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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/23/2020. Coyteys laughing and xenophobic. Yep, blue checks are going nut AGAIN!

    https://www .bit chute .com/vid eo/J2rxBdHm0mnn/

    Please remove spaces from link.

  2. Yesterday was a beautiful day here. Room temperature took a break and stepped outside to stretch its legs and walk Spot. The sun cruised in brilliantly late Octobered and low-angled, deepening the sky blue to you who knew your colours never got better than this. The wind warm and soft like goose down wafted as I walked, frollicking like our little Spot on a leash made of late-season mercy, barely able to contain his enthusiam for all of life.

    Autumn leaves here are something special. At least I like to think so. Each one is a flickering flame of colour portending its own melancholic fall into tomorrow. Yesterday I saw for the first time Eeyore’s photograph of the church steeple backdropped by distant burning hills. My mind saw in this an analog to Notre Dame cathedral torched by Allah, making this photo an interesting rendering of that historic fire. I’m not saying Eeyore intended this meaning, at all. See, our own minds are half of every composition. The artist gives us the first half. Sometimes the result is a voice that society prefers to not hear. Voices. Everyone speaks but who gets heard.

    (I think it’s time you gave us all a little link to a make-shift gallery, Eeyore, so that we can access your photo collection when we want and don’t have to wait for the rotation.)

    Anyway, these leaves. These damned, beautiful leaves. I’m walking through the park and the wind picks up. Must be a cold front moving in, I think. Today is too warm for this time of year, anyway. The wind starts to blow in great invisible arcs, but then its hidden hand is revealed by its new proxy. Giant gusts break loose the leaves’ grip, revealing the movement of the atmosphere. It is at this moment that the leaves first speak. Now pulled from their tree they have spent their lives to this moment in silence and security well tethered. No longer. The wind wheels and whirls and now you see it. It becomes a blizzard. I hear the voices. So many that they blend cacophonous. Barely a single word I hear. I try to count them even if I cannot understand them, but realize that to do so is stupid and almost absurd. I walk and count in this riot of little voices, losing track at just over seven billion. I catch only fragments of their soliloques. One cannot hear the other. They chatter about the weather and politics and what they had for lunch. They lie and laugh and wane in their truths big and small, and it all accumulates to an utterly nonsensical, dull, whoosh of perfectly translucent air.

    I know this wind will blow into the coming night and the leaves are like Nighthawks at their own diner; lone mumblers all the way to the ground.

    I walk along and in no time they have formed a mat over my path. Here they lay silent, and my feet no longer touch the ground.

    • “See, our own minds are half of every composition.”

      Which is why we shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t see things our way.
      Words evoke different ideas, experiences and memories to different folks.

      It’s probably where the idea of “My truth and Your truth” comes from.

      But it’s not “My truth versus Your truth” It’s more, “My interpretation of the Facts or Truth versus Your interpretation of the Facts and Truth.”

      Great meditation!

    • Yesterday it rained all day here. The first picture I saw on this site was a lard looking picture of the water, dark and stormy looking and that led me to remember Joe Biden mumbling something about the coming dark winter. He is such a negative, simple man, and destructive. Did people notice during the debate he mentioned the poor Muslims?

      He has mentioned the poor Muslims in many of his short lectures to the American people. He will put Muslims in high positions and Islam will be taught in elementary schools.

      Dr. Mohammed Malkawki, Hibtz ut-Tharir USA / the Muslim Brotherhood
      “Let Britain, America, and the West go to hell, because the Caliphate is coming. Allah willing.

      Imam, Mazin Abdul- Adhim, Hibtz ut-Tharir, Canada
      “ No matter what the manipulative elite do, they will fail at this manipulative scheme, and Islam will rise once again in the Muslim lands, and the Ummah (Islamic Nation) Will unite under a single sincere Islamic leadership and Muslim lands – including ?Africa, the Middle East,Mathew subcontinent, parts of Europe, Central Asia, and parts of Eastern Asia – will be fully restored under complete Muslim control and there is nothing the lying, fear monger if scum of the capitalist elite can do about it”.

