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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. “Censoring HCQ, Zithromax and the Cure for COVID”
    + twitter link to Dr. Stella Immanuel video
    & video: Brad Johnson
    Dr. Rich Swier – August 1, 2020

    Click the link to Dr. Rich Swier’s twitter link “BANNED VIDEO Dr. Stella..” and a warning page: “Warning: this link may be unsafe” before you can continue…
    Is it a warning for you or a warning from WHO?

    Rep. Gohmert & Sen. Paul Discuss COVID and Medical Freedom with Sean Hannity
    GohmertTX101 – September 24, 2020

    • Thank You.
      The people responsible for prohibiting HCQ as a treatment for the China Flu are the medical associations of doctors and physicians for each province. In Ontario, a doctor can loose his license if he/she prescribes it to treat a patient.

  2. Four Injured As Machete-Wielding Man Goes on Stabbing Spree Near Charlie Hebdo’s Former HQ in Paris (sputniknews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “According to media reports, there were two attackers and they are currently at large.

    Four people have been injured in a stabbing attack near on Boulevard Richard Lenoir in Paris where the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine was situated, French Prime Minister said Friday.

    According to the minister, whose statement was broadcast by franceinfo, two of the injured were in grave condition.

    ?The Paris police said on Twitter that an operation is underway in the area and called on citizens to avoid the boulevard. However, the tweet did not provide any information about the operation.

    First Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, in turn, said in a tweet that “a potentially dangerous individual” is wanted by the police in the area.


  3. Two Terrorists Killed, Arms and Ammunition Recovered in Kashmir Encounter (sputniknews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “In a joint operation, Indian security forces gunned down two terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in the Anantnag district of South Kashmir. LeT is headed by UN-designated global terrorist Hafiz Saeed, and operates mainly from Pakistan.

    “Two LeT terrorists killed, incriminating material including arms and ammunition recovered. Search going on, further details shall follow,” said Jammu and Kashmir police in a tweet…”

  4. Magyar M1-
    -more children being born than people are dying in Hungary
    – Foreign Minister: Hungary will not partake in EU’s migrant distribution plan, and will defend its borders as vigorously as possible.

    • For the weather segment on this national news program the pretty weather woman is clearly pregnant. What a wonderful example for the country to see!

  5. Norway Launches National Action Plan Against Islamophobia (sputniknews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “Surveys indicate that 34 percent of Norwegians bear anti-Muslim sentiments, and close to 40 percent subscribe to the idea that Muslims “pose a threat to Norwegian culture” – an attitude the Norwegian government wants to weed out.

    A new national action plan targeting the discrimination and hatred of Muslims in Norway has been presented by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Culture and Gender Equality Minister Abid Raja.

    The government stressed that the previous action plan to combat racism and discrimination in general, presented in December of last year, is not enough, and that measures to weed out hatred aimed at Muslims in particular is necessary.

    “It is a problem in our society that various minorities are exposed to racism. Some minorities, such as Jews and Muslims, are particularly vulnerable. We already have efforts in place to fight anti-Semitism, and now we are also presenting a separate plan to fight discrimination against, and hatred of, Muslims,” Solberg said, as quoted by the newspaper Nettavisen.

    Solberg also stressed a spike in negative attitudes towards Muslims in recent years, which she ascribed to the refugee wave of 2015 and the rise of jihadist terrorist attacks.

    The action plan that will apply between 2020 and 2023 includes an allocation of NOK 10 million ($1 million) and 18 various measures. The developments are based on the National Police Security Service’s (PST) threat assessment, according to which the threat from right-wing extremists has grown.

    The action plan is seen as tool of promoting dialogue, bridging gaps and gaining more knowledge.

    “It is important to bring out the diversity of Muslims. I believe that when many people think Muslim, they might think of a mullah or a terrorist extremist,” Culture Minister Abid Raja, himself a practising Muslim, told the newspaper Dagsavisen.

