Muslims plot, new US Alberta rail, Arrested for singing in groups: Links 2, September 26, 2020

1. Photos of both plotters against President Trump and the NY Stock Exchange

2. Yes if Alberta separates, non-leftist Canadians must move there. Maybe even if they don’t

3. Immerath, Germany

4. Convicted criminal and minister of Canadian heritage wants to regulate the internet.


Five Christians were cited and three arrested outside Moscow City Hall in Idaho for face mask and social distancing order violations at a “Psalm Sing” hosted by Christ Church. The mask mandate which has been in effect since July was just extended until January 6th, 2021 by Moscow city’s left-wing leaders, an emergency order they themselves do not follow. Idaho however, does not have a statewide masking mandate.

6. This is interesting. Would be good to know more about this. A German doctor was arrested at Hyde Park, presumably Speaker’s Corner I think today. Looking his name up I get a site that loads super slowly called, Corona Whistle

Probably safe to say he was revealing in a newly minted totalitarian and authoritarian England that there is no scientific justification for those measures based on the actual effects of the disease. So… yeah. Speakers Corner. “More honoured in the breach than the observance”.

7. Joe Biden proves that there should be term limits in office. At least a 150 years maximum.

8. Coronavirus testing at Boston lab suspended after nearly 400 false positives

An investigation by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health found that there were at least 383 erroneous positive results.

By Minyvonne Burke

A Boston lab suspended coronavirus testing after an investigation uncovered nearly 400 false positive COVID-19 results.

Orig3n, a biotechnology company which counts dozens of nursing homes as its clients, ceased testing on Aug. 8 at the request of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The suspension came days after state health officials became aware of an unusually high number of positive coronavirus tests.

An investigation found that there were at least 383 inaccurate positive results from the lab that, upon re-testing, came back as negative.

On Aug. 27, the MDPH said it notified Orig3n they had been cited with “three significant certification deficiencies that put patients at immediate risk of harm.”

(It is almost like there is a sprinkling of bullshit in the information that sets these totalitarian policies across the West)

Thank you Chris Jones, Johnny U., M., ML., Wrath of Khan, PC., Babs, Sassy, Richard, Plona, Xanthippa, C., Maplewood, and MANY others who are helping to hold this fragile and besieged democracy together.

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6 Replies to “Muslims plot, new US Alberta rail, Arrested for singing in groups: Links 2, September 26, 2020”


    I find this ominous.
    Notice how the wording in this article sound more like it was published by CNN or MSNBC than Fox News. The article pretends to be even handed but slants constantly to the left describing Proud Boys as “far right” while quoting “The Southern Poverty Law Center” as if it was the Encyclopedia Britannica while giving the left-wing rioters a total pass. They also called the conservatives “white supremacists” and I’ve never seen any reason to think that “Patriot Prayer” are racists. It sounded like Morning Joe…

    I saw my favorite local conservative local radio station, CKNW, change owners and then go from right to left and I know it’s bloody well possible. People I thought had integrity changed their tune at the flick of a paycheck and the station turned to typical MSM crap.

    Are they going to charge Tucker and Sean with sexual impropriety and sweep the slate clean and turn into the next MSM bullshit center? That would be the end of the effing world. The truth would simply disappear altogether just like up here in Canada…

    • I suspect that the Republicans are going to blow the doors off the election and bury the current horde of Democrats forever, but I wouldn’t even think about relaxing over it. In this upside-down world you just never know and a Biden victory is indeed an unthinkable thought. I truly believe that the Democrats are right out of their freaking minds and are probably acting as useful idiots for enemy governments…

    • I think Trudeau is so dumb that he’s probably glad that Trump doesn’t like him thinks he’s a progressive hero for tweaking his nose repeatedly. The guy seems dumb as a post to me. At least his dad was smart…(either Pierre or Fidel)…

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