Zuckerberg uses some interesting language: Links 2, September 7, 2020

1. After 60 years is Tibet going to get a chance to properly confront the Chinese as part of Indian secret services?

2. Interesting video showing how media reserves the most horrifying images to use to push agendas

3. Cambridge University Press study suggesting Covid fatalities grossly overestimated due to research bias. Click through for thread.

4. All lies matter. Revisiting Yuri Bezmenov as it is applied

5. Zuckerberg has the exact opposite definition of normal than the rest of us. Every election is determined that day. So that is normal by definition. He is trying to claim that taking weeks to determine the winner is normal. Yet that has never happened before. But he does use the word “Consensus” exactly right. An imposed decision by the minority on the majority and all objections will be demonized as ‘hate speech’.

Let us revisit what a consensus is:

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., PC., Yucki, WTD. and MANY more who are circling the wagons the best way they know how.

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  1. Vlad, by reckognizing and identifying Zuckerberg’s use of the word “consensus” you help place us on an even footing with this adversary. It is a significant point. Thank you.

  2. 1 – I don’t know if India has changed its policy towards Tibet or they have decided that with all the problems that China has now is their best chance to free Tibet. I have seen a to of calls for India to liberate Tibet, how many of those are real and how many are propaganda to put pressure on China I don’t know.

    5 – The Zuck’s lies matter as much as any other, I wonder if he has ever studied revolutions and realize that he and his family are on the list for the re-education camps?

    4 – What is implied in that video has crossed my mind many times but I don’t have any hard evidence, just as we don’t have hard evidence about the possibility of both Clintons being recruited. For that matter we have no hard evidence that the Clintons are connected with the numerous mysterious deaths that occur in their circles.

      • Given all of the disasters that are happening in China the CCP may not have much longer to exist. The Russians who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union and who have money invested in China are suppose to be pulling that money out because of the similarities between the Soviet Union just before the collapse and what is happening in China.

        • I’m not convinced Russia-Russians have invested in China. Just talk, makes them sound important, like players. Putin is VERY careful about money – his “subjects” throwing it away in China?

          Russian oligarchs outside of Russia, well they live everywhere high on the hog. So speak, not the Jewish ones, I hope.

  3. 5 – Zuckerberg

    “Silicon Valley Donors ‘Happiest’ with Pro-Big Tech Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Running Mate”
    by Sean Moran – August 13, 2020

    Video: “Constitutional lawyer explains Pelosi will NOT become president on 1-20” By M. Dowling – August 25, 2020

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