    The action plan comes in the aftermath of an uproar sparked by anti-Islamic demonstrations by the organisation SIAN (Stop the Islamisation of Norway), during which a copy of the Quran was torn in celebration of free speech.

    Following the commotion, the Islamic Council of Norway announced that the burning of the Quran (as practised by SIAN and the Danish ethno-nationalist party Hard Line) should not be protected by freedom of expression.

    Solberg voiced her concern that incitement and harassment may rupture the public debate. In an article she penned in the newspaper Vårt Land, she emphasised that demonstrations with a racist message should be banned. At the same time, she conceded that criticism of Islam, as any other religion, should remain legal.

    “Freedom of expression also includes expressions that insult, shock, or offend. It is not a human right to not be offended. Therefore, criticism of Islam must be defended, but not hatred of Muslims,” Solberg wrote.

    The action plan sparked polarising reactions among the Norwegian public. For instance, Helge Lurås, the editor-in-chief of the news outlet Resett, called it “an Allahu Akbar from the government” and “totally counterproductive”.

    According to a 2017 survey, 34 percent of Norwegians expressed anti-Muslim attitudes, and close to 40 percent subscribed to the idea that Muslims “pose a threat to Norwegian culture”. As many as 47 percent of the respondents supported the idea Muslims themselves deserve much of the blame for increasing anti-Islamic sentiment. Older people, men and people with lower levels of education turned out to be more prone to holding anti-Muslim attitudes.

    Norway’s Muslim community has grown dramatically over the past few decades and is now estimated to constitute 5.7 percent of the country’s population of 5.2 million. In some municipalities in or around Greater Oslo, the share of Muslims exceeds 10 percent of the population.”

  6. London police station horror: Officer shot dead inside Croydon HQ (express, Sep 25, 2020)

    “A POLICE officer has been shot dead while detaining a suspect at Croydon Police Station in south London.

    The officer was shot by a man who was being detained at the Croydon Custody Centre in Windmill Lane at about 2.15am on Friday morning. Officers and paramedics treated him at the scene and he was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service. But the officer later died in hospital.

    The Met Police have launched a murder investigation…”

  7. Black Lives Matter Rioters in Hollywood Chase Down and Attack Driver.. UPDATE… DRIVER DETAINED (SHOCKING VIDEO)

    Pro-Antifa DA Drops Attempted Murder and Arson Charges For Terrorist Who Hurled Massive Molotov Cocktail At Police

  8. At least 13 people drown in migrant shipwreck off Libya (abcnews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “Over a dozen migrants trying to reach Europe drowned in the Mediterranean Sea when their small dinghy capsized off the coast of Libya, the United Nations reported Friday, the latest shipwreck to underscore the deadly risks facing those who flee the war-afflicted North African country.

    Libyan fishermen spotted the sinking boat late Thursday, said the International Organization for Migration, and managed to pull 22 people from the water, including those from Egypt, Bangladesh, Syria, Somalia and Ghana.

    But at least 13 of the other passengers were missing and presumed drowned. Three dead bodies were found floating in the water, including one Syrian man and woman. The boat had set off from the town of Zliten, east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli, late on Wednesday.

    The Libyan Coast Guard said that it had ordered the rescue, and that search teams were scouring the area for more victims.

    “So many boats are leaving these days, but autumn is a very difficult season,” said Commodore Masoud Abdal Samad. “When it gets windy, it’s deadly. It changes in an instant.”…”

  9. Australian think tank finds 380 detention camps in Xinjiang (abcnews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “China appears to be expanding its network of secret detention centers in Xinjiang, where predominantly Muslim minorities are targeted in a forced assimilation campaign, and more of the facilities resemble prisons, an Australian think tank has found.

    The Australian Strategic Policy Institute used satellite images and official construction tender documents to map more than 380 suspected detention facilities in the far northwestern region, highlighting internment camps, detention centers and prisons that have been newly built or expanded since 2017.

