Soros, Biden and Azerbaijan: Links 2 for September 29, 2020

1. Biden backs out of agreement for electronic ear piece inspection at debate tonight

2. 28 minutes of Soros interview from 60 Minutes

3. Mutation of Covid is for some reason, MORE infectious than the original strain. (Need to hear a virologist on this one. As we understand it, each mutation of a virus makes it less problematic.)

4. While most medical agencies are revising their mortality figures down by huge amounts, even as much as 5 6ths like the CDC, the communist controlled WHO claims the mortality stats of Covid is a great big underestimate.

5. Marcus tells us that this is the proper Tucker show from last night:

6. Additional requests for rules for tonight’s debate, expected to be the most watched thing on TV since the last episode of Seinfeld

7. Tucker on Diane Feinstein’s maskless march through a private airport terminal

8. Sweden: “He’s a racist, he has an SD cap”: Mohamad’s plot before murdering Tommie Lindh

DOMESTIC. Abubaker Mohamad Awad accused Tommie Lindh of being a racist because he had an SD cap in his apartment. He then stabbed the 19-year-old and raped the victim’s girlfriend in the blood of the dying Tommy.

The extensive preliminary investigation that the police did after the murder of Tommie Lindh, 19, in Härnösand on May 10 this year has now been released.

It appears that the accused, Abubaker Mohamad Awad, shortly before the murder had reacted to Lindh having an SD cap in his apartment, where an after-party had been held.

(The perp is allegedly Sudanese according to sources in Sweden)

9. On that briefing by Clinton to Obama on the Russia scam…

Thank you M., Yucki, X., C., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Sassy, MarcusZ, EB., ET. and all who sent in materials during this already crazy week


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6 Replies to “Soros, Biden and Azerbaijan: Links 2 for September 29, 2020”

  1. 8. “Abubaker Mohamad Awad accused Tommie Lindh of being a racist because he had an SD cap in his apartment. He then stabbed the 19-year-old and raped the victim’s girlfriend in the blood of the dying Tommy.”

    This gets tiresome to repeat:

    Never hang around muslims
    (This includes muslims)
    It’s living next to a Fault.
    Their world fall in
    Accuse you of sins
    Then all fem-sex to reach God’s Camelot.

  2. 3 – If my memory is right early on in the pandemic some scientist said that if the Wuhan Flu was a modified virus the mutations might not act like normal virus’ something about the foreign DNA affecting the other DNA.

    But I could be wrong.

  3. I believe that what differentiates humans from all the other animals of the world is our capacity for reason. All animals are born with instinct and will mindlessly behave or respond as their instincts guide. Only mankind has another, sophisticated layer of thought on top of instinct. Our sense of reason has allowed our species to cover the world, building cities and developing tools unlike anything any other life form is capable of.
    So when an animal which appears to be human behaves mindlessly and brutally, that animal is not human despite its appearance.

    That Sudanese thing is not human. It is a feral ape, physically similar to us but without the capacity for reason. And, like all feral apes, it is indescribably violent. When wild animals take to killing humans, the humans typically destroy the offending animal. Why, then, should the Sudanese ape be spared? If a mountain lion could grunt a simple explanation for its killing, would you no longer defend humanity against it? A dog with rabies will kill anything it can because it’s sick. Does the sickness preclude the animal from destruction? Of course not. And so it is with the Sudanese ape and all the other feral apes who behave the same way. They cannot be allowed to continue hunting humans. Their presence is destroying our otherwise peaceful and technologically advancing societies.

    • That’s a slippery slope.

      A society has laws to protect people from other people. Punishments to deter criminals, capital offenses [should] eliminate those adjudicated irredeemable.

      To take another example, Afghans in Afghanistan stab, throw acid, shoot, and blow up other Afghans (including family members) everyday. It’s a brutal world, blood is cheap.

      That level of violence is unacceptable to us. It seems less-than-human in advanced societies. That doesn’t mean that Afghans ARE feral animals, that they can be dispatched as such. Courts are established to deal with people: a uniform legal system is a better measure of civilization than its level of technology.

      If we don’t enforce standards of behavior consistent with our values – what price blood? – that’s an indictment of our system. Moral relativism is degenerate. Calling it “tolerance” doesn’t change that fact.

  4. The optimum configuration for a virus is high transmissiblity + low fatality = survival for the virus.

    Ebola was highly infectious + highly fatal = easy to avoid. It was the cultural aspect that made its survival possible (handling /washing/preparing body for disposal). Once this was stopped the virus was stopped.

    The common cold and influenza is the ultimate virus. Highly infectious + low fatality + highly mutable = survival.

    When it’s mutability increases its lethality it lowers the number of hosts it will infect = virus strain dies.

    When it’s mutability decreases it’s transmissiblity = virus strain death.

    Media will report “COVID HAS BECOME MORE INFECTIOUS!” on the headline, may not even mention that “lower mortality seams to have accompanied this mutation”.

    Or the business plan of a virus is to have the lowest cost (lethality) product with the greatest market penetration (transmissiblity)

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