Robert Kennedy Jr. in Berlin today

In a completely unrelated event, but also in Berlin…

Thank you Miss Piggy

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  1. Is Canada still a democracy? Today I drove a long way to go shopping, I wanted to buy some silver chains, a variety of lengths, that I may put crosses on. I decided before the world deteriorates into some kind of a living hell supported by an awful lot of stupid people, I should shop now.

    I drove 150 miles to the New Sudbury mall. It is hard for me to even look at the robot, puppet morons walking along, even outside with their masks on. Some wear their mask over their nose only, brrr, some do not cover their nose at all. In the food court area, no one wears a mask, but a few meters away everyone has their mask on in the line for the washroom.

    I can barely look at these people, I automatically think of the film about Hitler arriving in Austria, the crowds were all waving and cheering, throwing flowers.

    I headed straight to the Peoples jewellery store. I walked in, the girl said “Hi” and asked if she could help me. I told her I wanted 4 silver chains to hang crosses on, and I showed her my cross I love so much, my Vlad Tepes cross. Someone in the back yelled something to the girl and the girl ask me to follow her to the door. At the door she told me I had to wear a mask to come in the store and I told her I do not wear a mask. She offered me a thin mask to wear and I again said I do not wear a mask. Then she told me I could look at their stock on line and pick it up. I live 150 miles away. I then asked again if I could not see some chains and she said no, I would have to leave the store. She told me she was sorry and I said “not to worry”.

    I walked down the mall to another jewellery store and bought 4 silver chains of different lengths. I added Peoples jewellery to my list of places I will never shop in ever again. The positive side of the story is, I will save an awful lot of money, they just lost a jewellery queen. I should have yelled my name so they could check their records and laugh at the customer they just lost.

    I do feel terribly sorry for all the little kids I saw walking down the streets, wearing their masks, with their stupid parents. One little girl was crying saying she did not want to wear a mask. I got in my car and drove home. I am better out in the quiet zone, but I do greatly fear for all of our future. Too bad more people did not rely on God to protect them, he is a far better bet the the global madmen.

    The next time Trudeau, Freeland and Soros meet they will all be patting each other’s back and will no doubt say “We have done an outstanding job”.

  2. Thank you ET. You’ve saved me the trouble of my own accounts here in Dystopia’s capital. Add to the masks the poor sods wearing face shields. We now know there are common drugs to protect us, and we know the masks are not supported by science, yet…our hobbled, sinking society.

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