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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Sweden Discovers Taxi Drivers Over-Represented in Sex Crimes (sputniknews, Oct 22, 2020)

    “According to the Swedish Taxi Association, the industry is heavily dependent on immigrants, as “nearly half” of the country’s taxi drivers are of foreign descent.

    Taxi drivers are over-represented when it comes to crime, especially sex crimes, TV4 has found in a survey.

    Between January 2019 and August 2020, taxi drivers committed approximately 30,000 crimes. These include everything from traffic offences to aggravated assault on women and even murder, TV4 reported.

    “There is a certain over-representation among those working within the taxi branch, so that they have more crime in their baggage than ordinary Swedish men. Even after a few years in the taxi industry, you already have an over-representation”, Markus Edsbagge, section manager at the Swedish Transport Agency said.

    According to the TV channel’s survey, taxi drivers are twice as likely as Swedish men at large to commit such crimes as rape and sexual assault. Many of them are also repeat offenders.

    “We have let in some people who shouldn’t really be in the taxi industry right now”, Edsbagge admitted.
    At the same time, he underscored that it is difficult to revoke a taxi driver’s license once it has been issued.

    “You simply remove someone’s ability to get an income”, Edsbagge mused.

    The committed offences led to the revocation of 511 taxi driver IDs and 328 warnings.

    According to TV4, 97 percent of Sweden’s registered taxi drivers are men. The Swedish Taxi Association’s latest industry report said that “nearly half” of the country’s taxi drivers are of foreign descent.

    The Swedish Taxi Association in 2014 already warned that “without immigrants, the taxis would stop”.

    In the latest National Security Survey by the Crime Prevention Council (Brå), a record number of Swedes said that they have been exposed to crimes such as threats, assault, and robbery.

    In a recent survey by the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and pollster Sifo, nearly six out of ten Swedes said they want Sweden to change its laws and regulations to receive fewer refugees than today.

    The recent increase in anti-immigration sentiment coincided with a remarkable u-turn by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who after years of denying any link between gang crime and immigration admitted the problem, pinning it on subpar integration.”

  2. Seems like the CCP experiment with hybridized commie-capitalism is finding its natural end. Full monitoring of companies’ finances can only mean The Party wants to skim more off the top. Capitalism has a weird allergy to central planners.

    Yesterday here I saw a story of Dear Leader refuting as disinformation grim fables of Canadian communism kicking itself up a couple of gears under veil of Wuhan. What does the Prime Minister’s politburo think? That it can bribe legacy media while crushing alternative voices, and still keep the sheep from getting spooked? People still remember Dear Leader’s confessions of bromance for Chinese communism, so why should he be trusted? Red China and Dystopia’s politburo are ideologically joined at the hip. Dear Leader was an empty vessel into which the most toxic, radioactive liquids were dumped since he sat on daddy’s Nazi lap. Now his apparatchiks, who are far more extreme and disillusioned by their own short shadows than ever were the least world-weary Soviets, endeavor to make Canada’s economic model meet the Red Chinese model in the middle. From their red square the CCP gave freedom a longer leash to enhance its own wealth, while Dear Leader has tethered his own feminized brand of tyranny to a rising trial balloon, judging public reaction, his inner circle calculating their next advance against a free-market system they were clearly never taught to appreciate or understand.

    We see how this government has roped off the Alberta economy with its green velvet religion. Imagine how angry people are who can remember what Trudeau Sr. did to Alberta before? And now the son? We see how Dear Leader and Dug Ford, Premier of Ontario, are roping off Ontario– the country’s supposed economic engine–with closed medical science.

    Collectivism is all poli-sci fun and games until it finds real power. The Dystopian question now is who wakes up when, how many, and how surly? When a respected legacy economist like David Rosenberg says we’re in a depression, not a recession, you’d better listen. The Church of Green has married the Church of Wuhan. The high priest who wed them is the Globalist, and a honeymoon was never in the cards for we the people.

  3. Iraqi Archbishop: Europe Is ‘Naïve’ About Terrorism, Uncontrolled Immigration (breitbart, Oct 21, 2020)

    “The archbishop of Mosul, Iraq, said Wednesday that he fears more for Europe than for his native Iraq because Europe is naïve about the dangers of radical Islam.