    The report builds on evidence that China has made a policy shift from detaining Uighurs and other largely Muslim minorities in makeshift public buildings to constructing permanent mass detention facilities.

    This is despite Chinese state news agency Xinhua reporting late last year that “trainees” attending “vocational education and training centers” meant to deradicalize them had “all graduated.”

    Regional government chairman Shohrat Zakir was quoted as saying that foreign media reports of 1 million or 2 million people attending these centers were fabricated, though he would not provide any figures.

    Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Friday dismissed the report as “pure disinformation and slander,” saying the Australian institute had “no academic credibility.” China does not operate “so-called detention camps” in Xinjiang, Wang told reporters at a daily briefing.

    Citing media reports and investigations by internet users, Wang said one of the sites in the report had been identified as an electronics manufacturing park and another as a five-star residential complex.

    “So we also hope that all sectors can distinguish truth from falsehood and together resist such absurd assertions concocted by anti-China institutions,” Wang said.

    Predominantly Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region have been locked in camps as part of a government assimilation campaign launched in response to decades of sometimes violent struggle against Chinese rule. Though officials described the camps as “boarding school-like” facilities meant to provide free job training, former detainees say they were subjected to brutal conditions, political indoctrination, beatings, and sometimes psychological and physical torture.

    Under the assimilation drive, the state has forced Uighurs to undergo sterilizations and abortions, an Associated Press investigation found, and in recent months, has ordered them to drink traditional Chinese medicines to combat the coronavirus.

    Australian Strategic Policy Institute researcher Nathan Ruser wrote in the report released late Thursday: “Available evidence suggests that many extrajudicial detainees in Xinjiang’s vast ‘re-education’ network are now being formally charged and locked up in higher security facilities, including newly built or expanded prisons, or sent to walled factory compounds for coerced labor assignments.”

    At least 61 detention sites had undergone new construction and expansion work in a year to July 2020, the report said. These included at least 14 facilities still under construction this year.

    “Of these, about 50% are higher security facilities, which may suggest a shift in usage from the lower-security, ‘re-education centers’ toward higher-security prison-style facilities,” Ruser wrote.

    At least 70 facilities appeared to have lesser security by the removal of internal fencing or perimeter walls, the report said.

    These included eight camps that showed signs of decommissioning, and had possibly been closed. Of the camps stripped of security infrastructure, 90% were lower security facilities, the report said.

    The think tank’s findings align with AP interviews with dozens of relatives and former detainees that indicate many in the camps have been sentenced in secret, extrajudicial trials and transferred to high-security prisons for things like having contact with people abroad, having too many children and studying Islam. Many others deemed less of a risk, like women or the elderly, have been transferred to a form of house arrest or forced labor in factories.”

  10. Migrants accuse Greece of pushing them back out to sea (abcnews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “Shortly after reaching the Greek island of Lesbos, a group of Afghan migrants say, their hopes for a new life in Europe were cut short when Greek authorities rounded them up, mistreated them, shoved them into life rafts and abandoned them at sea.

    Associated Press journalists on a Turkish government-organized coast guard ride-along were aboard the patrol boat that picked up the 37 migrants, including 18 children, from two orange life rafts in the Aegean Sea on Sept. 12. Two other media organizations on similar government-organized trips in the same week witnessed similar scenes.

    “They took our phones and said a bus will come and take you to the camp,” Omid Hussain Nabizada said in Turkish. “But they took us and put us on a ship. They left us on the water in a very bad way on these boats.”

    Turkey, which hosts about 4 million refugees, accuses Greece of large-scale pushbacks — summary deportations without access to asylum procedures, in violation of international law. It also accuses the European Union of turning a blind eye to what it says is a blatant abuse of human rights.

    The Turkish coast guard says it rescued over 300 migrants “pushed back by Greek elements to Turkish waters” this month alone. Citing what they say are credible reports, international rights groups have called repeatedly for investigations.

