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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Zoom quotes its anti-terrorist T&C to de-platform convicted hijacker Khaled from appearing at San Francisco State University event . It’s not her conviction that matters to Zoom; it’s her membership in a terrorist group and that US law prosecutes those who provide support to terror organizations. “In light of the speaker’s reported affiliation or membership in a U.S. designated foreign terrorist organization, and SFSU’s inability to confirm otherwise, we determined the meeting is in violation of Zoom’s Terms of Service and told SFSU they may not use Zoom for this particular event.” [From the article] The PFLP is designated a terrorist organization by the State Department and the European Union, among others. picketing Zoom

  2. What crime is exploding in South Africa?
    Now who would have thought that with a Corrupt Marxist and Racist Government that this would be the case.

    Child Kidnappings seems to be going through the roof.
    It seems like nothing is sacred anymore when it comes to families.

  3. One of the ANC’s creditors from 2019, Ezulweni Investments, has successfully sued Luthuli House for over R100 million.

    ANC sued over bad debts

  4. Erdogan raises Kashmir issue at UN General Assembly (gulftoday, Sep 23, 2020)

    “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is vying for the leadership of Islamic nations, brought up the Kashmir issue again at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday calling it a “burning issue”.

    He criticised the abolition of the special status of Kashmir last year saying that steps taken after it “further complicated the problem”.

    “The Kashmir conflict which is also key to the stability and peace of South Asia is still a burning issue,” he said.

    “We are in favour of solving this issue through dialogue within the framework of the United Nations resolutions, especially in line with the expectations of the people of Kashmir,” he added.

    The prime Security Council directive on Kashmir, Resolution 47, called for Pakistan to remove its troops and personnel from the region as the first step and a pre-condition for a referendum.

    Islamabad has rejected it and continued its occupation allowing for India to settle the matter through elections in Kashmir.

    Erdogan avoided naming India directly, while he had named countries in many of the conflicts from Azerbaijan to Armenia that he spoke about.

    At last year’s high-level meeting of the General Assembly, only Erdogan and Mahatir Mohammed, the then-Prime Minister of Malaysia, joined Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to talk about Kashmir.

    While he condemned terrorism in other parts of the world, Erdogan was silent on the terrorism directed against India.”

    • Erdogan in UNGA address calls Kashmir conflict ‘a burning issue’ (dawn, Sep 23, 2020)

      “Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday appreciated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for “once again raising his voice in support of the rights of the Kashmiri people” during his address to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

      “Turkey’s unwavering support remains a source of strength for the Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle for self-determination,” said the premier.

      Erdogan, in his address via video-link on Tuesday, called the Kashmir conflict — which he said was also key to the stability and peace of South Asia — “a burning issue”.

      “Steps taken following the abolition of the special status of [occupied] Jammu and Kashmir further complicated the problem. We are in favour of solving this issue through dialogue within the framework of the UN resolutions and especially in line with the expectations of the people of Kashmir.”

      Meanwhile, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations T.S. Tirumurti called Erdogan’s remarks “gross interference” in the country’s internal affairs…”

    • As the Pals become old hat, watch Rohingya victim promotion campaign. The MB has vast reach across media in various languages.

      Besides, the filthy Turk is finding Pakistanis more open to him than Arabs will EVER be.
      Inciting Paki buddies to attack India cements the bond between imperialist CHINA and Turkey.

      • How Turkey’s soft power conquered Pakistan

        “Today, Turkish dizi—television dramas—are second only to American ones in terms of global distribution. Turkish is now the most watched foreign language in the world, beating out French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Ertugrul, which began filming in 2014, first became popular on Netflix and has since been licensed to 72 countries.”

        “PAKISTAN is not the first country to lose itself to Ertugrul hysteria—Urdu is the fourth language the show has been dubbed into, following Arabic, Spanish, and Russian—but its affinity has broader geopolitical implications. Pakistan and Turkey have long held each other in reverence and call each other “brother countries.”
        “As Asia grapples with sectarian strife, religious extremism, and geopolitical shifts—from Saudi Arabia’s rivalry with Iran to Narendra Modi’s India, which is tilting away from its secular roots and toward Hindu majoritarianism, to the specter of a rising China—Pakistan has grown closer to Turkey, identifying with its particular brand of Islam-inspired modernity rather than the harsher alternative of Saudi Wahhabism.”
        “THE blistering and bombastic Erdogan may be divisive at home, but abroad, whether one likes him or hates him, he possesses a charisma that has been absent in the Muslim world for decades. And he is making a play to restore Turkey to its historic role as the leader of Sunni Muslims, displacing Saudi Arabia.…

        “Turkey understands the power of narratives. It is a smooth employer of soft power, savvy to all the manipulations and delicate handling necessary to build a new image, rewrite history, and erase both the slander and the truth about a nation’s past. Viewers see the Ottomans in their strongest and most capable avatars—never as sultans at the helm of a dying empire.…”
        CFR-sponsored article, max sympathy for MB players. This Turk, PRC, Pak combo grows legs, finds admirers in the establishment’s global echo-chamber.

  5. World becoming less tolerant of migrants – Gallup poll (reuters, Sep 23, 2020)

    “The world is becoming less tolerant of migrants, according to a poll released on Wednesday as Europe prepared to unveil a new asylum plan in the wake of a blaze at an overcrowded camp in Greece that left thousands without shelter.

    Seven European countries, led by North Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, topped the Gallup index of the world’s least-accepting countries.

    But the sharpest changes in attitudes were in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, which have seen an influx of Venezuelans fleeing turmoil at home.

    Canada was the most welcoming country toward migrants, followed by Iceland and New Zealand, according to the index based on more than 140,000 interviews in 145 countries and regions.

    The poll asked people their views about having migrants living in their country, becoming their neighbours and marrying into their families.

    Index scores ranged from 1.49 in North Macedonia to 8.46 in Canada, just below the maximum possible score of 9.

    Gallup migration expert Julie Ray said the slight global fall in acceptance – 5.21 in 2019 down from 5.34 in 2016 – was driven by marked changes in Latin American countries.

    Peru’s score tumbled to 3.61 from 6.33 in 2016, while the number of Colombians who said migrants living in their country was a good thing dropped to 29% from 61%.

    The first Gallup Migrant Acceptance Index was conducted amid the backlash following the 2015 migrant crisis in Europe when more than a million people headed to the continent fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and beyond.

    EU countries have long been at loggerheads over how to handle the influx of migrants, many of whom arrive in Mediterranean countries after perilous boat journeys.

    The bloc’s executive will unveil a plan on Wednesday which would legally oblige all members to host their share of refugees – something rejected by Poland and Hungary among others.

    The proposal has been brought forward because of a fire on the Greek island of Lesbos a fortnight ago which destroyed a migrant camp holding more than 12,000 people – four times the number it was supposed to.

    Among European countries, only Sweden and Ireland made the Gallup top 10 of most-accepting countries.

    Ray said some people would be surprised by the positive attitudes in the United States, where President Donald Trump has made curbing immigration a cornerstone of his policy.

    “Despite the fact that immigration is such a hot topic in the U.S., Americans are mostly very accepting of migrants,” she said.

    The United States ranked sixth in the index just behind Sierra Leone. Ray said Trump supporters were far more accepting of migrants than the global average, scoring 7.10.

    Worldwide, the index showed acceptance of migrants was greater among younger generations, people with higher levels of education and those living in urban rather than rural areas.”

    • The sane people in Europe were upset over the invasion a long time ago, now the others are looking at the way the invaders are allowed to ignore all of the restrictions that the Europeans have to obey and are getting upset.

  6. EU Firms Sending Surveillance Tech to the Chinese Communist Party: Report (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “Tech companies in the European Union have sent surveillance equipment and software to the Chinese Communist Party, some of which is being actively used to oppress the Uyghur people in Xinjiang, a report from Amnesty International claimed.

    The report found that three companies, Morpho (now Idemia) from France, Axis Communications from Sweden, and Noldus Information Technology from the Netherlands have actively been sending digital surveillance technology and software to China, where it is being used by the CCP’s public security bureaus, police agencies, and government research projects.

    Amnesty International said that the technology, which includes facial and emotional recognition software and equipment, is being used in the Western Chinese province of Xinjiang, where it is believed that between one and three million Muslim Uyghurs and other minority groups are being interned in concentration camps.

    The report said that Dutch company Noldus Information Technology sold “emotion recognition systems” to government security bureaus in China, which in turn was provided to university research institutes with ties to the CCP security apparatus in Xinjiang.

    Sweedish company Axis Communications was reported to have supplied surveillance cameras to the ‘Skynet Upgrading and Reconstruction Project’ in the southern Chinese city of Guilin, which saw the cities surveillance system grow from 8,000 cameras to around 30,000 in one year.

    In 2015, Morpho — now a part of the French multinational Idemia — secured a contract with the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, supplying the communist policing agency with facial recognition software for its surveillance systems.

    Merel Koning, a senior policy officer at Amnesty International, said: “EU governments’ condemnation of the systematic repression in Xinjiang rings hollow if they continue to allow companies to sell the very technology that could be enabling these abuses. The current EU export regulation system is broken and needs fixing fast.”

    The report called for the EU to amend its export regulations in order to prevent state actors in China from using European tech to surveil and oppress the Chinese people…”

  7. Charlie Hebdo Director Forced to Flee Home Due to Threats (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “The Human Resources director of Charlie Hebdo has been forced to flee her home after receiving death threats as the trial for the January 2015 terror attack against the French satirical magazine continues.

    Marika Bret said on Monday that authorities had removed her from her home due to the rising level of threats against her. She told French media: “This reflects the unprecedented level of tension we face.”

    “On Monday, September 14th, my security officers received specific and detailed threats. I had ten minutes to do my business and leave my home,” she told Le Point on Monday and added: “Ten minutes to give up part of your life is a bit short, and it’s very violent.”

    According to a report from magazine Marianne, Bret said that since the start of the trial for the 2015 terror attack, she and other members of Charle Hebdo had seen a rise in threats. She said: “We have received all kinds of horrors, including threats from Al Qaeda and calls to finish the work of the Kouachi brothers.”

    The Kouachi brothers, Saïd and Chérif, were the ones who carried out the shootings at the Charlie Hebdo offices in 2015, killing 12 people and injuring 11 more. The two brothers were later killed in police raids several days later.

