Politicians have made Hydroxychloroquine unavailable. NOT DOCTORS

H/T Tania Groth

I am somewhat trepidatious about posting the following information:

Dr. Zev Zelenco posted that another product is available over the counter which has the same action as Hydroxychloroquine. The thing is, its natural, so there could be more interactions than with other drugs, and its not refined the way Quinine or HCQ is. So research is required before you take it. Also, if indeed it works, the more popular it gets, the more likely it is to be banned even though at the moment, you can get it at Costco.

Below is the link to Zev’s paper where he specifically recommends the use of this compound to people who are low risk. For high risk, he still recommends HCQ but we here in Canada of course we cannot get that even if we are travelling to a country with Malaria. There truly are stores where you can buy Hash or marijuana in Ottawa without a prescription, but getting one of the oldest, safest, most efficacious medicines in the world, well your doctor would lose the licence to practice medicine and the pharmacy will not fill the prescription even if your doctor did prescribe it. That, is unprecedented, and also proof positive of how corrupt our governments are at this time.

Here is the link, and the name of the product is Quercetin. It can also be ordered at Amazon.

This is also a compound that helps Zinc enter cells. So like HCQ, it is useless without taking it with Zinc.

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8 Replies to “Politicians have made Hydroxychloroquine unavailable. NOT DOCTORS”

  1. The most recent,credible studies show this Antimalarial drug to have no useful therapeutic value for treating Covid.The studies were not carried out by polititians.Just sayin’.
    When I am sick or in need of medical advice,I go to my Doctor.When I want someone to govern my country,I vote for a polititian.The last time I looked,Trump is not trained or licenced to prectice medicine.

    • This has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with thousands of doctors who use it, including the Ottawa Hospital Complex, which say it does work and do use it.

      As for politicians, I notice that professional politicians have massively screwed up Western countries while Trump did a spectacular job of turning the US around. So maybe going on achievement instead of credentials is a way to go with politics.

  2. No one at the VA will talk about the Masks or Hydroxychloroquine they either glare at you and say nothing or lean in and whisper “can’t talk about it”.

    • My pharmacist says it can increase the potency of beta blockers though and a lot of people are on those. I wonder if there is a work around.

      • Sure
        Get off the beta blockers
        And cut down cholesterol and reduce blood pressure to normal levels
        Walk each day 1 hour
        Drink 12 glasses of water a day
        Take vitamins
        C D multi CoQ10
        Cal /mag
        Oil 369
        Cut out bread and eat wasa
        Reduce all ALL processed food
        Minimal salt
        Lots of veggies fruit and meat
        Spiced well to replace salt
        Blood pressure machines are made by pharmaceutical companies and automatically squeeze arms so tightly your blood pressure shoots up also they make up charts for doctors and tell them what levels of various cholesterols demand
        75 and no meds, strong and healthy
        And basically smoked and drank for 5 decades

  3. Since HCL is not available over the counter and many doctors in Ontario are probably hesitant to prescribe it , and since HCL along with zinc only works if taken early . If you get sick it would be good insurance to take quercetin since by the time you are admitted to hospital it may be too late.

    It is criminal that the politicians are insisting on lock down as the only solution other than waiting for a mythical vaccine which may only give a very low probability of protection , when a dirt cheap drug like HCL and zinc could be made over the counter and dispensed as Dr Zelenko did .. under the door when someone called in sick.

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