HCQ, Fauci is wrong, again, and the insurgency spreads and uses guns: Links 1 for September 24, 2020

1. USA Police rolling in to engage rioters attacked with Molotov cocktails & projectiles

2. Seattle:

3. Ontario Member of the Provincial Legislature, Randy Hillier discusses the Canadian response to Covid

4. Daniel Greenfield on George Soros. (Opening statement is bang on) From March 2, 2020

5. Louisville: “Shots fired, officer down”

6. Interesting clip on Obama and his role in the application of Critical Race Theory

7. Were doctors free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, ‘we wouldn’t need the lockdowns’

More on the defaming of HCQ

Curious related Telegraph article:

Revealed: Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines

Government denies claims of potential conflict of interest, maintaining he is not involved in commercial decisions on coronavirus vaccines.

8. Rand Paul Educates His Eminence Dr. Fauci On Covid-19 And Herd Immunity

(Dr. Andrew Bostom explains that Rand Paul is precisely correct and Fauci is exactly wrong.)

Thank you A. Bostom, Johnny U., PC., Richard, Tao X., Wrath of Khan, Hellequin GB., Malevolent Pixie, Chris Jones, Yucki and all who contribute to the effort to restore Western Civ and individual liberty to the world.

This looks like it could be an interesting twitter feed to follow:

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9 Replies to “HCQ, Fauci is wrong, again, and the insurgency spreads and uses guns: Links 1 for September 24, 2020”

  1. Less then a month and a half until the election, the left is starting to increase the violence as they switch to firearms instead of clubs. Remember the goal is to generate so much chaos that the cities, states and nation is ungovernable.

    This tactic has worked before but this is the first time it is being used on a nation with a large well educated, we armed Middle Class and a working class that is rejecting the class envy rhetoric of the left. Things are going to get tense as we get closer to the election and then explode once PT is reelected. At times I think the Dems/Marxists are working to reelect PT so they can radicalize more of the Collage Students.The new recruits are cannon fodder tor the BLM/antifa trained strike forces. These are the people who will commit physical attacks with firearms on the Police and other enemies of the revolution.

  2. 9 – Brett Gasper – Twitter Feed
    Brett Gasper was personally schooled by Alexander Haig?

    “Australia is ‘Gum stuck to the bottom of China’s shoe'”
    by Jeff Nyquist – May 6, 2020
    Alexander Haig – See comments

    “Bombs Away”
    Second Interview with Dariusz Rohnka
    Scroll down – midway
    by Jeff Nyquist – December 18, 2004


    JRN: The administration of President Nixon was a disaster in many respects. Nixon’s detente policy, his opening to China, were naturally fatal to Golitsyn’s message and Angleton’s function as counter-intelligence chief. It may not be generally known in Poland, but a Polish intelligence defector, Michael Goleniewski, claimed that Nixon’s national security advisor, Henry Kissinger, was a Soviet agent recruited by the GRU during the occupation of Germany in 1945. There were problems with Goleniewski’s mental stability, to be sure, but the intelligence he provided had always been first rate. In the case of Kissinger, there are known facts that tend to confirm Goleniewski’s claim. Books about Kissinger reveal that on more than one occasion, after becoming Secretary of State, he brought people into the State Department who were found to have communist ties. Kissinger’s handling of Vietnam and the China opening are also suspect. His arms control treaties with the Soviet Union, as well as the unilateral destruction of America’s biological weapons stockpiles cry out for explanation. These actions were carried out on his advice. The policies later advocated by Kissinger’s deputies in later administrations (e.g., Lawrence Eagleburger, Brent Scowcroft and Alexander Haig) also raise alarm bells. But more significant than the possible penetration of the U.S. government by Soviet agent networks, we find that a kind of hedonism had begun to set into American thinking by 1975. Unpleasant thoughts, the necessity of hard choices, tough reforms in the intelligence community, were simply out of the question. An inner softness was, by then, dominant. Golitsyn’s analysis and Angleton’s fears were dismissed as “Cold War paranoia.” Fear of Russian penetration, fear of Russian deception, was necessarily characterized as “mental illness.” Here we see an example of “the sociology of knowledge” at work. Under certain cultural conditions, certain facts cannot be known because they are socially unacceptable.

