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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. The family of the late SCOTUS justice RBG created an odd funeral, which should call into question the consistency of other posthumous poses, including “final wishes.”
    It may be of interest to VTB readers that Jewish funeral customers don’t vary amongst Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jews. Sure, there are some atheists who opt for cremation, but the common denominator is interrment (or sometimes in an ossiary) in as short as time as is possible or (perhaps for the less observant ) convenient. One notable exception was Joseph in Egypt, whose family allowed the Pharoahs to dictate a funeral in the Egyptian style. Now, there is a second exception, RBG has lain in state, desecrating her faith while postponing her family’s entry into the mourning process, which traditionally starts after the family shovels earth onto her coffin, within a day of death. In Jewish practice refridgeration, not embalming, is used to delay burial.

    Okay. Perhaps RBG wasn’t inclined to Judaism.

    Then I see this. We’ve had other Jewish judges, but only one sought to allow for Yom Kippur and. argainwd for Good Friday–which she won! as days that the court would set aside its regular schedule. Doesn’t Anyone Have Respect For Jews Observing Rosh Hashanah Anymore?

    • call into question the consistency of other posthumous poses, including “final wishes.”
      …………You bet…………
      disposition of body – chilul Hashem – desecration
      Golden Calf-ing – avoda zara.

      Tikkun-olam Jew-ish High Holidays services substituted RBG’s legal briefs for the Haftorah [additional selection from Scriptures].

      Male and female “rabbis” [I think], draped in prayer shawls – like Pelosi and her Kente-cloth.

      Chanted the writings of the judge – not THE JUDGES – at the altar, in the style of Haftorah, a pseudo-trop.

      And I thought Schumer’s kneeling was the pits…

  2. “Trump Campaign, GOP, Sue to Block North Carolina’s New Mail-in Ballot Rules #StopTheSteal”
    By Cristina Laila – September 28, 2020

    “Trump is suing to challenge North Carolina election rule changes”
    by John Solomon – September 28, 2020

  3. Someone here mentioned the Canadian government buying up vacant hotels. So, here is how that is working out in Manhattan, where 13,000 homeless are now in $200/day rooms to ensure social distancing. It is easy for schadenfruede (gloating) to set in, but you can still pity the effect on previously sheltered children who are now encountering mean streets. The net effect of neighborhood flight will be less city revenue. The choice of where to house the homeless begs the question of did the City happen to start in an affluent Jewish area by design? may be less opposition and more open to the idea of moving out p. 18
    Upper West Siders Flee Amidst Rising Homelessness And Crime By Baruch Lytle
    Almost immediately after the city shut down …

  4. Strange things happening in Quebec.

    When we reply to someone of the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ faction who has a c.c. to Legault Premier, that has many ‘likes’ and who retweets your reply, within some 45 minutes, VPN cuts off.

    Then, you go to your email box and everything – from top to bottom – is blocked in blue.

    End of story.

    P.S.: I shut down my computer and started again. It’s just that bad feeling they have my password and other issues.

