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4 Replies to “Portion of Tucker Carlson show from November 6, 2020”

  1. Who exactly is Joe Biden? What’s in Joe’s Piñata?

    “Be Afraid…” by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones – June 24, 2020

    Article Link: “Joe Biden Shakes Up Campaign Leadership, Elevating Anita Dunn” by Katie Glueck and Jonathan Martin – February 7, 2020

  2. Who on the right side, the Republican side, the side that said it was defending you?

    “Tom Ridge calls Trump’s attempt to falsely claim victory ‘un-American'”
    Jon Ward – November 4, 2020


    Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, a Republican, said Wednesday that President Trump’s attempts to stop votes from being counted in Pennsylvania and Michigan are “un-American” and “wrong.”

    “I’m grateful and truly grateful that so many Republicans, so many conservative Republicans, have repudiated his remarks as being inappropriate — I’ll say un-American — because to a certain extent he’s trying to disenfranchise not only millions of Pennsylvanians, but millions of voters in Michigan and Wisconsin and Nevada and elsewhere,” Ridge said.

    “So, Mr. President, you were wrong,” said Ridge, who was secretary of homeland security under President George W. Bush.

    “Former GOP Governor of Pennsylvania Urges People to Vote for Joe Biden”
    Khaleda Rahman – November 3, 2020

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