans are bullish about getting the shots. A new Gallup poll finds that 6 in ten plan to be vaccinated, that leaves a whopping 40% who are willing to gamble with their health. While some of these are anti-vaxxers, a fair percentage are following the Democrats’ lead, which could spell disaster for the country as a whole.

  4. Who is Tony Blinken, Biden’s incoming secretary of state?

    “US President-elect Joe Biden is set to nominate his own foreign policy aide and former national security adviser Tony Blinken as secretary of state, a conventional appointment that signals a push to return to the Washington norms broken by outgoing President Donald Trump.

    Blinken, who has worked with Biden for years, sees eye-to-eye with the incoming president on foreign policy issues – prioritising international alliances, a return to the Iran nuclear deal, reengaging in multilateral treaties and organisations and staunch support for Israel.

    In fact, Blinken acted as a de-facto spokesperson for the Biden campaign on foreign policy over the past several months.

    Biden officially announced Blinken’s nomination on Monday, hours after several media outlets broke the news about the appointment late on Sunday.

    A veteran of the national security and foreign policy establishment, Blinken’s government experience dates as far back as 1994, when he served on then President Bill Clinton’s National Security Council staff at the White House.

    He also worked on Capitol Hill as the Democratic staff director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee between 2002 and 2008.

    During the Barack Obama years, Blinken served in several key positions, including national security adviser to then-Vice President Biden, deputy national security adviser and deputy secretary of state.

    As an establishment centrist without the hawkish views of some of the other candidates who were reported to be considered for the post, Blinken’s appointment is unlikely to face a major pushback from progressive Democrats.

    Like most cabinet-level positions, the incoming secretary of state needs to be confirmed by the US Senate – a legislative chamber that may be under Republican control after the inauguration on 20 January, depending on the outcome of two contests in Georgia…”

  5. New Trump rule may require some African tourists to pay up to $15,000 in bonds

    “The outgoing administration of U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday issued a new temporary rule that could require tourist and business travelers from two dozen countries, most in Africa, to pay a bond of as much as $15,000 to visit the United States.

    The U.S. State Department said the temporary final rule, which takes effect Dec. 24 and runs through June 24, targets countries whose nationals have higher rates of overstaying B-2 visas for tourists and B-1 visas for business travelers. The Trump administration said the six-month pilot program aims to test the feasibility of collecting such bonds and will serve as a diplomatic deterrence to overstaying the visas.

    Trump, who lost a re-election bid earlier this month, made restricting immigration a central part of his four-year term in office. President-elect Joe Biden, a Democrat, has pledged to reverse many of the Republican president’s immigration policies, but untangling hundreds of changes could take months or years.

    Biden’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment related to the visa bond requirement.

    The visa bond rule will allow U.S. consular officers to require tourist and business travelers from countries whose nationals had an “overstay rate” of 10% or higher in 2019 to pay a refundable bond of $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000.

    Twenty-four countries meet that criteria, including 15 African countries. While those nations had higher rates of overstays, they sent relatively few travelers to the United States.

    Historically, U.S. consular officers have been discouraged from requiring travelers to the United States to post a bond, with State Department guidance saying processing of the bonds would be “cumbersome,” the temporary rule said.

    Countries whose tourist and business travelers could be subject to the bond requirement include those from Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sudan, Chad, Angola, Burundi, Djibouti and Eritrea. Other countries include Afghanistan, Bhutan, Iran, Syria, Laos and Yemen.(here)”

  6. Morocco’s BCIJ Dismantles 3-Member Terror Cell Near Agadir

    “Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) dismantled a three-member terror cell on Monday.

    The suspects were active in the cities of Inezgane and Ait Melloul, near Agadir in southern Morocco.

    The suspects, aged between 26 and 28, have alleged links with ISIS, the BCIJ said in a statement.

    According to preliminary investigations, the leader of the cell and his accomplices pledged allegiance to the self-proclaimed caliph of ISIS before planning to execute terror operations that seek to undermine Morocco’s security and stability.

    The members of the terror cell also sought to obtain firearms and materials used in the manufacture of explosive devices.

    The suspects were also advocating the terrorist operations of ISIS in several foreign countries.

    The BCIJ seized large and medium-sized knives, electronic devices, and extremist documents during searches.