      Toronto, Ontario, the Palestine Youth Movement
      “We are outraged at the Zionist Colonial expansion and violence. we have no trust in the settler- colonial States of Canada and the US to be “honest brokers” of peace. we must take leadership in our National Liberation. We will return”.

      Jaafar Idris, USA
      “ So there is a Jihad, the Primary Jihad, according to the Qur’an, is the Jihad with the word. but then there is Jihad in the sense of violence. There is no doubt about this. Islam is not a Pacifist Religion. Islam is a Realistic Religion”.

      Ahmed Shama, USA
      “ The only obligation we have to live in this country is da’awa. because, why am I saying that? because we are paying taxes, these taxes are going to killing people, our brothers and sisters. So we better have a good justification for what we do. The end goal of everything that we’re talking about is the establishment of the Islamic form of government“.

      “Ultimately we can never be full citizens of this country because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country”.

      “The West will be eliminated”.
      An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America 5/22/1991

      “The House of War is Every land where Muslims do not rule — and where Islamists will fight until they prevail no matter how long it takes”.

      In 2003 the Senate Sub-Committee hearing on radical Islam, Senator Charles (Chuck) Shumer, NY stated “To make matters worse the prominent members of the Council’s (CAIR) current leadership who you Mr. Chairman invited to the hearings today, they declined to testify, also have intimate connections with Hamas”.

      1994 Incorporated, Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafael Jabber all were leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine.

      Nihad Awad, founder of CAIR, spoke at CAIR ‘s Gala in Washington, DC?
      “A strong CAIR equals a strong community. a strong community will produce a strong confidant and successful Muslim. So I‘m telling you tonight we are going to work in the next years, inshallah ( God willing) to elect at least 30 Muslims in Congress. this is a number equivalent to our size and our potential as American Muslims. including at least 2 US Muslim Senators”. In addition Awad envisions Muslim judges including a Muslim Justice on the Supreme Court. “ Islam isn’t In America to be equal to any other faith, bit to become dominate”.

      Southern California Imam, Siraj Wahha
      “ There is no America. there is only Islam”.

      Jimmy Carter’s US Ambassador to the UN said Khomeini was a saint.
      Ambassador to Tehran, William Sullivan compared him to Gandhi.
      James Bill, Carter’s advisor said Khomeini was a man of impeccable integrity and honesty.

      Days after Khomeini was put in power he had 860 journalists imprisoned or executed. 7000 dissidents, students, lawyers, women’s rights activists, union and supporters were hung from the gallows erected on the prison grounds. It took the Revolutionary Guards 1 minute to identify the prisoners and declare them Mohamed ( enemy of God). thousand of gay were also executed.

      Joe there is too much you don’t seem to know, you should not be President.


  3. (I think it’s time you gave us all a little link to a make-shift gallery, Eeyore, so that we can access your photo collection when we want and don’t have to wait for the rotation.)

    I think Vlad has controls that gallery. But I’d kinda, like to agree. Those are beautiful images!

  4. Teenage boy, 17, is stabbed to death in east London – as murder toll in capital rises above 100 for sixth year in a row (dailymail, Oct 24, 2020)

    “A 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death in east London last night – as the murder toll in the capital rises above 100 for sixth year in a row.

    The teenager was found after police were called to Westbury Road, Walthamstow, at around 9.20pm on Friday night.

    A 17-year-old boy was found suffering from a stab injury and was treated by paramedics at the scene.

    Despite their best efforts, he was pronounced dead at the scene a short while later at 9:57pm.

    Police have launched a murder investigation into the Walthamstow stabbing but there have been no arrests made.

    Officers are working to establish the male’s identity and inform his next of kin.

    The area is sealed off as a crime scene as officers from the Met Police investigate the incident.

    A police tent has been set up in a front garden of a property on Westbury Road in Walthamstow, a residential area where houses are worth more than £500,000.

    A video of the scene last night was posted on social media that shows the area taped off and two police cars parked on the road with flashing lights.

    Police initially said they believed the victim was 22, then believed he was aged 19, but now believe he was a 17-year-old boy.