    “Europe is becoming the sick child of the modern world, because it is moving away from its faith and its cultural and religious roots,” said Archbishop Najeeb Moussa Michaeel in an interview with the European Post. “By dint of turning away from the Church and its heritage, it falls in love with the worst fundamentalist, lax or individualistic ideologies, as long as they are opposed to those who built it.”

    “This is an immense sorrow for those who love Europe,” Archbishop Michaeel said. “A pain that will be repaired only through education and culture, through knowledge and the coming out of a false vision of secularism, which must not be instrumentalized to oppose God and spiritual values.”

    Post-Christian Europe is a ripe target for radical Islam, the archbishop suggested, because it has abandoned the soul of its culture and this vacuum looks to be filled.

    “Islamism fills a void, an emptiness,” the archbishop said. “In the East, we often look at Europe with envious eyes. But we have retained natural values: the defense and promotion of the family, living faith, pride in our identities and our roots. All things that I see slowly disappearing in Europe.”

    “I am more afraid for Europe than I am for Iraq,” he continued. “Here, in some ways, we have lost everything; here, you neglect the importance of your treasures, your cultures, your civilization. And you sometimes give way to fundamentalist or Salafist movements that gradually impose their ideologies on those around them, to become bearers of hatred and disrespect for the countries that welcome them.”

    The archbishop also warned that Europeans can be disingenuous in their approach to immigration by not realizing who is coming into their countries and what their intentions are.

    One would “have to be short-sighted not to see that Europe is naïve in the face of terrorism and uncontrolled and unattended immigration,” Michaeel stated.

    “Not all these people come to love you, or to serve the countries that welcome them,” he warned. “If you do not control and fight the outlaws, and those who refuse the values of your country and human rights, and impose their own laws, you will lose your way of life, your culture, your peace.”

    “For Catholics, naivety is not charity, prudence is,” he added. “It is indispensable to have an eye for love, and an eye for prudence, this is how you are invited to look at migration.”

    “As for terrorism, if you do not make it disappear by law and firmness, it is you and your children who are exposed to the danger of kneeling,” he said.

    “We must fear false gods, slavers, violence and the sword, and not turn away from the God of love and peace,” he added. “Christians all over the world are undergoing a real ordeal, and always give martyrs, because of the fanaticism of a god of sword and violence.”

    “Unfortunately, you also have your martyrs murdered by the same ideology and by the same fanatical groups,” he said. “All over Europe, people are falling because of the expansionist Islamist ideology.”

    “Father Hamel and his assassination, like many other innocent victims in Europe, should have been an occasion for awareness and vigilance.”

    “Too bad that was not the case,” he concluded. “Europe: Wake up.””

  4. Boris Govt Brags UK ‘Resettles More Refugees Than Any Other Country in Europe’ as It Fails to Stop Boats (breitbart, Oct 22, 2020)

    “Britain’s Home Office has taken to social media to brag that the country “resettles more refugees than any other country in Europe” as it fails to stop illegal Channel crossings or organise deportations at scale.

    Faced with growing public anger as the British authorities have failed for months on end now to prevent record levels of illegal sea crossings, the Home Office has pledged reform many times, and plans including using the Royal Navy to turn back boats and processing migrants on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic or on offshore ferries have been leaked.

    In terms of actions actually undertaken, however, the Home Office has had little to point to besides a record number of migrants being housed at taxpayer expense in well-appointed hotels — some of them highly dangerous — and, more recently, in large, open camps on army bases, allegedly established with little or no reference to local or regional authorities.

    What the Home Office have chosen to trumpet instead, curiously, is their record on taking in even more migrants through refugee resettlement, boasting that they have brought more people to the country this way than any other country in Europe.

    In a short information video shared on social media, the Home Office brags that “The UK resettles more refugees than any other country in Europe”.

    A bar graph shows the United Kingdom with a slide lead on France, a larger country and significantly less densely-populated country, and Sweden — which, in fairness, may still be able to claim that it is shouldering a greater burden pound-for-pound, given it has a population of only around 10 million.

