China’s massive move on British Columbia Canada: Links 1, October 10, 2020

1. Another example of how “hate crimes legislation” is a back door for totalitarian and authoritarian thought control states.

2. PJ makes the point. And it is also why I decided not to make jokes of logical extreme more than 10 years ago.

3. Iraqi Convicted of Beheading Swedish Teen Pleads Innocence at Appeal

Iraqi migrant Tishko S. has maintained his innocence during an appeal after he was convicted in July of murdering Swedish teen Wilma Andersson and dismembering her body.

The appeal against the conviction and sentencing for the 23-year-old ended Thursday and saw the Iraqi migrant give a speech to the court in which he professed his innocence, stating: “There is not a drop of blood on my hands, I loved Wilma more than life.”

The claim runs contrary to the fact the teen’s severed head was found in the Iraqi’s apartment following the murder, which took place in November of last year.

According to a report from broadcaster SVT, the 23-year-old added, “I’m not a murderer, I’m not a woman abuser, Not an oppressor,” and claimed that the Swedish police investigation had simply consisted of guesswork.


4. China is paving its ‘belt and road’ to British Columbia

Massive warehouse facility under construction in Surrey underscores China’s intention to make Canada a “belt and road” country

A major warehouse facility under construction in Surrey is not just paving the way for more trade between B.C. and China. It could be helping pave Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative to Canada

The massive $190 million, 470,000-square-foot complex, dubbed the “World Commodity Trade Center,” is a joint venture between a Chinese state-sponsored company and a local development firm. The centre, first conceived in Beijing, has four warehouses and two large exhibition halls — to be lined with Chinese and Canadian flags — strategically located in the Campbell Heights industrial zone between Vancouver International Airport and the United States border.

(This has been verified as Chinese military uniforms on these men marching in BC. More to come on this later)

5. Lies, Damn Lies, and TEVUS Evaluating the Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States Database

(A Chris Hull analysis of crime and crime databases from the Intelreform Website)

Thank you Brad Johnson, M., Wrath of Khan, Gun Goddess, Johnny U., Richard, PC., ET., Babs and all who took the effort to be informed, and to inform each other.


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7 Replies to “China’s massive move on British Columbia Canada: Links 1, October 10, 2020”

    • The U.S. doesn’t want to embargo Canada. It’s their pantry. Soft wood lumber, rare earth metals, water–you name it. Now would be the time to exert leverage against Dear Leader in a meaningful way. How much must we see of Red Chinese aggression to realize what they are?

      • Given the current tensions one cross border raid like they pull with India would be all it would take to really mess things up.

  1. 4 – China is trying to place a military force on the Northern Border of the US as a warning of that we shouldn’t oppose anything they are doing.

    • It doesn’t have to be a large military force like the one talked about in the Before Its News article, a small one will do to get our attention and the threat has been made.

      I would like to know more about why they were allowed into Canada.

      • I would welcome it. It would wake people up and give you guys clear reason to take action. And don’t forget we have good men, too. Together we can take care of these commie bastards.

  2. Well, if this is how China wants to lose their collective asses, then so be it. I guess if they get nuked back to the Stone Age, they can blame the US for it instead of blaming their stupid asshole leaders. And Canada is going to end up like Iran, cut off from all trade with the US and its allies. But then again, I’m sure the communist EU will happily trade with Canada, so the average citizen might be okay. I don’t know. But this whole thing is messed up. This is what we westerners get for doing business with the communist Chinese for all these years.

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