Jyllands-Posten disgraces itself by rejecting a column on Islam from fear

Jyllands Posten was the paper that published the original Danish Cartoons which alerted the world in general to the dangers of having large numbers of muslims in the West. Their reaction should have had us all over at Jihad Watch for an understanding of what we saw then, and what it would mean to us in the future. Instead, we have muslims dictating the limits on all we can say, draw or do about their religion, and thanks to the precedent, leftist tyrants are controlling the rest of the public sphere of opinions.

Below, a machine translation of the Nyheder TV2 article:

The newspaper Jyllands-Posten has refused to publish a column written by the author Kåre Bluitgen.

It happens because one is afraid of reprisals in the style of those the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo was recently subjected to.

To TV 2, Jyllands-Posten’s opinion editor, Palle Weis, says that he has no further comments than those he has given to the online newspaper Pio on the occasion of the rejected article.

– Right now there is an increased risk on top of what happened last week in Paris. That is why we chose to say no to Kåre Bluitgen this time, says Palle Weis to Pio.

Assassin attacked innocent people

On September 25, a knife-wielding 18-year-old Pakistani-born man entered the premises where Charlie Hebdo had previously been housed and seriously injured two.

The attack affected two employees of a television company that has rented Charlie Hebdo’s former premises in the 11th arrondissement, while the magazine after a bloody terrorist attack in 2015 today has a secret address.

[Please read the rest at Nyheder.tv.2 with Google Chrome for the translation]

And Denmark desperately needs more Rasmus Paludans.


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