    Bret also mentioned that currently, Charlie Hebdo‘s offices are incredibly well guarded, and the address of the office is also a secret.

    “The address of our premises is secret, there are security locks everywhere, armoured doors and windows, armed security agents, we can bring in hardly anyone,” Bret said.

    Ahead of the trial for the 2015 attacks, Charlie Hebdo chose again to publish the controversial Mohammed cartoons, one of which was drawn by one of the victims of the terrorist attack.

    Laurent Sourisseau, commonly known as “Riss”, now edits Charlie Hebdo and commented on the move to publish the cartoons again. He said: “There was a need for a good reason to do it, a reason which has meaning and which brings something to the debate… to [reprint the pictures] this week at the opening of the trial of the January 2015 attacks, seemed essential to us.””

  8. At the same time People struggle to survive the Political Economy Erasion Pandemic,
    our “Politicians”, all around the World, live it up to the max.

    Incompetent German Health Minister Tries to Silence Media Who Talk About His Extravagant Lifestyle

    Hey guys, today I have to talk about Mr. Jens Spahn, our dear minister for health, again.
    He made the news by buying an extremely expensive luxury villa in Berlin at a time when his policies caused many Germans to lose their jobs.
    Now, to make things worse, he ordered his lawyers to threaten and intimidate people who talked about the price he and his husband payed for this villa.
    Extremely bad optics, for somebody who wants to become the next chancellor of Germany.

  9. A nation state that considers the state as a god, and is looking to have the whole world submit to it. Im not talking about china. This is where I think we are headed. I hope some contributors here will use this filter when looking at world events. The wording and language used by this state resembles the marxist, communist language this site has taught me to recognise. This is a state that in its past was considered a fascist state and so it is a concern of this site.

    Year 2015:

    ” Pope: Let us not “confuse the ‘common good’ with ‘prosperity’”

    ” In his speech, Francis spoke about the importance of “distributive justice”, that is the need for wealth to be distributed, as a condition for social peace. ”

    ” “The common good, on the other hand,” the Pope continued, “is much more than the sum of individual interests. It moves from “what is best for me” to “what is best for everyone”.

    ” Pope Francis: ‘The common good has become global'”

    “Pope Francis called on nations to work toward a global common good Thursday, particularly in confronting climate change, human trafficking, and nuclear threats.”

    ““In the current situation of globalization not only of the economy but also of technological and cultural exchanges, the nation state is no longer able to procure the common good of its population alone,” Pope Francis told the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences May 2.”

    “The common good has become global and nations must associate for their own benefit,” Francis said, noting that some nations today have “a spirit of opposition rather than cooperation.”

    ” Pope Francis said that when a “supranational common good” is clearly identified, as in the case of climate change or human trafficking, it necessitates a special legal authority capable of facilitating solutions.”

    July 27, 2020

    ” WASHINGTON, DC – As researchers race to create safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19, it is essential to thoughtfully consider how to ethically develop, and equitably distribute them.

    “Effectively addressing the global health crisis requires a coordinated response by business, government, community leaders and health care providers to ensure that vaccines and treatments are safe, effective and available to all. To accomplish that, we in Catholic health care believe that the principles of Catholic Social Teaching offer a just framework for an equitable solution. These principles, shared by many people of goodwill, are the Dignity of the Human Person, the Common Good, Solidarity, Subsidiarity and the Preferential Option for Vulnerable Persons.”

    ” COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, low-income communities, persons with pre-existing health conditions, and racial and ethnic minorities.”

    ” We learned from the H1N1 influenza pandemic in 2009 that serious problems occur if no consensus is reached on the principles and structures for the just distribution of vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies cannot produce vaccines quickly enough to meet initial worldwide demand during a pandemic, resulting in global economic competition that favors wealthier nations over the developing world.[1] The result is that, initially, powerful nations control the distribution of limited supplies. While recognizing that financial investments are essential for the development of effective vaccines, any that are developed should be considered the inheritance of the entire human community, rather than a specific country or company.[2] It is unjust to perpetuate a system where persons who have the greatest need are denied vital, lifesaving resources by a privileged few.”

    ” With these experiences and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching in mind, we offer the following guidelines to address the obstacles to a fair and just distribution of vaccines.”

    “4. Vaccines should be equitably distributed with priority to those at most risk
    Once there is assurance that safe vaccines are available, distribution should first consider populations identified as most at risk for suffering negative health outcomes from COVID-19. At-risk populations will vary from place to place.

    In many areas, we know that elderly, racial and ethnic minorities bear the greatest burdens. State and local officials, in conjunction with health care providers and community leaders, should identify which populations are most at risk in their jurisdictions, and they should act to protect them.

    The Common Good requires the maintenance of essential services for the well-being of the community. Therefore, there may be a necessity for prioritization of front line health and essential service workers so that our health care system remains able to continue to provide treatments in the midst of this pandemic.[4]”

    “5. Efforts to develop and distribute effective vaccines should emphasize the principle of Solidarity
    The global pandemic requires working together, domestically and internationally, to achieve a common purpose. Through strengthening and supporting existing international organizations and frameworks for collective purchasing and distribution, we can help to ensure that all people have access to the vaccine while minimizing global and domestic competition which drives up prices for limited supplies. ”

    “6. Consistent with the principle of Subsidiarity, the distribution of effective vaccines should involve local communities
    Local governmental entities, health care providers, non-profit organizations, religious and community leaders must work in partnership to build trust and ensure equitable distribution of vaccines. These partnerships are critical for meeting local needs, building vaccine awareness and protecting individuals and communities who are often neglected or forgotten.”

    Aug. 4, 2020 (America The Jesuit Review)

    “Who goes first? The ethics of distributing a Covid-19 vaccine.”

    ” We are in the midst of a global health crisis that already has inflicted a significant humanitarian and economic toll on the United States. For now, we must try to contain the spread of Covid-19 through physical distancing and face-covering. But we will reach another turning point when a vaccine to prevent the disease has been developed. As the Catholic Health Association of the United States said in a July 27 statement, “it is essential to thoughtfully consider how to ethically develop and equitably distribute” a vaccine. (See a list of the C.H.A.’s guidelines below.)”

    “A persistent anti-vaccination minority in the United States, along with many people’s unwillingness to adopt simple measures to prevent spreading the virus, underscores the challenges ahead. A vaccine program is concerned with the health of the community, and that should be important for any Christian.”

    ” Americans often focus on individual health, but vaccines are essential for our health, for the good for the community.”

    “So once a vaccine is developed, how should we distribute it? The obvious answer is that everyone should receive it. But given the delays and long lines for Covid-19 testing, we can imagine the potential for chaos once a vaccine becomes available. We will need a strategy.”

    “Humans are essentially social animals, whose well-being is dependent upon a vibrant and healthy community. We see evidence of this in the anxiety and depression affecting so many during the stay-at-home orders enacted to fight the pandemic. Americans often focus on individual health, but vaccines are essential for our health, for the good for the community.”

    “Until we have enough for general distribution, prioritizing who receives a vaccine dose will require a concerted effort among government and health officials. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and an advisory panel have developed a preliminary plan for distributing the vaccine. There must also be procedures for ensuring compliance by manufacturers and by state and local health agencies.”

    “It is important to begin vaccine distribution with the first responders and those on the front lines of health care, since they are both most at risk and are doing a great service for others.”

    “In line with the C.D.C. recommendations, it is important to begin vaccine distribution with the first responders and those on the front lines of health care, since they are both most at risk and are doing a great service for others. To restart the economy, we should then think about workers who cannot work remotely, like factory or warehouse employees, but who provide essential services. After that, we should prioritize workers who are in close proximity to large numbers of people (like teachers). Then the vaccine should be targeted to those who are vulnerable to Covid-19 because of pre-existing conditions and the elderly. A more controversial option would be to expedite distribution of the vaccine in populations, like Blacks and Hispanics, who have had higher rates of Covid-19 infection.”

    “After these priorities are met, we can move toward procedures for universal distribution.”

    “Of course, particularly in the United States, there will be those who will not want to be vaccinated, just as there are those who refuse to wear face coverings in public and argue for “the right to be left alone.” But we should remember that public health cannot be solely concerned with the rights of the individual. You need not be sick to be a spreader of Covid to others, and we do not know how long one can spread the disease.”

    “We can respect free choice, but choices have consequences. Those who refuse to take precautions against Covid-19, from wearing a mask to getting a vaccination when it becomes available, not only put themselves at risk but also risk the health of others. Health care does not fall neatly into the spheres of public and private behavior.”

    ” Furthermore, we do not have an unlimited supply of medical supplies like hospital beds and ventilators, and the cost of treatment is borne by others either in the community or in an insurance pool. And those who are being given priority access to the vaccine have a special obligation; essential workers should be required to get the vaccine or risk losing their jobs.”

    “Though a Covid-19 vaccine should not be compulsory for everyone, we need to hold responsible those who refuse to take medically necessary precautions, and specifically who refuse a vaccine. For example, it would be appropriate to deny them beds or ventilators should they get sick as a consequence of knowingly engaging in risky behavior.”

    “The Covid-19 outbreak is a reminder to Americans that health care cannot be understood completely as a private good and that in solidarity with others, each of us has a responsibility to work for a common purpose. This is a public health crisis, and we need to understand a potential vaccine as an obligation for oneself and for society.”


    286. Public authorities have the duty to ensure that, for reasons of economic productivity, citizens are not denied time for rest and divine worship. Employers have an analogous obligation regarding their employees.[616] Christians, in respect of religious freedom and of the COMMON GOOD of all, should seek to have Sundays and the Church’s Holy Days recognized as legal holidays. “They have to give everyone a public example of prayer, respect and joy, and defend their traditions as a precious contribution to the spiritual life of society”.[617] “Every Christian should avoid making unnecessary demands on others that would hinder them from observing the Lord’s Day”.[618]

    Sept 4, 2020 The Jesuit Review

    Pope Francis: The pandemic has ‘given us a chance to develop new ways of living.’

    The coronavirus pandemic “has given us a chance to develop new ways of living,” Pope Francis said in a message released by the Vatican on Sept. 1 in which he reiterated his call to “limit global average temperature rise” below 1.5 degrees Celsius and for “the cancellation of the debt of the most vulnerable countries in recognition of the severe impacts of the medical, social and economic crises they face as a result of Covid-19.”