  5. Turkey deploying Syrian fighters to help ally Azerbaijan, two fighters say
    Turkey is sending Syrian rebel fighters to support Azerbaijan in its escalating conflict with neighbouring Armenia, two Syrian rebels have said, as Ankara pledges to step up backing for its majority-Muslim ally.
    The clashes over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh are the heaviest since 2016, with reports of dozens of deaths and hundreds wounded.
    Armenia’s ambassador to Moscow said on Monday that Turkey had sent around 4,000 fighters from northern Syria to Azerbaijan and that they were fighting there, an assertion denied by an aide to Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev.
    Armenia also said Turkish military experts were fighting alongside Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, a mountainous breakaway region of Azerbaijan run by ethnic Armenians, and that Turkey had provided drones and warplanes.
    Azerbaijan denied the reports. Turkey did not immediately comment, although senior officials including President Tayyip Erdogan, who has increasingly been flexing Turkey’s military muscle abroad, have promised support for Baku.
    The two fighters, from Turkish-backed rebel groups in areas of northern Syria under Turkish control, said they were deploying to Azerbaijan in coordination with Ankara.
    They declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue. Reuters could not independently verify their accounts.
    “I didn’t want to go, but I don’t have any money. Life is very hard and poor,” said a fighter who had fought in Syria for Ahrar al-Sham, a group that Turkey has supported.
    Both men said they had been told by their Syrian brigade commanders they would earn around $1,500 a month – a large wage for Syria, where the economy and currency have collapsed.
    The fighter said he had arranged his assignment with an official from the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) in Afrin, a region of northwest Syria seized by Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies two years ago.
    A spokesman for the SNA, an umbrella group of Syrian rebel groups backed by Turkey, did not respond to a request for comment.
    The other fighter, from the SNA-affiliated Jaish al-Nukhba militia, said he had been told nearly 1,000 Syrians were set to be deployed to Azerbaijan. Other rebels, who also declined to be named, gave figures of between 700 and 1,000.
    The two men, who spoke to Reuters last week, said they expected to be despatched on Sept. 25, to guard facilities but not to fight. Reuters was not able to contact them on Monday to confirm their location.
    Hikmat Hajiyev, a foreign policy aide to Azeri President Ilham Aliyev said it was “complete nonsense” to say Syrian fighters were coming to help his country: “Our armed forces have more than enough personnel and reserve forces.”
    In recent years, Turkey has projected growing power abroad with incursions into neighbouring Syria and Iraq, and military support for the internationally recognised government in Libya.
    Turkey has repeatedly said it is also ready to provide support to Azerbaijan, with which it has strong historical and cultural ties and runs joint energy projects.
    Defence Minister Hulusi Akar attended joint military drills in Azerbaijan in August, and Erdogan used his speech to the United Nations General Assembly last week to accuse Armenia of attacking its neighbour.
    Concern that Turkey could get more involved in the conflict helped drag its currency to a record low against the dollar on Monday.
    Mustafa Sejari, a senior Syrian rebel, did not confirm the deployment of fighters to Azerbaijan but said Turkey was the “only hope” left for opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has retaken most rebel-held land in Syria with Russian and Iranian support.
    “Our alliance with (Turkey) takes different forms and is truly a common fate,” he said. “I don’t rule out at all Turkey becoming a strategic choice for Syrian youths.”
    Turkey has already used Syrian fighters to help block an assault on the Libyan capital Tripoli earlier this year by General Khalifa Haftar’s eastern-based Libyan National Army, backed by Russia among others.
    Their use in Syria would create a third theatre for Turkey’s regional rivalry with Moscow, which has a military base in Armenia, considers it a strategic partner in the South Caucasus, and supplies it with weapons. It has not commented on the reports of Syrian fighters being sent to Azerbaijan.
    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was following the situation very closely and that the conflict had to be resolved through diplomacy.

  6. Nagorno-Karabakh Live Updates: Armenia Claims to Have Downed Azerbaijani Helicopter (sputniknews, Sep 29, 2020)

    Secretary of Armenian Security Council Grigoryan Has Contacted His Russian Counterpart Patrushev on Karabakh Crisis

    Ankara Considers Attack on Azerbaijani Territory an Attack on Turkish Soil, Deputy Head of Governing Party Says

    Turkey Ready to Support Azerbaijan in Negotiations With Armenia and in Combat, Foreign Minister Says

    Azerbaijani Envoy to Russia Says Not One Bomb Has Hit Armenian Territory

    US Secretary of State Pompeo Urges Baku and Yerevan to Stop Fire, Return to Negotiations

    Russian Parliament Adopts Resolution Urging Sides to Cease Fire, Says Russia May Mediate Talks

    Armenia Says Nagorno-Karabakh Military Downed Two Azerbaijani Helicopters – Video

    UN Security Council to Address Escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh Soon, Baku Says

    Baku Says Shelling in Nagorno-Karabakh by Armenia Kills 10 Civilians, Injures 30

    German Chancellor Merkel Discusses Tensions With Azerbaijani and Armenian Leaders, Urges Both Sides to Cease Fire

    Armenia Claims to Have Downed Azerbaijani Helicopter Amid Escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh

    Armenia Says Azerbaijan Leaves it No Other Choice But to Use ‘Large Calibre’ Systems With More ‘Destructive Force’

    Yerevan Denies Azerbaijan’s Claims About Destruction of Armenian Motorised Rifle Regiment in Nagorno-Karabakh

    Armenia Vows to Retaliate for Shelling of Military Base in Vardenis

    Armenian Defence Ministry Says Civilian Bus on Fire After Being Hit by Azerbaijani Drone

    Azerbaijan Claims Completely Destroyed Armenian Motorised Rifle Regiment in Nagorno-Karabakh

    Azerbaijan Says It Has No F-16 Planes, Calls Armenian Reports About Downing One False

    Yerevan Denies Baku’s Claims of Armenian Army Shelling Dashkasan Area of Azerbaijan

    Armenian Forces Report Downing Another Azerbaijani Drone Amid Clashes

    Armenian Army Reports Destroying Azerbaijani Military Vehicles, Publishes Video

    Armenia Considers Striking Military Alliance With Karabakh, Top MP of Governing Parl’t Group Says

    Azerbaijani Military Reports Eliminating Armenian Tank and Up to 10 Troops

    Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan Urges Merkel to Curb Turkey’s Policy in Region

  7. Landmine blast kills 14 in Afghanistan (anadolu, Sep 29, 2020)

    “At least 14 people were killed in a landmine blast in Afghanistan’s central Daikundi province, officials confirmed Tuesday.

    Nasrullah Ghori, spokesman for the provincial governor, told Anadolu Agency the incident took place in the Kijran district when a minibus hit a roadside landmine. The dead included seven women and five children, the spokesman said, also reporting three injuries.

    Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry issued a statement blaming the Taliban for planting the deadly improvised explosive device that caused the fatalities.

    The Taliban are yet to comment on the incident…”

  8. Armenia reports first death on its soil after Azeri shelling (reuters, Sep 29, 2020)

    “A civilian was killed on Tuesday in the Armenian town of Vardenis after it was shelled by Azeri artillery and targeted in a drone attack, Armenia’s foreign ministry said, the first casualty on Armenian soil since fighting broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other on Tuesday of firing into each other’s territory, far from the conflict zone in the breakaway Azeri region backed by Yerevan, as the worst spate of fighting since the 1990s raged for a third day.

    Azerbaijan’s defence ministry said that from Vardenis the Armenian army had shelled the Dashkesan region inside Azerbaijan. Armenia denied those reports.”

  9. Minneapolis Police Open Probe Into Reports Ilhan Omar’s Allies Harvested Piles of Ballots for Money (sputniknews, Sep 29, 2020)

    “…Minneapolis police have started investigating reports of voter fraud after an undercover video emerged allegedly featuring associates of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar collecting absentee ballots…”

  10. Italy: Majority of Migrants Rejected for Asylum But Stay in Country Anyway (breitbart, Sep 29, 2020)

    “Italian asylum case figures show an overwhelming majority of migrants coming into the country are not approved for asylum but nearly none of the rejected asylum seekers are actually deported.

    Data from the Italian National Asylum Law Commission claims that each month a majority of asylum seekers claims are rejected, such as in July when 73 per cent were rejected and the month before which saw 81 per cent of migrants rejected for asylum status.

    For the whole of 2019, just 11 per cent of asylum cases were approved for refugee status, while the rejection rate was 81 per cent.

    After migrants arrive in Italy and claim asylum, a decision can take up to six months or more and even if they are rejected the Italian state gives migrants free legal assistance to appeal the ruling.

    Lawyer and immigration expert Giorgio Mori, a member of the national-conservative Brothers of Italy (FdI), told newspaper Il Giornale, “In two or three years, the judicial process can last, conditions in the country of origin can be changed and the court can see elements of criticality.”

    The newspaper highlighted the case of a Pakistani migrant who had been rejected for asylum last year as judges found there was no credible risk the migrant would be persecuted in Pakistan.

    However, a year later judges granted him residency due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak and the fact the migrant had worked jobs in Italy.

