Bill Gates outed even by NBC, Elites show contempt for the common man, mock their own rules: Links 2, August 8, 2020

1. For those of us who read Stephen Coughlin’s paper on remembering the left as it actually was, we learned that communism is actually a project for the elites. Democracy is one law for all and as few laws as possible. But communism is about the elites having total privilege and the rest of us are punished for not believing the state lie of the day.

The Rebel brings us a fresh example from Toronto:

2. Bill may have to add a middle name. ‘Behind’, maybe. Or ‘Locked’.

3. A mandatory vaccine in Canada would not go over well

Canada is currently weighing whether or not to make a COVID-19 vaccine in some way mandatory, according to Navdeep Bains, the Liberal government’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

Good luck getting everyone on board with that one. As if the various measures imposed upon Canadians hasn’t been contentious enough, imposing mandatory vaccines could easily prove to be the most controversial yet.

“With regards to making it mandatory/keeping it voluntarily, that’s something that we’ll closely work with Dr. Tam and Minister Hadju on, to determine when we get to that stage how to proceed,” Bains said on Wednesday as he responded to a question at a press conference about signing vaccine deals with Pfizer and Moderna.

(The US constitution only got one thing wrong. The first 2 amendments are in the wrong order. The right to defend yourself from a lying state run amok that wants to force you to be injected with unknown substances, is more of a primary right, without which, freedom of speech is not even possible)

4. President Donald Trump passes orders for payroll tax cuts and more tax relief

5. Lebanese protestors storm Foreign Ministry in Beirut.

(For a more complete understanding of the ptotests and riots that are the fallout of the explosion which disappeared the docks in Beirut, please go to the comments in today’s Reader’s Links post.)

Thank you All, C., PC., ET., EB., Rich J., M., Richard, and many more who are trying to maintain their sanity and perspective in times of pseudo-reality and moral inversion, and the total perversion of the elite and the powerful. 

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5 Replies to “Bill Gates outed even by NBC, Elites show contempt for the common man, mock their own rules: Links 2, August 8, 2020”

  1. 2/ There were stories about Epstein’s “eugenics” project. Actually meetings at Harvard, slightly academic-tinged.

    The most successful, smartest men in the world – scientists, top lawyers, wizards like Gates – would impregnate a stable of beautiful young women. The New Mexico ranch would be great for gestation, discreet labor and delivery, then… who knows?

    • Such a loss.

      This “stable of beautiful young women” were so thick that their new fatherless offspring were only of average intellect.

      Also, they were all average-looking not to fit into their Pedophile Project.

      And with the drop in oil prices the overseas market slumped.

      Someone had to be the fall-guy.

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