    Pope Francis also advocated the strengthening of “national and international legislation to regulate the activities of extractive mining companies and ensure access to justice for those affected,” especially Indigenous communities. He said they must be “protected” from “corporate misconduct,” particularly of multinational companies.

    The pope said the Covid-19 pandemic has “in some ways, given us a chance to develop new ways of living.” Indeed, “already we can see how the earth can recover if we allow it to rest: the air becomes cleaner, the waters clearer, and animals have returned to many places from where they had previously disappeared.”

    He said: “The pandemic has brought us to a crossroads. We must use this decisive moment to end our superfluous and destructive goals and activities and to cultivate values, connections and activities that are lifegiving. We must examine our habits of energy usage, consumption, transportation and diet. We must eliminate the superfluous and destructive aspects of our economies and nurture life-giving ways to trade, produce and transport goods.”

    He emphasized these issues in a message for the sixth World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation that begins today and ends on Oct. 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, around the time he is expected to issue a new encyclical on human fraternity.

    He welcomed this year’s theme chosen by the ecumenical family, “Jubilee for the Earth,” because 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which began in the United States in 1969.

    Pope Francis recalled that in the biblical tradition “a Jubilee is a sacred time to remember, return, rest, restore and rejoice.” He developed his message around these five verbs.

    First, he said, a jubilee is “a time of grace to remember” that “we exist only in relationships: with God the Creator, with our brothers and sisters as members of a common family, and with all of God’s creatures within our common home.”

    A jubilee year is also “a time to rest,” Francis said. He recalled that “God set aside the Sabbath so that the land and its inhabitants could rest and be renewed.” But, he noted, “our constant demand for growth and an endless cycle of production and consumption are exhausting the natural world.” He underlined the pressing need “to find just and sustainable ways of living…without destroying the ecosystems that sustain us.”

    Moreover, he said, a jubilee year is also “a time to restore the original harmony of creation” and “to re-establish equitable societal relationships, restoring their freedom and goods to all and forgiving one another’s debts.”

    Moreover, he said, nations should ensure that the recovery packages “be focused on the common good and guarantee that global social and environmental goals are met.”

    Speaking of the “need to restore the land,” Francis insisted that “climate restoration is of utmost importance, since we are in the midst of a climate emergency” and “are running out of time.”

    He said it’s necessary “to do everything in our capacity to limit global average temperature rise under the threshold of 1.5°C enshrined in the Paris Climate Agreement, for going beyond that will prove catastrophic, especially for poor communities around the world.”

    He appealed to all nations “to adopt more ambitious national targets to reduce emissions, in preparation for the important Climate Summit (COP 26),” which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, in November 2021. His message is of particular relevance to the United States, the only major power to have withdrawn from the Paris Accord.

    “Biodiversity restoration” is also necessary, Francis said. He urged governments “to support the U.N. call to safeguard 30 percent of the earth as protected habitats by 2030 in order to stem the alarming rate of biodiversity loss.” He appealed to the international community to work together to guarantee that the Summit on Biodiversity (COP 15) in Kunming, China, next October, “becomes a turning point in restoring the earth to be a home of life in abundance, as willed by the Creator.”

    Quoting St. John Paul II, he denounced “this corporate misconduct” as a “new version of colonialism” that “shamefully exploits poorer countries and communities desperately seeking economic development.” He advocated stronger national and international legislation “to regulate the activities of extractive companies and ensure access to justice for those affected.”

    Climate Sunday launches across Britain and Ireland!
    Sep 4th, 2020

    Marking the start of the annual season of Creationtide, the Climate Sunday initiative begins this weekend with local churches across Britain and Ireland holding climate-focused services to explore the theological and scientific basis of creation care and of action on climate, to pray and to commit to action.

    With the climate crisis accelerating and greater public support for a green recovery post COVID-19, there has never been a more crucial time for UK churches to come together to pray and act on the climate crisis. Over 700 churches registered before the year-long initiative has begun, so the organisers are hoping that there will be thousands of local Climate Sundays, with congregations from every denomination and tradition.

    The culmination of the campaign will be a national Climate Sunday event in Glasgow on Sunday, 5th September 2021, to celebrate the commitments made by churches at local level over the previous year. We will also present the UK government with the combined commitments and calls, which all local churches have made, to show our political leaders that they have our support for acting boldly, justly and compassionately on this issue.

    The Climate Sunday initiative, organised by CTBI’s Environmental Issues Network (EIN), is the UK’s largest joint project planned by UK Churches on Climate Change, with formal backing from CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund, The Salvation Army, A Rocha UK, Operation Noah, Climate Stewards, Eco-Congregation Scotland, Eco-Congregation Ireland, Green Christian, the Church of England, the Methodist Church, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Baptist Union of Wales, the United Reformed Church, The Church of Scotland, Cytûn (Churches together in Wales), the Union of Welsh Independents and the Church in Wales.

    Bishop of Salford, Bishop John Arnold, the bishop responsible for the environment for the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, said: “We need to recognise the damage we’re doing to the environment and our failure to look after our brothers and sisters in our common home. “In a post-pandemic world, the Climate Sunday project is an excellent opportunity for Catholic parishes in England and Wales, as well as our ecumenical brothers and sisters, to understand responsibility to heal our planet and to pray and act in response to the climate emergency.”

    The Bishop of Salisbury, the Right Reverend Nicholas Holtam, the bishop responsible for the environment for the Church of England, said: “Although our focus has been shifted from climate change in recent months by the challenges of responding to COVID-19, the climate crisis has not gone away, and the driest May since records began is a timely reminder of this. Climate Sunday will be a brilliant resource to help Church of England parishes understand and respond to the climate crisis. As we work out the actions we need to take to cut our carbon emissions every year to reach net zero emissions by 2030, Climate Sunday will motivate, encourage and inspire our churches to keep going on this journey.”

    Mary Sweetland, Chairperson of Eco-Congregation Scotland, an ecumenical charity supporting 500 Scottish churches of all denominations in environmental activities, said: “We need to take action as Christians who care for God’s creation, tackling the climate emergency with urgency now and for future generations. When we welcome thousands from around the world, online or in person to COP26, we can all demonstrate that we are taking action and leading by example in our own church and across the UK. We all share a unique opportunity in the year ahead for transformational change, taking practical steps to change our own behaviour and calling on governments to agree global action when they gather in Glasgow. Climate Sunday helps link this directly with our spiritual life, focusing local churches on the environment in worship, prayer and action.”

    The chief executive of A Rocha UK, Andy Atkins, who is also the chair of the coalition, said: “With the climate crisis accelerating and the UK due to host the COP26 climate talks in November 2021 in Glasgow, we believe the time has come for all churches across the UK to pray about and act on the climate crisis, as we have done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” “Our vision is to leave a lasting legacy of thousands of UK churches better equipped to address this critical issue as part of their normal discipleship and mission; and to make a very significant contribution to civil society efforts to secure adequate national and international action at the COP26 conference.”

    Church congregations can register to participate in Climate Sunday by visiting:, which has service resources for a range of traditions.

    Climate Sunday

    Local churches are encouraged to hold a local Climate Sunday any time during a one-year period starting on 6th September (the first Sunday in the annual season of Creation Time/Season of Creation).

    Free resources will be provided to suit every tradition and style of worship.

    During their local Climate Sunday, churches are invited to do one or more of three things:

    Climate service: Hold a climate-focused service, to explore the theological and scientific basis of creation care and action on climate, to pray, and to commit to action.
    Commit: Make a commitment as a local church community to taking long term action to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions.
    Call: Join with other churches and wider society by adding its name to a common call for the UK government to take much bolder action on climate change in this country in advance of COP26, and to strengthen its credibility to lead the international community to adopt a step change in action at COP26. The culmination of the campaign will be a national Climate Sunday event on Sunday 5th September 2021, to share church commitments and pray for bold action and courageous leadership at COP26.
    Climate Sunday has been organised by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) with support from charities including CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund, A Rocha UK, and Operation Noah.

    Slow Sunday: The simple solution to global warming
    Sept 17, 2009

    Using Sunday as a day of rest and renewal would be good for our personal health as well as the health of the planet

    legislate and cap the carbon emissions. Matters are urgent. We have to act now, without any delay. The power of public opinion and citizen action will have a strong impact on the climate conference taking place in Copenhagen.

    One thing we can easily do to achieve this goal: we can declare Sunday to be a fossil fuel-free day or a low-carbon day or at least an energy-saving day. We can start this week, this month or in 2010. We can start individually and collectively. The long journey to cut carbon dioxide emissions can start in the here and now.

    Not long ago Sunday used to be a day of rest, a day of spiritual renewal, a day for families to come together, but we have changed Sunday from a day of rest to a day of shopping, flying and driving. However, in the context of excessive carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, which are bringing catastrophic upheavals, we can and should restore Sunday to a day for Gaia, a day for the Earth.

    There will be no great hardship in cutting down all non-essential and non-urgent use of fossil fuels for one day a week. We can easily close supermarkets, department stores and petrol stations. We can reduce our mobility to the bare essentials and without harming the economy in any way.

    We can enjoy Sunday once more with our family and friends. We can engage in gardening, writing, painting, walking, baking bread or simply spending time in contemplation. This will be good for our personal health as well as for the health of the planet. We will have time for our friends, time to play with our children and time for the family. At a stroke, we can reduce 10% of our carbon emissions into the atmosphere by making Sunday a low-carbon day and at the same time make ourselves healthier and happier. So, let us make Sunday a day of rest and renewal rather than a day of travel and toil.

    Global warming or climate change is only a symptom of our deep-seated desire to consume, consume and consume. The external problem of carbon emissions is connected with the internal problem of desire. If we stay in the rat-race 24 hours, seven days a week, we are bound to pollute our inner space as well as the outer space. Speed is the curse of modern civilisation. The solution to global warming is simple: slow down. Slow is beautiful. Even if we cannot slow down every day, at least slow down on Sunday. If you are a Christian then Slow Sunday should be natural to you, if you are a Muslim make Friday your low-carbon day, if you are Jewish then Saturday can be your day to save energy, if you follow a secular way of life then choose your own carbon-free day. At least on Sunday we can be citizens rather than consumers.

