More reasons to suspect Covid response is not science, and peace breaks out in parts of the Middle East: Links 1, August 13, 2020

1. Not scared enough of your neighbours and the stores? No problem. CTV is letting is know its time to be scared of our food

Chinese officials say chicken wings imported from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus

A sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil has tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, authorities said Thursday, the latest in a series of reports of contaminated imported food products.

The coronavirus was detected Wednesday on a surface sample taken from a batch of chicken wings during screening of imported frozen food in Longgang district of Shenzhen, the municipal government said in a statement. Officials did not name the brand.

Shenzhen health authorities immediately traced and tested people who might have come into contact with the product, and all results came back negative; all related products in stock have been sealed off and tested negative, the statement said.

(Wait, doesn’t Brazil have a leader that is also defying the narrative on Covid and treated himself successfully for the disease with Hydroxychloroquine even though he is very high risk thanks to his serious injury from an assassination attempt by a leftist before the election?)

2. Opinion piece by Robert Spencer: The Progressives’ Inner Totalitarianism is Showing More by the Day

Totalitarianism is just what it says it is: total. In a totalitarian state, the government’s power is absolutely unfettered and unlimited: it either controls the means of production or owns them outright. It controls what can be said and what cannot be. It asserts authority over every aspect of the citizen’s life. Most Americans complacently assume that totalitarianism could never come to the United States. But today it is advancing here at a rapid clip.

The totalitarian impulse is not coming today from the U.S. government, although that will quickly change if the Democrats win in November, but it is coming nonetheless, and coming quickly. Yesterday I spoke with a young person who works in an industry that has nothing whatsoever to do with politics; she told me that anyone in her circle who expressed support for Trump and/or skepticism about the agenda and goals of Black Lives Matter risked being fired, and not just losing the one job, but become unhirable. Supporting Trump means career ruin.

We knew that already, but its totalitarian implications have not been sufficiently highlighted. Just like in the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, in America today, only one point of view, only one political perspective, can be stated openly and freely in public without consequences.

3. French Cop to No-Go Zone Residents: Just Move, or Go Vigilante

(It has been the position of this site, that the one thing missing from all who wish to resist the Islamic-communist total reformat of Western Civilization into something truly horrifying, is permission. Permission to actually fight back. The first thing the left did was make sure any objection to the changes taking place, as well as loss of critical freedoms, was lack of permission to object, then attacking those who objected, then demanding that all who remain silent on these issues and do not support the revolution are guilty of hate or racism or whatever offers permission to the enemy to destroy the counter-revolution. So its quite refreshing to see this one police officer stating the natural law. If the state cannot protect you, do it yourself. It is likely insufficient permission for pretty much all people even within these Islamic no-go zones. But it might stimulate the right permission.

In fact, the entire point of the reelection of Donald Trump on November 3rd, has more to do with what we ourselves feel we are allowed to do in defence of our culture and laws, than what President Trump can do for us. The anti-state is well established and is at the head of nearly every intel agency in the US. And quite probably Canada as well. So its more about having a symbolic leader that offers us the permission to do what we will have to do if we are to stop a revolution that promises to make “Nicht schießen” the most popular phrase heard on the street by the general, great unmasked public.)

A police officer has told residents in the no-go zone of Montpellier that if they are sick of violence and verbal abuse from local youths, they should either move or adopt the vigilante methods used in Corsica and handle their own problems.

Last Friday, residents of the Hauts de Massane district made repeated phone calls to police over incidents of youths breaking into houses and garages, stealing, throwing rocks at vehicles, and screaming profanities at inhabitants.

“I called because they started throwing rocks at the vehicles in the residence’s car park. There was a rising crescendo of screams and vulgarities,” one local said. She claimed the police responded by saying that throwing rocks was not a priority for them, France Bleu reported on Tuesday.

The officer allegedly said: “You know when you live there, you have to find out before you buy.”

“You need to have people in your residence who have the balls to go to the basement, to sort this out your own way, with the Corsican method,” the officer added, referencing vigilante justice.

4. In what many may feel is a moment of turnabout is fair play, a mosque in France caught fire. It is our estimate however, that like so many vandal or arson attacks on mosques in the West up till now, it was rival muslims, congregants who are unhappy, or as is often the case, a false flag for one of several reasons. As in one mosque which was in a dangerous and run down part of Airstrip One some years ago, the Somali Mosqueovites attacked the building, tagged it with EDL Graffiti. although with  curiously unEnglish syntax, and broke lots of things. The predictable happened. Local government berated the Islamophobia, and made sure plenty of funds were available to rebuild anew and with greater space and facilities, just to teach those awful racist indigenous British people a lesson! Then again, it could be an electrical short. Or a workman smoking a cigarette near the thousand year old Oak beams. But the damage looks pretty minimal. So…

5. Dr. Ted discusses the curious response to an incurious disease

(Report referenced is here)

6. Israel and the UAE reach historic deal to normalise relations, with US help

Washington: Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a historic deal that will lead to a full normalisation of diplomatic relations between the two Middle Eastern nations in an agreement that US President Donald Trump helped to broker.

Under the agreement, Israel has agreed to suspend applying sovereignty to areas of the West Bank that it has been discussing annexing, senior White House officials said.

The deal was the product of lengthy discussions between Israel, the UAE and the United States that accelerated recently, White House officials said.

The agreement was sealed in a phone call on Thursday, US time, between Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed.

“HUGE breakthrough today! Historic Peace Agreement between our two GREAT friends, Israel and the United Arab Emirates,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Thank you Johnny U., EB., Wrath of Khan, ET., MissPiggy, ML., C., and all who sent in materials and help of any kind this week.

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  1. 6/ It’s a hudna.
    Israelis heard annexation was temporarily suspended, while MBZ told his people it was stopped. Those are two very different messages.

    The annexation – more accurately, extension of sovereignty – was half-baked in the Deal of the Century. The map lines weren’t even properly delineated. Besides, Judea and Samaria aren’t gifts to be bestowed by a colonial power.

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