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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. On what’s going on in precious metals, but more importantly on the Fed’s coming policy change to abandon the 2% inflation “quota”. This makes good sense given the options vis-a-vis debt repayment. Repayment in devalued funny money is better than outright default (though it is a de facto default).

  2. This may seem like a trivial matter, but I don’t think so. Dystopia’s capital city, Ottawa, has gone from being a great city to drive in to a miserable one all because of the leftist-inspired bike lanes. There are bike lanes, pylons and road narrowing everywhere, for bike sake. Retailers in commercial strips have seen business shrivel because street-side parking has been replaced by these lanes. Car-hostile concrete curbs emerge from nowhere as barriers. Lefties defiant and empowered by these flimsy barriers challenge cars, and even dump trucks, to cross what amount to nothing more than ideological barriers in defense of their green nirvana. Surprised are they to find themselves plucking harp strings whence they discover there is not much competition between a cement truck and bicycle. Duh. Refreshingly, the communist mayor of Budapest is being challenged for his own nonsensicle impositions in this regard. Given the Hungarian tradition of driving being an expression of the national character–something between freedom fighting and accusing every fellow driver of being a matriarchal fornicator–I’m surprised this idiot got as far as he did. A search for bicycle/concrete truck contests turns up a surprisingly large number of incidents. Sad but true.

    • It must be added that the bike lanes are not removed all through the winter when its crazy dangerous to bike near traffic anyway and nearly no one does it. The fact that downtown is ruined using cyclists as the excuse all winter shows that this is more about anti-car than it is about pro-cycling.

  3. Three Dead as Violence Grips India’s Bengaluru Over ‘Derogatory’ Facebook Post on Prophet Mohammad (sputniknews, Aug 12, 2020)

    “Angry crowds went on a rampage in the Kaval Byrasandra area of Bengaluru over a Facebook post, allegedly shared by P. Naveen, nephew of Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy, a Congress legislator from the Pulakeshinagar area. Violence engulfed parts of India’s “Silicon Valley” last night as protesters and police locked horns.

    At least three people died and dozens of people were left injured in the Indian city of Bengaluru on Tuesday night after police opened fire at a mob protesting a “derogatory post” that allegedly insulted the Prophet Mohammad.

    The post is said to have been shared on social media by P. Naveen, nephew of Karnataka Congress state legislator Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy from Pulakeshinagar.

    A total of 110 people have been arrested in connection with the violence. The wounded also included 60 policemen, local media reported.

    According to media reports, protesters reached police stations to file their complaints against the now-deleted Facebook post.

    Naveen claimed that his Facebook account had been hacked and he had no idea about the post that was causing the upheaval.

    Demonstrators later gathered in front of the house of Naveen’s uncle and state legislator Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy, located in the city’s Kaval Byrsandra area, and began hurling stones. Hundreds of cars parked outside were also set on fire, police said.

    Photos and videos of the violence have gone viral on social media. Senior Karnataka Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao also tweeted about the “horrible situation” last night…”

  4. Kent child migrant crisis to erupt in two days as county hits capacity to house youngsters (express, Aug 12, 2020)

    “KENT will run out of places to house child migrants arriving alone on the south coast within two days, a council chief admitted yesterday.

    Councillor Sue Chandler, the head of Children’s Services at Kent County Council, said the numbers now arriving on the south coast are similar to the refugee crisis in 2015.

    She admitted the council will be demanding emergency help from other local authorities and ministers.

    The Conservative politician, whose district includes Dover, said small boats are easier for vile people smugglers to pack children into, prompting fears the system will be overwhelmed within days if current trends continue.

    Previously, only one or two young asylum seekers could hide in a single lorry. But more are forced to cram into these small boats which often have up to 20 people in them.

    Kent County Council has to pay for young asylum seekers to live in rented homes and for social workers to visit.

    Kent has a legal obligation to look after the children who land in the county – whereas authorities across the country take in adult migrants.

    Officials in the county could then look after them until they are 25.

    Children under the age of 16 will be taken in by a foster family, “preferably in Kent, though that has been proving more difficult as time has gone on”, and those between 16 and 18 will be sent to a reception centre specifically for asylum seekers.

    So many children are making the crossing, they are having to share rooms with strangers.

    Some teenagers will have en-suite bathrooms while others will have to share.

    Those closer to 18-years-old will live in shared houses together.

    Asked how long the council will be able to cope if this trend continues, Councillor Sue Chandler admitted: “Two days at the current rate.

    “It is extremely concerning. We are already talking to other local authorities for emergency help and asking the ministers ‘what are you going to do.

    “We have done that once. We are going to do it again.

    “It started to pick up last Summer and has really escalated this year.

    “The number of young people coming across from France, we haven’t seen since 2015 and the pressure that is putting on our services is really quite severe.

    “We have had 400 this week, we have had 53 in the last week and in the last 24 hours, we have had another 15.

    “We are running out of accommodation spaces and social care.

    “In terms of providing accommodation, you can’t suddenly find that type of accommodation which is appropriate and the right kind of standards for young people.”

    Councillor Chandler admitted it costs a “small fortune” to look after such vast numbers of unaccompanied migrant children but could not specify how much.

    The Tory politician said 90 children and young people have been sent to other areas of the country because Kent County Council is struggling to cope.

    But councils are only taking two or three children each, with several willing to take on up to 10, under the National Transfer Scheme.

    The Tory politician added: “There is quite a long list of authorities who have made the gesture, but in the context of our problem, it is quite a small problem.

    “The most effective solution is to stop the boats leaving France in the first place.

    “Before, it was young people coming in lorries. This route is proving to be very effective.

    “The National Transfer Scheme hasn’t been particularly effective. We have had some offers in the last month. But that is only a small proportion.

    “The weather has very much been in their favour. The seas have been so calm. We need to stop the boats coming. If we can’t stop the boats coming, we need a mandated transfer scheme very very quickly.

    “Undoubtedly, there will be solution, and I hope that solution is found very soon. That will have to include help from other local authorities.”

    The scheme currently allows local authorities to sign up to accept unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) dispersed from local authorities which receive high numbers of migrant children in their care.

    The scheme was launched in 2016 in a bid to relieve pressure on councils such as Kent and Croydon which are supporting high numbers of UASC, largely due to transport links and geographical placement.

    The government announced a funding boost for the scheme in June which will see local authorities receive £240 per person, per week.

    Councillor Chandler admitted some will be fleeing from wars, while others will have chosen to make the crossing because they see it as a better future.