    Pope connects Sunday keeping with a better environment
    (I believe this is from 2015, no date on page that I saw)

    Pope Francis delivered his encyclical on the environment this morning.

    “The Earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth”, he said in his encyclical called “Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home “.
    Acknowledging that the environment is getting worse, Pope Francis is addressing this message to “every person living on this planet” and urges us to make improvements for the environment. President Barack Obama commended this message fully!

    Toward the end, the Pope connects the environment with Sunday keeping:
    “On Sunday, our participation in the Eucharist has special importance. Sunday, like the Jewish Sabbath, is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with God, with ourselves, with others and with the world. Sunday is the day of the Resurrection, the “first day” of the new creation, whose first fruits are the Lord’s risen humanity, the pledge of the final transfiguration of all created reality. It also proclaims “man’s eternal rest in God”.168 In this way, Christian spirituality incorporates the value of relaxation and festivity. We tend to demean contemplative rest as something unproductive and unnecessary, but this is to do away with the very thing which is most important about work: its meaning. We are called to include in our work a dimension of receptivity and gratuity, which is quite different from mere inactivity. Rather, it is another way of working, which forms part of our very essence. It protects human action from becoming empty activism; it also prevents that unfettered greed and sense of isolation which make us seek personal gain to the detriment of all else. The law of weekly rest forbade work on the seventh day, “so that your ox and your donkey may have rest, and the son of your maidservant, and the stranger, may be refreshed” (Ex 23:12). Rest opens our eyes to the larger picture and gives us renewed sensitivity to the rights of others. And so the day of rest, centred on the Eucharist, sheds it light on the whole week, and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor.”

    Israeli Proposal to Make Sunday Day of Rest May Benefit Retail
    Calev Ben-David and Alisa Odenheimer
    5 July 2011, 17:01 GMT-4

    Israel’s government is examining a proposal to shift the weekend to the western Saturday and Sunday, a step that may benefit financial markets and retail and leisure companies.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week appointed Eugene Kandel, head of the National Economic Council, to look into the implications of changing the weekend from Friday and Saturday. The proposal would make Friday a half-day of work. Many in Israel use Friday to prepare for the Jewish Sabbath, which begins at sundown. Working and traveling is forbidden on the Sabbath according to Jewish law and most stores and many restaurants are closed for the Sabbath.

    “The main creator of jobs in Israel today is not the manufacturing sector but trade and services,” said Uriel Lynn, president of the Israeli Chambers of Commerce. “If Sunday is a full holiday when people can go out with their families to shop and enjoy themselves, it will create more jobs in trade and services.”

    The proposal’s main advocate is Minister for Regional Development Silvan Shalom, who says financial markets would benefit from being coordinated with the major Western economies rather than Israel’s Muslim neighbors, who mostly have a Friday and Saturday weekend. Opposing the measure is Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who says it is important for Jews and Muslims to have Friday off and civil service expenses would increase on Sunday if it were a day off.

    The proposal would also affect the almost 17 percent of Israel’s population that is Muslim.

    “Many Muslim countries in the world have moved to a Sunday weekend,” Shalom told Channel Two television when asked if a Sunday shift would be fair to Muslims who would have to work on Friday, the Islamic prayer day. “Globalization is important and they want to be connected to the world.”

    Crisis Magazine
    JUNE 17, 2020

    Bring Back the Blue Laws

    In the United States on the seventh day of the week, trade and industry seem suspended throughout the nation; all noise ceases. A deep peace, or rather a sort of solemn contemplation, takes its place. The soul regains its own domain and devotes itself to meditation.

    Alexis de Tocqueville wrote these words in his 1835 masterpiece of political and social analysis, Democracy in America. During America’s finally-abating coronavirus quarantine, our nation, at least outwardly, seemed to have gained a more noiseless, contemplative, revivifying spirit. Now, in the terrible wake of murder, protests turned arsonous riots, and looting, not so much. Nevertheless, Americans in those early quarantine days—after the haze of their Netflix-binge had evaporated—woke up with a surprised appreciation for what earlier generations had considered normal: Sunday laws, otherwise known as blue laws. As America returns to normality, we should consider these laws and their manifold benefits afresh.

    Acknowledging the rewards of the Sabbath are not limited only to Christians like Pope Francis, who in a 2018 interview declared: “One day of the week. That’s the least! Out of gratitude, to worship God, to spend time with the family, to play, to do all of these things. We are not machines.”

    Now, with a few anomalous holdouts, Sundays are more or less indistinguishable from other days. Some counties still prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sunday. Some Florida counties prohibit the sale of sex toys on Sunday. Among other curiosities, horse racing and car dealerships are closed in Illinois.

    Many European nations never abandoned Sunday trading restrictions, and their economies have managed just fine. Indeed, keeping stores open on Sunday disproportionately favors big retailers at the expense of mom-and-pop businesses. In Poland, the 2017 Sunday trading ban was “about helping small family stores, but also about letting people who are effectively forced to work on Sundays be free,” said President Andrzej Duda. Since the ban’s introduction, Duda has noted, more families have engaged in outdoor activities, and the domestic tourism industry has benefited.

    America, for the sake of its own emotional and spiritual welfare—for the sake of its own sanity—needs to restore the blue laws.

    There was a time, surprising as it may be, when Amazon did not deliver on Sunday, and Americans somehow survived. There was a time when citizens had to do their shopping at the hardware store on a weekday, or early Saturday morning, in order to complete their home projects.

    To preempt accusations of “theocracy,” I am not advocating mandatory church-going (though it wouldn’t be the worst idea), but rather simple restrictions on which businesses remain open on Sunday. Political and cultural leaders could “opt-out” of things like social media: as de Tocqueville rightly notes, leaders who set the standard should “act every day as if they believed in it themselves.”

    Blue laws may limit “freedom,” but only the freedom to limitless consumption. If promulgated in a prudent and focused way, they can cultivate virtue, strengthen neighborliness, and protect small businesses. Most importantly, they can help promote prayer and peace—now, when America needs them most.

    The Daily Beast

    Trump Campaign Adviser Jenna Ellis: Separation of Church and State Is a Liberal Lie
    Andrew Kirell
    Senior Editor
    Updated Jul. 28, 2020 3:42PM ET Published Jul. 28, 2020 2:36PM ET

    The notion that the United States observes a separation of church and state is a lie, according to President Donald Trump’s senior campaign legal adviser.

    “The left is going to tell you there’s this separation of church and state, and that’s just nowhere in the Constitution, nowhere in American law,” Jenna Ellis declared Monday evening during a Zoom event hosted by Asian Pacific Americans for Trump. “That’s nothing that our founding principles ever, uh, derived whatsoever.”

    The concept of a firewall between church and state authorities, Ellis claimed, is a mere “twisting a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Church that was simply talking about the three tiers of authority that God himself ordained—the church government, the civil government, and the family government.”

    Such an interpretation of Jefferson’s 1802 letter—which the Supreme Court affirmed in 1879 as an “authoritative declaration” of the First Amendment clause prohibiting government entanglement in religion—has long been a key argument of conservative Christian leaders seeking to end the separation, which serves as the basis for America’s historically pluralistic society. But it’s not altogether common for a top official of a presidential campaign to so forcefully adopt such a position and it’s further proof that Trump—hardly an observant man himself—has strategically allowed his presidency to become a vessel for the religious right.

    Ellis has made such an argument before. In late April, while reacting to local bans on church gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic, she argued that “‘separation of church and state’ is a myth perpetuated by liberals to pretend morality and religion cannot be part of government.”

    During Monday evening’s remarks, Ellis advanced her argument against the separation of church and state by invoking and defending the president’s now-infamous walk from the White House to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a Bible-holding photo op—which was made possible by police tear-gassing a crowd of peaceful protesters—as a valiant stand against those who forsake religious authority.

    “As faith-based Christians and pastors and faith leaders, we need to be telling truth about protecting and preserving religious freedom in our country… and especially protecting and preserving the church’s authority in our society,” she said. “And so that’s what President Trump so remarkably with his walk from the White House over to St. James [sic] Church.”

    She concluded: “For him to go out and hold up that Bible in front of the church and acknowledge that religious liberty prevails in America like no other society and nation that ever existed in the face of the Earth—that is what our freedom is all about.”

    Constitutional scholars and political activists have long grappled with the lines of demarcation between church and state in America, with the consensus view being that there are boundaries to government involvement in religious promotion and affairs.

    “While the literal words ‘wall of separation between church and state’ don’t appear in the Constitution, the concept of church-state separation certainly does,” Americans United for Separation of Church and State has written in response to the religious-right argument against a firewall. “If you doubt that, just read the writings of Jefferson, James Madison and generations of U.S. Supreme Court justices tasked with interpreting and applying the Constitution. We’re gonna take their word for it.”

    For Ellis, the comments before the Asian Pacific Americans for Trump gathering are merely the latest in a long string of provocative utterances and eyebrow-raising moves. She was hired by the Trump campaign late last year and almost immediately became a favorite surrogate of the president’s because of her relentless and bombastic jeremiads against his impeachment—even taking her pro-Trump fervor to the Kremlin-funded network RT, which U.S. intelligence agencies have long considered a Russian propaganda outlet.

    But as The Daily Beast previously reported, Ellis has generated outrage for her tirades against the LGBT community and Muslims.
    Following the 2015 mass shooting at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, which left 49 people dead, she wrote an opinion piece, headlined “Two Wrongs Do Not Make an LGBT Right,” decrying how the massacre had led to increased acceptance of homosexuality. “I’m disappointed conservatives are acquiescing to the LGBT agenda,” Ellis wrote. “Let me be clear—the Orlando shooting was absolutely terrible and tragic. But the response to this tragedy should not be embracing and advocating for gay rights.”

    Elsewhere, Ellis has promoted the harmful anti-gay “conversion therapy,” declared that HIV infections in gay men was simply “God’s moral law,” and claimed that Islam is “not American.”

    The New Indian Express

    Strict action against Sunday lockdown violators

    The city police have made elaborate security arrangements for the Sunday lockdown.

