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5 Replies to “How the global Marxist revolution is installing itself in Ireland”

  1. There is one question that has me puzzled; why isn’t the Roman Catholic Church intervening to support Ireland, which is, or perhaps was, a very devout Catholic country.

    I think I know the answer; it is that Roman Catholicism is very socialist if not Marxist in its doctrine.

    for anyone interested in learning more about the Roman Catholic belief system, I can recommend a book entitled “Ecclesiastical Megalomania”, by John W. Robbins.

    A short extract from Mr Robbins’ book illustrates my contention:
    Page 32 – ‘In Thomas’ (ie Thomas Aquinas) philosophy, need is the moral criterion for the rightful and lawful possession of property; Whoever needs property ought to possess it. Need makes another’s goods one’s own. Need is the ultimate and only MORAL title to property.’

    In short, the Roman Catholic Church does not regard the taking of another person’s property; whether it is land, housing, food, household goods, goods in shops etc; as theft or sinful if the thief says they have need of it.

    And that is a fundamental reason that the Roman Catholic Church was supportive of Liberation Theology, why it does not denounce the invasion of the USA and Europe by third world illegal immigrants and why it will do nothing to support Ireland in resisting the theft of the country from the indigenous population by muslims and now the Chinese.

    But, as I say, the invasion of the West by other races and cultures is something the Roman Catholic Church supports; they preach Natural Law (pagan law) rather than Supernatural Law (God’s Law).

        • No TRUE Jesuit !
          My reading parner for the yearly cycle of Torah was an elderly Jesuit. Professor Emeritus of Classics at Boston College, a fine school (in his day, anyway).
          Not the slightest hint of so-called Liberation Theology.

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