    The operation is part of Morocco’s approach against terrorism amid the increase of terror theats as well as the “persistence of individuals steeped in extremist ideology to serve the destructive agendas of various terrorist organizations.”

    BCIJ said that the suspects are now in custody for further investigation.”

  7. France to Deport Foreigners Who Condemn Caricatures Offensive to Islam

    “France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has said that French law will soon condemn those who speak out against caricatures deemed insulting to Islam. Foreigners who do so will also be subject to deportation, he underlined.

    Speaking on the French channel Europe 1, Darmanin said that “if parents go to a teacher to tell him to stop teaching caricatures in the course on free speech, tomorrow it will be a criminal offense.”

    He added: “And a judge will be able to say, if you are foreigners and you are condemned to this offense, you will leave the national territory.”…”

    • French NGO, mosque appeal closures over alleged Islamism ties

      Lawyers for the BarakaCity association and the Pantin mosque arrive at France’s State Council, where petitions against the dissolution of the NGO and the temporary closure of the place of worship are to be considered.

      The government dissolved BarakaCity at the end of October after the assassination of teacher Samuel Paty, deeming it close to radical Islamism.

      It also ordered the administrative closure for six months of the Pantin mosque on the grounds that it had relayed a video denouncing Samuel Paty’s lecture on freedom of expression, during which the history teacher had shown cartoons of Mohammed.

    • Turkish Radio & Television – Emmanuel Macron issues ultimatum to French Muslims

      French President Emmanuel Macron has put forward several demands to Muslim leaders and is giving the French Council of the Muslim Faith two weeks to co-operate with the government. Human rights activist Yasser Louati weighs in.

  8. RAW-sponsored terror network dismantled in Bajaur

    “Security forces on Monday neutralised a major terrorist network during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Bajaur tribal district, killing two RAW-sponsored terrorists, military said.

    The military’s media wing, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), said in a statement that militant commanders Zubair and Aziz Ur Rehman alias Fida were killed during the encounter in a hideout near Tangi village in Bajaur.

    These terrorists were involved in activities in Bajaur and Karachi and were also involved in a number of terrorism incidents against law enforcement agencies, government officials and innocent civilians, the ISPR said.

    It said that the network was coordinating terrorist activities in various areas of Pakistan and received direct orders from their RAW-sponsored leadership from across the border.

    The development comes days after Pakistan unveiled a dossier, containing “irrefutable evidence” of India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan…”

  9. Turkish defense minister expresses will for close cooperation with new US administration

    “Turkey is willing to establish close cooperation with the new U.S. administration, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Nov. 23 following Joe Bidden’s victory at presidential elections.

    “Although there are differences of opinion between Turkey and the United States, the two countries have a long tradition of cooperation,” Akar said, addressing to Halifax International Security Forum via teleconference.

    He expressed that they wish to work closely with their colleagues in the new U.S. administration. Akar also stated that the decision of the Trump administration to withdraw troops from Afghanistan would risk the achievements in this country in the past 20 years. He emphasized that some problems, such as the issues of Turkey’s procurement of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems and the U.S. reaction to suspend delivery of F-35 aircraft to Turkey “clearly overshadow Turkish-American relations.”

    “The procurement S-400 posed a major problem. I would like to state that our intention is merely to provide air and missile defense to 83 million Turkish citizens and our country. We have come to this stage after a long, open, and transparent procurement process. What else have we been expected to do?” the minister asked.

    The safety of the F-35 technology is as much important for Turkey as it is for the United States, he added.

    “We know that the U.S. has concerns about this issue, but we are still eager to address these concerns. Regardless, we should avoid this threatening language and sanctions rhetoric when dealing with disputes between two 70-year-old allies,” he said.

    Akar stressed that “as soon as we find a way to remove these barriers, we can focus on talking about the common risks and opportunities arising from the new global paradigm.”

    The United States, as a global power, and Turkey, as a regional power, will continue to complement each other, he said.

    “As a result, I believe that our alliance ties, based on our shared values and long-term shared interests, will continue to make significant contributions to peace and security,” he added.”

  10. 3 terrorists ‘neutralized’ in southeastern Turkey

    “Turkish security forces “neutralized” at least three terrorists in the southeastern Mardin province, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

    The armed terrorists were targeted in an air-backed operation by the provincial gendarmerie command in rural areas of the Dargecit district as part of Operation Yildirim-8, the ministry said in a statement.