    BENGALURU: The city police have made elaborate security arrangements for the Sunday lockdown. A senior police officer said that strict action will be taken against those violating the norms. All flyovers will be closed and KSRTC, BMTC, autorickshaws and cabs will not be allowed. Grocery shops, medical stores, milk stalls and other emergency services will be allowed to remain open. City roads will be barricaded like how it was done during Lockdown 1.0 and 2.0, he said.S Murughan, Additional Commissioner of Police (East), said that all policemen, including those from KSRP, CAR and traffic division, will be deployed for patrolling. Violators will be booked under NDMA Act.

    Another police officer said, “We will keep an eye on those moving around the city and gather all details. Policemen above 55 years will not be deployed as per the commissioner’s instructions. Also, many policemen are out of duty as they have been infected by Covid.”

    In all, 48 areas across the city have been sealed.
    City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao tweeted “The lockdown begins at 8pm on Saturday and concludes at 5AM on Monday. Respected Citizens, just stay at home and don’t ask for exceptions as this is being done in everybody’s interest. Heavens wont fall if you postpone by a day. Pls exercise self discipline and cooperate”.

    What’s allowed?
    Grocery stores, vegetable and fruit shops, meat stalls
    Medical stores, hospitals and other medical services
    Petrol pumps and ATMs
    What’s not allowed ?
    Public gatherings
    Salons and business establishments
    Industries, factories and public transport

    • Confusing. mash-up that’s entirely alien.

      Orthodox Jews honor the Sabbath as a gift that connects us – all creation – to our Creator. It’s as integral to our lives as intimacy between husband and wife. The cycle of life is a set time, the rhythm can be experienced, savored when you accept that gift: the holy Sabbath.

      Each week’s portion of Scripture measures the seasons, corresponds to holidays that celebrate our history, bind us in the Covenant we cherish.

      The liturgy has different flavors, broadly Sephardic and Ashkenazi, but these are immensely varied. Strangers separated thousands of miles for a thousand years; you sing the same tune, you’re family.

      • Ya it might be confusing a bit. It is suppose to show the vaticans theme of “common good”. Then you see how the pope uses Sunday rest for the common good of our common home because of so called climate change. Also you can see from the articles that even usa is on track for sunday law for a different reason, get the country back to god and many other reasons. If you havent noticed before, washington dc has the exact same buildings and such as vatican city. They are linked together. I agree with you 100% on thee Sabbath, Gods Sabbath. Well the Pope made his own sabbath, and his is Sunday, the day of the sun, back in year 321. Pope and Constantine came to an agreement on ruling the Roman Empire together. The Roman state would become christian only if they keep all of their Roman pagan traditions including their holy day Sunday, the day they worship the sun. So most Christians today still celebrate all the roman holidays (holy days), just change the name from Tammuz to Jesus, etc. Most Christians today dont realize that they show that the pope has authority over them by keeping the popes sunday sabbath instead of Gods Sabbath.

        What do you think it would take for Isreal to change from Gods Sabbath to Sunday? I look forward to hearing back from you.

        • It’s not so much which day is designated: Was Day One [Genesis] counted from what we call Sunday or was it Monday? I wasn’t there, so I’ll stick with 1000s of years of tradition.

          Nobody in Israel is revising that!

          It’s adding an EXTRA day off the work week, so people have a day for secular activities. To drive or ride a vehicle, shop, go to the movies, play tennis, or weed the garden. Check email, play a video game, do laundry.

          As it is in Israel, it’s back to work and school on Sunday. That cuts off significant commerce. It divides the Orthodox from the secular in cultural/sporting events. (It also makes Friday afternoons extra hectic.)

          Observant Jews in the U.S. are concentrated in neighborhoods. Everything has to be within walking distance for synagogue on Sabbath and holidays, close enough to each other to host and visit onegs.

          We were always exempted from the Sunday Blue Laws. Just our neighborhood stores – the butcher, baker, bookstore, pharmacy.

    • 3. Agenda 21


      Make policy decisions that favour the greater good over individuals.

      Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of the democratic process.

    video – 41 mins 51 secs
    ? UK faces 2nd (and unnecessary) lockdown
    ? Excess deaths: 239,461 through August 2020
    ? UK Lockdowns
    ? Horror in the UK…is it deserved
    ? UK weighs a 2nd lockdown
    ? UK deaths…just not there
    ? UK – Not in hospitals either
    ? UK – Bad statistics and false fear
    ? Test specificity v sensitivity
    ? From April 20th – 2020 update
    ? UK Health Minister (Hancock) is either badly misinformed or fibbing
    ? Obey or no Christmas
    ? The dreaded second wave
    ? Not so bad, in context
    ? “CASE” – should be a person with symptoms that can be medically detected.
    Consider definition of: “positive”/“false positive”/”negative”/”false negative”/”cured or cleared”/”infective”
    ? Stunning: mortality increases exponentially with age
    ? Fauci – also lacking
    ? Ivermectin works (So why no studies?)
    ? Two possibilities here: Ignorant / corrupt
    ? Conclusions:
    > UK politicians are panicking because of a failure to understand false positives and the maths behind such things
    > Or they have another agenda behind their claims and actions
    > Lots of attempts lately to keep people in fear over Covid-19
    > I cannot see the various missteps by health officials as anything other than in service to money and/or power
    > Health has nothing to do with any of it

  11. It CAN Be Done: Tunisia Stops and Turns Backs Hundreds of Boat Migrants at Sea (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “Tunisia said Monday that naval patrols had intercepted 19 boats carrying a total of 246 people seeking to cross from the North African nation to Europe overnight Saturday to Sunday alone. The vast majority of those stopped were Tunisians, the interior ministry said, with just 29 people coming from other countries. Thousands regularly risk the dangerous crossing from North Africa’s coasts to reach Europe…”

  12. Italian Coastguard Tells German Migrant Taxi NGO Ship to Go to Germany (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “Italian coastguard authorities on the island of Lampedusa have denied port access to the German migrant transport NGO Sea-Eye, telling the vessel to head to Germany.

    Sea-Eye’s ship, the Alan Kurdi, flies the German flag and currently has 133 migrant on board off the coast of Lampedusa after picking them up along the coast of Libya in the search and rescue (SAR) zone. The NGO ship arrived in the area on Sunday and has demanded the authorities allow them to drop off the migrants aboard.

    Gordon Isler, who serves on the executive board of Sea-Eye and is responsible for the Alan Kurdi, shared an email on Twitter from the Italian coastguard. It told Sea-Eye to contact German authorities in Bremen, arguing the migrants were not picked up in the Italian SAR zone.

    Isler went on to complain about the response, saying: “Imagine that an Italian ship saves [people] in the North Sea and Bremen refers them to Rome. That’s grotesque.”

    According to a report from newspaper Il Giornale, the Governor of Sicily Nello Musumeci has complained about the NGO activity as both Sicily and Lampedusa have seen a dramatic rise in migrant boat landings.

    “If the boats were not enough, the quarantine ships are full of people brought by the NGOs. In this too, the government did not want to listen to us,” Musumeci said. He added: “Here’s some common sense: if Sicily has to manage the autonomous landings, it cannot bear those planned by the NGOs, which should then be destined for other European ports.”

    Earlier this month, another German NGO, Sea-Watch, complained that Italian authorities were taking too long to transfer migrants from their vessel.

    “We insist that it should not take eight to ten days before a ship, which rescues people at sea, to reach a port,” Giorgia Linardi, a spokeswoman for the NGO, said.”

      • Communism is a product of The Jesuits. Invented by them. I believe they experimented with it in south americia and it worked as planned. Every communist country is under the thumb of the vatican. Jesuits are experts at the hegalian dialetic. The will take opposing sides and fight to the death if the outcome benifits the Pope.

  13. Senate Report Says Joe Biden Allowed Family to Enrich Themselves Abroad While He Was VP (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “A new Senate report released Wednesday concludes that former Vice President Joe Biden allowed Hunter Biden and other members of his family to enrich themselves through links with foreign companies and governments while he was in office.

    The report notes that the Obama administration was aware of, but did nothing about the conflict of interest that was created when Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian fossil fuel company.

    But the report goes further than what was revealed during the impeachment inquiry last year. It presents email evidence that former Secretary of State John Kerry, whose stepson Chris Heinz was one of Hunter Biden’s business partners, was also aware of the conflicts of interest. It adds that “Hunter Biden, his family, and [business partner Devon] Archer received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.” It notes that Hunter Biden went on a “$100,000 global spending spree with James Biden and Sara Biden” after receiving money from a Chinese investor. And it adds that Hunter Biden appeared to have paid women linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

    It also notes: “The records acquired by the Committees show consistent, significant and extensive financial connections among and between Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, Devon Archer, and Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime and [People’s Liberation Army] as well as other foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.”

    The report, presented by by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) of the Senate Committee on Finance, was launched in August 2019 — prior to the impeachment controversy, and as the result of the “Henniges transaction,” in which a company tied to the Chinese state had bought an American company that makes “anti-vibration technologies with military applications.” One of the companies in the transaction was Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a Chinese-funded investment company in which Hunter Biden owns a stake.

    The report “details examples of extensive and complex financial transactions involving the Bidens” and notes that Hunter Biden “was not the only Biden who cashed in on Joe Biden’s vice presidency.” It also notes that Hunter Biden enjoyed Secret Service protection during extensive trips abroad, and that the protection continued for a few months after he joined Burisma.

    It concludes:

    The records acquired by the Committees show that Hunter Biden and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe. Hunter Biden and Archer, in particular, formed significant and consistent financial relationships with the corrupt oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky during their time working for Burisma and their firms made millions of dollars from that association while Joe Biden was vice president and the public face of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden, received $3.5 million in a wire transfer from Elena Baturina, who allegedly received illegal construction contracts from her husband, the former mayor of Moscow. Moreover, Archer’s apparent receipt of money for a car from Kenges Rakishev of Kazakhstan while Vice President Biden was in Kyiv is especially concerning in light of the timing. And finally, Biden and Archer’s work with Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime illustrate the deep financial connections that accelerated while his father was vice president and continued after he left office.