    A similar case took place in 2018 involving an African migrant from Ivory Coast who had been rejected for asylum but was granted a residency permit because he maneged to find a job.

    “While it is true that there are fewer political refugees, it is also true that the links for the granting of humanitarian and subsidiary protection have been widened,” Giorgio Mori said and added, “among other things, these types of protections are more coveted by migrants because they allow them to go and return freely from their country of origin.”

    According to Mr Mori, employment contracts have become an important tool for migrants to stay in Italy and have made it more preferable for migrants to enter the country illegally, rather than through legal channels.

    Migrants in Italy use other tactics to stay in the country, such as claiming to be homosexual if they are from countries that criminalise homosexuality or persecute homosexuals.

    In other countries, such as Germany, migrants have even resorted to claiming to be members of terrorist groups or admitting to crimes in order to avoid being deported.

    Earlier this month in the German city of Cottbus a migrant attacked a random 19-year-old with a knife and later claimed he did it in order to avoid being deported.”

  11. ‘Yankee, go home!’ | Protesters clash with police at anti-Pompeo rally in Athens

    Greek police faced off with protesters who flooded the streets of Athens against the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and used pepper spray.

    People marched to the US embassy with heavy police presence spotted at the site. Pompeo is expected to visit the Souda Bay Naval base in Crete and depart for Rome on September 30, as part of his five-day Europe trip.

  12. SPAIN – Catalonian police bombarded with PIGS’ HEADS over regional president’s removal

    As hundreds took to the streets of Barcelona to decry the Supreme Court of Justice’s decision to suspend the leader of the autonomous region, the protests took a rather bizarre – and, frankly, disturbing – turn as some of the activists began throwing pigs’ heads at the police.

  13. CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACK – Proud of my son, says father of Pakistani man who stabbed 2 in Paris

    The father of the Pakistani man accused of stabbing two persons in Paris on?Friday has asked the Imran Khan government to bring his son back home

    The father of Ali Hassan, a young man who stabbed two persons in an attack using a meat cleaver outside the former Paris office of the controversial Charlie Hebdo magazine last week, has said he is “proud” of his son. In an interview to the web-based channel Naya Pakistan, the father, whose name is not revealed, said his son has “done a great job” and he is “very happy” about the attack.

    The French government had condemned the stabbing on Friday outside the former office of the satirical magazine as an act of “Islamist terrorism”.

    The man, earlier identified as Ali Hassan, seriously injured two employees of TV production agency Premieres Lignes, whose offices are in the same city centre block that used to house the magazine Charlie Hebdo. The magazine had shifted out after the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a policewoman and a Jewish supermarket that left 17 people dead. The magazine’s current address is kept secret for security reasons, AFP reported.

    On Monday, the news agency said the man, who had declared earlier in a two-minute video that he was going to target the magazine, identified himself as Zaheer Hassan Mehmood.

    Ali Hassan aka Zaheer Hassan Mehmood is accused of stabbing two persons believed to be working with the magazine. Friday’s attack came three weeks into a trial in Paris of suspected accomplices of the culprits in the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a policewoman and a Jewish supermarket that left 17 people dead, news agency Reuters said.

    Back in Pakistan, the attacker’s father appealed to the Imran Khan government and other Islamic countries to help bring his son home. “I want to appeal to the Pakistan government to bring my son home. He has done service in the cause of Islam and we are a Muslim country,” he told the Pakistani channel .

    Ali Hassan, his father said, “was a good son” who prayed regularly and attended Milad twice a year. He said that Ali Hassan was a follower of Muhammad Ilyas Qadri, a Pakistani Sunni Muslim scholar and founder of the Dawat-e-Islami organisation, which has established a chain of madrasas across Pakistan and abroad.

    Ali Hassan’s father, a farmer, lives in the small town of Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab.
    He said that Ali Hassan had gone to France two years ago. Of his five sons, three are abroad – two in France and one in Italy. “My son has the heart of a lion,” he told his interviewer.

