More Democrat corruption, communist politicians, and Kieth Olbermann: Links 2, October 10th 2020

1. Kamala Harris, who now identifies as black, took a Chinese name in 2003

2. Leading Portland Mayoral Candidate Wears Skirt Depicting Mass Murderers. Campaign Chief Is Open Communist

The leading mayoral candidate in Portland, who says “I am Antifa,” appears to be a little more than that.

If you believe her attire, Sarah Iannarone is a fangirl of communist mass murderers, if not an open communist who might have mass murder as her own plan for whom she calls “Red Hats.”

Journalist Andy Ngo, a frequent target of Antifa thugs who don’t like him filming their revolutionary violence, posted the evidence on Twitter. Iannarone is wearing a skirt bearing Che Guevara, Mao Tse-tung, and a third less-clear figure that appears to be Fidel Castro.

Iannarone’s campaign manager is an open communist.

The Skirt
Proof that Iannarone is at least a sympathizer with mass murder came in a tweet from Ngo.

“Look at the skirt,” Ngo wrote over a photo of Iannarone with a skirt.

3. A lesson in freedom. (A very enjoyable listen)

4. Second Presidential Debate Cancelled After Moderator Caught Colluding With Anti-Trump Hack

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the second planned debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump had been officially cancelled on Friday, following a reluctance from Biden to debate and the revelation that debate moderator Steve Scully had been planning public statements with anti-Trump commentator Anthony Scaramucci.

The Commission had sought to replace the debate with a ‘virtual’ contest in light of President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and quick recovery. The President refused such a alternative, maintaining that an event with the seriousness of a presidential debate should be conducted in person.

The debate’s fate was also placed in jeopardy when planned moderator Steve Scully was caught attempting to collude with anti-Trump hack Anthony Scaramucci on Thursday. Scully accidentally sent what was supposed to be a DM to Scaramucci as a tweet, asking him how he should respond to the President’s accusations of bias on the part of the Commission for Presidential Debates. In dishonest fashion, Scully claimed that his Twitter account had actually been “hacked,” an excuse he’s used in previous years when making embarrassing tweets. The FBI has now began a purported investigation into the laughable “hack,” but there’s no way Scully could’ve claimed to fairly moderate a presidential debate after his Scaramucci DM leaked.

5. This guy, Kieth Olbermann, is a well known sportscaster and has quite a history on MSM. Check out what he says about, well all of us. He actually sprints past Hillary Clinton’s accusation of all Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables” and calls us all maggots that have to be removed. I hope he can sell cars or indoor outdoor carpet or something that makes a living once enough people see this.

Thank you all for all our support in every way, and to our Canadian readers, Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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7 Replies to “More Democrat corruption, communist politicians, and Kieth Olbermann: Links 2, October 10th 2020”

  1. That sounded exactly like a declaration of war to me. He wants to kill me and anyone who thinks like me. That man is effing dangerous. We are living in the age of hyperbole. You’d think the Republicans had shot his entire family in front of him from the intensity of his rage…

  2. Things are getting crazy all over, it seems. It’s all communism vs. nationalism. Parasites vs. producers. That’s going to be the thrust of WWIII, if there is to be such a war.

  3. Harris was identified as “starting the tradition” of non-Chinese individuals running for public office adopting Chinese names, as she was the first candidate to do so.

    After Harris inaugurated the trend, California outlawed the use of candidates using foreign names different from their English names on ballots in 2019.

  4. ITEM 4: It’s by far worse than that. The entire Presidential Debate Commission is rotten from the top down. Two days ago, I read ‘Who is Who’ and their friends: Deep Democrats.

    Don’t ask for the links. I’m too disgusted.

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