    The report also notes that the vice president was made aware of the conflicts of interest that Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian role entailed, as was Secretary of State Kerry:

    Former Secretary Kerry’s December 2019 denial of having any knowledge about Hunter Biden or Burisma is inconsistent with the evidence uncovered by the Committees. Kerry was briefed about Hunter Biden, Burisma and Heinz the day after Burisma announced Hunter Biden joined its board. Additionally, Secretary Kerry’s senior advisor sent him press clips and articles relating to Hunter Biden’s board membership. This appears to be yet another example of high- ranking Obama administration officials blatantly ignoring Hunter Biden’s association with Burisma.

    The reports, written by the Republican majority on both committees, accuse Democrats of falsely linking the investigations to foreign influence campaigns — ironically, the report notes, relying on foreign nationals with an interest in influencing U.S. politics.

    Hunter Biden spoke during the Democratic National Convention, declaring that his father would be an “honest” president.”

    • the gateway pundit – Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release DEVASTATING Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption


      […]The report outlines the following key findings from the investigation:

      In early 2015 the former Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, George Kent, raised concerns to officials in Vice President Joe Biden’s office about the perception of a conflict of interest with respect to Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board. Kent’s concerns went unaddressed, and in September 2016, he emphasized in an email to his colleagues, “Furthermore, the presence of Hunter Biden on the Burisma board was very awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine.”

      In October 2015, senior State Department official Amos Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Biden, as well as with Hunter Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine.
      Although Kent believed that Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board was awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine, the Committees are only aware of two individuals — Kent and former U.S. Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Amos Hochstein — who raised concerns to Vice President Joe Biden (Hochstein) or his staff (Kent).

      The awkwardness for Obama administration officials continued well past his presidency. Former Secretary of State John Kerry had knowledge of Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board, but when asked about it at a town hall event in Nashua, N.H. on Dec. 8, 2019, Kerry falsely said, “I had no knowledge about any of that. None. No.” Evidence to the contrary is detailed in Section V.

      Former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland testified that confronting oligarchs would send an anticorruption message in Ukraine. Kent told the Committees that Zlochevsky was an “odious oligarch.” However, in December 2015, instead of following U.S. objectives of confronting oligarchs, Vice President Biden’s staff advised him to avoid commenting on Zlochevsky and recommended he say, “I’m not going to get into naming names or accusing individuals.”

      Hunter Biden was serving on Burisma’s board (supposedly consulting on corporate governance and transparency) when Zlochevsky allegedly paid a $7 million bribe to officials serving under Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Vitaly Yarema, to “shut the case against Zlochevsky.” Kent testified that this bribe occurred in December 2014 (seven months after Hunter joined Burisma’s board), and, after learning about it, he and the Resident Legal Advisor reported this allegation to the FBI.

      Hunter Biden was a U.S. Secret Service protectee from Jan. 29, 2009 to July 8, 2014. A day before his last trip as a protectee, Time published an article describing Burisma’s ramped up lobbying efforts to U.S. officials and Hunter’s involvement in Burisma’s board. Before ending his protective detail, Hunter Biden received Secret Service protection on trips to multiple foreign locations, including Moscow, Beijing, Doha, Paris, Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, Mexico City, Milan, Florence, Shanghai, Geneva, London, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Bogota, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Brussels, Madrid, Mumbai and Lake Como.

      Andrii Telizhenko, the Democrats’ personification of Russian disinformation, met with Obama administration officials, including Elisabeth Zentos, a member of Obama’s National Security Council, at least 10 times. A Democrat lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies, contracted with Telizhenko from 2016 to 2017 and continued to request his assistance as recent as the summer of 2019. A recent news article detailed other extensive contacts between Telizhenko and Obama administration officials.

      In addition to the over $4 million paid by Burisma for Hunter Biden’s and Archer’s board memberships, Hunter Biden, his family, and Archer received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.

      Archer received $142,300 from Kenges Rakishev of Kazakhstan, purportedly for a car, the same day Vice President Joe Biden appeared with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsemy Yasenyuk and addressed Ukrainian legislators in Kyiv regarding Russia’s actions in Crimea.
      Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

      Hunter Biden opened a bank account with Gongwen Dong to fund a $100,000 global spending spree with James Biden and Sara Biden.

      Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army. Those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow.

      Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

      copy of the report :

  14. First of Up to 431 Channel Migrants Arrive at New Open Camp in England (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “The first of up to 431 illegal migrants are arriving at a new open camp based at a disused Army barracks in Folkestone, Kent.

    The asylum seekers are “understood to be migrants who crossed the Channel aboard small boats”, according to the BBC.

    Chris Philp MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Immigration Compliance at the Priti Patel-led Home Office, said the migrants will be subject to social distancing and “Laundry facilities, food, essentials, and other items are all [being] provided and access to health care… facilitated.”

    The most prominent accommodation strategy for illegal aliens, whether arriving via small boats or otherwise, was previously booking up hotels shut to local people in towns and cities across the country.

    This practice had become increasingly embarrassing for Boris Johnson’s government after a resident at one of them went on a stabbing spree, leaving a policeman critically injured, and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage began touring the country to expose them — including in Priti Patel’s own constituency…”

  15. Iran: Scores of Domestically-Made Combat Drones Enter Service With IRGC Naval Fleet (sputniknews, Sep 23, 2020)

    “In July 2019, the Iran Army Ground Forces received its first batch of domestically-produced Mohajer-6 drones, which are expected to increase the ground forces’ surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as provide the ability to conduct precision bomb strikes.

    188 domestically-made combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters entered service with the naval fleet of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday.

    Speaking at a ceremony in the city of Bandar Abbas, RGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said that three models of drones, vertically-launched Sepeher, Shahab-2 and Hodhod-4, had been unveiled for the first time and would be used for reconnaissance missions.

    According to him, also joining the IRGC’s naval fleet is a number of domestically-produced Mohajer drones, which feature high-altitude flight endurance and the ability to operate at great distances.

    “With the drones having joined [the naval fleet], all missions of the IRGC navy will be covered by indigenous Iranian drones”, Tangsiri pointed out.

    He also claimed that IRGC drones tracked the US aircraft carrier Nimitz before the vessel cruised through the Strait of Hormuz to enter the Persian Gulf last week…”

  16. BOMB THREAT: Eiffel Tower Cordoned Off, Armed Police Move In (breitbart, Sep 23, 2020)

    “The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, has been shut down and cordoned off after a bomb threat was called in.

    “The Eiffel Tower is currently closed until further notice, because of an unidentified caller saying a bomb has been planted. There has been an evacuation,” reported a source quoted by MailOnline.

    “Checks are being carried out, and a safety perimeter has been set up in the meantime. This is a routine precaution,” they added.

    Paris has been repeatedly targeted by radical Islamic terrorists in recent years, most prominently during the Charlie Hebdo massacre which saw gunmen target employees of a satirical magazine which had published depictions of the Prophet Mohammed, police officers, and a Jewish delicatessen, and the Bataclan massacre, which saw 130 killed and more than 400 injured by jihadists who slaughtered dozens at the Bataclan music venue and sprayed multiple bars, pavement cafes and so-on with gunfire…”

  17. Rome and Washington DC

    As I walked past the colonnaded white buildings around the Capitol, the National Mall and the Federal Triangle, I knew I couldn’t be the first visitor to make a connection between Washington DC and ancient Rome.

    Both sat/sit on a series of hills and both were/are centres of world power.

    The massive scale of prestigious buildings, the columns, porticos, iconic status, eagles and strong, straight lines would be very familiar any ancient Roman.

    The roof of the final version of the Jefferson Memorial (left) is based on the Pantheon in Rome (Jefferson’s favourite building, so it is said). The Lincoln Memorial (below right) although more Greek in style, to my mind, would not be amiss in the Roman world.

    And of course, there is a senate here and a Capitol(ine) Hill. At the US Capitol, Italian artist Constantino Brumidi painted George Washington ascending to Heaven, surrounded by such Roman deities as Minerva, Neptune and Vulcan. In short, the connections, imagined or real, are many.

    But I discovered that one part of the area where Washington came to be built was once called Rome…

    As Enlightenment gentlemen, the founding fathers of the new United States rather liked the idea of a representative democracy modelled on that of the Roman Republic, but they also conceived of a capital city that looked like Rome — or what they thought Rome looked like.

    In fact, during the Republic (traditionally dated to 509 BC, and ending in 27 BC) Rome was largely brick, not a city of shiny marble, which came later, started under the stewardship of Augustus and his right-hand man, Agrippa.



    Of course, the Roman Republic eventually fell and the Roman Empire eventually crumbled. And the sharp minded might note the irony that the first volume of Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was published in 1776, the year of American Independence.

    Union Station, DC

    New – a late addition
    A bonus picture I spotted when reviewing my photos…

    Arches with columns and eagles either side in perfect symmetry, single columns with eagles topping them…

    Take out the electric street light and you’d be in ancient Rome.

    (Or perhaps – retaining the streetlights – the in the imaginary Roma Nova itself…)





    The roof of the final version of the Jefferson Memorial (left) is based on the Pantheon in Rome (Jefferson’s favourite building, so it is said). The Lincoln Memorial (below right) although more Greek in style, to my mind, would not be amiss in the Roman world.

    And of course, there is a senate here and a Capitol(ine) Hill. At the US Capitol, Italian artist Constantino Brumidi painted George Washington ascending to Heaven, surrounded by such Roman deities as Minerva, Neptune and Vulcan. In short, the connections, imagined or real, are many.

    But I discovered that one part of the area where Washington came to be built was once called Rome…

  18. Arizona protesters scuffle with border agents over US-Mexico wall

    Scuffles broke out between federal authorities and protesters during an hour-long standoff at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southwestern Arizona.

    The O’odham Anti Border Collective were protesting against the construction of a US-Mexico border going up in the Quitobaquito region of the National Forest – an area with a spring the O’odham people consider sacred.

    Border Patrol agents and National Park officers eventually managed to disperse the demonstration and continued the construction.


    Imitatio Romae: similarities between Washington DC and the Eternal City
    Every year, I live at least a month and a half in Alexandria, Virginia, a few miles from Washington DC (District of Columbia), a guest of dear friends.

    Even here in the US, the federal capital Rome is with me, it never leaves me. Yes, because DC (as the Americans call it) was designed and built at the end of the 18th century, precisely in 1791, like New Rome, New Rome.

