Covid increasingly more political than medical: Links 1 for August 16, 2020

1. It appears that leftist governments, not happy with lack of Corona deaths and sickness, are trying to find new numbers to justify the crazy expenses and totalitarian reaction to Covid 19.

2. VISA now so racist it promotes businesses on the basis of the colour of the people who own it.

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3. UAE Flags on Israeli highway

4. Interesting little historical titbit

5. ANTIFA best and brightest?

6. Cologne Antifa Extremist Group Funded by University Student Fees

“Cologne University students have donated at least €8,500 from their student fees towards a far-left extremist Antifa group which is under observation by the German security services.

The Cologne General Students’ Committee (AStA) has donated thousands of euros since at least 2010 to the Antifa AK extremist group, according to budget documents. Following the revelation, the local Green University group expressed their full support for Antifa.

“Antifa AK is the student body, and the student body is Antifa!” the Green group wrote on Facebook. It added that Antifa AK was “a working group of the student body of the University of Cologne and thus an integral part of it”, Die Welt reports.

According to the newspaper, the Antifa AK group is on a list of extremist groups observed by the Federal Office for the Protection fo the Constitution (BfV). Germany’s domestic intelligence agency described it as an organisation that “pursues anti-constitutional goals” and “therefore it is an extremist group”.

Students at the University of Cologne pay semester fees of €28o, €205 of which goes to the AStA which is linked to the student government.

7. Tucker Carlson gets closer to the truth about racism than anyone else with a large platform so far. That truth being that the entire concept of ‘racism’ is a communist plot to negate or more succinctly, destroy whatever is in their targets at that moment while not applying it to where the concept is actually in play. Like China, Japan, or a dozen African tribes for that matter. The fact is that only white countries give a damn about Racism as it really is or as the word is meant to be understood, while pretty much everywhere else, like China, Japan, all muslim countries, and most of Africa, its policy. And the Marxist view of racism would make pointing this out racist, which actually proves our point. Its a weapon. Not an issue.

8. TN Calls for Check on “All Children”

On August 11, the Tennessee Child Wellbeing Task Force (“Task Force”) published “a guidance document” through the Department of Education “to ensure all children are checked-in (sic) on.” The document calls on localities to mobilize their resources to “connect with each child to verify wellbeing and identify need.”

(BREAKING: While building this alert email we have also been working the phones. First we learned the Guidance Document has been removed from the Department of Education website, and we have now learned the Governor’s office is rethinking whether to put it back up. They need to hear from all Tennessee residents, and we all need to remain vigilant against similar efforts in other states who may choose to follow the example they initially set.)

9. We have to admit, having muslims makes any place more exciting

10. Massive protests in Montreal, English starts at around 2:20. Protest appears to be against the Covid measures which are easily interpreted as unnecessary totalitarian measures which are self contradictory if you take the explanations at face value. Canadians are all isolated and masked, but flights from China were never stopped, and Roxam Road was never closed along with whatever illegal border crossings we don’t know about.

One hour video

Thank you ET., M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Johnny U., Pym Purnell, PC., Xanthippa, and all who contributed to this site and any effort to resist the insurgency at all levels.

I really have no idea what the deal is with the arrest of Millie Weaver. We would prefer not to comment till we actually know something and for that the dust has to clear a bit and more has to be known. But one thing is for sure. The evil that Google and its subsidiary, Youtube does, is very real. On this update video from Alex Jones on the arrest, Youtube actually blocked the audio. Which is quite an arrogant and honest form of censorship, since we can know for a fact they censored it. The full video with sound can be seen at this link however.


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10 Replies to “Covid increasingly more political than medical: Links 1 for August 16, 2020”

  1. #9 I saw several replies in the Twitter thread saying that the violent footage is from previous year(s). Doesn’t make it less shocking, but still.

  2. 3/ I can’t get excited about this “Abraham Accord”. Starting with the grandiose name that screams Publicity Stunt.

    The UAE is jittery. Hemorrhaging money since the oil market crashed, just sold off a massive concession to CHI-na. Lining things up in case Biden wins – which he won’t.

    Or if a second-term PT gets bored, having characterized the region as “nothing but sand and death”. Or he might play games with Rand Paul, or cuddle-up again in the Oval Office with the filthy Turk.

    The UAE and Israel present this deal differently to their people. For Arabs, all that counts is what’s said in Arabic, and translations I’ve seen don’t inspire my jubilation.

    There’s an apology, of sorts, in The Telegraph:
    The UAE’s landmark deal with Israel is a step towards achieving a two-state solution

    • Think about what the peace between I and Jordan ; I and Egypt has garnered.
      Jubilation, at first. But there are no trains between their capitals.
      You never know what good could come of trying, though.

      • Yep.
        Jew-hate intensified after the peace deal. Percolating MB, maybe.

        But I think that could change. Egypt is a nation, not a crude patchwork-quilt of tribes. They don’t have to invent national pride; their identity is deep and secure. By FAR the most important, most populous Arab nation.

        (Though you wouldn’t know it from news coverage or university ME studies departments in the West. Subsidized by camel-drivers living off the family gas-station.)

        My experience there was beyond positive. Aristocratic elderly ladies nostalgic for the good old days. Even remembered some Ladino, that was definitely a thing, once upon a time. (Blamed everything on Nasser and the Soviets.)

        King Hussein of Jordan knew who he was and where he lived. Abdullah – the “drunken-dwarf kinglet” – gained nothing by marrying a Palestinian. They hate him; his helicopter’s on standby 24/7.

  3. 4 IIRC DH Lawrence witnessed Ali Pasha throwing elderly Bulgarians into the fire of his steam locomotive then telling him to wait and listen as the head exploded with a pop some seconds later. Lawrence accepted it as normal behaviour for a Turk.
    The three Bosnian SS divisions in WW2 included muslims from every Balkan state and were very good at murdering unarmed Christian civilians. But when they met the Red army were swept aside as trash and IIRC the Germans disarmed them giving their weapons to those who would actually fight

    • The Balkans used to have a significant population of Sephardim, pretty much direct descendents of those who left the Iberian Peninsula. As the Ottomans were fracturing, many Ladino-speakers left for Latin America.

      That’s when some of my extended family settled in Cuba. Ashkenazim came somewhat later, a different slice of life.

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