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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. My Eastern Orthodox friend assured me that when the world was a fairer place, there would be peace.

    I asserted nothing was fair, and even his Lord had said so.

    He was aghast, called me a heathen and didn’t believe me.

    But there is nothing fairer than this:
    “38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[h] ”

    The Equality of ‘each according to their needs’ under Communism and run by a Political priestcraft.

    The Equality of ‘halal and haram’ under a caliphate and run by a pirate lawcraft.

    The Equality of the Rainbow sexual-expediency, under Hate Speech protection and run by a pervert reachcraft.

    These Fairer Kingdoms of Leverage, of every mistake not unrewarded, are summoned by Christ? To demand a share? We want 5000 loaves now!

    Equality is unfair. Just like any idea from a monobrain, after destroying the host, it eats itself. Communist upon communist, muslim upon muslim, sexual upon sexual.

    As always, it is the attitude of people towards people. For they know when to give freely to those in need. And they know how not to resist an evil person but let them stew in their own piles of perpetual – welfare-received – fairness:
    the guilt that became their virtue. Karl Marxes. Welfare begets welfare, and hence unseen.

    The muslim dhimmi, unseen. The pervert, unseen.

    “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”

    Borrow, to pay back when able, not take, and not demanded back.

    And all will be seen through the kindness of inequality.

      • The unkindness of Equality.

        Every person who receives what they did not earn, can only gain a sense of life from giving more to others who did not earn

    • So, for example,
      My friend who is a nurse, recently went to a university, to study a specialism. The tutor made her look stupid for not knowing the academic-writing methodology.

      This intimidated her to not be able to study for fear of being “wrong.”

      I explained to her she has years of practical experience and knowledge, but this jumped-up official had submitted like a muslim, communist or sexual to now hide that truth of capitulation, to make her submit to their evil, and hence they would not be seen as a coward. It’s this game of Equality that destroys souls.

      So we are going to be a child and forgive them, and not resist an evil person, and maintain a clear conscience and hence, mind.

      An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is only from those who demand fairness to cut your baby in half.

      Forgive, and you will not lose.

    • And finally, we come to Jesus Saves You, to only be received into St Paul’s Baptism of Belief.

      This destruction of the Baptism of Repentence, taught by John the Baptist, and then Jesus and then his disciples.

      To remove this corner stone of the narrow way, into the broad Church of Masks clothed in the blood of Jesus; for all who earnestly await escape from justice at their Final Judgement Days so they can be let into Heaven. For appearing outwardly unblemished, to fool God.

      And yet, if they only knew..
      ‘Repent, for the kingdom is heaven is near,’ means heaven is everywhere around us. Most just can’t see it, being full of pride and cursing the children who can, so they too become blind and cannot see.

      (This last final part, my fairness-friend has declare he does not permit me to speak about – so its your gift).

  2. There is a new test for COVID 19 doing the rounds and it is simple, quick and positive (or negative if you see what I mean).

    Pour yourself a decent drink of your favourite whiskey, then smell it, if you can smell it, you are halfway there.
    Then drink it, if you can taste it, it is reasonable to assume you are virus free because loss of taste is also a symptom.
    I tested myself 7 times last night and was virus free every time, thank goodness.
    I will have to test myself again today because I have a throbbing headache which can also be one of the symptoms.

  3. Bill Warner
    The Most Persecuted People

    In today’s politics the biggest victim groups are Christians. Nearly everybody, including Christians, ignore the suffering.

    Christians are endlessly divided and had rather fight among themselves than oppose Islam. In my inbox I have rants against all religions.

    Then you have the atheists who say all religions are bad. They have compassion for the black and brown people in the US, but not the brown and black Christians in Islamic lands.

    Why are we losers? We are fools who do not see that Islam has always taken down Kafirs one group at a time. We fight against each other instead of political Islam which will annihilate all of us.

    All Kafirs, not just Christians, are endlessly divided and will be destroyed one group at a time. All peoples, even atheists should take a moral position on the persecution of Christians.