    The brutal stabbing comes after it was recently announced that more than 100 people have been killed in London so far this year…”

  5. ‘Have Mental Checks’: Turkey’s Erdogan Slams France’s Macron Over Treatment of Muslims (sputniknews, Oct 24, 2020)

    “Macron previously stated that Paris would stay strong against the Islamist threat after a schoolteacher was gruesomely decapitated by an 18-year old immigrant for showing caricatures depicting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad to his students.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticised French counterpart Emmanuel Macron for his policies toward Muslims.

    “What can one say about a head of state who treats millions of members from different faith groups this way: first of all, have mental checks”, Erdogan said.

    In the wake of the teacher’s murder in Paris, the French head of state promised to impose better control over foreign funding of mosques and schools. He also described Islam as a religion “in crisis” worldwide and noted that the government will impose stricter secular policies.

    Last week, France was shaken when Samuel Paty was beheaded by an 18-year-old immigrant of Chechen origin in a Paris suburb after he showed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad to his students. The suspect was shot dead by police officers the same day. An investigation into the fatal incident is underway.

    Following the murder, a draft law seeking to prohibit the justification of a crime due to ethnic or religious motives on constitutional grounds, was passed to the French Senate.

    Addressing the bill, Erdogan said that “the main goal of such initiatives led by Macron is to settle old scores with Islam and Muslims”.”

    • France recalls ambassador from Turkey after ‘unacceptable’ Erdogan comments

      France on Saturday said it was recalling its envoy to Turkey for consultations after comments by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggesting French counterpart Emmanuel Macron needed a mental health check-up that Paris condemned as unacceptable.

      France and its NATO ally are at loggerheads over a range of issues including maritime rights in the eastern Mediterranean, Libya, Syria and the escalating conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

      But Ankara has now been particularly incensed by a campaign championed by Macron to protect France’s secular values against radical Islam, a debate given new impetus by the murder this month of a teacher who showed his class a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed.

      “What can one say about a head of state who treats millions of members from different faith groups this way: first of all, have mental checks,” Erdogan said in a televised address in the central Anatolian city of Kayseri.

      “What’s the problem of the individual called Macron with Islam and with the Muslims?” Erdogan asked.

      “Macron needs mental treatment,” Erdogan added, while indicating he did not expect the French leader to win a new mandate in 2022 elections.

      ‘No condolences’

      In a highly unusual move, a French presidential official said that the French ambassador to Turkey was being recalled from Ankara for consultations and would meet Macron to discuss the situation in the wake of Erdogan’s outburst.

      “President Erdogan’s comments are unacceptable. Excess and rudeness are not a method. We demand that Erdogan change the course of his policy because it is dangerous in every respect,” the official told AFP.

      The Elysee official, who asked not to be named, also said that France had noted “the absence of messages of condolence and support” from the Turkish president after the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty outside Paris.

      The official also expressed concern over calls by Ankara for a boycott of French goods.

      Macron this month described Islam as a religion “in crisis” worldwide and said the government would present a bill in December to strengthen a 1905 law that officially separated church and state in France.

      He announced stricter oversight of schooling and better control over foreign funding of mosques.

      But the debate over the role of Islam in France has hit a new intensity after the beheading of Paty, which prosecutors say was carried out by an 18-year-old Chechen who had contact with a jihadist in Syria.

      Turkey is a majority Muslim but secular country which is a part of NATO but not the EU, where its membership bid has stalled for decades over a range of disputes.

      “You are constantly picking on Erdogan. This will not earn you anything,” said the Turkish leader.

      “There will be elections (in France) … We will see your (Macron’s) fate. I don’t think he has a long way to go. Why? He has not achieved anything for France and he should do for himself.”

      ‘Behind the disasters’

      The other new rift between the two leaders is over Nagorno-Karabakh — a majority ethnic Armenian breakaway region inside Azerbaijan, which declared independence as the USSR fell, sparking a war in the early 1990s that claimed 30,000 lives.

