Ten more items suggesting the direction of things is away from freedom: Links 2, November 21, 2020

1. Hungarian Prime Minister: ‘Soros Is One of the Most Corrupt People in the World’

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lambasted billionaire plutocrat George Soros as “one of the most corrupt people in the world” after he called on the European Union to make Hungary and Poland submit to “open society” values.

“George Soros is threatening Hungary and Poland,” Prime Minister Orbán told Kossuth Rádió on Friday, referencing the 90-year-old arch-activist’s public lobbying of the EU deprive the conservative-led central European countries of funding.

“George Soros is one of the most corrupt people in the world; he has plenty of politicians in his pocket who now want to blackmail Hungary and Poland for access to EU funds,” the Hungarian leader continued, accusing the billionaire spreading “absurd, beyond-the-red-line statements” about his country.

2. Squad Member Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to Scrap Trump’s Arab-Israeli ‘Peace Deals’

In September and October, the Trump administration hammered out a series of normalisation-of-relations agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan, compelling the latter three countries to recognise the Jewish State in exchange for lucrative weapons deals and the lifting of sanctions.

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has sent the Biden ‘transition team’ some foreign policy advice, encouraging it to scrap the recent peace/recognition deals between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan. In a long-telegram style series of tweets on Donald Trump’s Mideast policy, the lawmaker accused the President of disguising arms agreements as ‘peace deals’.

“He recently inked so-called ‘peace deals’ between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Israel. The only problem? They weren’t peace deals. They’re arms sales to human rights abusers, designed to empower the Gulf States and increase the risk of war with Iran,” Omar wrote.

3. What they DON’T tell you about Covid: Fewer beds taken up than last year, deaths a fraction of the grim forecasts, 95% of fatalities had underlying causes… and how the facts can be twisted to strike fear in our hearts

With the nation’s health at stake, it was revealed this week that GCHQ has embedded a team in Downing Street to provide Boris Johnson with real-time updates to combat the ‘emerging and changing threat’ posed by Covid-19.

The intelligence analysts will sift through vast amounts of data to ensure the Prime Minister has the most up-to-date information on the spread of the virus.

But what exactly should Mr Johnson be looking for? Here, ROSS CLARK reveals what he should be asking…

4. Wikileaks on Smartmatic. (No wonder the Brits have Assange in Solitary for years with no trial)

(I cannot find the original tweet I had here now. But this link has quite a few related ones. Wikileaks has a lot on Smartmatics and its warping of election results, especially in Venezuela)

5. Let’s hope its huge and inescapable

(At the moment, no clue what this was. But it must have been ironic)

6. Don Jr. has the Flu

7. South Australia Ends Lockdown Early Because Pizzeria Worker Lied to Contact Tracers

South Australia imposed an extremely strict coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday, attracting international attention when residents complained they were denied permission to walk their dogs.

On Friday, embarrassed officials said they would lift the restrictions two days early because they discovered the entire panicked “circuit-breaker” lockdown was triggered by false statements made to contact tracers.

(So an entire province can be destroyed because of the lies of one guy. This is why liberty, which means at its core, the right for us all to do our OWN RISK ASSESSMENT is the correct way to do these things.)

8. Lets taker a few minutes and remember a man brave enough to speak the truth of Islam out loud and on stages.

9. UK terrorism chief calls for ‘national debate’ on criminalizing doubts about Covid-19 vaccine

The UK’s top counter-terrorism cop has suggested society stop allowing people to question the wisdom of a rapid Covid-19 vaccine rollout, regarding such skepticism to be life-threatening “misinformation.”

Met Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has pointedly questioned whether it is “the correct thing for society to allow” the sharing of “misinformation that could cost people’s lives” — demonizing all doubts about quickly developed Covid-19 vaccines whose potential long-term effects are not yet known and tying them to extremist radicalization efforts.

While he didn’t go so far as to call for a law to be passed banning such content, his suggestion of a “national debate” will presumably light a fire under ministers already mulling such legislation.

10. Massive crowd at religious muslim leader who teaches all the stuff of Islamic orthodoxy and which media calls “radical”.


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Blazing Cat Fur, ET., EB., and MANY more. Time does not permit me even the usual partial list at the moment. 

Big things in the works. Stay tuned.

Not at all funny. But it wasn’t meant to be.


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  1. 1 – Hungary’s “Stop Soros Act” Limits Globalist’s Influence
    The New American Video – November 19, 2020

    BUDAPEST — In this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in Budapest, Hungarian Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Zoltan Kovacs explains his government’s “Stop Soros package.” The legislation is meant to curb the outsized influence purchased by the controversial Hungary-born billionaire, who has poured billions into fundamentally changing societies against their will, Kovacs said. Nobody elected Soros, and yet he feels entitled to rule over people–that cannot be allowed.

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