    So, if you hate a particular religion or group, just wait. You enemy will be destroyed, but then so will you.

    Here is an interview of a Coptic Christian.

  4. CBC – Half of Canadians would readily take COVID-19 vaccine: survey

    An Angus Reid survey has revealed that only about half of Canadians would take a COVID-19 vaccine no questions asked when one becomes available, but health officials and other experts say patience is key to winning over skeptics.

    • CBC – What happens after a COVID-19 vaccine is available?

      An epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist answer questions about a COVID-19 vaccine, including what happens after a vaccine is approved and available in Canada.

    • Coronavirus Outbreak:?WHO advance team concludes China visit to probe Covid-19 origin

      Dr. Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergencies chief, noted “gaps in the epidemiological landscape” and said it would be assessed what studies to conduct and what data to collect.

      He said the two-person advance team had not returned from China, and had not been “debriefed” yet

  5. US Imposes Libya Sanctions on 3 Individuals, Entity in Malta, Treasury Says (sputniknews, Aug 6, 2020)

    “The United States has imposed new sanctions on three individuals and an entity based in Malta for allegedly smuggling fuel from and drugs to Libya, the Treasury Department said in a statement on Thursday.

    “Today, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control took action against a network of smugglers contributing to instability in Libya. OFAC designated Libyan national Faysal al-Wadi, operator of the vessel Maraya; two associates, Musbah Mohamad M Wadi and Nourddin Milood M Musbah; and the Malta-based company, Alwefaq Ltd, pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13726. Additionally, the vessel Maraya was identified as blocked property,” the Treasury said…”

  6. India Bans 15 More Chinese Apps Including Xiaomi, Baidu Browsers (sputniknews, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Amid the prevailing border tensions between the two Asian neighbours, India appears to be trying to curb China’s role in different sectors, especially in its tech infrastructure. Between June-July, India imposed a ban on a total of 106 Chinese apps citing national security reasons.

    In the third round of what Indian Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called the “digital strike against China”, India has banned 15 more apps that originate from China.

    These apps include photo editor AirBrush, video tool MeiPai, camera editor BoXxCAM and the Mi Browser, that comes as part of Xiaomi smartphones and is widely used by Indian users.

    The majority share of the world’s second largest smartphone market, India is dominated by Chinese tech player Xiaomi who is aggressive in its launches and offers advanced handsets at affordable prices. In July, market analysis firm Canalys had noted that Xiaomi shipped 5.3 million smartphones between April and June.

    “Xiaomi continues to comply and adhere to all data privacy and security requirements under Indian law. We are working towards understanding the development and will take appropriate measures as required. As part of the process, we will work with key stakeholders for an opportunity to make our submissions”, the media quoted a Xiaomi spokesperson as commenting on the ban.

    The search engine by Baidu, China’s equivalent to Google has made it to the fresh app ban list. The central government has directed network providers to block them at the earliest date.

    A total of 20 Indian soldiers were killed in brutal hand-to-hand combat on 15 June, as Indian and Chinese troops accused each other of encroaching upon the territory along the loosely demarcated 4,057-km Line of Actual Control that divides the two countries.”

  7. Coalition Forces Down Drone Fired by Houthi Movement Toward Saudi Arabia (sputniknews, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Joint forces of the Saudi-led coalition have intercepted and destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle loaded with explosives and launched by the Shia Houthi movement in the direction of Saudi Arabia, the coalition’s spokesman said on Thursday…”

  8. Greece Ready to Go to The Hague Court Only Over Maritime Zones Delineation With Turkey (sputniknews, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the delineation of maritime zones and exclusive economic zone is the only disputed issue in relations with Turkey, adding that Athens is ready to settle this disagreement in the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

    “I have always been very honest with Turks and the global community: look, if we cannot agree, let’s go to the court, let’s go to the Hague [Tribunal]. [We will] Agree that this is the one difference we have, set the parameters, agree on what we have agreed, agree on what we disagreed. We will respect the decision of the court because we respect international law. And I think it is a very fair approach to the extent that we cannot, if we cannot, resolve our differences directly”, Mitsotakis said at the Aspen Security Forum 2020.