      Turkey is strongly backing Azerbaijan in the conflict but has denied allegations by Macron that Ankara has sent hundreds of Syrian militia fighters to help Azerbaijan.

      Erdogan on Saturday accused France — which along with Russia and the United States co-chairs the Minsk Group tasked with resolving the conflict — of “being behind the disasters and the occupations in Azerbaijan”.

      He also repeated previous claims that France, which has a strong Armenian community, is arming Yerevan. “You think you will restore peace with the arms you are sending to Armenians. You cannot because you are not honest.”

      But the Elysee official said that Erdogan had two months to reply to the demands for a change in stance and that it ends its “dangerous adventures” in the eastern Mediterranean and “irresponsible conduct” over Karabakh.

      “Measures need to be taken by the end of the year,” said the official.

  6. French Teachers Receive Death Threats Explicitly Referencing Beheading of Samuel Paty (breitbart, Oct 24, 2020)

    “Teachers at several schools in France have received death threats, stating that unless they pay cash, they will be killed like Samuel Paty.

    Just days after an 18-year-old Chechen refugee Abdullah Anzorov beheaded history and geography teacher Samuel Paty for showing his class the Mohammed cartoons published by magazine Charlie Hebdo, several schools in France received death threats via email, referencing the murder.

    The emails stated that unless the schools pay 100 bitcoin (£987,033/$1,286,797), the teachers would be killed, according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Vannes (Morbihan), François Touron, Ouest France reports.

    “The message does not mention beheading explicitly, but refers to the ‘Chechen diaspora (which) closely monitors all those who offend the Almighty,’” Touron said.

    Alain Beauce, the director of public safety in Morbihan, said the départment was taking the threats very seriously and said that authorities were doing more to ensure the safety of teachers and others at schools in the area.

    In the days since the murder of Samuel Paty, teachers in France have come forward about the rise of Islamist ideology among their pupils.

    In the Paris no-go suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis, one class is said to have cheered after being shown footage of Pakistanis burning French flags in response to the republishing of the Mohammed cartoons earlier this year by Charlie Hebdo.

    The French government under President Emmanuel Macron also arrested more than 80 radical Islamic extremists who had expressed support for the teen terrorist.

    “Enemies of the Republic cannot expect a minute’s respite,” French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said after the arrests.

    Earlier this week, it was also revealed that several students in Seine-Saint-Denis were arrested just a week before the murder of Paty, after they had praised Islamic sharia law and threatened a teacher at a high school.”

  7. Gravitas: North Korea warns against ‘Coronavirus dust storm’ from ChinaGravitas: North Korea warns against ‘Coronavirus dust storm’ from China

  8. Pakistan to stay on terror financing watchdog’s ‘grey’ list (abcnews, Oct 24, 2020)

    “An international watchdog said Friday it will keep Pakistan on a list of countries who do not take full measures to combat money-laundering and terror financing.

    The announcement means, however, that the south Asian country avoided being put on the Financial Action Task Force’s “black list” of countries. Those countries not only do not take adequate measures to halt money laundering and terror financing but also have not committed to working with the FATF.

    In 2018, the Paris-based group returned Pakistan to a “grey list” of countries with a high risk of money laundering and terrorism financing but which have formally committed to working with the task force to make changes.

    Currently, only Iran and North Korea are blacklisted, a designation that severely restricts a country’s international borrowing capabilities. Pakistan is trying to avoid that designation but also get off the grey list.

    FATF gave Pakistan another four months to improve its performance.

    The task force said Pakistan had made some significant progress, but it urged the country to complete its full action plan by February 2021 when it will consider again whether Islamabad’s status should change.

    The announcement Friday was not surprising for Pakistan, although it wanted to get off the gray list, the color code for countries only partially fulfilling international rules for fighting terrorism financing and money laundering.

    Pakistan’s government in a statement said it will fully comply with the agency’s requirements this year.

    Pakistan hopes to be removed from the agency’s watch list to help revive the country’s economy, which has witnessed a decline since 2018, when prime minister Imran Khan’s government came into power.”