    Bringing up the rear behind Britain, France, and Sweden, interestingly, comes Angela Merkel’s Germany — the largest country and economy in Western Europe, as well as the country which did more than any other to ignite the 2015 migrant crisis which continues to unsettle the continent and its politics to this day.

    The Home Office’s decision to crow about the number of refugees it is resettling follows a similar boast on October 5th that it was bringing in more migrants on top of the thousands crossing the Channel illegally direct from Greece through chain migration or “family reunion/reunification” — which they said was proof they are “fixing the broken system”.”

  5. Teacher: Sweden Must Be ‘Prepared’ for Attacks Like French Teacher Beheading (breitbart, Oct 22, 2020)

    “Swedish teachers said it was a question of “if, not when” an attack like the beheading of France’s Samuel Paty happened to a Swedish teacher.

    Stockholm high school teacher Olof Linton commented on the murder of Mr Paty, who was beheaded in the street by a radical Islamic extremist teenager after showing pictures of the Mohammed cartoons to his class.

    “Unfortunately, I think this is something that we have to see as an actual risk in Swedish schools, as well. The attacks might come from Islamist or right-wing extremists, but we have to be prepared for that to happen. It’s not a question of if, but when,” Linton told broadcaster SVT.

    “Most teachers are capable of having that dialogue with students. But it is very important as a teacher to maintain this in the classroom. We cannot bow to extremist and fundamentalist teachings,” he added.

    Mattias Axelsson, a high school teacher in Gothenburg, said the murder of Paty saddened him. “If I felt I could reach a higher level of learning or understanding, then I would definitely show a Mohammed caricature or someone burning a Swedish flag to my class,” he said.

    Following the murder of Mr Paty, several French teachers also spoke out about rising levels of Islamist extremism among their students.

    One teacher from the notorious Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis claimed his class cheered footage of Pakistanis burning French flags in response to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Mohammed.”

  6. Swedish Professor: Integration of 2015 Migrants into Labour Force Has Been a Failure (breitbart, Oct 22, 2020)

    “Swedish economics professor Johan Eklund has criticised the government’s failure to integrate migrants who arrived in 2015 into the labour force.

    A total of 163,000 migrants came to Sweden during the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, and of those granted asylum, around 60,000 were given permanent residency. But despite efforts, just over half of those aged 20 to 64 with residence rights had worked at all in 2019.

    Around 11,900 migrants were said to be on local welfare programmes in 2019 while 10,000 benefitted from parental allowance and 8,700 received student aid money, newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

    “I am not prepared to point the finger in any direction about whose failure it is. But as an economist, I react to the fact that there are thousands of individuals of working age who have no income whatsoever,” said Johan Eklund, a professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

    “This is a burden to society. The dependency on grants is a socio-economic cost. There is also the question of what happens to individuals who do not participate in society?” he added.

    Even among the 35,400 or so migrants who had worked in 2019, many did not earn high salaries, making an average of just 100,000 Swedish kronor (£8,840/$11,440) for the year, with women earning just 52,000 kronor (£4,600/$5,950) on average.

    A study authored by Professor Eklund showed that of the migrants who came to Sweden between 1990 and 2016, only half managed to become self-sufficient and not require government benefits after 12 to 13 years of living in the country.

    While Swedish politicians have pushed for more refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants to fill needed jobs, Sweden has had great difficulties integrating new arrivals into the workforce with the unemployment rate for foreigners remaining far higher than that of native Swedes.

    One reason for higher unemployment among migrants, other than the language barrier, has been a lack of education. A Swedish Public Employment Office report earlier this month revealed nearly half of the foreigners without work registered with them had no high school education.”

  7. Nagorno-Karabakh fighting raises threat of escalation (abcnews, Oct 22, 2020)

    “Heavy fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh continued Thursday with Armenia and Azerbaijan trading blame for new attacks, hostilities that raised the threat of Turkey and Russia being drawn into the conflict.

    Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry accused Armenia of firing several ballistic missiles from its territory at the Azerbaijani cities of Gabala, Siyazan and Kurdamir, which are located far from the area of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. It said there were no casuaLties.