    Mitsotakis said that Athens considered a controversial deal on maritime boundaries between Ankara and Libya’s Tripoli-based government to be unlawful, as it violated Greece’s sovereignty by not recognising the exclusive economic zone for the Greek Islands.

    At the same time, the prime minister noted that he repeatedly told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Athens was ready to cooperate in settling the issue of the delineation of maritime zones, but did not receive a proper response from the Turkish side.

    The authorities of Greece and Cyprus believe that Turkey’s plans to conduct oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean violate their sovereignty. The EU has repeatedly condemned the actions of Ankara. However, Turkey says it will not stop exploration and drilling off the shores of Cyprus. The EU has introduced personal sanctions against individuals and companies involved in the drilling, which include freezing assets and a ban on travel to EU member states.”

  9. Russian Iskander tactical missile systems hit mock enemy targets

    Russian servicemen launched a massive missile strike from the Iskander missile system at the training ground in the Astrakhan region.

    Unmanned aircraft also carried out objective control of the destruction of mock enemy targets.

    All targets at a distance of 90 kilometers were hit with high accuracy.

  10. Devon police deploy armed officers to Bideford as busy town centre placed on lockdown (express, Aug 6, 2020)

    “ARMED police have been deployed in the town centre of Bideford, Devon and have subsequentially closed off a portion of the town.

    Armed officers spotted on Mill Street, Bedeford, which runs adjacent to the town’s main street. A man has since been detained by the local police. Although a section of the town had been closed off, police have confirmed the man was in possession of a BB gun.

    A spokesman for the Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Police have been called to Mill Street in Bideford after receiving a report that a person within a residential address was believed to be in possession of a suspected firearm.

    “Units, including armed officers, are currently on the scene and a male has been detained.

    “Officers have seized what is believed to be a BB gun.”

    There have been no reports of injuries at this time…”

  11. Sick thug who stabbed mother with baby SEVEN times admits to attempted murder (express, Aug 6, 2020)

    “A VIOLENT knifeman who stabbed a young mother seven times while she pushed her child in a pram has changed his plea to attempted murder.

    Mark Brazant, 44, stabbed the young mother seven times in the face and neck days after being released from prison in December. Josephine Conlon, 36, had been pushing her baby in a pram on Downton Avenue, Streatham Hill, south-west London when she was set upon by the crazed thug. Brazant had been freed from prison days before Christmas Eve and had gone awol.

    At his trial, Brazant had initially denied seriously intending to injure Ms Conlon.

    The jury had been discharged after failing to come to a verdict for over 40 hours.

    However, Brazant from Ealing, west London changed his plea to attempted murder after the prosecutor called for a retrial on Thursday…”

  12. ‘Coming to a Hotel Near You?’ – Farage Releases Video of Migrants Being Loaded on Coaches at Dover (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Nigel Farage released footage on Tuesday apparently showing illegal boat migrants being loaded onto coaches at the Port of Dover, as the UK Border Force brought over 100 more migrants ashore after crossing the English Channel from France.

    The Brexit Party leader questioned whether the migrants will be moved to “a hotel near you” — a reference to an investigation Mr Farage carried out last week that uncovered a hotel in the West Midlands housing 147 asylum seekers at public expense while refusing to take bookings from native Britons.

    On Tuesday, 120 migrants, including 12 women and 108 men, successfully reached British shores. The migrants presented themselves as coming from Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Kuwait, Sudan, and the Palestinian territories, according to The Times. Another 38 migrants were intercepted in the Channel and brought back to France.

    There are an estimated 48,000 asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. They are typically given accommodation, a weekly stipend of at least £35.39, access to National Health Service (NHS) healthcare, and education for children between the ages of five and 17 — all at the expense of the British taxpayer.

    It is estimated that between 2019 and 2029 the asylum programme will cost some £4 billion.