    • test 002

      CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACK – He was chosen by ‘Allah’: Pakistanis celebrate terrorist who had stabbed 4 people near Charlie Hebdo office in Paris

      The father says that the terrorist had called his family before the attack and had claimed that he had been ‘chosen’ to do the Prophet’s work. The reporter is seen further insisting that the whole world is ‘praising’ Hassan’s deeds.

      On Friday, an 18-year-old Pakistani terrorist named Ali Hassan aka Zaheer Hassan Mehmood stabbed four people with a meat cleaver near the former offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo near the Richard Lenoir Metro Station in Paris. Two people were critically injured in the attack. Hassan, who hails from Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province of Pakistan, was eventually nabbed by the Paris Police Department.

      In Pakistan, however, there are many social media handles and YouTube channels who are hailing Hassan as a hero. A Pakistani channel named Naya Pakistan has shared a video that shows the now-viral clip of the terrorist, who claims to be hurt and anguished over Charlie Hebdo’s decision to republish the caricatures of Prophet Mohammad. The radical Islamist is seen reciting Islamic verses and said in the video, “If I’m sounding emotional, let me explain: here, in France, the caricatures of the Prophet are being made. I am going to do (an act of) resistance today, Sept. 25 “

      In the video, the channel’s reporter begins by profusely congratulating the father of the arrested terrorist, saying that he was chosen by ‘Allah’ to stab people.

      The terrorist’s family also seems to be ‘proud’ that their son stabbed civillians beause he was apparently ‘hurt’ by the cartoons. Expressing pride over his son’s ‘brave’ act, Hassan’s father stated, “I am very happy at hear. To save the Honour of our prophet, I am ready to sacrifice my life and the lives of all my 5 sons. “

      In the video, the channel’s reporter is seen encouraging the father. He asserts that there are Pakisanis who are ‘proud’ of the terrorist. The father replied, “My son has the heart of steel.” He stated that his wife too approved of his son’s actions. He also revealed that Hassan was inspired by Sunni Muslim cleric Ilyas Qadri and would read Namaaz five times a day.

      The father says that the terrorist had called his family before the attack and had claimed that he had been ‘chosen’ to do the Prophet’s work. The reporter is seen further insisting that the whole world is ‘praising’ Hassan’s deeds.

      He was then heard chanting slogans such as,’ Rasool ke ghulam hai‘ (We are slaves of the Prophet) and ‘Ghulamiya rasool mein maut bhi kubool hai‘ (In the slavery of the Prophet, I am ready to sacrifice my life).

      Reaction of Pakistanis to the terror attack

      As expected, radical Islamists from Pakistan expressed their glee over Hassan’s actions to avenge the dishonour of Prophet Mohammed. One Twitter user (@BloSSomHeaRts2) wrote, “Alhamdulillah, Zaheer Hassan Mehmood,a young man from Punjab province and Mandi Bahauddin stabbed four people in the office of a dog publishing blasphemous sketches in France, injuring four people. Separate the head from the body Long live the crowned end of Prophecy Amin.”

      Another Pakistani approved of the terror attack and stated, “Well done. It’s called Emaani Jazba (Well done. This is the spirit of strong Faith.)”

      Charlie Hebdo had decided to republish the cartoons on prophet Mohammed that led to the terrorist attack against them in 2015. Their decision to republish the cartoons had triggered widespread protests across the Muslim world and renewed calls for violence.

    • Prosecutor: Paris Attacker Wanted To Set Charlie Hebdo Offices On Fire

      A Pakistani man accused of wounding two people with a meat cleaver in front of the former offices of Charlie Hebdo on September 25 did not know the satirical weekly had moved and wanted to set its offices on fire, a French prosecutor said on September 29.

      Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard told a news conference that the suspect in what the French government has called an act of “Islamist terrorism” carried three bottles of a flammable paint thinner with which he wanted to set fire to the premises.

      Ricard said the man, who had identified himself as Hassan A., an 18-year-old born in the Pakistani town of Mandi Bahauddin, operated under a false identity and that a photo of his passport on his phone showed that he was 25 years old.

      Twelve people were killed in 2015 by attackers who raided Charlie Hebdo’s office in revenge for the publication of cartoons that mocked the Prophet Muhammad.