    The operation continues in the region, it added.

    In a separate statement, the ministry said one of the terrorists has been identified as a wanted terrorist listed in the Interior Ministry’s grey category.

    Terrorist M.O., codenamed Reber, is the terrorist group’s so-called senior leader of the Dargecit district in Mardin, it added.

    The ministry’s wanted list is divided into five color codes: red as the most wanted, followed by blue, green, orange, and grey.

    The statement did not specify the terrorists’ affiliation, but the YPG/PKK terrorist group has been active in eastern and southeastern Turkey.

    Turkish authorities often use the word “neutralized” to imply the terrorists in question surrendered, were killed or captured.

    This summer, Turkey launched a series of security operations to neutralize terrorists believed to be hiding in the east and southeast.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist group by Turkey, the US and EU – has been responsible for the deaths of nearly 40,000 people, including women, children and infants.”

  11. Former failed US presidential candidate John Kerry says ‘Great Reset’ necessary to stop nationalist populism

    “Former failed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry recently attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum alongside globalists like European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, during which he claimed that a ‘Great Reset’ was needed to halt the rise of nationalist populism.

    During the discussion, Kerry reassured fellow panel members that under a Biden administration the United States plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, a multilateral agreement between nations that is estimated to cost one million American jobs, and which Kerry says will be one of the driving forces behind the ‘Great Reset’.

    Despite mainstream press outlets like the New York Times falsely claiming that the idea of a ‘Great Reset’ is some kind of conspiracy theory, the World Economic Forum — on its very own website — describes the ‘Great Reset’ as an initiative intended to get “global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.”

    Critics of the ‘Great Reset’, however, have described it as nothing more than a brazen attempt by globalists to further centralize control into the hands of a tiny elite.

    “The notion of a reset is more important than ever before,” Kerry said. “I personally believe… we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.”

    For the former US Senator and Secretary of State, however, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement — which could wipe out jobs in well-paying energy industries in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio — is not enough.

    “I know Joe Biden believes this. It’s not enough just to rejoin [the Paris Climate Agreement] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to do just the minimum of what [the agreement] requires,” said Kerry.

    Kerry then pivoted the direction of the conversation toward populism and nationalism, saying that he believes the so-called ‘reset’ is absolutely essential to eradicate the nationalist-populist ideology that continues to win over hearts and minds in Europe and beyond.

    The former US senator suggested that the rise of nationalist-populist governments around the world is “a reflection of the inability of democratic governments in many parts of the world” to confront pressing problems facing citizens.

    “I think Europe has to look at that with Brexit and the rising national populism – nationalistic populism,” said Kerry. “Which is really one of the priorities that we all have to address. You can’t dismiss it.”

    Commenting on the more than 71 million Americans who were recorded as having voted President Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election, Kerry said: “What astounds me is that as many people still voted for the level of chaos and breach of law and order and breaking the standards and… I think that, the underlying reason for that is something that everybody has to examine.”

    Von der Leyen also discussed the need to “restore multilateral organizations” like the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Trade Organization (WTO) in order for what she described as a “functional, multilateral rules-based system” to flourish.

    Along with welcoming the prospect of Joe Biden as a “friend in the White House”, von der Leyen noted that the two transatlantic partners would work to draft a “new rulebook for the digital economy and the digital society.”

    “The need for global cooperation and this acceleration of change with both be drivers of the Great Reset. And I see this as an unprecedented opportunity,” the head of the EU’s executive branch said.”

  12. ‘She received 50,000 death threats’ – French teenager critical of Islam lives under police protection

    “The French teenager only identified by her first name, Mila, has received 50,000 death threats for criticizing Islam and currently lives under total protection and isolation, her lawyer, Richard Malka, said in an interview on Radio Monte Carlo (RMC).

    “I am doing everything I can to say that she is within her rights and that her life is absolutely unbearable,” Malka said. “It has been going on for eight months, she received 50,000 death threats. The national prosecutor clearly stated that [Mila] did not overstep the limits of the law and justice, and she was only exercising her rights.”