    Greece, which lies on the EU’s southeastern border and has borne the brunt of migration flows from Turkey, denies the allegations and in turn accuses Ankara of weaponizing migrants…”

  11. Quarantined Migrants Grow Angry, Set Fires in Italian Hotel (breitbart, Sep 25, 2020)

    “Migrants housed in a Sicilian hotel set fires in the accommodation to protest against anti-coronavirus measures.

    The Villa Sant’Andrea hotel, located in the town of Valderice, has been used to quarantine migrants to prevent the spread of the Wuhan virus. Italy has struggled to find places to isolate the newly-arrived migrants as numbers continue to surge.

    Earlier this week, migrants set fire to mattresses and other furniture, which in turn unleashed a wave of panic through the accommodation, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

    Two Tunisians staying at the hotel even went as far as throwing themselves out of windows to escape. They suffered serious injuries and had to be treated at a hospital for fractured bones.

    Due to the fires, a part of the hotel is now no longer usable. Authorities continue to monitor the situation for further tensions as many fear more migrants may try and escape quarantine.

    Setting fires as a way to get out of quarantine is what Greek authorities have alleged was the motive for the Moria camp fire on the Greek island of Lesbos earlier this month. Greek authorities have arrested Afghan migrants on arson charges…”

  12. Greece to Recruit 800 New Border Guards After Turks Push Migrants to Frontier (breitbart, Sep 25, 2020)

    “Greek Minister of Civil Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis has revealed that another 400 border guards will be recruited to man the border in addition to the 400 previously announced by the government.

    Minister Chrysochoidis made the announcement on Tuesday during a visit to the Evros border region and was welcomed by local vice mayor Dimitris Petrovic, who took to Facebook to thank the minister for increasing the contingent of border guards.

    “Recruitment of more (more than 400) border guards in Evros was our permanent request, and we thank the minister,” Petrovic said.

    According to a report from Greek newspaper Kathimerini, Minister Chrysochoidis met with other local officials in the region to talk about the national government’s plans to expand the border fence in Evros as well.

    The paper stated that the minister was also discussing monetary compensation for landowners in the area where the new fencing will be built.

    Vice Mayor Petrovic told Greek media that the border guards and the extension of the border fence would bring jobs to the region and could encourage young people in the area to stay rather than look for work elsewhere.

    Earlier this month, Greek Deputy Minister of Migration and Asylum Giorgos Koumoutsakos warned that Turkey under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan could unleash another wave of migrants later this month if the European Union imposes sanctions over Turkey’s activities in the Mediterranean.

    Koumoutsakos also claimed that migrant pressure along the border had begun to increase again after largely dying down due to restrictions placed along the border area by Turkey following the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

    In February, Erdogan deliberately opened the gates to Europe, and Greek officials claim that at least 50,000 migrants attempted to cross the border before it was shut down in March.”

  13. France Demands Brussels Force Every EU Nation to Take Third World Migrants (breitbart, Sep 25, 2020)

    “France has demanded that every EU country be forced to take in a share of illegal immigrants arriving on European soil.

    Speaking to France Inter on Wednesday, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin asserted that “the migration question can only be settled at the European level” and that every EU nation must share the burden of resettling third world migrants.

    “We still want a European solidarity. There is no reason why only Italy, France, and Germany, broadly speaking, with Greece share this solidarity,” Darmanin said.

    The French minister made his remarks shortly before Brussels revealed that a “compulsory solidarity mechanism” would be part of plans to force a Europe-wide asylum and migration system on every country in the bloc.

    While the new plan technically has no mandatory relocation system — a major point of contention to countries including Hungary and Poland, which do not wish to become multicultural states in the mould of France and Germany — details within the proposals suggest Brussels plans to force migrants on unwilling nations by the back door.

    Countries which decline to resettle migrants directly would be made to instead show “solidarity” by taking responsibility for the return of illegal immigrants to their homelands.

