US Election and Covid, 5 more things: Links 2, November 22, 2020

1. Blackwell: The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History

The pieces are finally coming together, and they reveal a masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials who prioritize partisanship over patriotism.

The 2020 election was stolen because leftists were able to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to weaken, alter, and eliminate laws that were put in place over the course of decades to preserve the integrity of the ballot box. But just as importantly, it was stolen because those same leftists had a thoroughly-crafted plan, and because they were rigorous in its implementation and ruthless in its execution.

2. Raw data confirms in under a minute that tens of thousands of votes switched

3. Peel Regional Police to pull resource officers out of schools permanently

Peel police say they have cancelled a program that puts uniformed officers in schools after pausing it over the summer for review — amid concerns it made Black, Indigenous and other racialized students feel unsafe.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program was suspended in July. Peel Regional Police (PRP) then consulted with the public to decide how to proceed. 

“It was evident during the consultation phase that the current SRO program caused a negative impact on segments of our student population,” police said on Wednesday evening in a news release. 

“As a result, the first order of business was to dissolve the SRO program and acknowledge publicly that change was necessary.”

4. Video of empty yet overflowing hospital

5. Mysterious super spreader event in New Brunswick not named. Yet we know they do say what causes super spreader events if its, you know, Churches or conservatives of any kind. I wonder what it could be…

New Brunswick reports 23 cases of COVID-19, a new single-day record

New Brunswick officials announced 23 cases of COVID-19 in the province on Saturday, setting a single-day high since the start of the pandemic.

The new cases bring the total of active infections in the province to 71, and one person is in the hospital related to the virus.

New Brunswick now has 424 confirmed cases of coronavirus. There have been 347 recoveries and six deaths.

Dr. Jennifer Russell, the province’s chief medical officer of health, said New Brunswickers are facing a situation that can quickly turn “serious” without immediate action.

“We need a renewed commitment to slow the spread of COVID-19, and we need it now,” she told a news conference on Saturday afternoon.

On Friday, 1,214 tests were conducted, for a total of 115,234 since the start of the pandemic in March.

The new cases include 16 in the Saint John region (Zone 2), six in the Moncton region (Zone 1) and one in the Fredericton region (Zone 3). […]

No details on ‘superspreader’ event

There are now 32 active cases in the Moncton region and 30 in the Saint John region. There are also seven active cases in the Fredericton region and two active cases in the Bathurst region (Zone 6).

Russell said on Friday that a COVID-19 “superspreader” event contributed to doubling confirmed cases in the Saint John region within a day.

But during Saturday’s briefing, she deflected questions about the type of event and the impact on the rise in cases in the Saint John region.

“I don’t really want to focus on one event because there are so many contributing factors to the spread,” she said.

(So, a mosque then?)

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  1. 2 – The retired Army Officer is either naive or part of the Deep State, if we don’t fight to stop the steal and win the only way we can have a two party political system in the future is a violent revolution. The Democrats who are calling for punishment for Trump, his family and his supporters mean what they are saying and if Biden is allowed into the Oval Office they will find a way to accomplish their goals.

    These aren’t ordinary times, we are living through a turning point in history and the winner of this election will determine if the US is to be a free nation or just another left wing hell hole? This decision will not be confined to the US but will spread around the world, our internal conflict will be the side show in the violent conflicts over the next couple of decades but the winner of our conflict will determine who is going to win in the major foreign wars.

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