Australia, and ANTIFA Assassin shot during arrest: Links 1, September 4, 2020

1. In true communist fashion, the German authorities and media when faced with a problem they cannot hide, lie about its causes.

2. Ozzie soldier arrested for PLANNING to go to an anti-covid-measures protest tomorrow.

Watch how Australia’s enemy propaganda handles the event above

3. The Daily Mail did a story on the officer who in order to protect a man and other passengers from a potential respiratory disease, pepper sprays a passenger who isn’t wearing a mask.

4. France tells illegal immigrants life in UK is EASY, MPs claim as crossings soar

FRENCH politicians are fuelling the cross-channel migrant crisis by spreading false claims that it is easy to live undetected in the UK, MP’s said yesterday.

They claimed that “misconceptions” were encouraging migrants to make the perilous journey by small boat across the English Channel. The accusations came amid deepening tensions over the crisis as it emerged that Paris is reluctant to use a British surveillance plane to help with patrols. Officials giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee said the UK is still waiting for an answer from the French government on whether the plane is wanted or not.

5. This appears to be the scene right after the shooting of the ANTIFA assassin


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Malevolent pixie, Johnny U., and many more who have been busy overnight keeping track of the runaway train that is order and civilization at this point.



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  1. Britain was the source of modern democracy with the rule of law and individual rights, now all of the nations that sprang from her are busy trying to destroy all freedom and individual rights. If we lose this fight the light of freedom will be extinguished for many centuries.

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