    However, if the deportations are not carried off successfully — and pro-mass migration NGOs and lawyers have proven very effective at frustrating deportations — the government sponsoring the returns would be punished by having to in migrants after all.

    Despite widespread French concern that mass immigration from the Global South has made their country a much more violent and dangerous place to live, the government has insisted on importing many of the steady stream of illegal immigrants who continue to be trafficked to Europe.

    Local media in Malta reported Wednesday that a large group of migrants had been transported to France, with “hundreds” more to be flown there in the coming weeks.

    An NGO boat operated by German open borders campaign group Sea-Eye is currently headed to Marseilles with 125 illegal immigrants in tow after Italians refused to let the vessel dock.

    Speaking for the far-left Green Party mayor of the multicultural French city, Michèle Rubirola, deputy mayor Benoît Payan said Marseilles was ready to welcome the activists’ latest shipment of migrants.

    While the French government has been generous in offering taxpayers’ money up to the cause of housing and feeding an essentially limitless stream of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, many of the newcomers will be seeking to break into Britain illegally once they arrive in France.

    Hundreds of migrants have been illegally crossing the English Channel to the United Kingdom each day, with the latest official figures showing over 6,400 have come by boat so far this year — more than triple the number recorded in 2019.”

  14. – This story reminds me of the DSA convention in August 2019 where they laid out their strategy for changing the system. –

    Kentucky lawmaker who proposed ‘Breonna’s law’ to stop ‘no-knock’ warrants is arrested along with 24 others for rioting as Louisville is rocked by a second night of unrest and BLM mob occupies a church for sanctuary after curfew

  15. WATCH: The “George Floyd” scam is now also being used in South Tyrol – African mugger falls into the depths and dies while fleeing – His fellow countrymen riot in Bolzano in the manner of BLM and accuse the locals of being responsible for his death

  16. Taliban Militants Kill 7 Policemen in Afghanistan’s Southern Kandahar Province, Source Says (sputniknews, Sep 25, 2020)

    “Taliban militants have killed seven policemen after launching an attack on a checkpoint in the southern Kandahar province, a security source said on Friday.

    According to the source, the attack took place last night in the Takht-e-Pul district of the southern Afghan province. In total, seven policemen were pronounced dead and four more suffered injuries.

    Several militants were also killed in the clashes, although the exact number has yet to be confirmed, the source said.

    The latest attack follows in the wake of an incident two weeks ago that left seven other law enforcement officers dead in the same area. During the attack, four insurgents stormed a checkpoint before fleeing with weapons.

    The Taliban have not commented on the latest attack.

    Armed clashes and bomb blasts continue to impact Afghanistan despite the ongoing peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar. Both sides have reportedly stated their willingness to work toward a lasting ceasefire, although US officials have reiterated calls over recent days for both sides to reduce the violence.”

  17. RCMP Hires US Artificial Intelligence Firm to Spy on Web Users

    The force requested software able to scour everything from Dark Web denizens to Groupon users.

    The RCMP awarded a new social media monitoring contract Sept. 2 to a U.S. company that uses artificial intelligence to track what’s said on the web. Virginia-based Babel Street says its software can instantly translate between 200 languages and filter social media content by geographic areas and by sentiments expressed. Using artificial intelligence, it also analyzes relationships between content and senders, according to the company.

    The software is used by several U.S. intelligence and enforcement agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

    “We are proud to do the hard work at Babel Street because we believe it’s our mission to support those who are tasked with defending American values,” said the company’s CEO in a LinkedIn post.

    The Seattle Police Department evaluated the software in 2016, but is no longer using it, according to a Vice report.

    When the RCMP invited bids in April for software to expand its “social media monitoring” capabilities, the criteria it listed closely matched advertised features of Babel Street’s Babel X software. A specific requirement for translating a minimum of 200 languages, for instance, suggests that the force may have had the popular software in mind when designing bid documents.

