A few words about The Proud Boys, who they are, and WHY they are

This week’s Presidential Debate brought the Proud Boys into the spotlight. More so than perhaps ever before.

The Democrat and far-left mischaracterization of the Proud Boys as a far right “white supremacist group” is a classic Marxist tactic. You can see this tactic in play whenever the CBC or CTV interviews someone opposed to leftist tyranny. They invent a category for you and make you defend it, or defend yourself as not being that category, so you appear to be in that category, at least a subliminal level, till most people just accept that is who that group is.

Examples of this are legion. Jordan Peterson alone would be half a dozen examples, and again, at least once by Wendy Mesley of the CBC.

My first encounter with them was at a protest that was mostly middle aged Canadian women between about 40 and 60 years old. It was at best a dozen or so people and they were protesting Trudeau’s unconstitutional negation of Freedom of Speech with Motion 101 which is a local (Canadian) adaptation of UN 16/18 asking for the world to pass laws against blasphemy of Islam, and to make it a criminal matter.

The interview below was at one such protest:

Predictably, ANTIFA was there in much larger numbers than the actual protestors to intimidate, threaten and harass all protestors and did so while breaking several laws. The most conspicuous of which, is that it was illegal at that time to go to a protest wearing a mask. That was before it was mandatory of course. An interesting development.

The police showed less than no interest in stopping ANTIFA. At times, it appeared that they were covering for them. ANTIFA members would follow, threaten and intimidate some of these women as they walked from Parliament Hill back to their cars where they would get all their info and start campaigns against them at their homes in some cases. And police did nothing at all about it.

The Proud Boys appeared as a group who would protect the protestors and escort them to their cars to make sure they were safe. Something the police conspicuously did not do. If one needed to compare them to any historical group, it would be the New York Guardian Angels of the Subways from the 80s.

The Proud Boys were not there to start a fight but to protect Citizens legally protesting for freedom. Something which is anathema to ANTIFA. But niether would they shy away from one ANTIFA would in all cases initiate.

They describe themselves as a Gentlemen’s Drinking Club. They are all about personal responsibility, protecting the weak, honouring family and otherwise promoters of Classical Civilization. And as they grew and became more popular, critical theory had to be applied. They were labelled a hate group because they were in fact, an anti-hate group but interfered with ANTIFA, an actual hate group, so they had to be destroyed.

This was very successful. In one of the interviews below, I speak with a member of the Armed Forces in Canada that was kicked out for just belonging to the group, even though he had a perfect record, and was never even at a meeting. So the Canadian military has bought this bogus nonsense to the extent that they can remove anyone who belongs.

I have been informed though, by a source that wishes to be anonymous, that Trudeau has brought in oversight to make sure that neo-Marxist views on taxonomy is applied in the military. I believe they are called, “Diversity Officers” and have made significant changes to the Canadian military. It is quite likely that it is due to these, that Grant of the Proud Boys was kicked out.

As an aside, Veterans Affairs has told me that “no such list exists” of prohibited groups or associations in the military, and I am working on trying to find out more on policy now. I will update as information becomes available.

I have a front to back pocket bet with myself that belonging to the Communist Party of Canada or even ANTIFA is probably Ok in the military. We should know the answer to that soonish. Also Michael Hansen did interviews with the Ottawa Proud Boys last time they were trotted out as a straw-boogie man. We will add this interviews to this site tomorrow.

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  1. “The Proud Boys are a hate group founded and led by Rebel Media star Gavin McInnes. McInnes has written on the Rebel’s website about how he hates Jews, calls blacks “monkeys,” calls himself “anti-Semitic,” says Jews should “get over” the Holocaust, and authors essays titled “I’m Not a Racist, Sexist, or a Homophobe, You Nigger Slut Faggot.””

    As far as I am aware, Mr McInnes used comedic humor to expose that walled-thoughts, Socialist Castles, are meaningless.

    I recall his irony that rape-Jihad was not required under Marxism because females will sleep around and abort for Equal Rights ever since they first smoked their first torches for freedom.

    Simply using daddy-jokes.

    22 November 2018:
    “McInnes – who co-founded Vice Media, which he left in 2009 – founded the “western chauvinist” and “pro Trump” Proud Boys in 2016. Members have been involved in repeated incidents of street violence around the US, including a declared riot in Portland, Oregon.”

    “In his video, having distanced himself from the group by saying “I was never the leader, only the founder”, McInnes concluded: “I still see it as the greatest fraternal organization in the world”.

    “Following McInnes’s announcement, former Breitbart writer and “alt right” popularizer Milo Yiannopoulos also said he was resigning from the group. In a blogpost, Yiannopoulos said he had been “instructed by my lawyers today to add my voice to that of Gavin McInnes, the founder of the fraternal men’s organization, and announce that I am publicly dissociating myself with the club”.”.

    A bunch of guys meeting up. And of course National Socialists and other genders will be attracted to join and impersonate them, for a sense of validation. All the femaled want to be: is either maled as in islam, or replacement females. To be angry rebels or petulant conformists, while never becoming what they can’t. International Socialists therefore, easily point out their counterpart Socialists, just as the sexualized-Fems easily point out their Doms. They both instantly know a fake. And each want to exterminate the other as reminders of who they really are. From the same home and place – where they both came from. To remove the other twin to remain unseen. As Hitlers hated Communists and vice versa. Both formed from their mothers. One moving back in time, the other moving forward in time. Never to be still in the present. The Golden Age or the Golden Future. muslims and Progressives.

    A bunch of guys meet up. And the imprinted-world panics.

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