The jury is in. Covid does not spread during Democrat events: Links 1, October 12, 2020

1. Covering the excitement of the Biden-Harris campaign

2. One hour from Ottawa

3. International Students Quit: “This Isn’t Sweden”

International students at the Dalarna University in Borlänge do not want to live in the student residence which is offered to them in the immigrant suburb Tjärna Ängar, also known as “Little Mogadishu”.

That is what a representative for Dalarna’s student union wrote in a letter to the university’s board.

In 2005 the community housing company Tunabyggen in Borlänge converted two multiple-family homes in the Somali-dense Tjärna Ängar into a student complex with a gym, study spaces, and 126 student apartments, in order to remedy the shortage of student residences in the city.

A second student housing area with another 59 student apartments lies in an adjacent building. The residence is marketed by Tunabyggen’s communal home page as a “multicultural residential area”. Together they make up more than two-thirds of the city’s student housing.

But the students don’t want to live in them, Swedish daily Fria Tider reported.

The university’s rector contacted the municipality four years ago, in connection with a woman being raped, and demanded that they arrange other student housing in the municipality not located in Tjärna Ängar, especially because female students felt unsafe in the immigrant-dense suburb.

This is unacceptable. Students must be offered a residence when they are accepted, or at least at the beginning of instruction. The housing’s general standard must be reviewed, and above all, students must be able to feel safe and not worry about their personal security. It is not debatable,” said the rector, Marita Hilliges, at that time.

4. As North Korea celebrates 75 years as a monarchical communist dictatorship, it puts on display the world’s largest road mobile nuclear ICBM

5. (Gotta say, I have been waiting YEARS for someone to do a protest like this!)

6. Bombay has massive power outage. Grid failure? Or Chinese attack? Canada has seen attacks like this on our telecom network.

7. Masks are for plebes.

Meanwhile outside:

The same mayor though…

8. Donald Trump on release and declassification of documents.

(Although the documents he promised by Saturday, the earlier documents which were released redacted and he promised by Saturday they would be released unredacted, do not appear to be out yet)

9. Moe video of the attack on the police station near Paris:

(No idea how dangerous this is or is not. But its most definitely an attack intended to cause terror. So why is it not considered a terrorist event?)

10. BLM is a movement for everyone. Except black people.

Thank you Richard, Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., PC., Snaphanen.Dk, Mr. C., Yucki, and all who sent in materials this Thanksgiving weekend (In Canada)



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3 Replies to “The jury is in. Covid does not spread during Democrat events: Links 1, October 12, 2020”

  1. 9 – I still think Erodgan ordered this as a warning for France to stay out of the fight between Greece and Turkey.

    6 – Mainland China is famous for attacks like this and right now they are furious at India for building that long tunnel that lets them resupply the Indian Forces without having to go through the mountain pass that is closed most of the winter. Combine this with Brad Johnson saying he sees signs that India is preparing for a possible cross border incursion to mess up a couple of the new Chinese Camps. A preemptive attack on the power grid to make India back off would be appealing to Xi.

    4 – Crazy Fat Boy Kim or possibly his homicidal Sister are showing off their new toy, the only problem is that the toy has never been tested. The first test is scheduled for some time next year.

  2. 10) Incest is Best it seems.

    Those mugshots somehow remind me of a book on my Shelf called
    “Platteland – Images from rural South Africa”
    by Roger Ballen 1994 – by William Waterman Publications

    You can put it in your search-engine and see some of the images from the book, and you’ll know what I mean, while comparing those Mugshots.

    Have fun.

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