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9 Replies to “One of the things we never saw during a pandemic that is destroying the West”

  1. 83% of Israelis believe country on way to third COVID-19 closure – survey

    The vast majority (83%) of Israelis are convinced that the country is on its way to a third coronavirus lockdown, according to a new survey published over the weekend by N12.

    The survey, conducted by Midgam’s Mano Geva on behalf of the station, found that the majority of Israelis (56%) said they do not trust the government’s handling of the pandemic. A similar number (55%) said that the government’s efforts were “less good” than in most other countries around the world.

    As a result, 56% of Israelis say they are living with stress and anxiety.

    The survey found that most worrying for Israelis is expected economic damage (32%) – less than one-third of the public (31%) has continued to work as before the pandemic. Everyone else was either laid off (9%), sent on furlough (17%) or has started working mostly from home (21%).

    Some 28% of Israelis say getting sick with the virus is their top worry, although two-thirds said they were afraid of getting sick in general. A quarter of Israelis personally know someone who died from the disease.

    I just can’t understand it.
    These aren’t fake numbers, I know for fact.
    Besides, there’s ZERO incentive to juice the numbers – the “of” and “with” that’s too cute by half.

    A different strain of the bug? Iran is also getting hammered again, but they’re covering it up.

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