  9. Spain´s Canary Islands see 283 migrants arrive in 1 day (abcnews, Oct 24, 2020)

    “Officials say 283 migrants arrived Friday in four boats to Spain´s Canary Islands, increasing pressure on authorities in the Atlantic archipelago as they respond to increasing numbers of such arrivals in recent weeks.

    Spain´s Maritime Rescue Service said 195 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were in one boat that made it to Tenerife island. Another boat carrying 61 migrants was intercepted near the island of Fuerteventura.

    The Interior Ministry says that so far this year, more than 8,000 migrants have reached the Canary Islands, located more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) off the northwest African coast.

    The people who landed in the Canary Islands on Friday brought the number of migrants reaching Spain to more than 1,500 since Monday, most of them arriving to the Canary Islands, the private Spanish news agency Europa Press said.

    Emergency tents set up by the Red Cross on the Gran Canaria island’s Arguineguin dock were accommodating some 1,300 migrants, the news agency said.”

  10. Turkey condemns police raid on Berlin’s Mevlana Mosque

    More than one hundred police have stormed the Mevlana Mosque in Berlin. German officials say it was part of a financial investigation, and have seized money, computers and files.

    But members of the Muslim community say it’s an attack on them. Sibel Karkus has more.

  11. Did the ISIS terrorist kill from homophobia in Dresden, Germany?

    These are moving words in the obituary (photo above) of a seriously injured man. They are the words of a man who lost his partner in the terrorist knife attack in Dresden. They are the words of Oliver (53 years old) from Cologne, who lost his partner Thomas L. (55 years old) from Krefeld in Dresden. Oliver himself was seriously injured during the attack by ISIS terrorist Abdullah Al Haj Hasan (20 years old).According to information from the tabloid “BILD”, homophobia was the only conclusive motive for the murder of the homosexual couple after the terrorist attack. In fact, the captured ISIS terrorist represents a radical Islamic view.

    Abdullah Al Haj Hasan made no secret of his opinions before and during his more than three-year prison sentence (released only five days before the murder).

    Haj Hasan looked for instructions on how to build explosive belts on the net, trying to find allies. In the asylum centre, he threatened a refugee of Christian faith: “I will slaughter you today. You have a big mouth and I will cut off your tongue, you Christian.”Hatred of those who think differently is clearly noticeable in the Syrian who is classified as a dangerous person. The authorities believe that on October 4 in Dresden he became aware of Oliver and Thomas L. as a couple and attacked them with a kitchen knife. The older homosexual died, the younger survived seriously injured.

  12. VICE NEWS – This Exorcist Is a Social Media Star in Iraq

    Iraq’s population, having lived through decades of conflict, experiences an almost national level of trauma.

    But there is little understanding of mental health, and even less support.

    So, instead, people turn to individuals like Mullah Ali, an exorcist who uses social media to reach millions of followers.

    • FEBRUARY 2020 – Iraqi Kurdish Islamic mullah Ali Kalak arrested in Saudi Arabia over fake healing

      AL MADINA, Saudi Arabia,— An Iraqi Kurdish mullah was arrested by Saudi authorities on Tuesday for staging the divine healing of a blind man, two days after announcing he had left the Kurdistan Region to seek freedom to practice in the Gulf state.

      Mullah Ali Kalak, more widely known as Mala Ali Kurdistani, has garnered controversy through videos which purportedly show him healing sick, possessed and disabled people using Quranic verses.

      Kalak published a video on Facebook on Sunday in which he purportedly heals an elderly man in the holy Saudi city of Medina who claims to have been blind for ten years. The mullah licks his index finger with his tongue and places it on both of the man’s eyes, before reading a chapter from the Quran. Seconds later, the elderly man claims he has regained his sight.

      He was arrested soon after the video’s release. Medina police told Rudaw they arrested Mullah Ali for “importing Pakistani people”, in reference to man who appeared in the video, “and claiming he heals them”.

      Kalak was released on Wednesday according to Rudaw.

      Prior arrests for apparent trickery have been made by Medina’s police, who said they had previously arrested a 50-year-old Iraqi at the city’s holiest mosque for deception.

