More experts say Covid 19 measures are ultra-vires and fighting back, and the Abraham accords: Links 2 for September 15, 2020

1. Toronto

2. New Japanese PM a hawk on China consistent with the previous PM

3. As vulgar as this man’s actions are, Salty Cracker does make some good points. Clearly the laws are different for some people.

4. Google/Youtube BLOCKS interview with White House Doctor because it contradicts the Chinese Communist Party’s PoV. Just let the enormity of that sink in.

5. Conference with Canadian Constitutional lawyer and others discussing Covid measures and their legality. Comparisons are made to Australia. Canadians who are familiar with these individuals and their history, please leave comments under this post about them as I am unfamiliar with them entirely. Rocco Galati, is the Lawyer and this is his Wiki.

The Quarantine camp where people with suspected Covid will be concentrated referred to by Rocco is in item 6. Having heard about 20 minutes of this, you certainly cannot accuse them of being “right wing”.

***UPDATE*** Ezra Levant did an interview with Rocco so we can know a bit more about him here.

6. Trudeau government to provide Toronto with $14 MILLION for quarantine facility

The Trudeau Liberals will be granting Toronto with $14 million in taxpayer dollars to run quarantine facilities for those who are unable to stay at home.

The announcement was made by Health Minister Patty Hajdu from city hall, alongside Toronto Mayor John Tory and Dr. Eileen de Villa, the city’s medical officer of health.

The announcement came after days of Ontario cases reaching nearly 200 new confirmed cases a day—rates that mirror those of the early pandemic.

A majority of the cases reported have been in the Toronto area.

Hajdu told media that the $13.9 million would allow the government to cover operating costs of a 140-bed hotel for 12 months where voluntary where people will be able to self isolate. This, Hajdu says, will reduce the spread between those with roommates or those in multi-generation homes.

7. Tim poole interviews a PhD in hard sciences about critical gender theory. Its interesting to hear someone speak about the same things as Stephen Coughlin from a different angle of parallax.

8. On the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem tonight

9. More covid deaths

10. 90 second video on the Abraham accords

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ET., Yucki, Sassy, PC., Richard, Johnny U., Morticiaa and so many more who are trying to retain sanity in times where the most basic frames of reference have been yanked out from under our feet.


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3 Replies to “More experts say Covid 19 measures are ultra-vires and fighting back, and the Abraham accords: Links 2 for September 15, 2020”

  1. Noah Pollak: It’s too good, so posting in full:

    What accounts for today’s historic peace deal? A lot of hard work, for sure. The enormous growth in Israeli economic, military, & demographic power over the last 20 years, definitely. But the key new ingredient is the Trump admin being guided by the right ideas. Short thread. 1/

    Since before Israel’s founding, self-described foreign policy “realists” have been anti-Israel, or at least anti US-Israel alliance. Why be friends with the little guy when doing so angers the vastly larger majority in the region, and we need their oil? 2/

    This began to change after the Six Day War, and accelerated in 1973 & the early 1980’s, when Israel proved itself a highly capable US client in the Cold War — using US-supplied arms to defeat Soviet-armed and -trained Arab clients. This was very good for the US. 3/

    A true realist would look at this as successful superpower-client alliance & offshore balancing: Israel keeps its region in check, promotes American interests, all at very low cost to the US. A little military aid and diplomatic support, no troops, no involvement in wars. 4/

    But once the Cold War ended, this real realism was overtaken by sentimentalism masquerading as foreign policy. The peace process (which started at the Madrid Conference in 1991) and the Iran nuclear deal being two major examples. 5/

    From 1991 to 2016, US-Israel relations revolved to a great extent around the Palestinian issue, giving politically-militarily weak (& anti-American) Pals huge influence over an alliance btwn the global & regional superpowers. This damage was self-inflicted by the US & Israel. 6/

    It was a choice to pursue a mirage. It was presidential narcissism & misguided idealism clouding sober thinking. Also an example of Kissinger’s maxim: “When enough bureaucratic prestige has been invested in a policy, it is easier to see it fail than to abandon it.” 7/

    What Trump did in very simple terms is remove the Pal veto over US-Israel relations. He offered them a seat at the table, they turned him down, and so he moved on. Arab states, fearful of Iran & attracted to a strong US-Israel regional order, are joining the alliance. 8/

    There’s a simple foreign policy lesson here: reward your friends and punish your enemies, because then you’ll have more friends and fewer enemies. Trump understood this intuitively, and had the guts to ignore basically the entire DC foreign policy establishment to pursue it. 9/

    This FP guild predicted over & over that war & violence would follow every realist foreign policy move. I don’t think they believed it, but they’ve been saying it for 30 years to protect their turf through intimidation and catastrophizing, and it’s always worked. 10/

    Obviously, they were wrong. States respect strength and seek alliances that offer security, order, and prosperity. A defining legacy of the Trump admin will be its willingness to defy this vacuous “expert” guild, to great and hopefully lasting success for the US & ME. end/

  2. 2 – I am glad that the hard nosed Patriot is going to be the next Prime Minister of Japan, we need a strong ally in that portion of the world. The information coming out of India says that both China and India are moving large numbers of people into the Ladach area to reinforce the people that are already in place. The big question is why are the Chinese moving 50,000 people into the mountains at the beginning of winter, yes trained people can fight a winter war in the mountains but the Indians have the advantage since a lot of their personal are Gurkga’s and Tibetians who are use to living and operating at high altitude.

    Another sign that something serious may be happening is that the you tube channel The Fustrated Indian (that I think is an Indian Government Propaganda Channel, has backed off from making a lot of videos attacking and making fun of the Chinese. The closest they have come to that in several days was todays video about the new Japanese Prime Minister.

    It could be that all that is happening is the usual bluster and bluffing that goes on all the time at the LAC. Or it could be that China is trying to draw the worlds attention to the Mountains to distract from something they are doing in a different area. Or they could be trying to draw attention to some thing that either Erdogan or Iran is planning or already doing in the MIdeast. The area the Indian papers call Western Asia.

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