    She said the most common nationality of children arriving in Kent this year was Iranians, Afghans, Iraqis, Sudanese and Eritreans…”

  5. Alleged ‘Jihad Bride’ Mother-of-Nine Back in UK Living on Welfare, Says ISIS Suspects ‘Oppressed’ (breitbart, Aug 12, 2020)

    “A British-German dual national accused of becoming a ‘jihadi bride’ in Syria is back living in Britain and living on benefits, claiming that ISIS suspects are “the oppressed people”.

    Two years ago it was alleged that Natalie Bracht travelled to Syria to become the second wife of a 31-year-old Islamic State jihadist who had been based in London, Celso Rodrigues Da Costa.

    However, Bracht, a Muslim convert and mother of nine who is now 45, denies having ever gone to the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.

    At the weekend it was revealed in the Sunday People that she is now living on a canal boat at taxpayers’ expense and hopes to earn money as a busker.

    Bracht was flown in April from Germany to Britain, where she was reportedly “interrogated” for a number of hours under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 by Special Branch agents — who she said questioned her over “what I thought about Brexit, how I think about elections, what I think about vaccines”.

    “They asked me where I had stayed in Syria. I had to tell them a couple of times, ‘Guys, I wasn’t in Syria’,” she claimed, complaining that she has “been treated like a terror suspect” despite never having been convicted of terror-related crimes.

    Very few people who return from the former caliphate are ever charged for anything, however, given the obvious difficulty of gathering the evidence for a prosecution from the war-torn region.

    Bracht, who police say suffers from a personality disorder, admitted that she began volunteering in 2012 as an interpreter for the campaign group CAGE, which has previously demanded Britain abolish all terror laws.

    In 2017, their director — who once described the infamous Islamic State executioner ‘Jihadi John’ as an“extremely kind, gentle, beautiful young man” — was convicted under anti-terror legislation.

    More recently, Breitbart London reported how CAGE had advertisements pulled from Facebook in May after they alleged that the novel coronavirus was an act of revenge from Allah.

    The London-based “human rights” group also used the advert to lash out at “racist” right-leaning newspapers which have criticised them, proclaiming that such media outlets “stoke fear and hatred of Muslims”.

    Bracht translated letters for terror suspects detained worldwide out of concern over rising “Islamophobia”, and was given access to documents pertaining to the infamous al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki.

    “It’s a modern witch hunt. These are the oppressed people,” Bracht told the Sunday People, referring to jihadist suspects in the Middle East.

    “They are in prison, then they are free again and then they are not ­convicted but treated for the rest of their lives as full-time terror suspects. They never had ­convictions,” she said, adding that she felt sorry for Shamima Begum, a London-born woman who travelled to Syria to become a jihadi bride in her teens and now wants to return to Britain.

    The British government stripped the ISIS defector of her British citizenship after it was said that Begum “carr[ied] a Kalashnikov rifle and earned a reputation as a strict ‘enforcer’ of [the Islamic State’s] laws, such as dress codes for women”, as well as having “literally stitch[ed] the vests” of suicide bombers.

    But Bracht claimed the jihadi bride had been “brainwashed on the ­internet”, adding that “she was only 15 years old” when she left Britain for Syria and so “should be dealt with by child protection” rather than by law enforcement.”

  6. Migrant Attacks Police, Brags Judge Will Do Nothing (breitbart, Aug 12, 2020)

    “A migrant arrested after attacking police in Rome continued to make threats against officers while in custody, boasting that judges would not do anything to him.

    Police arrested the migrant on Monday evening after police were called to the San Lorenzo area where the 36-year-old African was throwing bottles in a public park. When police arrived, the migrant became aggressive and assaulted one of the officers.

    He then shouted at officers: “I’ll kill you with my own hands. I’ll take you out.”

    He then ran towards a shop, but police blocked him, bought him under control using pepper spray, and placed him into custody, Il Giornale reports.

    While in the officer’s police car, the African continued to be aggressive and threatened the officers, saying: “The judge will do nothing to me tomorrow, and I will be out waiting for you.”

    According to the newspaper, the migrant is already well-known to local police and has a long list of criminal charges. The officer he assaulted was treated at a local hospital for his injuries and was given ten days’ leave.

    Meanwhile, another African migrant was arrested for violence this week in Catania after he broke a glass bottle across the face of a tourist from Turin.

    The Gambian, who came to Italy illegally, attempted to extort the tourist by removing his glasses and demanding money to get them back.

    Then the tourist refused, the 28-year-old Gambian hit him several times in the face with a glass bottle, causing deep lacerations that required stitches.

    Police later found and arrested Gambian, with officers discovering he had been arrested for the same crime just days before.

    The case comes just days after it was revealed several migrants had travelled to a town on the Italian Riviera using government “holiday bonus” cash to rob and assault tourists.”

  7. French Church Statues Destroyed by Repeated Vandalism Attacks (breitbart, Aug 11, 2020)

    “Three statues have been totally or partially destroyed at the Saint-André church in the French commune of Niort after the church saw at least three attacks in the last several weeks.

    Saint-André has been forced to close its doors until the end of August or possibly even longer due to the vandalism attacks. Over the weekend several statues were attacked, including a statue of Jesus as a baby being carried by St Anthony, which was shattered into a thousand pieces.

    According to a report from La Nouvelle Republique, some of the pieces of the statue had been placed in a nearby garbage can and the parish has filed a complaint with the local police over the attacks.

    Built in the 11th century, the church was expanded before being destroyed by local protestants in 1588. It was later rebuilt by King Louis XIV. It fell into disrepair following the French revolution and was restored during the second French empire led by Napoleon III.

    The attacks on the church are just the latest in a wave of anti-Christian attacks across France in recent years, which most recently saw Nantes Cathedral set on fire by a migrant from Rwanda.

    The 39-year-old Rwandan had volunteered at the cathedral for several years prior to the fire and was one of the few volunteers trusted with a full set of keys to the building.

    Last year, a report suggested that between 2016 and 2018 there had been thousands of cases of attacks on French churches, with the country seeing an average of three anti-Christian attacks per day.

    Ellen Fantini, director of the Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe (OIDACE), said last month that between 2008 and 2019 France had seen a 285 per cent rise in anti-Christian incidents.

    An OIDACE report in 2019 stated there has been “a rise in the number of churches, Christian symbols, and cemeteries across Europe being vandalised, desecrated, and burned, compared to previous years.””

  8. Germany: Syrian Father and Son Convicted for Forcing Woman Into Slavery (breitbart, Aug 11, 2020)

    “A Syrian father and son have been convicted by a German court for smuggling a teen girl into Germany and forcing her to serve as a slave, with the son raping her at least four times.