    “You can imagine how she is. Her life has changed. She is 17 years old. She is living like the people of Charlie Hebdo now, completely bunkerized, it’s unbearable,” he continued, referring to the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which has been the target of number of deadly terror attacks that have forced some of the magazine’s editorial board members to go into hiding and enter police protection.

    Despite the tens of thousands of threats, Mila remains undeterred and posted another video critical of Islam on TikTok last week, which garnered a whole new surge of death threats.

    “It seems that there is a new fashion which is to threaten to ‘make her into a Samuel Paty’. This is what kind of messages she receives along with images of severed heads,” detailed her lawyer. Samuel Paty was the French history teacher who was beheaded in Paris by an 18-year-old student of Chechen descent after Paty showed a cartoon of the Prophert Muhammad during a school lesson on freedom of expression.

    Mila remains active online on Instagram and Twitter where shares her views, including her belief that the government pursues anti-French policies. She has also used social media as a platform to share the numerous threats she and other women receive.

    As Remix News reported earlier, Mila was first flooded with death threats after she criticized Islam earlier this year, calling it “a shitty religion”, prompting French authorities to place both her and her family under police protection.

    “The Quran is a religion of hatred, there is only hatred in it. Islam is shit, your religion is shit,” said Mila on a popular French chatshow Le Quotidien, with a video of her nationally-televised talk going viral in France. Eventually, her full name, her school and even her home address were leaked online, forcing her to change schools and receive around-the clock police protection.

    “She lives her life completely isolated, she has changed schools, she no longer lives normally, her family has been in hiding,” Malka added. “At the age of 17, she lives under total protection, she does not reply to anything.”

    “How are these thousands of young people supposed to live under death threats – what are they going to become?” Malka asked, referring to Mila and the thousands of like-minded French teenagers.

    Mila’s lawyer has warned that those issuing death threats to her are risking jail.

    “People who do this on Twitter risk jail. This is what is happening. A person was tried a few weeks ago, he was sentenced to three years in prison… so when you post it is not without risk,” Malka said.”

  13. Germany: Leftist coalition in Bremen awards €60,000 to memorialize drug dealer from Sierra Leone

    “A coalition of leftist lawmakers and politicians in Bremen, Germany have allocated €60,000 from the budget of the financially-distressed city to erect a monument to a drug dealer from Sierra Leone.

    Local politicians from the Left Party, the Socialist Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), and the Greens are planning to construct a monument of Laye-Alama Condé, a 34-year-old failed asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, who tragically died after swallowing several hazelnut-sized packets of cocaine.

    “To honor such a person even indirectly with a memorial would damage the general public’s sense of justice and thus further erode the citizens’ trust in politics and the rule of law,” Jan Timke, a local right-wing populist politician and one of the few critics opposing the monument, told German news portal Junge Freiheit.

    “We cannot afford that at all, especially in the historical crisis situation in which Germany is currently mired,” he emphasized.

    Condé had been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking on Dec. 27, 2004, before the fatal incident. After realizing that Condé had swallowed the drug packages, medical staff at police headquarters tried to administer emetics through a gastric tube, but ultimately had no success since the failed asylum seeker opposed the medical intervention. Next, Condé fainted and was taken to a health clinic where he died days later. Apparently, water had gotten into Condé’s lungs and caused a lack of oxygen to reach his brain.

    Initially, criminal proceedings were taken against the doctor who ordered the administration of emetics — which induce vomiting. However, in November 2013, the proceedings against the doctor were discontinued, and he was ordered to pay €20,000 to the migrant’s mother.

    The European Court of Justice in 2006 declared the use of emetics as a violation of the prohibition of torture. Despite many being aware of the procedure’s dangerousness, leftist politicians had help to legitimize it in the 1990s. To this day, they still haven’t been held accountable.

    In 1995, Senator Henning Scherf (SPD) defended the use of emetics in a letter after then Bremen Health Senator Christine Wischer (SPD) had voiced concerns about the procedure. Sherf, who testified against the doctor whose decision it was to administer emetics to Condé, claimed: “This letter was not written by me.”

    Timke has also pointed out that another leading SDP member, Germany’s Federal Finance Minister and candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz — although not from Bremen — was another vehement supporter of the use of emetics around the time of Condés’ death.

