Pointed examples of the increase in authoritarian measures by social media and Western governments: Links 1, August 7, 2020

1. Australian video. It makes it much easier to understand if you imagine you are hearing it with a Russian or German accent of the 1900s.

2. Here is a weird one. ANTIFA terrorist activity in Caledonia. A pretty much anarchistic area of Ontario where the government has been upholding lawlessness instead of law for decades already. Long time readers of this site may remember interviews and speeches posted here by various people who lost homes to Amer-Indian terrorists with police help, and were jailed for being at or near their own homes in that region. And now, ANTIFA attacks trains, cars.

VIDEO: Highway 6 hit by TERRORIST attack, Antifa suspected

The Antifa-linked terrorists continue to hold Highway 6 between Greens Road and Haldimand Line. The police were seen running in the direction of the insurgency with heavy assault weapons last night, but it is not clear what happened after, or if anybody was shot or arrested.

Media is not allowed on scene due to the risk of violence from extremists. It appears the mainstream media is trying to downplay the seriousness of this situation, possibly in an effort to de-escalate.

Update: #Closure #Caledonia #HWY6 remains closed in both directions between Greens Rd and Haldimand 4th Line (Caledonia bypass) due to a protest. #ONHwys

— 511ONWest (@511ONWest) August 7, 2020
Residents of Hamilton and Caledonia are making continued calls on social media to send in the army. Many area residents share the sentiment these people are not “protesters”, but terrorists, and should be faced with a military response.

(Please do click through and read it all. Even the Amer-Indian bands, who have been seen marching with Hizb’allah and various Canadian Union leaders in Toronto in years past, are condemning these ANTIFA actions. THey have also held a train engineer hostage after kidnapping him.)

3. Twitter now bans links to Bitchute videos.

(The lips are up and you can see the canines at this point._

4. I do not normally post my own tweets but as its a response to Pat Condell, and as it is a short explanation which reader’s here will get…

5. Red Pill Germany examines the MASS gathering in Berlin against the ultra-vires, unconstitutional measures of the German government.

Thank you Hellequin GB., Valerie P., Richard, Ruth J., C., Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials overnight. More to come today indeed. But this is an intense 5 items for openers.

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6 Replies to “Pointed examples of the increase in authoritarian measures by social media and Western governments: Links 1, August 7, 2020”

  1. 4. “Transgender is a fashionable neurosis…” Only one step away to realize that homosexuality was once a diagnosable neurosis, that became a fashionable neurosis, and is expanding exponentially.

    The mentally ill arresting the sane. Freedom of Speech and Association removed.

    As islam is first submission into dhimmitude and Communism is first by submission into Socialism, sexual identity is first submission into exposing their loins for the greater good to take care of it for them.

    Cowardice worn as virtues.

    • How long is it, before a grovelling Socialist has no one else to accuse of a Hate Crime, until they come for them?

      Or a dhimmi, hiding from being watched, let’s slip a spontaneous thought, and the stones of shirk scream upon them?

      Or the broken comfort of children becomes comfort from broken children?

      Motherland, Fatherland, Neverland – frozen in time – prisons for souls – with no escape, unless Born Again.

      • (Born Again, to take on the indenty of your abuser who threatens you with torture and damnation unless you become an abuser too. Then you walk in the prison as though a free man, until the full-horror of the hidden crimes are revealed).

  2. “Melbourne has imprisoned it’s own people. Over the death of 7 elderly individuals – 4 aged 80+”
    Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL – August 3, 2020

  3. Most of the governments of the world are engaging in a giant hoax called “COVID-19”. The fact that they choose to ignore or even outlaw any cure that exists (Zelenko cocktail, Bartlett Procedure), for the virus proves that they want it to kill as many people as possible and do as much damage as possible in order to make people unhappy and vote against the hated Donald Trump, who calls climate change a “hoax” and won’t sign the “Paris Climate Accord”. It simply does not serve their purpose for there to be a cure so they just insist there isn’t…

    That arrest scene from Australia is pure fascism. Australia is now a police state. There’s no way in hell we should be putting up with this. Serious crimes are being committed against the good people of this world and the bad guys seem to have everybody’s hands tied behind their backs…

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