    Ahmad E. and his 22-year-old son Khaled E. both came to Germany as asylum seekers and were convicted of several charges relating to the abduction and enslavement of Katbeh A., who was brought to Germany in order to marry Khaled E. and give birth to a child in Germany.

    The teen, who was smuggled across the Balkan migrant route, had sexual relations with the 22-year-old and eventually gave birth to a son in February of 2019.

    Following the birth, the two men planned to take her out of the country and leave her in the Middle East, but Katbeh A. was able to get to a Turkish migrant camp where she stayed for three months before returning to Germany where she now lives in a women’s shelter with her son, Bild reports.

    48-year-old Ahmad E. was found guilty of abducting a minor, coercion, and people trafficking — but sentenced to a mere two years and three months in prison.

    His son Khaled, meanwhile, is said to have strangled, raped, and beaten the young woman and even whipped her with a belt if she did not do as he commanded. Only when she kissed his feet did the he release her.

    Much of the abuse was documented by Katbeh A. on her mobile phone, with some of the incidents occurring while she was pregnant. The 22-year-old was found guilty of four counts of rape and two counts of grievous bodily harm.

    Both men face deportation following the completion of their sentences — although Germany’s record on following through with deportation orders is weak.

    In recent years, there have been many cases of migrants forcing other migrants into some form of modern slavery.

    In Italy, for example, Nigerian mafia groups have forced young migrant girls into sexual slavery, while Chinese nationals in Italy were recently caught using African migrants as modern slaves in their textile business.”

  9. Turkish ship starts energy search amid standoff with Greece (abcnews, Aug 12, 2020)

    “A Turkish seismic research vessel has begun surveying for energy resources in contested areas of the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey’s energy minister said Wednesday, amid an escalation of tensions between rivals Greece and Turkey over oil and gas exploration rights.

    Turkey’s seismic surveying ship, Oruc Reis, was “taking the x-ray of our seas,” Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez said on Twitter. He said the the vessel had also lowered 1,750 kilometers (1,087 miles) of seismic cables into the Mediterranean.

    Turkey dispatched the Orus Reis and two support vessels to undertake seismic research for energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean in an area Greece says is on its continental shelf. The move reignited tensions between NATO allies Greece and Turkey, both of which have warships shadowing the Turkish research vessel.

    Greece has called on Turkey to withdraw vessels from the area. Turkey said Tuesday it would not back away from its search activities, adding that it plans to issue new exploration licenses for the area despite an escalating dispute with Greece over drilling rights.

    Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is scheduled to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday in Vienna, his ministry said Wednesday. Talks are to focus on Turkey’s actions and developments in the eastern Mediterranean.

    European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell tweeted on Wednesday that he was calling an extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council meeting for Friday, to discuss the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, as well as the presidential elections in Belarus and developments in Lebanon after a massive deadly explosion there.

    Greece had called for the emergency meeting over what it termed the “growing Turkish provocation and delinquency,” and Dendias would be participating via video link from Vienna.

    Turkey announced that the Oruc Reis would be operating in the Mediterranean Sea between Cyprus and Greece until Aug. 23. The vessel arrived in the area Monday morning, escorted by Turkish warships. Greek warships were in the area monitoring the Oruc Reis, and the military was on alert, officials said.

    Relations between Greece and Turkey have traditionally been taut, and the neighbors have long been at loggerheads over a slew of territorial disputes. The two have come to the brink of war three times since the mid-1970s, including once over drilling exploration rights in the Aegean Sea that separates the two countries. Recent discoveries of natural gas and drilling plans across the eastern Mediterranean have led to renewed tension.

    Ankara was angered by a deal Greece signed with Egypt on Thursday delineating their bilateral maritime boundaries and exclusive economic zones for rights to the exploitation of resources. Turkish officials said the deal came as Turkey and Greece were making progress in informal talks brokered by Berlin.

    Last year, Turkey signed a similar deal with the U.N.-backed Libyan government in Tripoli, sparking outrage in Greece, Egypt and Cyprus, which said the agreement infringed on their economic rights in the Mediterranean. The EU said the deal was a violation of international law that threatened regional stability.

    At the heart of the issue is how a country’s continental shelf is calculated and whether islands should be included in the calculation. Turkey argues they should not, a position that Greece says violates international law.”

    • Thank you for posting….”America’s “Most Dangerous” Doctors Speak Out” which included this interesting little detail …video preset to 24:11 for the revelation:

      “These are too hot to put on youtube or facebook. There was a lot said that I cannot put on youtube or facebook because it will just get taken down. Things that may be just too truthful for big tech companies to accept including the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s daughter is a software engineer @ twitter”

  10. Anti-communist researcher, Trevor Loudon, details 2020 Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris’ Radical Communist Connections
    Segment from the video transcript suggests the 2008 sub-prime mortgage bank bailouts funded the expansion of the progressive/communist political hold on US politics:
    and sign up to you know they made their
    money out of you know dodgy so G prime
    you know prime mortgages
    and they had to
    pay individually had to sell out to
    Wells Fargo but anyway so they got the
    money and they put half of it into the
    progressive movement they put a whole
    lot into the democracy alliance and
    Steve Phillips became their sort of
    emissary to the progressive movement and
    the Democratic Party now 2008 Steve
    Phillips got ten million dollars
    together and recreated the rainbow
    coalition strategy in the southern
    states by doing voter registration
    drives amongst black and Latino
    communities and that is how he got his
    friend Barack Obama ahead of Hillary
    Clinton now the connection to Kamala

    cover KAMRADES

  11. Video: “BREAKING: Chinese Virologist Claims Coronavirus Derived From ‘Zhoushan Bat Virus’…Implicates Fauci In Coverup For China”
    CD Media Staff – August 11, 2020

    “War Room Pandemic Ep 327 – Man-Made Mystery (w/ Steven Mosher and Dr. Li Meng Yan)” Bannon WarRoom
    Citizen of the American Republic – August 11, 2020
    Dr. Yan @ 38:37

  12. President Trump: Democrat push for mail-in voting amounts to election meddling

    In a news conference on Monday, the president claimed the Democrat Party is trying to implement widespread mail-in voting for their own benefit. The president equated the Democrats’ pursuit of mail-in voting in the upcoming elections to foreign interference.

    “I’ll tell you who’s meddling in our election, the Democrats are meddling,” said President Trump. “By wanting and insisting on sending mail-in ballots where there’s corruption all over the place.”