      After the attack, the weekly moved its headquarters to an undisclosed location. It republished some of the cartoons this month to mark the beginning of the trial of 14 people with alleged links to the killers.

    • Interesting choice, EB. She’s interesting because she joined the Nazi party. And, as I have no idea what was in this woman’s head I take no umbrage. After all, if National Socialism was the orthodoxy of that day, and not every atrocity was common knowledge, why wouldn’t a public figure sign up for the sake of one’s career? And how would this differ from many professional circles we see in the here and now with political correctness? Not an iota says I.

  14. French police dismantle Calais migrant camp to prevent ‘new Jungle’

    Calais is a hotspot for migrants hoping to reach the UK despite dangers of Channel crossing

    A camp of 700 to 800 migrants in the French port city of Calais was dismantled by police today in the biggest such operation since the sprawling “Jungle” shantytown was broken up four years ago.

    Calais continues to attract migrants from the Middle East and Africa who set up makeshift camps along the coast from where they hope to make the passage across the English Channel to Britain.

    Since January 1, at least 1,317 migrants have been intercepted by French authorities as they tried to reach the UK, some by swimming across the busy waterway.

    Tuesday’s operation started before sunrise and had removed some 200 people in the first two hours, according to local authorities. Twenty-one among them were arrested.

    “We want to avoid a concentration and a new gathering point in Calais,” Louis Le Franc, the government’s top official for the northern Pas-de-Calais department, said at the scene.

    According to Le Franc, it was the biggest dismantling of a Calais camp since the Jungle was cleared of some 9,000 migrants between 2015 and 2016.

    About 150 of the evacuated migrants will be brought to reception centres in Pas-de-Calais, another 150 to other departments in northern France, and the remaining 500-odd to other regions of the country.

    By far the majority of the migrants are men, mainly from Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and Eritrea.

    “In my view, this is above all an operation to give people a safe haven. The migrants are living in this forested area in extremely difficult conditions,” Le Franc said.

    “It was important to get the migrants out before… the winter period,” he added.

    Northern France has long been a magnet for people seeking to smuggle themselves to Britain in small boats or in one of the tens of thousands of trucks and cars that travel daily between the countries on ferries and trains.

    The month of August saw this year’s first drowning of a migrant trying to exit France, when the body of a Sudanese teenager trying to reach Britain with a friend in an inflatable boat was discovered on a beach.

    French authorities have vowed to avoid a repeat of the Jungle — which at one point held as many as 10,000 people — but camps have continued to spring up as migrants flee war and poverty at home to seek a better life in Europe.

    Rights groups have criticised police tactics, which include seizing migrants’ tents and other belongings.

    In December 2018, France’s human rights ombudsman said migrants in northern France have been subjected to “unprecedented” violations of their basic rights.

    As Tuesday’s evacuation was under way, migrants queued for buses grouped by ethnicity or nationality, as tents, duvets, blankets, shoes and clothes were left behind in the undergrowth.

    “Our goal is also to fight actively against smugglers” and “the exploitation of human misery,” Le Franc said.

    Rights associations said the operation was pointless.

    Maya Konforti, of the Auberge des Migrants (Migrants’ Hostel) group, said the evacuated foreigners would be back “within days.”

    “We spend a lot of money to move dozens of people in buses… but it serves absolutely no purpose. It’s messaging, nothing else,” she said.

    The migrants know that few of them qualify for asylum in France, and believing that “England is their last chance” will continue trying to get there at all costs, Konforti said.

    The government estimates about 1,000 migrants currently live around Calais, while support groups say the number is closer to 1,500.

    • Never have the critics of Hungarian media acknowledged the broad trend worldwide of newspapers succumbing to internet news media. Never have they acknowledged the greater possibility that leftist newspapers failed because their business models were antiquated, and that they failed to adapt to the modern internet reality of print being obsolete. No, they chose the propaganda of crying political bias.

    • Pope will not meet with Pompeo to avoid interfering during presidential elections

      “…… which could be interpreted as support for a candidate….”

