ANTIFA attacks old ladies, Modi fights back against centuries of Islamic aggression, Trump nails the propagandists: Links 2, August 7, 2020

1. Watch ANTIFA thug not be able to contain his hatred of one odler woman in Portland, and run back to abuse her a second time.

2. NOW we see where Trudeau gets it from!

3. The rules now in Melbourne.

4. Doctor goes on offensive after coordinated attacks on hydroxychloroquine

Dr. James Todaro stood on the steps of the Supreme Court last week to join fellow doctors in touting hydroxychloroquine as a viable early-stage treatment for those who contract the coronavirus — and says he was stunned by the backlash.

Video of the doctors triggered the internet, with Twitter pulling down tweets that showed clips of the event, even suspending the account of presidential son Donald Trump Jr., insisting that the doctors and anyone on social media who backed them were spreading bad medicine amid the pandemic.

“I’ve never seen so many different institutional levels attack,” said Dr. Todaro, a former physician turned investment manager with Blocktown Capital. “It seems like a coordinated effort to discredit hydroxychloroquine.”

5. Rebel update on the stoning of two gay men in Calgary. Global News ran cover for the attackers. So we know how homosexuals stack up against muslims in politically correct poker, Canadian rules.

(This site has caught Global News lying for the narrative at least once. So no one should be surprised.)

6. Hindus exorcize some architectural justice and rebuild a Hindu temple over the remains of a destroyed mosque which was erected by muslim conquerors over a Hindu temple to lord Ram. This is a VICE video, so the bias is built in. But Muslims typically destroy all religious buildings wherever they conquer, and erect a mosque as a matter of course. The Cordoba Mosque being an excellent example, and the planned mosque to be built at or near the site of the 911 attack was to be called the Cordoba Mosque, likely as triumphalism. More recently, the Hagia Sophia, the Vatican of Byzantium was rededicated as a mosque in the past month in Constantinople.

7. President Trump makes coleslaw with the usual enemy propagandists

8. As many of you may know, the COMINTERN in Italy pulled the same stunt on Matteo Salvini as they did on Marine Le Pen. Specifically, they retroactively negated their parliamentary immunity in order to criminally charge them for doing their actual jobs in Parliament, which happened to be against the interests of the COMINTERN. Now two Czech MPs are asking that be repealed.

“We believe that anyone who seeks to protect European borders against the arrival of people, whom we may assume, based on all previous experience, do not intend to accept European customs and culture, should not be prosecuted or even punished, but appreciated,” states the letter

Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) party leader and MP Tomio Okamura decided to hand over a letter to the Italian embassy in Prague in support of his friend, senator, and Lega Nord chairman, Matteo Salvini. He did so accompanied by another MP and his fellow SPD party member Jaroslav Foldyna. Okamura also noted that Matteo Salvini knew about the letter and welcomed the support.

“We have addressed the letter to the President of the Italian Senate. Matteo is about to be prosecuted by the Italian Senate for preventing illegal migrants from landing on Italian soil while serving as the Minister of the Interior. He faces up to 15 years in prison. It is unbelievable what is happening in some EU countries. Matteo, I’m with you, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” said Okamura after handing over the letter.

In a video that Okamura later posted on his Facebook page, he added that President Miloš Zeman would also receive the letter prepared.

At the beginning of the appeal, its authors state that European history “has shaped the cultural background currently shared by all European nations.”

According to them, as European countries are interconnected, it is fair to say that, to some extent, Italy shares its state borders with the Czech Republic. Therefore, the matter of migration cannot be viewed only as Italy’s internal affair.

Thank you Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan, PC., Yucki, Richard, Pym Purnell, EB., Hellequin GB., and all who sent in materials, thoughts and analysis this week. 



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3 Replies to “ANTIFA attacks old ladies, Modi fights back against centuries of Islamic aggression, Trump nails the propagandists: Links 2, August 7, 2020”

  1. 3 Melbourne is the heartland of Oz socialism. I have no idea just how long the socialists have ruled the state but I do know that they allow imported Sudanese and Somali youth to run amok and are too cowardly to do anything about it but tell victims not to fight back.
    This is the socialists flexing their muscles and testing their control to see how far they can push the sheep until some start bleating but the secondary aim is to destroy small business as that is what they hate NOT big business who they all know will happily fund them until they decide to move overseas.

    • Addendum..I am beginning to think that the globalists want to shut the door on new arrivals to their fold and to maintain it as their own particular niche much in line with what aristocracy did for millennia. Small business is the main gateway to becoming a member of the elite as if successful it can become big business. So they aim to to hamper and harry it as much as possible. I don’t know what the stats say but I would guess that far <1% are ever that successful but the globalists see new spaces at their already overcrowded table as no longer desirable. This is where the useful idiot socialists come in handy. Ever wondered why they rarely target big businesses other than verbally(and yes I know about the Adidas & Apple shops) because it is far easier to persuade them to virtue signal by funding the socialists. If you check the communist/socialist revolutions it is ALWAYS small business or the bourgeoisie who are the first eliminated and then constantly repressed, NOT the multinational corporations/ extremely rich who if pushed just move overseas.
      The CV19 totalitarianism we are seeing may well be a test not only of repression but of their ability to murder small business and lock down that table.
      Speculation I know but IMO it seems to fit although I have obviously oversimplified.

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