    He and the Democrat Party have clashed on the issue of mail-in voting for several months now amid growing concerns about the impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on the election. President Trump, in the past, has also accused the Democrats of trying to steal the election by trying to relax voting regulations.

    “Who would want a bill banning signature verification? What’s that all about?” he asked. “You know what it’s about? Fraud.”

  13. Beirut blast: The Russian angle lurking in the odd 2013 shipment of ammonium nitrate
    By J.E. Dyer August 12, 2020

    Efforts to determine just what happened in the 4 August detonation at the port of Beirut are going to take quite a while. There’s a lot to sort out.

    And although some commentators are downplaying the significance of how the shipment of ammonium nitrate (AN) got to Beirut in the first place, in November 2013, the point remains a key factor in figuring out why it was left sitting at the port for years. That’s especially the case in light of the network of tunnels being uncovered by investigators under the warehouse where the material was stored.

  14. ‘Sanctuary City’: Mayor of Bristol Calls on Locals to Host Migrants in Their Homes (breitbart, Aug 12, 2020)

    “The progressive mayor of Bristol has backed a scheme that would place asylum seekers in the homes of residents in the English city, to reduce the number of migrants sleeping rough on the streets.

    The Bristol Hospitality Network (BHN) — which claims to represent “destitute asylum seekers in Bristol” — said that, currently, the hostel which houses migrants in the city is at full capacity, and therefore it is calling on the public to take in migrants.

    Marvin Rees, the Labour Party mayor of the city, came out in support of the scheme, saying that Bristol should be a city “where everyone feels welcome and safe”, according to the BBC.

    The director of BHN, Lizzie Briggs, said that after migrants are refused asylum status, they are given 21 extra days of free accommodation — at the expense of the British taxpayer — “so wherever there is Home Office accommodation for asylum seekers, there are refused asylum seekers made destitute, sofa-surfing, or street homeless”.

    She said that at any given time, the charity estimates 100 bogus asylum seekers remain in the city.

    “This isn’t just a Bristol problem, and every city will be taking its own approach to dealing with it,” Briggs said.

    “Bristol is a city of sanctuary, with a strong refugee and asylum seeker sector working closely with both Bristol City Council and the local community to find short, medium, and long-term solutions for this hidden and destitute population,” she pronounced.

    There are an estimated 48,000 asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. However, the true number is likely far higher in light of the record numbers of illegal boat migrants crossing the English Channel at present.

    The government has only successfully deported 2.6 per cent of an estimated 5,795 illegal boat migrants since the start of 2019. Of the 2,860 migrants that have reached British shores illegally since May of this year, zero have been deported.

    Migrants claiming asylum in the country are typically provided taxpayer-funded free housing, access to National Health Service (NHS) healthcare, education for children between the ages of five and 17, and a weekly allowance of at least £35.39.

    It is estimated that the cost of supporting so-called asylum seekers will be at least £4 billion over the coming years.

    Amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Bristol council has taken to housing migrants in hotels across the city. The Bristol Hospitality Network said that many of the asylum seekers are from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that many failed asylum seekers “will still stay in the country… picking fruit, working in the rag trade in Leicester or whatever it is. They will move into the illegal slave economy in this country.””

  15. What is the difference between what happened in Chernobyl and what has happened with the CCP WMD?

    Chernobyl saw a catastrophic failure take place because negligent communist practices were followed by even greater communist lies in the name of preserving some twisted integrity of the party. The party line was the most important thing, not the lives of the many who suffered and died.

    Now, the comintern uses another catastrophe, amplifies it with lies and propaganda, at the cost of many lives both from the virus and from the knock-on economic and sociological effect, all to perpetuate and, in this case, widen their power base by deposing the U.S. President.

    I highly recommend this program.

  16. Fearing ‘Islamophobia’ Accusations, UK Govt Allows Sharia Marriages Which Trap Women in ‘Marital Captivity’: Report (breitbart, Aug 12, 2020)

    “Thousands of women are trapped in “marital captivity” in the United Kingdom, as the government has refused to make the registration of sharia marriages mandatory out of fear of appearing “Islamophobic”, a report has found.

    The report, entitled Fallen Through the Cracks, authored by Emma Webb of the Civitas think tank, revealed that of the 100,000 sharia marriages that are held each year in Britain, only around 25 per cent are actually registered with the government.

    The research published on Tuesday found that people in the government are afraid of accusations of being Islamophobic if they crack down on the unregistered marriages and view the practice of sharia marriages as a “social and religious” problem that should “be dealt with by the community rather than the law”.

    Failures of the government to tackle the issue have resulted in hundreds of thousands of women being trapped in marriages in which they have little or no legal recourse in the event of an Islamic divorce, in which they are often forced to forgo custody of their children.

    As the state does not sanction the marriages, there is also nothing preventing Muslim men from taking multiple wives, as laws against bigamy do not apply to unregistered sharia marriages.

    In 2018, a British reporter, David Jones, was granted access to a Sharia Court in Birmingham, England, which was given authority to settle business, marriage, and financial disputes under the Arbitration Act of 1996.

    “What strikes you first is the squalid nature of the women’s stories. Their husbands have beaten and abused them, they claim; lied and cheated, cavorted with prostitutes, become addicted to drugs. One weeping wife even accuses her spouse of molesting her infant child,” Jones reported.

    The author of the study, Emma Webb, told The Telegraph: “Despite calls from Muslim women activists and the international bodies, every day women continue to suffer horribly because of completely unjustifiable shortcomings in our legislation.”

    “Despite bigamy being illegal in the UK, the fact that religious-only marriages can go under the radar effectively allows men to enter into polygamous relationships that leave the women with absolutely no marital rights or legal protection under UK law,” she said.

    “This leaves women and their children vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and destitution – it simply cannot be allowed to continue,” Webb concluded.

    The study recommended that Parliament update the current legislation to make all marriages, including religious marriages, in England and Wales mandatory, in line with the Marriage Act 1949 (Amendment) Bill.

    The author also said that the government should extend the Divorce (Religious Marriages) Act 2002 to cover Islamic divorces, as was previously done with the Jewish community in the United Kingdom.”

  17. TUCKER CARLSON had a segment with Ayaan Hirsi Ali where she spoke of Biden and Sharia Law.

    The ten-minute video of Biden catering to the Million Muslim Vote clientele.

    • Anyone in the West running for any office should be made to read the Qur’an. They should have people surfing the web looking for all the radical extremists.