    This imitation of Rome is not only in the monumental and most important buildings but also in the decorations of public buildings, built in neoclassical style in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

    The National Mall
    irst of all Capitol Hill, the political district housing the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

    Already in the name, Campidoglio, there are references to Rome. Then the Dome, which was inspired by Michelangelo’s dome of St. Peter’s in the Vatican.

    It is interesting to note that the fresco of the dome, the “Apotheosis of George Washington”, was created by the Roman painter Constantine Brumidi, who worked in Rome for the Torlonia and for Pope Gregory XVI in the Vatican.

    He then emigrated to the USA, gradually becoming the official artist of the government, eventually he was to be know as the American Michelangelo.


    The Washington Monument
    We continue with the largest obelisk in the world, the Washington Monument, in the middle of the Mall.

    This obelisk is 162 meters tall and is the largest copy of the Vatican obelisk, which is in the center of St. Peter’s Square.


    National Gallery and Jefferson Memorial
    Another Roman monument that the Americans are passionate about is the Pantheon.

    The Central Hall of the National Gallery copies it somewhat, as does the Jefferson Memorial and the same two buildings designed by the president himself as the main character in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence: the Great Hall of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and his Villa in Monticello.


    Supreme Court, Union Station and Library of Congress
    The seat of the Supreme Court of that time was built in 1935. It resembles the Temple of Hadrian in Piazza di Pietra in Rome.

    The Union Station, the central railway station, was built to resemble the Baths of Diocletian.

    The enclosure of the Library of the Congress is often interrupted by large benches in gray marble shaped like seated tombs with Roman imperial eagles at their head.


    Madison Memorial Building and Watergate
    But also the architecture of the Twenties is remembered.

    In the Madison Memorial Building the facade is similar to the Palazzo delle Fontane all’EUR, a work from the 1940’s by the architect Gaetano Minnucci.

    And finally Watergate, probably one of the most beautiful residential complexes in the world, designed by the architect Luigi Moretti for the General Real Estate Company which in the 1960’s a considerable amount of interest was owned by the Vatican.

    And finally, to think a little bit of Washington, DC, in a stream now dug in the subsoil called the Tiber Creek Washington City Canal. Yes, it’s really called that: Tiber.

    • Pope vs Trump. 2 opposing sides of the hegalian dialectic? Pope + Climate Change = solution 1 day of rest a week for the enviroment. Trump + critical race theory, the left hates god, civil unrest = solution 1 day of rest to get back to God, family, togetherness. Would that equal a synthesis that would please most on the left and the right?

  20. europravda – Sweden spared second COVID-19 wave – but for how long?

    How did a country with a so-called “light-touch” approach to the fight against the virus – where restaurants, bars and gyms have remained open throughout the crisis – deal with the pandemic?

  21. CNN – Strzok on Russian interference: We’ve grown dull to outrage

    Chris Cuomo talks to former FBI Chief of Counterespionage Section Peter Strzok about the threat of Russia meddling in the 2020 election.

  22. VICE News – This Portland Teen Is Fighting to Lower the Voting Age

    Catie Macauley has been out marching in Portland protests consistently over the last few months since George Floyd’s death.

    But she’s got a long history as an activist —even though she’s only 17—in the city she proudly calls “the poster child for protests.”

  23. Kamala Harris slams Trump for mask-less rallies

    Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris speaks in a rally in Detroit during her campaign in Michigan, calling Trump out for ‘convincing’ his supporters not to wear masks

  24. b>Sky News – Inside America’s black militia group NFAC

    The US has seen a rise in the prominence of armed militia groups in recent months, including the black militia organisation NFAC.

    The leader of the group has told Sky News that carrying weapons during their protests is “a necessity”.

    • CBC – Canada at a ‘crossroads’ as COVID-19 cases rise, says top doctor

      Canada’s top doctor warns of a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases if Canadians don’t follow pandemic guidelines.

      + comments on the YT page

    • CBC – New lockdowns possible if Canada’s COVID-19 surge continues: health officials

      Canada’s health officials presented new projections for the COVID-19 pandemic if no measures are taken to control the virus’s spread and warned new lockdowns could happen if the public doesn’t take matters into their own hands.

    • Coronavirus: FDA director won’t approve vaccine “would not feel comfortable giving to our families”

      Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director Stephen Hahn defended his organization’s actions during the novel coronavirus pandemic during his opening remarks to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Wednesday.

      Hahn said the FDA would not authorize or approve any vaccine that “we would not feel comfortable giving to our families,” adding that any vaccine that is approved will have to meet rigorous expectations for safety and effectiveness.

      Hahn also said all decisions regarding vaccine approval would be made by FDA officials, and that it “would not permit any pressure from anyone to change that.”

    • Coronavirus: CDC director announces $200M in funding to help states implement COVID-19 vaccinations

      The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Robert Redfield, in his opening remarks to the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), announced on Wednesday $200 million in funding to help states implement COVID-19 vaccinations.

      Redfield also encouraged Americans to embrace “powerful public health tools” like wearing a face mask, hand-washing and social distancing and said that going into the fall, he’d like to see all Americans get a flu vaccine.

      The CDC director also told Senators that underfunding for health care had led to a system that has been “sorely tested” during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

    • Coronavirus: Fauci ‘cautiously optimistic’ safe and effective vaccine will available

      In his opening remarks to the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said he is “cautiously optimistic” there will be a “safe and effective” vaccine for COVID-19, and that the outcome of vaccine research should be known by the end of the year.

      Fauci spoke in some detail about the long-term effects of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, including in those considered “long-haulers” and those who may have been asymptomatic, as well as the search for a vaccine and the therapeutic treatments for the virus.

      Fauci said there are currently three candidate vaccine that have entered into Phase 3 trial with a fourth entering soon. He did caution however, that in the efforts to produce a vaccine there are “no guarantees.”

    • Sky News Australia – Were doctors free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, ‘we wouldn’t need the lockdowns’

      Hydroxychloroquine is a lawful drug which “doctors have been able to prescribe for over 60 years” yet bureaucrats have stepped in and overridden the ability of Australian doctors to prescribe it to their patients, says Liberal MP Craig Kelly.

      “This is the most insane thing that I’ve ever seen in my life,” Mr Kelly told Sky News host Alan Jones

      “The evidence is now overwhelming; it rolls in day after day after day.”

      Mr Craig said in the last 24 hours, a peer reviewed study published in the Lancet said “overall mortality was lower in the hydroxychloroquine group than in the group that didn’t receive hydroxychloroquine.”

      “Yet we still have this ban preventing Australian doctors from prescribing this drug to their sick COVID patients,” he said.

      “With the weight of evidence going on, anyone who tells you that hydroxychloroquine, there is no evidence for it, or it’s dangerous, is either lying or they’re a fool.”

      Mr Kelly said “if these bureaucrats get out of the way and give the freedom back to the doctors” to prescribe hydroxychloroquine again, we wouldn’t need the lockdowns and we wouldn’t have “all the pain and suffering we are seeing around the nations”.

      Mr Jones added “people are dying as a result of the ban in this country”.

  25. (Richard: She does a real good job giving the libertarian view on what is happening, and makes several real good points. She asks what will the Southern and Western states do if the Dems gain the power they want and then starts taking away the rights of the people living in the South and West.)

    Democrats Promise Full “Armageddon”

  26. CBC – Man charged in stabbing death of mosque caretaker followed hate group online

    Guilherme ‘William’ Von Neutegem, 34, is accused of stabbing 58-year-old Mohamed-Aslim Zafis outside mosque

    The man charged with stabbing a volunteer caretaker to death at a Toronto mosque shared what appears to be content from a satanic neo-Nazi group in social media posts, according to an organization that tracks online extremism.

    The revelation comes amid calls for the killing to be investigated as a hate crime, something the Toronto Police Service is considering at this time.

    Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the killing of Mohamed-Aslim Zafis.

    Zafis, 58, was sitting outside an Etobicoke mosque at the time the attack controlling the number of people who entered in order to comply with public health regulations. In the days after his death, Zafis was mourned by his family and friends as a “kind, gentle soul” who would hand out food to the hungry and keep his fellow worshippers safe.

    Von Neutegem was arrested days after police released a surveillance image of him.

    Now, more information is surfacing about his online activity. Von Neutegem appears to follow a hate group founded in the U.K., according to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a non-profit organization that monitors, researches and combats hate groups.

    CBC News knows the name of the hate group but is choosing not to use it to avoid giving it any additional exposure.

    Evan Balgord, the organization’s executive director, describes the group Von Neutegem is linked to as a satanic neo-Nazi death cult.

    “They’re all the worst things that you could possibly think of,” Balgord told CBC News.

    “They are explicitly anti-Semitic and they’re explicitly racist,” Balgord said. “They worship Hitler as a God figure.”

    Balgord’s organization isn’t the only one concerned about the group’s activity. According to the U.K. anti-hate research organization Hope Not Hate, the group’s beliefs involve “culling” civilization, with followers encouraged to engage in extreme violence, random attacks and sexual assault.

    Balgord says while he can’t be certain Von Neutegem is a member of the group, his social media posts appear to show significant knowledge of the group.

    CBC News has confirmed Von Neutegem follows at least one Facebook group devoted to the group, has a Nazi symbol on his Instagram account and has posted a chant linked to the hate cult on YouTube. A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed to CBC News that the accounts belong to Von Neutegem.

    “Because of the length of his social media postings and the very specific knowledge he has about the movement, we can definitely say he’s deeply-versed and has been for a long time,” Balgord said.

    Von Neutegem’s social media posts also include the use of terms, symbols and videos used by the group.

    After his arrest, Toronto police didn’t provide details about when Von Neutegem is set to appear in court. It’s unclear if he has hired a lawyer at this time. He is set to make another court appearance on Sept. 25.

    Police would not comment on Von Neutegem’s social media posts. CBC News has also reached out the RCMP to see if the group is on its radar.

    Calls to investigate death as a hate crime grow

    A vigil for Zafis was held at The International Muslims Organization mosque in Etobicoke on Friday, where he was killed just over one week ago.

    There, several community and religious leaders from all backgrounds spoke about the accused’s social media posts and called on the police to investigate Zafis’ death as a potential hate crime.

    Amanpreet Grewal, with the World Sikh Organization of Canada, says hate crimes in general are not receiving enough attention.

    “We know that there is fear within our communities,” Grewal said.