    The RCMP said it needed the ability to monitor a range of online communities, giving as examples hidden encrypted Dark Net websites; video game players on World of Warcraft, Second Life and FarmVille; the parenting blog CafeMom; user review sites such as Amazon ratings and group buying sites like Groupon.

    In an open tender posted in April, the force required that any bidder enable 20 users to anonymously collect data from at least 15 of its example sources.

    The RCMP required geolocation filtering abilities to draw radius circles, rectangles and polygons; and combine multiple combinations for searches. This kind of “fencing” capability is associated with gathering intelligence on specific events and incidents, including protests.

    The bid documents also list AI functions for reading text contained in images and sentiment analysis. In a brochure reviewed by Vice, Babel X said its sentiment analysis involves evaluating attitude, emotion and intent in postings and connecting it to the “goals of a user.” This sentiment can be tracked in a geographic region over time with visual heat maps, the brochure claims.

    Babel Street also boasts in its brochure that it was the first to obtain an internal magazine published by ISIS fighters, Dabiq, Vice reported.

    The expansion of online surveillance concerns Cynthia Khoo, a Citizen Lab research fellow and human rights lawyer who recently co-authored a report “To Surveil and Protect” on algorithmic policing.

    “Given the track record of Canadian law enforcement using social media surveillance to target civil rights movements and Indigenous and racial justice activists, the RCMP should not be further expanding these kinds of capabilities without wide public consultation and an independent inquiry into this technology’s impact on human rights and historically marginalized groups, such as Black and Indigenous communities,” Khoo told The Tyee in an email.

    The surveillance could have a disproportionate chilling effect on marginalized groups, which turns expressive public forums into zones of restrictive speech, Khoo added.

    The Tyee previously reported on the RCMP’s similar, though less sophisticated internet and social media monitoring project Wide Awake, which the force said it originally purchased to respond to incidents but shifted to proactively identifying threats.

    The RCMP said it intended Babel Street to be a complement to Social Studio — the software used under project Wide Awake.

    “It offers additional features that are not available from within Social Studio, such as access to the Dark Web, language translation, geolocation, and additional data-sets,” said Cpl. Caroline Duval of the RCMP.*

  18. BBC – The threat of ‘vaccine nationalism’

    … the UN is warning that what it calls vaccine nationalism is becoming a major problem.

    • WHO: Beating Covid-19 together

      The Access to Covid-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator is the world’s biggest coalition of partners fighting Covid-19.

      In uniting to develop and distribute the best tests, treatments and vaccines, we can beat Covid-19 together.

    • CBC QUEBEC – Des psychologues et des sexologues pour vous vacciner

      Psychologues, sexologues, travailleurs sociaux, psychoéducateurs : le gouvernement du Québec ratisse large dans son recrutement en vue d’une campagne de vaccination contre l’influenza et, éventuellement, contre la COVID-19.

      Surprise et prudence chez les professionnels concernés.

    • AUSTRALIA – The solution to coronavirus is ‘worse than the problem’

      Sky News contributor Jane Marwick says the terrible impact of tough border lockdowns implemented across Australia on families indicates the solution has become worse than the problem.

      “We now know a lot more about this virus than we did in March, April, May,” Ms Marwick told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

      “It is absolutely terrible, children are really suffering, parents are suffering and we don’t talk enough about the mental health implications of separating families.

      “Is the solution now worse than the problem.”

      + comments on the YT page

    • World Economic Forum – Harnessing Technology to Meet the Global Goals

      ( 40 min 28 )

      With rapid digitalization comes the unique opportunity to apply tech advancements to address sustainable development needs and the COVID crisis, and protect against some of the world’s greatest threats. How can multi-sector collaboration leverage this global momentum to harness Fourth Industrial Revolution technology for the global goals?

      Discover and debate how to scale up:
      1. Deploying the global goals as a framework for resilience and recovery
      2. Establishing inclusive, secure and ubiquitous connectivity
      3. Creating a blueprint for sustained and sustainable growth

      This session builds on the ongoing work of 2030Vision.

