Eight stories to cure the Hypotensive: Links 1 for October 28, 2020

1. More proof that the left peddles hate and not much, if anything else.

2. Philadelphia: The situation has “rapidly gone downhill”

3. Merkel meets with the Governors of federal states of Germany to try and make uniform laws on Covid restrictions for the whole country. And predictably, they are about the total negation of the culture.

4. Watch: Palestinian Islamic Scholar Warns Muslim Armies Coming to ‘Crush Paris’


5. German leader Merkel decides unilaterally without vote, that the nation is to shut down entirely again as of Monday

6. The COVID-19 pandemic ‘really sucks,’ and also Christmas is now in jeopardy, Trudeau warns

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned Tuesday that Christmas celebrations are in jeopardy as he told Canadians to expect a long winter dealing with COVID-19.

Canada has now seen more than 220,000 cases since the pandemic began and the country on Tuesday reached 10,000 total deaths. Trudeau said the coming months would be hard, but pleaded with Canadians not to allow COVID fatigue to set in.

(Notice that the Canadian face of the COMINTERN only mentions Christian holidays are in danger and not any of the other religion’s sacred days. Not Islam, Sikhs, Jewish or Hindu holidays are in jeopardy. But Halloween and Christmas, those we can’t have. Watch Trudeau fake sincerity above as he tries to empathize with us for our loss, while he will, as he always has, continue to break all the rules, laws and precepts to do exactly and whatever he wants to do.)

7. Spain opens a store that only sells masks. The question is, why aren’t they forced to close during the lockdowns?

8. Istanbul, first Islamic prayer in Chora: Christian frescoes and mosaics covered

The first Muslim rite is scheduled for Friday 30 October in the former Christian basilica, later turned into a museum. A story similar to the even more famous Hagia Sophia. A white veil drawn over original symbols of the building. But there is no shortage of criticism: risk of destroying “its nature and the artistic value”.

Istanbul (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Turkish authorities have covered frescoes and mosaics of the former monastery of Christ the Saviour in Chora ahead of the first Islamic prayer service to be held in the building which was formerly a museum and recently converted intoa mosque at the instigation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The function is scheduled for Friday 30 October, when the Byzantine building will be open to the faithful of Mohammed, completing its transformation into a Muslim place of worship.

Following the presidential decree that provides for the transformation of the Chora museum to a mosque, the images of Jesus, frescoes and icons that testify to its Christian roots were covered with a white curtain.

(Make Istanbul Constantinople again!)

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More Democrat vote rigging confessions from the same woman as Monday’s cheater video.



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  1. 3,5- Since all countries seem to enact remarkably similar and political Covid-19 regulations, it is fitting that second-wave restrictions would start with Germany. Comrade Merkel is finally finding herself on familiar ground, far from democracy, and I am sure she has no problem setting an example for all other countries to follow. Now, without any doubt, the goal is to bring economies everywhere to their knees. Mass bankruptcies of small and medium businesses is a certainty. I wish I hadn’t seen that bogus Reddit leak from that Canadian government committee member outlining Trudeau’s plan to buy the debt of all Canadians. And I wish I hadn’t watched the most recent paranoid edition of Computing Forever talking about how it’s all a globalist commie plot. I wish I hadn’t seen these things because I cannot now unsee them, and they continue to resonate as alarmingly true. So, unless something significant happens to help deviate this accelerating train from the economic and social wreckage it portends, we must brace ourselves for U.S. election of no certain outcome. Listening to the Governor of the Bank of Dystopia dryly announce a GDP drop of 5+%, and Dear Leader announce no fiscal restraint in dealing with the catastrophe he, himself, is creating, gives me a fresh understanding of the Doppler effect. This time, however, the oncoming sound is everyone’s conspiracy theories, while the sound passed is our frightening reality.


  2. All of the above

    “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Epiloge 2

    He was in the hospital from the middle of Lent till after Easter. When he was better, he remembered the dreams he had had while he was feverish and delirious. He dreamt that the whole world was condemned to a terrible new strange plague that had come to Europe from the depths of Asia. All were to be destroyed except a very few chosen. Some new sorts of microbes were attacking the bodies of men, but these microbes were endowed with intelligence and will. Men attacked by them became at once mad and furious. But never had men considered themselves so intellectual and so completely in possession of the truth as these sufferers, never had they considered their decisions, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions so infallible. Whole villages, whole towns and peoples went mad from the infection. All were excited and did not understand one another. Each thought that he alone had the truth and was wretched looking at the others, beat himself on the breast, wept, and wrung his hands. They did not know how to judge and could not agree what to consider evil and what good; they did not know whom to blame, whom to justify. Men killed each other in a sort of senseless spite. They gathered together in armies against one another, but even on the march the armies would begin attacking each other, the ranks would be broken and the soldiers would fall on each other, stabbing and cutting, biting and devouring each other. The alarm bell was ringing all day long in the towns; men rushed together, but why they were summoned and who was summoning them no one knew. The most ordinary trades were abandoned, because everyone proposed his own ideas, his own improvements, and they could not agree. The land too was abandoned. Men met in groups, agreed on something, swore to keep together, but at once began on something quite different from what they had proposed. They accused one another, fought and killed each other. There were conflagrations and famine. All men and all things were involved in destruction. The plague spread and moved further and further. Only a few men could be saved in the whole world. They were a pure chosen people, destined to found a new race and a new life, to renew and purify the earth, but no one had seen these men, no one had heard their words and their voices.

    Dostoevsky- Crime & Punishment- Epilogue: Raskolnikov’s Final Dream. Read by Dr. TR Kazmarek.
    Tim Kazmarek – February 29, 2020

      • Yes it is Johnnyu. I was looking for a Fulton Sheen video on Sensus Fidelium’s YTpage when I came across this:
        “The Incredible Plague Dream of Raskolnikov.” It was scheduled to air today @ 2PM but is now rescheduled for October 30, 2020. I couldn’t wait so I searched and found the above.

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