    The Armenian military rejected the claim as a “cynical lie.”

    Nagorno-Karabakh lies within Azerbaijan but has been under the control of ethnic Armenian forces backed by Armenia since a war there ended in 1994. The current fighting that started on Sept. 27 already has killed hundreds, marking the biggest escalation in the conflict since the war’s end.

    Two Russia-brokered cease-fires collapsed instantly after taking effect, and the warring parties have continued to exchange blows with heavy artillery, rockets and drones…”

  8. Rights group condemns Egypt’s execution of 49 people in Oct. (abcnews, Oct 22, 2020)

    “A leading international human rights group on Thursday condemned Egypt’s execution of 49 people so far this month — some arrested during a deadly crackdown on a mass protest in 2013 — and urged authorities in Cairo to grant fair retrials to those on the death row.

    Between Oct. 3 and 13, Egypt executed a total of 47 men and two women, according to statement issued by Human Rights Watch. The group said 15 of those executed had been convicted of involvement in political violence that followed the military overthrow in July 2013 of Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi.

    “Egypt’s mass executions of scores of people in a matter of days is outrageous,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director for HRW. “The systematic absence of fair trials in Egypt, especially in political cases, makes every death sentence a violation of the right to life.”

    An Egyptian government media officer could not immediately be reached for comment on the report…”

  9. Turkey slams joint declaration by Cyprus, Greece and Egypt (abcnews, Oct 22, 2020)

    “Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday slammed a joint statement by Greece, Cyprus and Egypt that condemns Turkish energy exploration in the eastern Mediterranean and numerous “provocations” that they maintain are threatening regional peace.

    The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it “fully rejected the declaration containing baseless accusations and allegations.”

    During a trilateral regional summit Wednesday in Nicosia, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged Ankara to end its “aggressive” actions.

    The joint statement also asked Turkey to accept Cyprus’ invitation to enter negotiations for an agreement on maritime delimitations. Greece and Cyprus have signed maritime border agreements with Egypt while dismissing a similar deal that Ankara signed with Libya’s Tripoli-based government as “legally invalid.”.

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry said the declaration attacked Ankara rather than supporting peace and stability in the region. It repeated Turkey’s position that cooperation could only take place with the inclusion of Turkish Cypriots in governing and sharing the resources of the ethnically divided island nation.

    “We will continue with determination to protect our rights and the rights of Turkish Cypriots in the eastern Mediterranean,” the ministry statement said.

    The trilateral summit took place amid high tensions between nominal NATO allies Greece and Turkey over maritime borders and energy rights.

    In late summer, Turkey dispatched a research vessel escorted by warships to conduct seismic research in a part of the Mediterranean Sea that Greece claims as its territory, which prompted the Greek government to deploy its own warships.

    Turkey pulled the research ship back to shore for several weeks for maintenance and to allow time for diplomacy but redeployed the Oruc Reis on a new energy exploration mission. A maritime announcement by Turkey says the Oruc Reis and two other ships would continue working in the area until Oct. 27.

    Turkey also has had ships prospecting for oil and gas reserves in waters that Cyprus claims as its exclusive economic zone.”

  10. Did Kamala Harris’s hubby just spill the beans?
    By LU Staff October 22, 2020

    Did Kamala Harris’s husband, Douglas Emhoff, just speak out of turn, or is it the case that everyone associated with the Democratic presidential ticket is confused about who is running and for what position?

    Last month Harris spoke of a putative a “Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States.” It was a curious way of putting it but if there was any doubt over whether she had merely misspoken, it was soon erased by Biden himself. Speaking at a roundtable of military veterans, he promised that the Harris-Biden administration would relaunch a jobs program for vets.

  11. Iran Summons Swiss Ambassador Over US Claim Tehran Interfered in American Presidential Vote (sputniknews, Oct 22, 2020)

    “US Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe claimed Wednesday that both Russia and Iran had attempted to meddle in the upcoming US vote, which both countries have vehemently denied.