    In 2001, Scholz, as Hamburg Senator for the Interior, introduced the use of emetics and defended the method, citing that there was “no alternative”. In December of the same year, Nigerian Achidi John died during emetic use which ordered by police at the Eppendorf University Hospital in Hamburg.

    Last July, the group which has been pushing for the construction of the monument for several years now, the Initiative for the memory of Laye-Alma Condé, attempted to justify the funding for the monument by saying: “The death of Laye Condé while in police custody has made its mark in the history of Bremen. The memory of him must therefore find a concrete and symbolic place in Bremen. Because there is a social responsibility to name what happened and to permanently remember: An asylum seeker who was suspected of a crime was tortured and ultimately killed in the course of a police measure.”

    Recently, however, the group has tried to justify the memorial’s construction in another way — namely by evoking racism. Gundula Oerter, the spokeswoman for the initiative, was quoted by Radio Bremen as having said: “It shouldn’t be about Condes’ personal life. At today’s commemorative event, we also want to address racist violence that takes place, for example, in police custody or in psychiatric hospitals, as some cases in recent years show.”

    The final decision as to whether the monument to the drug dealer from Sierra Leone will be constructed has been put off until December.”

  14. ‘Italians, we’ll cut your throat’ – Migrants shoot controversial music video in Sardinia reception center

    “A music video shot at a reception center in Sardinia, Italy, shows migrants from North Africa dancing and singing while threatening to cut the throats of Italians.

    The graphic lyrics have not stopped some leftists from defending the men, claiming that “cultural difference” or language elements of street hip-hop language account for the lyrics, the Libero Quotidiano news platform informed.

    The video of the migrants, who are currently in a reception center waiting to hear the status of their asylum applications, is making the rounds on social media networks. It was initially shared by the popular Radio Savana Twitter account.

    “African illegal immigrants threaten to cut our throats. Italians are in lockdown while illegal immigrants in the reception center in Sardinia shoot music videos, escape, steal, harass minors, fight, get drunk, attack the police, and more,” Radio Savana wrote about the video.

    The League party leader Matteo Salvini noticed the video, criticizing the current government for letting migrants enter the country.

    “North African illegal immigrants in the reception center in Sardinia in a music video! Accompanied by a nice message: ‘Italians, we will cut your throat’. Congratulations to the Conte-Lamorgese duo for the endless humiliation inflicted on the Italian people by welcoming those who bring war into our homes,” wrote Salvini on Facebook.

    Last month, Radio Savana also shared a video of migrants wielding while illegally traveling to Italy.

    “Barge full of North African illegal immigrants with knives arrives in Lampedusa. They turn on the music, sing, dance, and show us a knife. Conte is unloading former prisoners in Italy: the crème de la crème of Tunisian prisons,” he wrote.

    Salvini has been vocal against the large influx of migrants since a left-wing government gained control of the country, including thousands landing on Lampedusa last month. The deadly terrorist attack in Nice, France, last month was also carried out by a migrant who landed on Lampedusa and illegally made his way to France to carry out the attack.”

  15. Georgetown Features Academic Who Likens Austrian Counter-Terror Measures to Kristallnacht
    BY ROBERT SPENCER NOV 22, 2020 3:02 PM ET

    In the wake of the recent jihad attack in Vienna, Austrian authorities are cracking down on Muslim organizations that have been discovered to be exhorting or approving of jihad terror activity – and Georgetown University’s Hamas-linked Bridge Initiative is not happy. On Thursday, it published a weepy self-pitying piece entitled “Xinjiang and Kristallnacht in Austria: Freedom of Religion Under Threat” by Farid Hafez, a political scientist in Austria who sees in Austria’s counterterror measures nothing less than a new Holocaust on the horizon. Of course! Why else would anyone oppose jihad violence, other than out of a desire to perpetrate genocide? This is what passes for academic discourse at Georgetown these days.

    “On November 9 of this year,” Hafez intones solemnly, “the Austrian government commemorated Kristallnacht of 1938—known as the ‘Night of the Broken Glass’—a series of coordinated attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and Austria that took place on the ninth and tenth of November. Jewish homes, educational institutions, hospitals, and businesses were destroyed and over one thousand synagogues were burned.”

