Trump at Walter Reed, Armenian war dead and more: Linmks 4, October 2, 2020

1. Armenian war propaganda showing dead Turkish soldiers. Not unlike the Turks showing dead Kurds.

6 days of war and Armenia kills many Azeri soldeirs

2. Leslyn Lewis: There is a socialist coup unfolding in Canada, and we taxpayers are funding it

(If the pseudo-reality, sell out to Trudeau fake conservative paper The National Post can go this far, imagine how bad things really are)

Under this socialist revolution, there is no need to confiscate your property — they can simply redistribute your wealth

Canada is quietly going through a socialist coup.

If I had written these words just one year ago, it would have been deemed conspiratorial. But I have heard from too many Canadians over the past six months about what they have seen taking place. Ever since Justin Trudeau tried to grant himself king-like powers at the beginning of the COVID crisis, what we have been witnessing in Canada is a socialist coup that we, the taxpayers, are funding.

3. Is President Trump safe at Walter Reed?

Is President Trump going to be safe in the Walter Reed Military Hospital?  Who will protect him from the Deep State and his enemies in the military?

We’ve reported repeatedly on the rolling coup.  The Deep State jumps from one crisis to another and attempts to remove this great President from office one way or another.  The military was the next part of the coup.

4. Michigan State Supreme Court Rules Gov Whitmer Overstepped Her Authority

The Michigan State Supreme Court has ruled that Governor Gretchen Whitmer did NOT have the authority to extend her Executive Orders after April 30th. I had just written about the two laws at odds here earlier today here at Red State Michigan State Supreme Court Set to Rule on Gov Whitmer COVID Executive Orders

The decision can be read here at WXYZ

5. Trudeau has cancelled Thanksgiving for Canadians. And he will cancel Christmas and New years. Which I think is the feature of this ‘pandemic’ rather than a necessity of it. How many events can you cancel before it just stops having meaning altogether?

6. The left are monsters

7. President Trump’s 18 seconds on going to Walter Reed

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Richard EB., ET., Chris J., and MANY more who have been on seats edges and sending in materials to at least offer the potential of making sense of events today.

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11 Replies to “Trump at Walter Reed, Armenian war dead and more: Linmks 4, October 2, 2020”

  1. 3 – If they are going to do something they had better hide their tracks because over half the people will be very suspicious of any untimely death.

    • The statement “Zara Rahim is a Muslim” was all that was needed. The deceit and deception fully understood for getting Sharia into law.

      Repeating it twice therefore, is at best redundant and at worst by removing one from the other will confer a state of wholesome goodness.

      An insult that just became a blessing in the minds of millions

  2. Item 2 – CANADA
    Full video with on-screen pop-up comments.

    video – 14 mins 12 secs [begin at 2 mins>]
    Watch out for pop-up screen comments throughout dialogue.

  3. 2-

    A socialist coup? You’ve got to be kidding. We’ve had socialism since Pierre Trudeau. This is communism. Use the right word, journalist.

    Governor General Payette sits there like the Good Witch of the North while Darth Vader mini-me sits there in his little black mask (black masks invariably remind me of a funeral). The only thing missing from her virginal white costume is a magic wand and a broom to blast her sad, mean arse back into the stratosphere where it belongs. She, the one who is accused of abuse by former employees.

    With throne speeches like this who needs gulags? Each “economic” stimulus announcement is couched in negating progressive qualifiers. “Pro-Diversity, Inclusive, Native, etc,” assurances only assure the real burial of an economy already sinking fast under an ocean of debt.

    Real wealth is created only by real productivity, not by wealth distribution, social awareness, or any of the other lumps of gruel proffered in this nonsensical porridge. Sorry, proffered is an incorrect word. The ideas set forth in this speech are not being proposed for the acceptance of Dystopians, but rather they are dictates that face no meaningful challenge from the intellectual class of Keynesian economists, or the compromised legal profession of this country. No, the beat will go on. The de facto basic minimum income scheme is being rolled out under the guise of continuing Covid-19 assistance cheques. Nice trick.

    The sad, unfashionable truth is that capital creation is achieved only by hard work and savings. I lost count of how many times the word “government” is uttered in this road map to capital destruction. Government never produced a thing.

    Exchange the word “government” with “God”, and you get a more meaningful insight into the mind of the speaker of this drivel, the dog at her feet, and the nation under his boot.

  4. Incidentally, have any other Dystopians here noticed how all Canadian flags have been flying at half-mast, lately? Why? Are they sinking ever-so-slowly until they, and the nation they represent, drop out of sight, completely?

  5. He won’t be cancelling Thanksgiving with any one I know in Alberta

    Planning as per usual

    Do you think he is on the downlow and that’s why his wife gave up on him
    Allow his father had a history of wife beating while drunk on scotch
    Maybe little Justin is a closet drinker and abuser too

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