    Iran summoned the Swiss envoy on Thursday to protest against what it referred to as “baseless” US claims that Tehran has tried to interfere in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

    “Iran’s strong rejection of American officials’ repetitive, baseless and false claims was conveyed to the Swiss ambassador… As we have said before, it makes no difference for Iran who wins the US election”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told state TV.

    The Swiss envoy was summoned over the matter as Switzerland represents US interests in Iran because Washington and Tehran share no diplomatic ties.

    The Iranian mission to the UN likewise commented on the issue, with its spokesman, Alireza Miryousefi, stating that “unlike the US, Iran does not interfere in other countries’ elections”,

    “The world has been witnessing US’s own desperate public attempts to question the outcome of its own elections at the highest level”, Miryousefi struck back, suggesting that certain political forces in the US have themselves been trying to undermine voter confidence in the run-up to the vote.

    For instance, there’s of late been a heated debate over issues such as pandemic-inspired voting by mail, with Republicans calling into question mail-in ballots and slamming the alleged use of falsely labelled ballot boxes to siphon early votes in California and other states.

    In late September, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif took to Twitter, reiterating that Iran had no preference for the next American president.

    “Only option for any US president: Gain trust to reenter JCPOA”, said the Iranian foreign chief, underscoring that “Iran is always ready for inclusive regional dialogue”.

    US Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe claimed Wednesday that Russia and Iran had both attempted to interfere in the forthcoming 3 November presidential election.

    The two countries have repeatedly denied the claims, with Moscow stressing more than once that it fully abides by the international norm of non-interference in other countries’ domestic policies…”

  12. UK bans sex between government aid workers and recipients to rein in abuse (reuters, Oct 22, 2020)

    “Britain has banned sexual relations between government staff giving aid and people receiving it, as lawmakers seek to stamp out abuse in the aid sector following a string of sex scandals.

    Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has also banned staff exchanging money or jobs for sex, sexual relationships based on “inherently unequal power dynamics”, and those between its staff and aid project partners.

    “(These) specific actions are considered unacceptable and will be treated as potential gross misconduct,” Nigel Adams, FCDO Minister of State, said in a letter released to the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Thursday.

    “We will not hesitate to take swift action if any staff member or any organisation we work with fails to uphold our strict standards.”

    The Thomson Reuters Foundation and The New Humanitarian gave evidence to UK lawmakers this month after a joint investigation found that more than 50 women accused aid workers of demanding sex for jobs during the 2018-2020 Ebola outbreak.

    Women said that their abusers were mainly foreign and said they worked for the World Health Organization, the U.N. migration agency (IOM), the U.N. children’s agency (UNICEF), Oxfam, World Vision, Medecins Sans Frontieres and ALIMA.

    From Bosnia to Haiti, sex abuse and exploitation scandals have shaken the aid sector for decades – denting the trust of local populations, donors, and taxpayers. The U.N. and NGOs have vowed to crack down on abuses but claims continue to emerge.

    The FCDO letter was written in response to concerns raised by parliament’s International Development Committee this month that a new government strategy only “strongly discouraged”, rather than prohibited, staff from sex with aid beneficiaries.

    Parliament opened an inquiry into sexual abuse in the aid sector in 2018 after reports emerged that former staff of Oxfam, one of Britain’s biggest charities, paid for sex in Haiti while on a mission to help those affected by a 2010 earthquake.

    “It’s become apparent in our inquiry on sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector that too many beneficiaries are being taken advantage of by those in trusted positions,” said Sarah Champion, International Development Committee chairwoman.

    “I welcome the Minister’s recent reassurance that sexual relations between FCDO staff and aid beneficiaries will be treated as potential misconduct,” Champion told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

    The International Development Committee is now seeking to clarify whether the policy extends to other government departments, she said.”

  13. Exclusive: ‘Dumb mistake’ exposed Iranian hand behind fake Proud Boys U.S. election emails – sources
    By Christopher Bing, Jack Stubbs

    6 MIN READ

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Government analysts and private sector investigators were able to rapidly attribute to Iranian hackers a wave of thousands of threatening emails aimed at U.S. voters because of mistakes made in a video attached to some of the messages, according to four people familiar with the matter.