    • “The Curious Case of Henry Kissinger”
      By J.R. Nyquist – February 2001


      And if mere phone calls failed to penetrate the thundering Wagnerian strains, Kissinger could always send his favorite pest, Al Haig, to buzz in Abrams’s ear; to plague his staff, even conquering the Valkyries. In this respect Haig was Kissinger’s ideal co-conspirator. And due to his exceeding usefulness, Col. Haig quickly became Gen. Haig. According to Palmer:

      When Nixon became president, Haig was a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who had been selected for promotion to colonel but not yet promoted. Initially the Army nominated several other colonels to Kissinger for the job — men with much wider experience and broader background than Haig, but Kissinger rejected them all. Finally Kissinger made it clear that Haig, and no one else was his specific choice for the job.

      Thereafter, Haig’s rise in the army was meteoric. He was promoted quickly to brigadier general and then major general, skipped the rank of the lieutenant general, and four years later, in January 1973, was promoted by the president to full general — four stars.” But why? What was so special about Al Haig?

      We ought to wonder that Kissinger would pick a man he had never met over others that were offered to him. General Palmer happened upon the reason, and explained it as follows:

      I was also getting the benefit at this time of F. G. (“Fritz”) Kraemer, a special assistant to the Army’s DCSOPS, whose specialty was interpreting important international developments and the foreign defense policy implications for the United States. Kraemer and Kissinger, both German born, had served together in the U.S. Army (Intelligence Section, 84th Infantry Division) in Germany during World War II and were old, close friends. Kraemer had been instrumental in having Haig assigned to the NSC staff under Kissinger. Kraemer was much older and in many ways had been Kissinger’s mentor.

  3. We had riots in Vancouver a few years ago after the Stanley Cup game and it wasn’t about anything at all. Not Black Lives or police brutality or racism or the environment or “Save the whales”. The fact is that a certain type of young person is just bad and really enjoys rioting and looting and does it simply because they can get away with it and it’s fun. Anybody who votes to “defund the police” is an idiot because that is all that keeps these young apes from tearing the world apart. Sad, but true. All this rioting we see is being fostered by the left-wing governments to smear Donald Trump and has nothing to do with anything…

  4. #4 March of 2020
    mentions the Holzman Act, which sounds pretty broad. How do we know what age Mr. Soros actually was at the time he collaborated in seizing property etc? If his father sold or bought him into servitude, how is the son responsible for his acts? Has Mr. Soros bribed anyone in the US to ignore examining whether there is culpability? (There is a book with claims that Anne Frank’s father himself was paying bribes after the war to shield his past wartime food business from accusations of profiteering. This assertion puts into mind that such a nefarious extortion scenario is possible.)


    • I don’t think they’ll get him on this. He was 14 years old when he rode around Budapest and the countryside participating in whatever dirty deeds he admits to doing. He also uses his Jewishness as a sword and shield where it suits him–whether it’s screaming anti-semitism at Orban, or letting his acolytes defend him by saying how dare his enemies accuse him of Nazi collaboration.

      My father is three years older than Soros. Boys under 18 were not forced to fight, but he knew at 17 the draft was coming for him soon, and he would not be forced to fight or die for Nazism, so he fled.

      Thousands of copies of counterfeit papers were forged for Jewish people to show they had no Jewish blood going back the required four or five generations. These were made to escape. I have seen my father’s papers and have asked them if they are real or forgeries. His answer is always ambiguous, cryptic even.

      Gyorgy Schwartz had more options than the average schmuck to do right, yet chose none of them. I hope there is at least justice in Karma, because the sands of time seem, in this case, to not be on justice’s side.

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