    Mr Farage has warned that many of the rejected asylum seekers “will still stay in the country… picking fruit, working in the rag trade in Leicester or whatever it is. They will move into the illegal slave economy in this country.”…”

  13. Crowds in Beirut Greet Emmanuel Macron with Chants Calling Lebanese President a ‘Terrorist’ (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “French President Emmanuel Macron toured the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday, becoming the first head of state to do so following Tuesday’s devastating explosion, including Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

    Large crowds of desperate residents followed him through the streets, calling for revolution and chanting “Michel Aoun is a terrorist.”…”

  14. UK: Judges Force Govt to Scrap ‘Racist’ Visa System (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “The Home Office has been forced to scrap a computerised visa system after campaigners claimed it was “racist” for being more likely to refuse people from third world countries entry to Britain.

    The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) and Foxglove, which campaigns for “social justice” in technology, claimed a computer algorithm used to grade would-be travellers’ visa applications amounted to “speedy boarding for white people”.

    According to the NGOs, the system — which automatically judges whether it is in the United Kingdom’s interest to grant someone a visa, based on a variety of factors — is “racist” for considering an applicant’s nationality when awarding a green, orange, or red rating.

    Foxglove alleged that there was a “secret list of suspect nationalities” for which people were more likely to have their applications coded red, which resulted in additional scrutiny and an increased likelihood that they would be denied a visa, according to the BBC.

    “The visa algorithm discriminated on the basis of nationality — by design,” said JCWI. The council complained that people from higher-risk countries “received intensive scrutiny by Home Office officials, were approached with more scepticism, took longer to determine, and were much more likely to be refused”.

    The group, which receives funding from British taxpayers, claimed that the process amounted to a breach of the Equality Act 2010.

    Following a judicial review, the Home Office — which characterised the algorithm as a “streamlining” system — agreed to drop the technology from August 7th onward, but denied that it was racist.

    “We have been reviewing how the visa application streaming tool operates and will be redesigning our processes to make them even more streamlined and secure,” the government ministry said in a statement.

    “We do not accept the allegations Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants made in their judicial review claim and whilst litigation is still ongoing it would not be appropriate for the department to comment any further.”

    Foxglove founder Cori Crider commented: “We’re delighted the Home Office has seen sense and scrapped the streaming tool. Racist feedback loops meant that what should have been a fair migration process was, in practice, just speedy boarding for white people.”

    Meanwhile, JCWI’s Chai Patel blasted the Home Office as “oblivious to the racist assumptions and systems it operates”, asserting that the algorithm “took decades of institutionally racist practices, such as targeting particular nationalities for immigration raids, and turned them into software”.

    In the months leading up to the judicial review, the globalist media published a succession of articles publicising the case and attempting to present the NGOs’ arguments in a purely sympathetic light.

    A feature from openDemocracy, a Britain-based political website funded by George Soros, protested that “African applicants are refused UK visas at twice the rate of those from any other part of the world”.

    Figures including Lucy Moreton, professional officer of the ISU — which represents borders, immigration, and customs staff — have stressed that once would-be immigrants manage to set foot on British soil, “they are likely to be able to stay”.

    Breitbart London previously reported how up to two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa’s more than a billion-strong population was hoping to migrate to Europe or the U.S., according to a 2018 study by the Pew Research Center.

    With the population of Nigeria alone set to triple to 800 million by 2100, the international media has recently repeated claims that “migration will become a necessity for all nations and not an option”. It has even been alleged that the future will see “competition for migrants, as there won’t be enough”.”

  15. Border Force Union: Royal Navy Needed to Return Channel Migrants to France (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “The Royal Navy will be needed to perform returns of illegal boat migrants to France in the English Channel, said the union representing the UK Border Force.

    The Union for Borders, Immigration, and Customs (ISU) said that Border Force officials are ill-equipped to handle dangerous situations and possible violence from migrants attempting to cross the Channel illegally.

    “They are designed for rescue, not incarceration,” claimed Lucy Moreton, the professional officer of the ISU, in comments reported by The Telegraph — an assessment at odds with the public’s perception that Border Force exists to enforce national borders.