      Conservatives who are about to pick a leader should be reading the Muslim Brotherhood hoods sites. Take a look at Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the Canadian leader of Hibtz ut-Tharir, an off shoot terror group of the Muslim Brotherhood living in London, Ontario. A man who says “Muslims own Canada nothing, Canadian soldiers are war criminals” and advocates “ that it is time to move from Dawah toward the stage of action which calls for the OVERTHROW of corrupt regimes. Democracy is not compatible with Islam. In a democracy, man is the sovereign legislator, so laws are legislated based exclusively on the will of the people. In Islam, on the other hand, Allah is the sovereign Legislature, so laws are legislated based exclusively on the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah; the people have NO RIGHT or capability to make Halal into Haram, or Haram into Halal, no matter how many people vote in favour of it.
      Islam and democracy are contradictory and absolutely incapable, because Islam forbids mankind from legislating laws in the place of the creator, even if the overwhelming majority of the people vote in favour of it.”

      Islamists groups are infiltrating all political parties in Canada. Derek Sloan, running for the Conservative leadership has stated he will declare the Muslim Brotherhood hoods a terrorist group. What do the others seeking the leadership have to say about the Muslim Brotherhood hoods?

      Come on man demand they answer and stop giving Canada and the United States of America’s over to ISLAM and Shari’ah law.

  18. UK: Farage calls for change in asylum rules to end Channel migrant crossings

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage called for asylum rules to be changed in order to stop migrants crossing the Channel from France, amid a surge in people arriving via small boats, in Dover on Wednesday.

    While speaking to press at the harbour, he said: “The real solution is to say that nobody who comes to Britain illegally by these means will be granted asylum. And until people know that coming by this route, they are not going to be allowed to stay, they will just keep coming. It’s simple as that.”

    Farage dismissed technical measures put in place by the government saying “And all the talk of RAF planes and drones, we’ve had that all for months here anyway. It doesn’t make any difference at all.”

    He also referred to the situation, with more than 4,000 migrants arriving since the start of the year, as a “bit of a national humiliation.”

    UK Home Office figures indicate a record 235 migrants were intercepted last Thursday, in a week where over 700 people were intercepted.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the crossings as a “very bad and stupid and dangerous and criminal thing to do,” on Monday, and his government is reportedly seeking to increase coordination with France in order to hinder the crossings, among other measures.

  19. The German Paedo-Files | RT Documentary

    Marco and Sven were put into the care of a convicted paedophile in Berlin in the 1980s.
    They unwittingly became part of a social experiment by psychology professor Helmut Kentler, who believed sexual contact between grown men and children was harmless.

    The two boys survived years of sexual abuse, as Berlin authorities condoned Kentler’s scheme for decades.

    RT Documentary speaks to Marco and Sven about life with a paedophile foster father and the trauma he inflicted on them.

    00:00 – Helmut Kentler’s paedophilia experiment
    1:50 – Marco and Sven, adopted by paedophile foster father
    3:49 – ‘A natural pedagogical talent’
    6:00 – When Marco and Sven realised their life wasn’t normal
    6:55 – The role of the SPD ruling party in the experiment
    8:20 – Those responsible still hold their positions
    11:20 – The Berlin Senate’s response to RT
    11:51 – Living with childhood trauma

  20. Why Did Biden Pick Kamala? Follow the Money

    How much did it cost to buy Biden’s VP Spot? $3.5 million.
    August 12, 2020
    Daniel Greenfield

    How much did it cost to buy Biden’s VP Spot? About $3.5 million.

    That’s how much Senator Kamala Harris’ virtual fundraiser for Biden brought in back in June.

    That not only beat Hillary’s total, but swamped every other Democrat fundraiser for Biden, except the Obama one, which brought in over $6 million for his old incontinent flunky, and Warren, who brought in more money in total, but had the misfortune of being a white woman.

    The virtual fundraisers were the real beauty contest for the money hungry Bidens. And Kamala Harris won them in a swimsuit of money long before the official announcement was even made.

    Susan Rice could hardly compete with a paltry $24,000 donation to Biden.

    “She’s been a fighter and a principled leader and I know because I’ve seen her up close, and I’ve seen her in the trenches,” Biden gushed about the California politician.

    The trenches that Biden had in mind weren’t in the fields of France, but at high-end fundraisers.

    • I copied this compilation off a blog, with links.

      Everything you want to know about Kamala but we’re afraid to ask….
      She’s Obama’s girl, his moat and protector. She was named Co-Chairwoman of the Obama Campaign.

      According to them, the Constitution is irrelevant:

      To wit:

      * Both he & she are NOT NATURAL BORN AMERICANS , ERGO, ineligible TO BE VEEP OR POTUS . Both parents must be naturalized Americans (takes 5 years) at the time of the baby’s birth.

      Kamala Harris was born In 1964 to two foreign nationals, a Jamaican Citizen father and a Citizen of India mother. Her father emigrated from Jamaica to the USA in 1961. Her mother emigrated from India to the USA in 1960. She moved to Canada with Kamala when Kamala was about seven years old. It is possible that Kamala’s mother might have naturalized as a Canadian citizen. Kamala Harris’ mother is now deceased.

    • [Copied, cont.]
      If Biden wasn’t demented & Aunt Ruthie’s days weren’t numbered, she was intended her SCOTUS replacement.

      * Kamala’s brother in law is attorney Tony West, whose law firm defended Barack Obama’s birth certificate, raised $65 Million for Barack Obama’s election. Obama appointed him Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Division reporting to Eric Holder.

      Obama was elected with illegal campaign donations (25% of what he raises) coming through a SINGLE California bank) much from Tony West. Rumors swirl of up to $300 Million in undeclared campaign contributions are not reported or those donors.

      * Kamala, as CA AG covered up Obama‘s Illegal campaign donations.

      * She misused her power to provide a dishonest title and summary to proposed pension-reform initiatives she opposes. She recognizes no rules of decency or fairness.

    • [Copied, cont.]
      She refused to follow the law on failed mortgages, threatening the FDIC and creating a $25 Billion Mortgage settlement that:

      Gave 70% of the money to government programs

      Penalized stockholders, brokers who never admitted guilt in due process

      Allowed the REAL perpetrators of the mortgage crisis (both public and private) to skate without ANY prosecution.

      (Very good explanation here.)

      It also gave her a slush fund of over $1 Billion to preside over.

      Joe will be pushed out after the 1st 100 days. He will have a “slip & fall”, or maybe get the COVID.

      Kamala husband is a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn …..

    • the local – Knifeman threatens guard in Milan cathedral

      A man armed with a knife momentarily took a guard hostage inside Milan’s cathedral on Wednesday but was quickly arrested, police said.