      Kalak said in another Sunday video that he had moved permanently to Medina after being targeted by Iraqi Kurdistan Region authorities.

      The healing center he ran in his hometown of Kalak, 40 kilometers from Erbil, was repeatedly closed down, a KRG health official told Rudaw English. He faced multiple arrests and court summons from Kurdistan Region officials for his practice.

      “They respect us in all countries. I love my country. I carry a science which I want to take everywhere in the world. I want to teach everyone [about healing people through the Holy Quran],” he said in the video.

      “Kurdistan is not interested in science,” he said in the video, asserting that people like him are arrested in the Kurdistan Region but honored and awarded in other countries.

      “We have many scholars but they are not served. They are killed, arrested or made homeless instead.”

      Kalak’s arrest received both praise and condemnation on Kurdish social media. In a poll conducted by Rudaw Sorani’s Facebook page, around 58 percent of 30,000 participants voted against the decision to arrest Kalak.

      “His [healing] videos are clear. His release is expected to happen soon,” Facebook user Mzafar Xoshnaw commented below the poll.

      “It’s unfortunate that Kurdistan lost such a great man,” Facebook user Shoresh Sh Yassen said.

      Others were happy about the arrest, calling his practice deceptive.

      “I have watched most of his videos. It is clear he is deceiving people,” Shewan Sherzad said on Facebook.

      “He should have been arrested much earlier. Not the Saudi government, but the KRG should have done it. Thank you Saudi Arabia,” Farman Tahseen said.

      Mullah Ali courted controversy in 2017 by claiming that US President Donald Trump is possessed, and that he could heal Trump by beating the soles of his feet.

      “He has lost his mind and oversteps his boundaries all the time. He needs help. Unless he is cured he will continue to act like he does now,” Kalak said of Trump in an interview with Rudaw.

      A video shared by Kalak in January 2020 showing him drinking camel urine and milk for its supposed health benefits in the United Arab Emirates has garnered 3 million views on Facebook.

      In 2015 Kalak has published on his page in social networking site (Facebook) that a mixture of milk and camel urine is the best treatment for cancers, hepatitis and AIDS calling the citizens of the region to raise camels for this purpose.

      Kalak also promotes female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Mullah was openly calling on people to break Kurdistan law. FGM is illegal in Iraqi Kurdistan since 2011 when the government passed law No. 8 against domestic violence including FGM.

  13. ‘Don’t Mention Joe Being Involved’: Bombshell Texts Show Effort To Hide Joe Biden’s Involvement In Hunter’s Business Deals

    Explosive texts from a Biden family business associate discuss how to conceal the involvement of former Vice President Joe Biden in a deal being planned with a Chinese Communist government-linked firm. Biden has repeatedly claimed that he knew nothing about any of Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities.

    “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when you are face to face,” reads a text from Hunter Biden’s business partner to another business associate. The two are discussing putting together a deal between SinoHawk, which was a Biden family company reportedly named in part for China and in part for Beau Biden’s favorite animal.

  14. the daily wire – Joe Biden Knows He Messed Up On Fracking At Debate And Is Now Doing Damage Control

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has tried to avoid saying he would end fossil fuels if he’s elected president, but that wasn’t the impression he gave during Thursday night’s debate.

    “I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said during the debate. “It’s a big statement because the oil industry pollutes significantly. … It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”

    As The Daily Wire previously reported, Biden also made confusing remarks about his energy plan after the debate.

    “They’re not going to lose their jobs. A lot more jobs are going to be created in other industries,” Biden said at the time. “Eventually we’re going to have to go to all — we’re not going to be able to get rid of fossil fuels, getting rid of the subsidies for fossil fuels. But we’re not going to get rid of fossil fuels for a long time.”

    Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield attempted to “clarify” what Biden said at the debate to Washington Post reporter Annie Linskey. Linkskey reported that Bedingfield said Biden was simply referring to oil subsidies.

    Politico reported Friday evening, however, that the damage control didn’t stop there.

