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One Reply to “Robert Kennedy in Berlin, a prelude to tomorrow’s MAJOR demonstration against Covid measures”

  1. This is one of the most moving speeches I have ever heard. Such power only comes when spoken at the right time, I suspect, which makes it a litmus to the epoch in which it is spoken.

    Yesterday at the hardware store I stood behind an old woman in the line for the cashier. Yes, we were on our dots. I felt safe on my dot. My dot was my island of refuge in an ocean of threat and fear. I am being sarcastic. The woman wore prescription glasses. Over her glasses she wore a face shield. Over her mouth and nose she wore a mask. The head band for the face shield pushed her hair down over her eyes. I don’t think she could see very well. She bumped her cart into a display as we inched forward.

    I am angry at the people who have terrified this old woman. I want the people who have manufactured this fear to be held accountable.

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