      He entered the famous Gothic Duomo shortly after 1pm local time and “advanced towards the private security guard, took out a knife and threatened him,” police spokesman Marco Turchetto told AFP.

      After the arrival of nearby officers on patrol and a brief mediation, the man dropped the knife and was arrested, he said.

      Milan’s Deputy Mayor Anna Scavuzzo said in a statement the man had entered the cathedral in order to evade a police check.

      Police said they were trying to determine the man’s identity.

  21. The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost in NYC

    The greatest destroyers of the Big Apple.
    August 12, 2020
    Ronn Torossian

    It seems the chickens are coming home to roost in New York City. The Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan – long considered one of the most liberal communities in the country — is up in arms as there are several new homeless shelters packed with junkies and registered sex offenders.

    According to media reports, hundreds of homeless people have descended upon the area causing chaos. How many of those people blindly vote Democrat, yet are opposed to homelessness in their own backyard? Do these folks, who just a few months were clamoring to defund the police, expect police protection from those shooting drugs up in the streets by their homes? Do they just hope masturbators in the street will miraculously stop?

    Against this backdrop, New York City is stopping cars at random checkpoints to enforce quarantine rules, but lets people commit crimes and get out of jail with no bail.

    This week, I was thrown out of “Upper West Siders for Safer Streets,” a Facebook discussion group formed to discuss the problems of that neighborhood, for daring to suggest protesting Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio for their policies which are to blame for the issues in our city.

  22. Calais Mayor: Stopping Illegal Boat Migrants Is Declaration of ‘Maritime War’ (breitbart, Aug 12, 2020)

    “The Mayor of Calais claimed that Britain has “declared maritime war” by floating the idea of sending the Royal Navy to the English Channel to prevent further waves of illegal boat migrants from reaching British shores from France.

    The outburst from Mayor Natacha Bouchart came one day after British immigration minister Chris Philp travelled to Paris to try to secure a deal that would see migrants immediately returned to France.

    “The British themselves have created this hot air by not reviewing their own reception systems and are content to hand out lessons and by subjecting the people of Calais to this situation for too long,” Bouchart pronounced.

    “It is a declaration of maritime war,” she claimed in comments reported by The Sun.

    “Here, we are hostile to it [the Royal Navy]. Rather than accept migrants who would work in the black market, Boris Johnson would do better than to teach us lessons, would be better to create better laws to accept people in his own country,” the mayor fumed.

    “Technically I don’t even know how they would do [it], and I think the [French] government would oppose it,” she said, while saying that the row over illegal migrants has been used to damage the “image” and economy of France.

    The leader of the city that is home to one of the most notorious migrant camps in France — which earned the moniker of the ‘Calais Jungle’ — called upon the British government to “take responsibility”. She said the British should establish “reception centres” for asylum seekers on the French side of the Channel, to expedite the asylum process.

    France has so far been largely unwilling to prevent migrants from setting sail to Britain. The French Navy has gone as far as to assist migrant vessels into British territorial waters, where they are picked up by UK Border Force and brought ashore to be processed by immigration officials.

    The French government has reportedly demanded that the British government pay an additional £30 million in exchange for France better patrolling the route, and immediately returning migrants to Dunkirk in northern France. The payment would be in addition to the £100 million sent to the French since 2015.

    To date, there have been over 4,100 illegal migrants recorded to have made the journey across the Channel, ultimately reaching Britain. However, as the figure only reflects those migrants who are caught and the Home Office no longer counts migrants who are allegedly under the age of 18 in the official toll, the true number is likely higher.

    A migrant charity worker in France told The Sun: “We’ve spoken to people intercepted en route to the UK who have told us how babies and infants are getting into dinghies for free. Younger children and teenagers are being allowed on for just a few hundred pounds a time.”

    “The prices these gangmasters charge has dropped a hell of a lot recently,” the source explained, adding: “They are also tempting people by saying if you get stopped, you can try again and again until you do cross.”

    Migration Watch UK has warned that if the current trends continue, then they estimate that there will be over 7,500 illegal boat migrants reaching Britain by Christmas.”

  23. The Ultra-Conservative Option: Tory MP Suggests ‘Taking Back’ Calais to End Channel Crisis (breitbart, Aug 12, 2020)

    “Conservative politician Sir Edward Leigh jokingly suggested that Britain should “take back” Calais, last controlled by England in 1558, from France, to end the ongoing Channel migrant crisis.

    Sir Edward, the chairman of the influential Public Account Committee in Parliament and a veteran MP, tweeted: “Problem with cross-Channel migrants? We should never have lost Calais in 1588. Why not take it back?”

    Perhaps anticipating an overexcited response from Britain’s liberal left, which is prone to interpreting such remarks literally in order to manufacture outrage, he quickly added: “On second thoughts, cheaper to pay the French a few million to stop [the migrants] on the beaches.”

    This was likely in references to France’s demands for £30 million in exchange for stepping up their patrols — demands which are not uncontroversial, given the French often simply escort migrant boats into British waters when they encounter them, and the fact that the British have already handed them tens of millions to increase border security.

    Sir Edward’s remarks come at a sensitive time, however, as the Mayor of Calais has suggested proposals for the Royal Navy to begin turning back the migrant boats in the English Channel amounts to a declaration of “maritime war” on France….”

    • The UK military is in bad shape. Ghastly, scandalous.
      Macron’s been playing Chocolate Soldiers in the Sahel, so that motley crew is probably a better bet.

      Hiring mercenaries is in vogue again, there are a number of good contractors.

      From Strategy Page:
      “Syrians note that most of the dead are Iranians or mercenaries (usually Arab) on the Iranian payroll. The Iranian government deliberately keeps as few Iranians as possible in Syrian bases likely to be hit. Iranians getting killed in Syria, even if they are IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) Iranians, is very unpopular back in Iran.

      “Syrians just don’t like all these Syrians who are working as mercenaries for Iran or Turkey and getting killed by whoever.

      “Similar situation with Russia and Turkey. Both nations keep as few of their own troops in Syria as possible. Russia and Turkey both have the majority of voters back home hostile to their soldiers getting killed in Syria.

      “Russia uses a lot of Russian military contractors; whose deaths are less of an issue in Russia. The Turks, as they have done for centuries, use Arab mercenaries to fight other Arabs. There are lots of Turkish troops in Syria providing support, and ensuring that Turkish mercs do what they are paid for.”