  15. CBC – Coronavirus has mutated and may be more infectious

    New research suggests the dominant strain of the novel coronavirus found in North America and Europe is a more infectious mutation called D614G, but public health advice on preventing the spread remains the same.

  16. Tweet-snipe of the Day: Inconvenient voting truth from POTUS draws fire
    By J.E. Dyer September 28, 2020

    We’re debuting a new posting category with this one, in honor of the new social media practice of flagging the president’s posts when he says something that contradicts the Left’s approved narrative. President Trump stepped in it big-time on Monday, having the temerity to tweet that there is much going wrong with ballot-counting in some of the states, where ballots are being mailed and early voting for the general election on 3 November has already started.

  17. Biden says Trump is ‘sort of like’ Nazi propaganda official Joseph Goebbels
    By Daily Caller News Foundation September 29, 2020

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Saturday compared President Donald Trump to Joseph Goebbels, the head of Nazi Germany’s propaganda efforts.

    “He’s sort of like Goebbels,” the former vice president said in an interview on MSNBC. “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge.”

    • Casual trivialization of the Holocaust is getting more attention from demonrat Jews than I would’ve expected.
      It’s coming after AOC rejected an invite for a lefty-Jewish peacenik commemoration of Yitzak Rabin’s assassination.

      Not that they’ll #walkaway, of course.
      Getting broken in as slaves gotta hurt, though.

  18. Lindsey Graham previews ‘day of reckoning’ from Durham probe, upcoming Comey hearing
    By Daily Caller News Foundation September 28, 2020

    Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham provided a slew of updates about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Crossfire Hurricane on Sunday and teased “damning” revelations that he said will soon be made public.

    “There’s a day of reckoning,” Graham said in an interview on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures.”

    On Thursday, Graham released a declassified FBI memo that said that the bureau opened a counterintelligence investigation in 2009 against the primary source for dossier Christopher Steele, a Russia analyst identified as Igor Danchenko.

    • Obama allegedly briefed on claims Clinton approved plan tying Trump to Putin: Rpt

      DNI Director John Ratcliffe released information indicating that the Obama admin knew of Russian allegations that Hillary Clinton was attempting to tie Trump to the Russia and distract from her email scandal before the 2016 presidential election

  19. Newly Declassified Docs Suggest Russia Hoax was Hillary’s Idea and Obama-Biden Knew

    A newly declassified letter from the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to Senator Lindsey Graham suggests Hillary Clinton planned the Russia hoax and Obama and Biden were briefed on it by then CIA Director John Brennan.

  20. Report: Biden wants breaks every 30 minutes during debate. Trump wants Biden’s ears checked for radio transmitters.

    It’s reported that both campaigns made additional requests prior to tonight’s debate

    The Trump and Biden campaigns both reportedly made additional requests ahead of the first official presidential debate of the 2020 campaign season.

    POLL: Who will win tonight’s debate?

    President Donald Trump’s campaign has requested that the campaign for former Vice President Joe Biden allow a third party to inspect the ears of each candidate for electronic devices or radio transmitters. The Biden campaign has not, so far, agreed to this request, Fox News, whose own Chris Wallace is moderating the debate, reported.

    Ebony Bowden, a reporter for the New York Post, says that several days ago, the Biden campaign agreed to an ear inspection for each candidate but is now denying the request.

  21. The turkish Joker got a laugh out of me!

    Erdogan: Armenia biggest threat to peace in region
    Turkey pledged support for Azerbaijan as it has a military base in the country

    Armenia’s defence ministry says warplane shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jet

    Turkey and Azerbaijan Deny Turkish F-16 Fighter Shot Down Armenian Su-25 Attack Jet

    Israel defence company sells ‘suicide drone’ to Azerbaijan

    Israeli Company Allegedly Flew A Suicide Drone On A Real Combat Mission In Azerbaijan
    Israel’s Justice Ministry says what the firm described as a “demonstration” was actually a strike that injured two ethnic Armenian fighters.

    Azerbaijani attacking forces suffer more losses – 12 more tanks destroyed by Artsakh

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