Hunter Biden’s laptop, Steve Bannon and Guo: Links 1, October 25, 2020

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1. Exodus: Europe’s Jewish Population Plummets as Antisemitism Drives Emigration

The number of Jews living in Europe today is just a tenth of what it was just 140 years ago, a new study reveals, as France leads a surge in emigration due to antisemitism.

The staggering drop is shown in a study compiled by Jewish demographers Prof Sergio Della Pergola and Dr Daniel Staetsky and is detailed in their newly published report for the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR).

The study, published on Wednesday, found 1.3 million people living in continental Europe, the United Kingdom and Turkey who describe themselves as Jewish – 60 percent lower than in 1970 when there were 3.2 million in the same area.

(Some of this has to be the Holocaust as it was 80 years ago, but a lot of it is Islamic immigration and consequent displacement. Certainly in France)

2. There will probably be a lot of this sort of thing for the next while. But there needs to be. A giant fraction of the population in the US will still vote for him, and outside the US a huge number want him to be president. Its important that people understand who Biden really is so that his supporters have no excuse. We can know then that they are motivated by hatred of Trump and of the US and not because they think Biden is in any way whatsoever a better man than Donald Trump is.

3. For those of you that have seen the sex tape of Hunter Biden, what might be evidence, has now appeared showing that the girl in it might be his his underage niece, his deceased brother’s daughter.

4. And it gets worse.

5. The remains of a British soldier in Westminster Abbey’s grave of The Unknown Warrior are likely to be those of a white man because of ‘racial bias’ in the 1920s, report claims

(The obliteration of Western Civilization, its values, customs and history, continue with the now normal Critical Theory/Dialectic negation attacks from the left)

The remains of a British soldier in Westminster Abbey’s grave of the Unknown Warrior are likely to be those of a white man because of ‘racial bias’, research has suggested.

The mystery troop’s body was brought from France and buried in the church on November 11, 1920.

Some 1.2million people visited the Abbey during the week after the burial, and the site is one of the world’s most visited war graves.

Now the National Army Museum has suggested ‘unconscious bias’ may have influenced selection of the body, believed to be that of a white Brit of low rank.

The idea is believed to have come from Reverend David Railton, who had been a chaplain on the Western Front.

(In WW1, it was pretty much entirely Working Class White British people who died fighting for Britain)

6. So. The sex tape of Hunter and subsequent photos and additional information appear to be coming from expat Chinese property tycoon known as Guo.

It looks to me like this is how Guo got a copy of the Hard drive. And this would explain an awful lot I think.

The Washington Examiner recently also had major problems caused by Democrat loyalist companies. I will try and find the links to that later today. but this would also explain that.

7. On August 27th this summer, a Guo funded protest took place in front of the Chinese Embassy compound in Ottawa. Here is a never before seen interview with the spokesman for that group.

8. This is illegal:

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  1. A couple of years back my mom told me that old Family Friends had left Germany for Israel because of the Anti-Semitism that’s rife again in Germany.
    And we all know from which side it’s coming.
    The “funny” part is, their Parents and Grandparents stayed in Germany during the Nazi Era.
    Helped by fellow Germans to stay out of the clutches of Hitler’s Henchmen and women.
    But since the creation of Merkelstan and the destruction of Masculinity……..
    I don’t have to say more, don’t I?

    I close this with a over 2000 year old quote;
    “In a place where there are no men, be a MAN”

  2. It is going to be hard for the Propaganda Media to cover up the new revelations, this should sink the Biden Campaign and cause a major housecleaning in DC. Hunter on tape with his 14 or 15 year old niece and with a Senators teenage daughter! She is the daughter of his dead brother, Hunter had an affair with the widow and now the daughter, did the mother know about the affair with the daughter? Did Joe know about the affair with the daughter?

    How many political families are involved in this scandal?

    • Breaking News! Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World

      Thanks to Mr. Alvin Jiang (Mr. Jiang Zhicheng), Mr. Bruno Wu (Mr. Wu Zheng), Mr. Zhang Hongwei, Chairman of the Orient Group Inc.,and many more people who will remain anonymous.

      We apologize if the video from Hunter Biden has caused you any serious discomfort! But it is for the sake of justice that we, the New Federal State of China, have made this video public. Because the friends of the communist are our enemies.

      We will not allow anyone to steal from the Chinese people!
      We will not allow anyone to enslave the Chinese people!
      We will not allow anyone to abuse our children!

    • I wonder if there is aTruth and Reconciliation healing process that can work with Western Politicians who had all equalized sexual perversions barring pedophilla. A Mi-Yu movement.

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    in response to marclouis:

    1, One of our tireless and hardworking translators went out to one of the counter-sharia demos the other day and took some footage of it. There was the usual useful idiots of ANTIFA there but nothing much happened. Pop over and have a look. And thank you GF for taking the time and trouble to […]

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  4. you should always screencap tweets because they get removed too often…. the tweet about Chris Coon’s daughter is deleted. Children is currency in Washington.

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