    “On Friday, his running mate Kamala Harris reaffirmed the ticket’s support for fracking. And two members of Congress from oil- and gas-rich areas immediately distanced themselves from the Democratic nominee,” the outlet reported.

    While President Donald Trump used Biden’s remarks to shore up votes in Pennsylvania, Democrats in the state tried to shrug off the problem.

    “I don’t think it’s going to be an issue,” said Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA). “I think if you are fundamentally committed to or work in that industry, you’ve already made up your mind.”

    Politico explained that the Trump campaign has used Biden’s comments as “an opportunity to pick up more votes in his strongholds in the western and northeastern parts of the state where there are numerous gas wells.”

    “In hopes of limiting his losses in those areas, or even flipping some, Biden has typically sought to be extra careful while talking about fracking and energy,” the outlet continued.

    At the debate, Trump slammed Biden’s past remarks about fracking, while Biden claimed he has “never said I oppose fracking.”

    When Trump says he has it “on tape,” Biden told him to prove it, so Trump tweeted out a compilation of Biden saying he would end fossil fuels and ban new fracking. Here’s the transcript, as previously reported by The Daily Wire.

    DANA BASH, CNN HOST: Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Biden administration?

    BIDEN: No, we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those.

    BIDEN TALKING TO YOUNG PERSON: I guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuel.

    BIDEN AT MSNBC DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: No more, no new fracking.

    BIDEN DURING CNBC INTERVIEW: I’d gradually move away from fracking.

    KAMALA HARRIS, DEMOCRATIC VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, AT CNN TOWN HALL: And I think it’s critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public lands.

    VOTER: But, like, what about, say, stopping fracking and stopping … pipeline and structure…

    BIDEN TALKING TO VOTER: Yes. Yes. No pipeline, exactly.

    BIDEN AT RALLY: They want to do the same thing I want to do; they want to phase out fossil fuels and we’re going to phase out fossil fuels.

    HARRIS AT CNN TOWN HALL: There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.

  15. npr – Man Arrested In N.C. Had Plan To Kill Joe Biden, Feds Say

    In late May, employees at a bank in Kannapolis, N.C., called the local police to report an abandoned white Ford van in the bank’s parking lot.

    When officers arrived, they looked into the van’s windows and saw an array of items: an AR-15 rifle, the box for a handgun, a canister of explosive material, and a box of ammunition, according to a court document. Police say they towed and searched the van, finding more than $500,000 in cash, drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings, books on survival and bomb-making, and a half-dozen firearms.

    Later that day, Alexander Hillel Treisman, 19, reportedly walked into the bank and asked after the towed van – and was promptly arrested.

    Officers booked him for carrying a concealed weapon and turned him over to federal authorities pending further investigation, according to Kannapolis Chief of Police Terry Spry.

    Now the man has been indicted by a federal grand jury on child pornography charges. And federal agents presented evidence indicating Treisman had a fascination with mass shootings and terrorist attacks — and had plotted to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    According to government testimony, between March and May of this year, Treisman searched online for Biden’s home address and looked up state gun laws, rifle parts and night vision goggles. In April, he is said to have posted a meme online with the caption “should I kill joe biden?”

    Treisman bought the AR-15 rifle in New Hampshire and then traveled to a Wendy’s restaurant within 4 miles of Biden’s home in Delaware, federal agents say. He allegedly wrote out a checklist that had as its last task: “execute.”

    After his arrest, Treisman was interviewed by Kannapolis police and investigators from the Joint Terrorism Task Forces. He allegedly told them that he has an interest in terrorist incidents and mass shootings and that he had lost friends over jokes he had made about mass shootings and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

    Investigators found video on Treisman’s cell phone that apparently was taken while driving by Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas — the site of a deadly 2017 mass shooting — as a male voice is heard saying, “There it is. That’s it. That’s the one, that’s where they did it. Allah Akbar! Ah hah, nice.” Another video on the phone, taken at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, includes a male voice suggesting it would be “awesome” to hijack a plane and fly it into a building.

    The evidence also suggests Treisman may have taken steps to disguise his identity and flee the country.