    Police say while the investigation is still in its early stages, they are looking at the possibility the stabbing was a hate-motivated act.

    “We are continuing to look at that in our process of investigation and we’ll leave no stone unturned to investigate this and to follow up on it,” Toronto police Supt. Ron Taverner said at the vigil.

    Police have also said they can’t exclude the possibility that Zafis’s death is linked to another fatal stabbing five kilometres away. Rampreet (Peter) Singh was killed five days prior. However, in a news conference on Friday, Insp. Hank Idsinga said it’s too early to say whether the two homicides are related.

    • wikipedia – Order of Nine Angles

      The Order of Nine Angles (ONA or O9A), also referred to as the Order of the Nine Angles, is a Satanic and Left-Hand Path occult group based in the United Kingdom, but with associated groups in various other parts of the world.

      […]According to Order teachings, this is necessary in order for a Galactic civilization to form, in which “Aryan” society will colonise the Milky Way. It advocates a spiritual path in which practitioners are required to break societal taboos by isolating themselves from society, committing crimes, embracing political extremism and violence, and carrying out acts of human sacrifice.

      […]Various rapes, killings and terroristic activities have been perpetrated by activists who were influenced by the ONA’s teachings, with various British politicians and activists calling for the ONA to be proscribed as a terrorist group. It has been described as one of the most extreme and dangerous Satanist groups in the world.

      […]ONA influence extends to some black metal bands

      BBC- Order of Nine Angles: What is this obscure Nazi Satanist group?

      A US soldier has been accused of plotting an attack on his own unit by sending information to an obscure Nazi Satanist organisation called the Order of Nine Angles (ONA). But who are they?

      Founded in the UK in the 1970s, the ONA is an increasing focus for law enforcement and has appeared as an influence in several recent UK terrorism prosecutions relating to the extreme right-wing.

      […]The group lionises the Nazi era and dates its calendar from the birth of Adolf Hitler, but its supernatural belief system goes beyond anything normally associated with right-wing extremism.

      […]Adherents are encouraged to secretly infiltrate organisations such as the military or Christian churches in order to destabilise them from within.

      […]Some followers also express enthusiasm for Islamist jihadist violence.

      […]The Sonnenkrieg Division, with its glorification of sexual violence, highlights another disturbing theme relating to the ONA – sexual offending as a way of undermining social norms.

      The US soldier charged in the terrorism case is alleged to have been part of an online movement whose channels constantly encourage the rape of women and children

      The authorities are concerned by the number of paedophiles associated with the ONA, taking the group into a different area of law enforcement activity.


      • Sounds like something cooked up in the Kremlin. They fund and promote fringe movements to make trouble abroad. All kinds of crazy.

        Some are more successful than others.
        The PLO, for one.
        The anti-vaxx crusade, for another.
        – – Turkey’s been hit especially hard. Significant mortality from childhood infectious diseases that have been largely eradicated in the developed world.

      • “Man convicted in BLA slaying of 2 NYPD officers in 1971 to be released on parole: source”
        by Mary Murphy – September 22, 2020


        NEW YORK — A man convicted in the 1971 Black Liberation Army assassination of two NYPD officers will be released on parole in October, the widow and daughter of NYPD Patrolman Joseph Piagentini told PIX11.

        A state source confirmed the decision late Tuesday afternoon, telling PIX11 News 68-year-old Anthony Bottom, who now goes by Jalil Abdul Mutaqim, has been granted “an open release date of October 20, 2020 or earlier.”

        Bottom’s been in state prison since 1977, more than 43 years.

        “I am very angry,” widow Diane Piagentini said about the decision.

        Piagentini accused Bottom of being the most ruthless of the killers, who lured the two patrolmen, one Black and one White, to Harlem with a phony 911 call. Both NYPD officers were fathers…

        … Two years ago, Piagentini had unsuccessfully fought the controversial release of Bottom’s accomplice, Herman Bell.

        Parole commissioners at the time were following an executive order from Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2011, which told the board to be “forward thinking” and focus more on a prisoner’s rehabilitation instead of the original crime.

        During Bell’s later parole hearings, he showed remorse.

        The third convicted killer, Albert Washington, died in prison…

        … “It has nothing to do with COVID. It has nothing to do with his age.”

        Patrolman’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch issued a statement to PIX11 Tuesday evening, slamming the Parole Board decision, saying laws and mandates from Cuomo and the state legislature have allowed cop killers to be released.

        “They knew that changing the parole guidelines would unleash more vicious killers like Anthony Bottom back onto our streets,” Lynch said. “They have chosen to stand with the murderers, cold-blooded assassins, and radicals bent on overthrowing our society. We have now seen 16 cop killers released in less than three years. We will continue to see more unless New Yorkers wake up and speak out against the madness being done in their names.”

        Bottom had joined the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s, after the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

        He believed that armed resistance was necessary to address systemic racism in society.

        “Widow of cop slain by Black Liberation Army member in 1971 fights convict’s parole”
        PIX11 News – March 14, 2018

        Every two years, Diane Piagentini rips opens a scab, as she puts it, to keep Herman Bell behind bars for the murder of her NYPD husband, Joseph Piagentini, in 1971. This report aired in 2012.

        • Last Year – August 16, 2019
          PBA Opposes Parole for Cop-Killer Anthony Bottom
          NYC PBA – August 16, 2019

          Pat Lynch and PBA members and board officers joined the family of fallen P.O. Joseph Piagentini to oppose parole for cold-blooded cop-killer Anthony Bottom, part of the crew of domestic terrorists who assassinated Piagentini and P.O. Waverly Jones in 1971.

  27. Spin, Spin, Spin

    Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, Canadian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood hoods offshoot, Hibtz-it-Tharir comments on the film Cuties:

    “This movie, like many other recent Western “art projects”, aims at normalizing looking at children sexually – – NOT BECAUSE THEY THINK THAT THE GIRLS WHO REACH PUBERTY CAN BE MATURE ENOUGH TO COMMIT TO A MARRIAGE AND HAVING CHILDREN WITH THE PROTECTION AND
    SUPPORT OF GOOD FAMILIES AND HEALTHY COMMUNITIES, but because they want to be able to molest young girls from broken homes and use them In brief sexual encounters and throw them away like a dirty dish rag exactly like they do with the women in the West.”

    The temporary marriage Nikon muta, is an ancient Islamic practice that unites a man and a woman as husband and wife for a limited time. Historically it was used so that a MAN could have a wife for a short while when travelling a long distance.

    Although not legal in Canada

    Imam Maulana Sayyid Rizvi, of the Jaffari Mosque, 9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, Ontario advocates sex with 9 lunar ( 8 years 9 months) year old girls, is acceptable as long as it occurs within munqati (temporary) marriage or da’im (permanent) marriage.

    He approves of consanguineous marriage between first cousins.

    He also states boys must be physically ready for jihad.
    Girls should stick to “hobbies” that prepare them to become wives and mothers.

    In May of 2012 the curriculum at the mosque compared Jews to Nazis.

    Why is this mosque still open and why has Rizvi not been deported back to India?

  28. Nigerian fuel tanker explosion kills 25 in Lokoja (BBC, Sep 23, 2020)

    “At least 25 people have been killed in central Nigeria after a fuel tanker exploded following a collision with other vehicles.

    A primary school pupil and students are reported to be among the dead.

    The crash happened on Wednesday morning on a major highway in Lokoja when the driver lost control of the tanker after the brakes failed, local police said.

    These type of incidents are common on Nigerian roads, reports the BBC’s Chris Ewokor in the capital, Abuja…”

  29. Europe migration: EU plans mandatory pact to ‘rebuild trust’ (BBC, Sep 23, 2020)

    “The European Union has called for a compulsory system across the bloc to manage migration, after years of division over how to respond to a big influx of migrants and refugees.

    The German-backed pact would require all 27 EU countries to take part.

    Member states would either agree to take in asylum seekers or take charge of sending back those refused asylum.

    European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen called it a “European solution… to restore citizens’ confidence”.

    The recent fires that destroyed the Moria camp in Greece, housing more than 12,500 migrants and refugees, was “a stark reminder we need to find sustainable solutions”, she added.

    But the plans have been criticised, both by human rights groups and governments opposed to taking in migrants.

    Ever since the influx of over a million migrants and refugees in 2015, mainly via Italy and Greece, the EU’s 27 states have been divided over how to respond, and the new pact has already attracted criticism.

    Italy and Greece have accused wealthier northern countries of failing to do enough, but a number of Central and Eastern European nations have been openly resistant to the idea of taking in a quota of migrants.

    What’s in the plan?
    The new pact, which has been pushed most strongly by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, proposes a “fair sharing of responsibility and solidarity between member states while providing certainty for individual applicants”.

    There would be:
    New compulsory pre-entry screening involving health, identity and security checks
    A faster asylum border process involving decisions within 12 weeks and swift returns for failed applicants
    The EU’s 27 countries would have “flexible options” for how to take part, so countries such as Hungary and Poland that have refused to take in arrivals in the past would be asked to help in different ways.
    Taking in recent arrivals
    “Sponsoring” returns – ensuring on behalf of other states that people refused asylum are sent back
    Providing immediate operational support
    Each state would be legally required to contribute their “fair share” – based half on GDP, and half on population size

    The European Commission president said the new pact would “rebuild trust between member states” and strike the “right balance between solidarity and responsibility”.

    EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said she guessed that not one of the member states would be satisfied with the pact, “but I think we would have 27 member states and parliament that would say it’s worth working on this”.

    The new pact is also designed to replace the ageing Dublin rule, which requires asylum claims to be handled in the EU country where the applicant first enters the system.

    Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas said the old regulation was designed for a few people fleeing dictatorships, not today’s reality…”

  30. BREAKING: Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release DEVASTATING Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption — CROOKED BIDEN FAMILY ENRICHED THEMSELVES AND OBAMA KNEW!

    In March Senator Ron Johnson told reporters that Senate Republicans are entering a new phase of their investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties to a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma.

    After leaving office in 2017, Vice President Joe Biden Bragged about strong-arming the government of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor.

    Joe Biden made the remarks during a meeting of foreign policy specialists. Biden said he, “Threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.” Biden suggested during his talk that Barack Obama was in on the threat.

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