      • RE: Iran’s mercs
        “Iran is building a new mercenary force by hiring Syrians rather than bringing in Shia Afghans or Shia from other nations.

        “The Afghans were good fighters but there was a limited supply of Afghan Shia willing to serve as Iranian mercs in far away Syria. A growing number would not renew their contracts and returned to Afghanistan or Iran, where mercenary service also earned a residency permit.

        “Iran is short of cash and the local mercs are cheaper, especially given the bad shape the economy is in and the dire poverty many Syrians live with. There are over 10,000 of these Syrian mercs and most are based on or near the Israeli or Jordanian borders.”

    • Pay close attention to this one, it is the next step in the leftist push for a civil war, the left is going to try and use their control of the propaganda media to make the people defending their homes the villains but they are the ones that will win the war.

    • It’s all about attitude – A 90 year old man wore a shirt that said: I am not old, I am sweet 16 with 74 years experience.

      Keep on the sunny side.

  24. Anti-Muslim candidate wins Georgia primary, paving way for seat in Congress

    “A congressional candidate who faced criticism over anti-Muslim rhetoric and her belief in the far-right QAnon conspiracy has won a Republican House primary in Georgia, setting herself on a path to winning a congressional seat this November.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has previously said that Muslims do not belong in government, won 57 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican 14th district of Georgia on Tuesday, defeating neurosurgeon John Cowan.

    After winning the Republican nomination, Greene also won the favour of US President Donald Trump, who congratulated her and called the small business owner a “future Republican star”…”

  25. Saudi industry fires foreign workers and hires Saudi citizens

    “Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector has fired more than 1,900 foreign workers and hired almost 500 Saudi citizens in a drive to replace its large expat workforce with the Kingdom’s nationals.

    Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef announced yesterday that the sector had been witnessing positive results in July in terms of hiring more Saudis and the laying off of expatriates.

    “Thanks to Allah the Almighty and then with the continued government support for the economic sectors in general,” tweeted Al-Khorayef, “the industrial sector was able to employ 471 Saudis and lay off 1,904 expatriates during the month of July despite the coronavirus situation.”

    Based on data issued by the ministry showing the results and statistics of Saudi industry last month, initiatives offered by the government helped attract investment into the sector worth 1.15 billion Saudi riyals ($307 million) in addition to the job opportunities provided for Saudi nationals.

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to changes within industries across the Gulf countries which have long relied on foreign workers, primarily from South Asian nations such as Pakistan. Around 87 per cent of all Pakistani citizens working abroad lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and the UAE last year.

    Among those changes are predictions that around 1.2 million expat workers could be set to leave the Kingdom this year due to the job losses brought about by the pandemic. Further job losses for expats are expected throughout the Gulf.”

  26. Germany urges Saudi Arabia to comply with nuclear arms control treaty

    “Germany on Wednesday called on Saudi Arabia “to fully comply” with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) following a news report about the discovery of a secret nuclear facility in northwestern Saudi Arabia, Anadolu reports.

    “The German government’s critical stance on nuclear power is well known. It is of central importance that Saudi Arabia fully complies with its NPT obligations and that its nuclear program is subject to the international verification standards (‘safeguards’) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” the Foreign Ministry told media representatives via an e-mail.

    The NPT is a landmark international treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament.

    With China’s assistance, Saudi Arabia has constructed a facility for the extraction of uranium yellowcake — a potential precursor for a nuclear reactor — in a remote desert location near the small town of Al Ula, the Wall Street Journal newspaper reported last week, citing Western officials with knowledge of the site.

    The facility, which has been kept secret, has sparked concern among Riyadh’s Western allies that the kingdom may try to expand its atomic program to keep open its option to build atomic weapons, according to the report…”

  27. Arab tribal leader urges ‘armed resistance’ against SDF amid Deir az-Zour tensions

    “The self-proclaimed leader of a large Arab tribe has called for the formation of a tribal militia to fight the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces amid rising tensions with Kurdish authorities in Syria’s eastern province of Deir az-Zour.

    In an interview with a pro-regime news site, Nuwaf Al-Bashir claimed that tribesmen were ready to launch an “armed resistance” against the SDF – a US-backed alliance of militias that seized large swathes of north and east Syria from the Islamic State militant group.

    He told Watan Online that it would be possible if they were adequately supplied “with arms and run by a central leadership”.

    Al-Bashir, who is a member of the al-Bakara tribe, sided with the Syrian opposition after protests broke out against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in 2011.

    Yet in 2017, he declared his loyalty to the regime, in a move activists claim was prompted by monetary incentives from key Damascus ally Iran.

    Al-Bashir’s calls come as tension continue to simmer in Syria’s eastern Deir az-Zour province over recent days, after unidentified gunmen killed senior elders of two large Arab tribes, the al-Bakara and al-Akidat…”

  28. Pakistan protests over blasphemous post by ‘extremist’ in India

    “Pakistan on Wednesday lodged a strong protest with India on a derogatory social media post against Islam in Bengaluru, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said.

    At least three people were killed in overnight clashes triggered by the post offensive to Muslims.

    The violence began late on Tuesday, with mobs pelting stones, burning vehicles and setting a police station on fire, and lasted until the early hours of Wednesday. Dozens of people were wounded.

    “Pakistan has conveyed its strong condemnation to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on the reported incident involving a derogatory social media post against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by an extremist from the majority Hindu community in Bengaluru, Karnataka,” the statement read.

    It said that the offensive post against Islam has hurt Muslims and reflected the rising Islamophobia and targeting of the minority communities in India.

    “The Indian police instead of preventing this hate crime against Muslims and Islam, used brute force, killed at least three protesters, and injured many more. As an added injustice, the Muslim community in the area is being falsely framed for alleged vandalism and assault on police personnel.”

    The ministry said that the rising incidents of religious hate crime in India are a direct and inescapable consequence of the RSS-BJP combine’s extremist ideology of ‘Hindutva’.

    “The incident has been viewed with concern and the civil society in Pakistan has called for justice for the minority Muslim community in India,” the statement added.

    Pakistan called upon the government of India to investigate the incident and take immediate action against the perpetrators of religious hatred…”

  29. New anti-terror operation launched in southern Turkey

    “A new anti-terrorism operation has been initiated in the south of Turkey, the country’s interior minister announced on Aug. 12.

    At least 1,448 security personnel will be part of Operation Y?ld?r?m-5 in the southern province of Hatay’s Amanos Mountains, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said at an inauguration ceremony.