    Treisman told investigators that he had traveled across the country and purchased guns in Washington, Kansas, New Hampshire and West Virginia, according to the court document. His wallet contained three different state IDs, including a counterfeit Florida driver’s license with the name Alexander Theiss. An image on one of his hard drives showed a Polish passport edited to show his face. And he had apparently rented an apartment in Quebec.

    There was also, according to the legal document, a recording of a May 29 call from Treisman in jail to his mother, in which she suggests he “jump bail.”

    On Sept. 28, Treisman was indicted on three counts of child pornography — investigators say they found such images on his phone and on eight devices seized from his vehicles.

    It’s not clear whether he will face additional charges.

    But so far the U.S. government has argued successfully that the evidence is sufficient to keep Treisman in detention as his case proceeds.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster wrote that the evidence had established “that no combination of available release conditions would reasonably assure the safety of the community, and that a preponderance of evidence establishes that no conditions would ensure Defendant’s presence in court.”

  16. CBC – Montreal teacher captured on video saying N-word repeatedly

    A high school teacher in Montréal-Nord is being called out after using the N-word multiple times during an online class captured on video.

  17. CBC – Project sends masks with Indigenous designs to remote First Nations

    Tyson Wesley is selling face masks with designs by Indigenous artists online, and for every mask sold, another is sent to the Kashechewan First Nation in northern Ontario.

    The Indigenous Face Masks initiative has received orders from all over Canada as well as the U.S. and Europe.

  18. Campaign 2020
    THE FIX IS IN: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Ballots Must Be Approved Even If Signature Does Not Match Registered Voter

    Campaign 2020
    THE FIX IS IN: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Ballots Must Be Approved Even If Signature Does Not Match Registered Voter

    This is insane.

    Published 22 hours ago

    on Oct 23, 2020

    By Shane Trejo
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    VOTE NOW: Did Kyle Rittenhouse act in self defense when he shot three BLM rioters?

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    The Pennsylvania supreme court ruled on Friday that ballots must be counted even if the signature does not match that of the voter on file.

    The ruling affirms the decision made by Pennsylvania election officials that matching signatures from ballots to those on the voter file is not necessary to prevent fraud.

    “We conclude that the Election Code does not authorize or require county election boards to reject absentee or mail-in ballots during the canvassing process based on an analysis of a voter’s signature,” the state Supreme Court wrote in an opinion signed by six of the seven justices, five of which are Democrat appointees to the bench.

  19. France Recalls Its Ambassador to Turkey as Erdogan Claims Macron Needs ‘Mental Checks’ (sputniknews, Oct 24, 2020)

    “The development follows Turkish President Erdogan’s harsh reaction towards new measures that his French counterpart announced in response to the beheading of a school teacher by a Muslim refugee for showing Prophet Muhammad cartoons to pupils in a Paris suburb.

    On Saturday, Paris recalled its ambassador to Turkey after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, has to undergo “mental checks” because of his treatment of “millions of members” of France’s Muslim community.

    “President Erdogan’s comments are unacceptable. Outrage and insult are not a method,” Macron’s office said in a statement, following the heated address by the Turkish president.
    A French presidential official, who did not disclose his name, described Erdogan’s tirade in a comment to AFP as “excess and rudeness”, adding that Paris demands the Turkish president “change the course of his policy because it is dangerous in every respect”.

    Erdogan delivered his fiery remarks about Macron in Turkey’s central Anatolian city of Kayseri on Saturday. Speaking in a televised address, the Turkish president condemned his French counterpart for injust treatment of Muslims, stressing that Macron needs mental treatment.

    “What can one say about a head of state who treats millions of members from different faith groups this way: first of all, have mental checks,” Erdogan stressed. “What’s the problem of the individual called Macron with Islam and with the Muslims?”

    Macron has recently called Islam a religion “in crisis”, directing the French government to come up with new legislation to bolster a 1905 law separating church and state in the country. He also refused to denounce the Prophet Muhammad cartoons and vowed to keep defending civil liberties in the wake of the killing of a school teacher outside the French capital…”

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