    • They say they do, anyway.
      For just about all the Arabs – and Israel – Turkey remains a major trading partner. And they all consume Turkish media, heavy soft-power projection.

      And for all the Indian propaganda, China remains in the top 1-3 trades (by dollar-value). They could very well be at war while maintaining normal – or higher – trade volume.

  14. The Biden Videos, Photos, and Files Take a Sick, Dark Turn

    NI John Ratcliffe, the FBI, and the DOJ have all confirmed that this laptop is real and not a part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign to stop Joe Biden.

    Rudy Giuliani has now revealed that he has turned the laptop over to Delaware State Police due to sexually explicit photos of minors.

  15. zero hedge – Senate Demands Hunter Biden Turn Over ‘Bank Records, Wire Transfers, Account Balances And Travel Records’ By Friday

    Senate investigators have demanded that Hunter Biden turn over a mountain of evidence following bombshell emails and text messages which appear to show he and his business partners engaging in an international influence-peddling scheme while his father was Vice President of the United States, according to CBS News’ Catherine Herridge – who brought receipts as usual.

    “According to recent reports that published emails allegedly from your client’s laptop, the Committees have identified your client as an individual involved in one or more of these business arrangements or financial transactions,” reads a Wednesday letter from Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley.

    “As part of the ongoing efforts to validate and verify the information in those emails, the Committees request that your client provide all records related to any of your client’s business dealings—including, but not limited, to bank records, wire transfers, account balances, gifts, business transactions, travel records—with Joe Biden, James Biden, Ye Jianming, Chi Ping Patrick Ho, Zang Jian Jun, Gongwen Dong, Mervyn Yan, Gabriel Popoviciu, or any other associates regarding CEFC China Energy Co. Ltd or any other transactions related to business in Romania, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, or any other countries.”

    Biden’s lawyers have until Friday to comply.

    Over the last week, alleged emails, text messages and compromising photographs from Hunter Biden’s laptop and his former business partners reveal that Joe Biden was directly involved in Hunter’s business dealings, and appears to have directly profited from them.

    The deals span several countries, from Ukraine – where Joe was ‘introduced’ to a representative from energy giant Burisma before strong-arming the Ukrainian government into firing their chief prosecutor who was investigating the company, to China, where a top Chinese official offered the Biden family a $5 million “interest-free” loan, to Russia, where Hunter took $3.5 million from the former mayor of Moscow’s ex-wife.

    Meanwhile, Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski – who will be at tonight’s debate – confirmed that an email published in the New York Post’s bombshell exposé is indeed genuine – something the Biden camp hasn’t disputed, and that the “Big Guy” described in one of those emails is none other than Joe Biden himself. Bobulinski also says Joe Biden was lying when he said he and Hunter never discussed business dealings.

    “My name is Tony Bobulinski. The facts set forth below are true and accurate; they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive. I am the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post, which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Rob Walker. That email is genuine.’ -New York Post

    Bobulinski issued the statement late Wednesday, affirming that, contrary to Joe Biden’s claims that he never discussed business dealings with Hunter, the former Veep actually profited from his son’s dealings, which were undertaken with the full support of the Biden family.

    Bobulinski claims cash and equity positions and 10% stakes in dealings were set aside for “the big guy,” – aka Joe Biden.

  16. Tanzania Hit by Recent IS Attack Near Mozambique Border: Police

    “Tanzanian police have said that about 300 jihadists launched a cross-border attack from Mozambique last week, confirming an earlier claim by the Islamic State group.

    “It’s true that about 300 terrorists from Mozambique attacked our station at Kitaya in (southern) Mtwara last week and killed some people,” said police chief Simon Sirro in a videotaped press conference viewed by AFP Thursday.

    Islamic State Central Africa Province (ISCAP), affiliated with the Islamic State group, last week claimed it had mounted an attack in Mtwara, near the Mozambican border, on October 14.

    The group has carried out a wave of attacks in Mozambique since 2017, killing more than 1,500 people and displacing 250,000, according to conflict data provider ACLED. Tanzania is set to hold a presidential election on November 28.”

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