    “Our counter-terrorism operations continue. Our advice across the globe is to follow the Republic of Turkey on the issue of the fight against terrorism,” said Soylu to reporters when asked about claims that Cemil Bay?k, one of the PKK’s senior leaders, was killed during a drone attack by Turkish security forces in northern Iraq on Aug. 11.

    Over the past month, Turkey launched a series of security operations to neutralize terrorists believed to be sheltering in the country’s eastern and southeastern regions.

    Y?ld?r?m -1 Cudi was started in the southeastern province of ??rnak on July 14, Y?ld?r?m-2 Cilo in the southeastern province of Hakkari on July 20, Y?ld?r?m -3 Mt. A?r? in the eastern provinces of A?r?, I?d?r, and Kars on July 27, and Y?ld?r?m -4 in the eastern province of Tunceli on July 29.

    As part of these operations launched in July under the coordination of the Interior Ministry, 15 terrorists got neutralized, 30 caves, shelters, and storages got destroyed, and many weapons, ammunition, and food seized, according to the statement by the Interior Ministry.

    In more than 30 years of clashes between the PKK, recognized as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., and the EU, and Turkey, nearly 40,000 people, including women, children and infants were killed. The YPG is the PKK’s branch in Syria, just across Turkey’s southern border.”

  30. Turkish forces arrest 20 YPG/PKK terrorists in N.Syria

    “Turkish security forces arrested a total of 20 YPG/PKK terrorists in northern Syria, near the country’s southern border, the country’s National Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

    The terrorists, aiming to disrupt peace and security inside Operation Olive Branch zone, were held before they could achieve their “treacherous goals,” the ministry said on Twitter.

    Turkish troops are in the region as part of cross-border security and counter-terrorism initiative.

    Since 2016, Turkey has launched a trio of successful anti-terrorist operations across its border in northern Syria to prevent the formation of a terror corridor and enable peaceful settlement by locals: Euphrates Shield (2016), Olive Branch (2018) and Peace Spring (2019).

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK — listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and EU — has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women, children and infants. The YPG is the PKK’s Syrian offshoot.”

  31. Germany sees political controversy over rescuing refugees from Greece

    “Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has blocked individual German states from rescuing migrants from Greek refugee camps. The state governments are up in arms and are considering legal action.

    Several of Germany’s 16 states are considering banding together to defy the federal government’s plan to block them from bringing in refugees from the chronically overcrowded camps in Greece.

    Angela Merkel’s administration has blocked two German states — Berlin and Thuringia — from unilaterally flying a few hundred refugees out of the hopelessly overcrowded camps on the Greek islands.

    The two states are considering challenging the block in court, but given the humanitarian conditions at the Moria camp on Lesbos, they are also seeking political options to accelerate the process.

    Other states, including the most populous, North Rhine-Westphalia, have also said they would be prepared to take in refugees from the camps.

    Berlin’s Interior Minister Andreas Geisel this week called for a conference where state interior ministers can speak to Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to resolve the issue. “We cannot simply shrug our shoulders and accept a ‘No’ from Horst Seehofer to our readiness to help people in desperate circumstances,” he said.

    Crisis unfolding
    The humanitarian disaster unfolding at the Moria camp is all too clear — even to leading members of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU). One of them, North Rhine-Westphalia’s State Premier Armin Laschet even visited Moria last week. He had to abruptly cut short his visit for security reasons after crowds of refugees had gathered, reportedly under the impression he was Germany’s chancellor.

    But before his visit ended, Laschet — who does indeed have ambitions to take over from Merkel as chancellor — acknowledged that he was witnessing a “cry of the desperate.”

    The Moria camp is designed for just under 3,000 refugees, but according to the latest information, between 14,000 and 17,000 people live there and in unofficial camps around it. Violence between members of different nationalities and disputes with the local population have become recurrent.

    An EU solution, or a local one?
    Laschet’s state, North Rhine-Westphalia, has offered to accept several hundred particularly vulnerable people from the Greek camps, but only as part of a program coordinated by the federal government together with other EU countries.

    Meanwhile, Berlin’s and Thuringia’s offers to take in refugees unilaterally has only got them into a row with Seehofer, who once called immigration the “mother of all problems.”

    The fierceness of the dispute could have something to do with party politics: Both Berlin and Thuringia are governed by left-wing coalitions, Berlin’s one is led by the Social Democrats, while Thuringia’s is led by the socialist Left Party.

    Seehofer says the federal government has final say, and anyway, any solution to the refugee crisis has to be worked out by the European Union. “No country in the world can manage migration alone,” said Seehofer. “This makes it all the more important that we finally make visible progress in European asylum policy. We are on the right track, and I am not prepared to jeopardize that now.”

    States’ rights
    Ulrich Karpenstein, a lawyer at the Redeker, Sellner and Dahs law firm who drew up an assessment of whether the Federal Interior Ministry can refuse consent to the humanitarian programs of the states, does not agree with Seehofer.

    “You could just as easily say we need a UN solution, and as long as there’s no UN solution you can’t get people out of a humanitarian emergency,” he told DW. “It’s a purely political argument, but not a legal one.”

    On the basis of those humanitarian programs, a private organization Karpenstein co-founded, named “Flüchtlingspaten Syrien,” has been involved in bringing people out of desperate humanitarian circumstances in Syria.

    “According to German law, the state government can give certain groups of foreign nationals a residency permit if they are in an emergency humanitarian situation,” he told DW.

    The approval of the Federal Interior Ministry is necessary, but, he argues, the federal government cannot overrule the states if it believes that these people need help. “And that is not in dispute in the case of Moria — even the federal government has said it wants to help these people,” said Karpenstein.

    The state governments want to select refugees based on lists drawn up by organizations on the ground like the UNHCR or Doctors Without Borders.

    Unequal treatment
    In fact, Seehofer has approved earlier requests for people in need. There were, for example, programs to bring Yazidi people from Iraq as well additional contingents of Syrians. The difference is that those people did not come via another EU country, but directly from their home countries, usually in cooperation with the UNHCR.

    The EU has been at an impasse on this issue for years. The Mediterranean countries where the refugees arrive, such as Italy, Greece and Malta, want a fixed migrant distribution system among all EU countries.

    But other member states, especially in the eastern part of the EU, are flatly opposed to this “in any form,” as seven countries emphasized in a letter to the EU Commission in July. Seehofer believes that any compromise with them, no matter how small, is only possible if there is calm, in other words: if there are no new admission initiatives from German states.

    Seehofer is also facing strong opposition from left-wing parties and from the churches. But from a purely legal point of view, Seehofer has the power to enforce a uniformity of German refugee policy.”

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