Geert Wilders has it right

This is the view this site has taken from the start. We ALL should draw Mohammad. We ALL should wear T shirts with cartoons that offend. That will end this thing, or bring it to a head soon enough that we can win any conflict.

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  1. As with the Covideans, it will only work if we all do it, the whole of the Western World together.
    I can already see their Heads exploding from Anger, that the Kufar is standing up to them.
    The last time was in 1096…….

  2. The “I am Spartacus strategy” has long been urged by many, including Douglas Murray, but the demographic is now such that I fear that mass protests by showing cartoons would only yield mass Islamic attacks and beheadings. The battle lines are now clearly drawn – it’s freedom or Shariah. We have to think how we can conceivably prevent a Shariah future for us all – things are now way beyond just asserting our (comlpetely anti-Islamic) values, making protests and creating hashtags. This is war.

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