    Despite this commemoration, however, Hafez claims that “historians and political analysts argue Austria has never fully reckoned with its Nazi past.” One principal sign of this persistent dalliance with Nazism, as far as this intrepid political analyst is concerned, is that Austria is actually fighting back against jihad violence: “On November 9,” Hafez writes, “the anniversary of Kristallnacht, Austrian security forces and the secret service raided the homes of thirty Muslims and even more Muslim institutions, allegedly” – allegedly! – “to combat political Islam. The organization Palestine Solidarity Austria was first to reveal their ordeal on November 9, 2020, along with a list of those whose homes were raided and the questions posed in interrogation. The questions reveal the direction of the government’s future policies on Muslims and Islam. These policies are not about helping Muslims—quite the opposite.”

    Well, that all depends on what your definition of “helping Muslims” is. If it’s turning a blind eye to jihad rhetoric and activity, then these raids were definitely not helping Muslims. But if they were in service of protecting a peaceful and free society, then they help Muslims as they do everyone else.

    But for the Bridge Initiative, and for highly politicized “academics” such as Farid Hafez, no resistance to the global jihad whatsoever is allowed, no matter how tepid, half-hearted, or fantasy-based. It’s all “Islamophobia.”

    Meanwhile, this likening of counterterror measures in Europe to the Holocaust is a new example of the increasingly common leftist claim that criticism of Islam and Muslims over the jihad terror threat will lead to a new Holocaust of Muslims – or, as it has been expressed epigrammatically, “Muslims are the new Jews.”

    Many, many others have made this claim before Farid Hafez, including the notorious non-Muslim Islamic apologist Karen Armstrong; “journalist” Jeffrey Goldberg; Leftist cannibal Reza Aslan; Nicholas Kristof, one of the New York Times’ Mideast pontificators; Canadian Muslim leader Syed Sohawardy; and the Philadelphia chapter leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Jacob Bender. Others have repeated it as well.

    The idea that Muslims are the new Jews is put forward by the Left, but it also has opponents on the Left. In 2014, as part of his ongoing awakening to the nature and reality of the jihad threat, Bill Maher noted: “Jews weren’t oppressing anybody. There weren’t 5,000 militant Jewish groups. They didn’t do a study of treatment of women around the world and find that Jews were at the bottom of it. There weren’t 10 Jewish countries in the world that were putting gay people to death just for being gay.”

    Indeed. Further, no one is calling for or justifying the genocide of Muslims. No individual or group opposed to Islam is remotely comparable to the National Socialists. Not that facts have ever gotten in the way of a good meme.

    Maher isn’t alone on the Left in having pointed out the absurdity of likening opposition to jihad to the lead-up to the Holocaust. The late Christopher Hitchens also refuted this idea when writing a few years ago about the notorious Ground Zero Mosque proposal: “‘Some of what people are saying in this mosque controversy is very similar to what German media was saying about Jews in the 1920s and 1930s,’ Imam Abdullah Antepli, Muslim chaplain at Duke University, told the New York Times. Yes, we all recall the Jewish suicide bombers of that period, as we recall the Jewish yells for holy war, the Jewish demands for the veiling of women and the stoning of homosexuals, and the Jewish burning of newspapers that published cartoons they did not like.”

    The purpose of statements like the ones Hafez makes here is to intimidate people into thinking that criticism of Islam in connection with jihad terror leads to death camps. Therefore, there must be no criticism of Islam in connection with jihad terror. What could possibly go wrong?

  16. Putin Says He Is Not Ready to Recognize Biden as the Winner

    Vladimir Putin admitted that he is not yet ready to recognize Joe Biden as the 2020 Presidential election’s victor because President Trump has not yet acknowledged Biden’s victory.

    Two weeks ago, Biden was recognized as the President-elect in the election against Trump. However, despite such an announcement, President Trump and his supporters refused to concede due to the strong allegation of voter fraud.

    In relation to this, Trump has ordered his team to contest the votes cast in key states that cost him reelection.

  17. China’s ‘domestic economic cycle’ problem; Airbnb top executive resigns over concerning China ties
    •Premiered 115 minutes ago

  18. (Richard: If Trump can win the law suites (he has a real good chance of doing this) Communist China will probably collapse within a year)

    China Feels the Pain as State Firm Defaults Rise | Epoch News | China Insider

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