Geopolitics and Wuhan Flu: Links 1, September 27, 2020

1. Not to belabour the point, but CNN is not fake news. it is enemy propaganda. Even so, you have to love this. Soon, like CBC they won’t wear their insignias where they are facing a group who they destroy with lies.

2. Dr. Zelinko recommends this website. It has the stats, reports and banned video of doctors advocating for HCQ


3. Things appear to be deteriorating into more totalitarian hell in Iran where police fire live rounds at people who believe a ticket is unjust. Click through to the thread for more.

4. Car plows through group of Trump supporters

The arrest

ID of attacker:

5. California sideslips to self destruction

6. Ron Paul Liberty report on Covid Testing. Banned from YT and Twitter claims the link to this video is dangerous without saying why.

7. AWESOME display at Bulgarian football match.

8. British police asked a reasonable question so no answer comes

9. Portland seems like an exciting place

10. Indian News report on war between Azerbaijan and Armenia


Thank you C., X., M., ML., Richard, Johnny U., PC., Yucki, Xanthippa and many many more who have contributed in any way at all. 


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  1. 4 – She is now outraged at the injustice of the arrest, after all those were just White Trump supporters, how can she be charged for trying to kill them?

  2. 1. She smiled, knowing there was no threat.

    But those who actually hate women, or demand she to replace men, or want to replace themselves into being truthfully-on-record as her; these she would have been afraid of. Even with a shawl hiding her regulation short-cut hair, and wearing a man’s suit. She has a vagina. And this makes her their enemy. The mother that abandoned the famous fatherless three, that now claim to be standing up for her while they beat her ever so gently.

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