      The first part of this session is open to the public online; the second part is on TopLink only.

    • CBC – Ontario guidance on COVID-19 testing changed overnight, says pharmacist

      As COVID-19 testing gets underway in some Ontario pharmacies, Ottawa pharmacist Jordan Clark says his team is working hard to keep up as guidelines evolve.

  19. In this video a clever Belarus activist tells violent thug cops exactly how he will expose them to the public, and to their own families, using face recognition software. Perhaps people of the west will need to remember this example should we fall any deeper into the over-reach of government extra-judicial power grabs:

    • towards the end of the video they do a good analysis on why China can’t divert all of their Air Force or ground troops to oppose India.

  20. During an interview on Fox News, Republican Senator Rand Paul announced that he would be requesting a criminal referral from the Department of Justice against Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

    Paul said: “I think riding on Air Force Two and doing business is illegal. I think that is against the law, and probably a felony. I think it’s illegal to take money from a Russian politician’s wife, $3.5 million. Was it reported accurately? I think the only way to determine the actual legality of this is to have it referred to the Department of Justice. So, I’m going to send the report over. I don’t know if the whole committee will vote for it, but I’m sending the report, tomorrow, to the Department of Justice, and we’re asking for a criminal

  21. Pope Francis
    We need to dismantle the perverse logic that links personal and national security to the possession of weaponry. This logic serves only to increase the profits of the arms industry, while fostering a climate of distrust and fear between persons and peoples. #UN75

  22. Why Trump is right not to react to media bait on ‘peaceful transfer of power’
    By J.E. Dyer September 25, 2020

    The short answer on the headline proposition is that Trump shouldn’t make a commitment whose terms will be defined later by the media and his Democratic opponents.

    There is no definition in law of a “peaceful transfer of power.” There are constitutional requirements for the transfer of power, which most people have in mind when they hear those words. But you could steam an aircraft carrier through the gaping holes in detail – in how those requirements are to be satisfied – that the Democrats are working overtime to widen as the year 2020 progresses.

    If we all knew exactly what criteria the media will be strictly limited to having in mind, when or if they start demanding a “peaceful transfer of power” after the election, that would be one thing.

    But we have no such common certainty. If you imagine you know for sure what the criteria will be, you haven’t been paying attention.

  23. “By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection, which is noblest;
    Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and
    third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

  24. FBI official on Mueller team said Flynn prosecution had ‘get Trump’ attitude, collusion probe was ‘not there’
    FBI official William Barnett was assigned to lead the bureau’s original investigation into Michael Flynn

    An FBI official who served on Robert Mueller’s team said he believed the special counsel’s prosecution of former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn was part of an attitude to “get Trump,” and that he did not wish to pursue a Trump-Russia collusion investigation as it was “not there” and considered it to be a “dead end.”

    FBI agent William J. Barnett made the comments during an interview on Sept. 17 at the Justice Department, before Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen, who was tapped by Attorney General Bill Barr to review the case against Flynn. Jensen has joined U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team in his review of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. Those comments have surfaced in new government documents.

  25. Prof. Mordechai Kedar:
    Turkey’s relationship with ISIS proves it’s deserting its European allies

    ISIS was so successful in 2014 in part because Turkey’s President Erdo?an is a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    […] The question is, how was it possible for ISIS to become a functioning state so quickly? With its increasing connections to Turkey over the years, whether through its oil industry or housing wanted members of the Muslim Brotherhood, this “neighborly” relationship is one that is repeatedly examined for consequences and decisions that Turkey is instrumental in today.

    Since 2002, Turkey has been ruled by Erdogan, a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. As a movement that seeks to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate that applies Islamic Sharia law, instead of man-made laws, the Muslim Brotherhood has been linked to many fundamental Islamist organizations, coinciding with the fact that Erdogan has neglected to launch counterterror operations to disrupt ISIS’s networks or recruitment activities, since its inception.…

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