    “If you do returns at sea, that would be something that the military would have to be involved in. Even then I am not convinced it would be safe, but they are far better equipped to do it than us,” Moreton added.

    She warned that the migrants might violently fight back against Border Force officials. Moreton said that because some of the small rubber boats carry up to 40 migrants at a time, they could possibly overwhelm the Border Force cutter boats, which are already understaffed to comply with social distancing requirements. The vessels also lack any area, such as a brig, to detain a large number of migrants.

    The Border Force union rep also explained that returns at sea could also result in “protests in France or civil unrest if you tried to return them. That’s why the French don’t do it” — essentially an admission that the authorities are failing to act because they fear criminal retribution on the part of illegal migrants and their supporters.

    Illegal migration over the English Channel from France has been rapidly increasing in 2020, with about double the number already arriving this year compared to the entirety of the previous year…”

  16. Migrant Arrested for Repeatedly Vandalising Greek Cathedral (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Greek police have arrested a 38-year-old Algerian migrant after he caused damage to a cathedral twice in less than a week.

    The migrant is said to have attacked the Metropolitan Church of Agios Minas, a cathedral in Heraklion, the largest city on the island of Crete, on Sunday. He threw rocks at and damaged the cathedral’s stained glass windows as well as damaging a window of a bookshop of the Archdiocese of Crete.

    The migrant then returned to the cathedral on Tuesday morning armed with a hammer and began smashing a door, newspaper Proto Thema reports. Police examined video footage and were able to identify the Algerian national and place him into custody.

    The incident is just the latest act of vandalism directed at a church or chapel in Greece by a migrant. Last month a pair of migrants were arrested on the island of Chios after they had looted an Orthodox Christian chapel for money and various sacred objects.

    Just a month prior, police in the city of Thessaloniki arrested a 36-year-old migrant from Kazakhstan who is suspected of stealing goods from several churches in the area worth as much as €50,000 (£46,000/$56,000).

    Greece is not the only country in Europe to see such anti-Christian attacks on churches and other places of worship. Vandalism and theft in churches across France have become common, with one report stating that the country sees as many as three attacks on Christian sites every day, including the desecration of cemeteries.

    The most recent high-profile attack took place last month in the city of Nantes, with a Rwandan migrant suspected of being behind an arson attack that saw the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul set ablaze.”

  17. Swedish Govt Official Allegedly Gave over 100 Afghans Fraudulent Visas (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “A Swedish Foreign Ministry employee faces prison after being arrested for granting over 100 visas on fraudulent grounds to migrants from Afghanistan.

    The man, now a former employee of the government ministry, is alleged to have granted at least 121 fraudulent residential visas to people from Afghanistan while working at the Swedish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    According to Prosecutor Arne Fors, the man ignored what were described in a report from broadcaster SVT as “obvious warning signs” from the Afghan applicants, including forged documents that suggested the Swedish company Ericsson had invited some of the Afghans to participate in a tennis event.

    “I think I will ask for a prison sentence,” Fors told the broadcaster. The former ministry employee’s lawyer, Thomas Bodström, however, rejected all the charges, arguing the entire matter was based on a misconception on the part of the Swedish Migration Board and that his client committed no errors.

    “This is a labour law conflict that has got out of hand,” Mr Bodström claimed.

    In 2018, the Swedish National Audit Office claimed to have found many irregularities in Swedish embassies regarding the handing out of visas. One embassy had even lost hundreds of visas that were suspected of having been stolen and sold on the black market.

    Sweden has seen a surge of mass immigration over the last decade, with the country granting 1.2 million visa permits since 2010.

    Immigration continues to be the main driver of population growth in Sweden. In 2019, it was responsible for 73 per cent of the population growth.

    Sweden’s birthrate, meanwhile, has seen a steady decline in recent years, with a 2018 report stating that the average birthrate was just 1.78 children per woman, far below replacement levels.

    For the native Swedish population, the rate was actually slightly lower than 1.78, while for migration-background women the birthrate was as high as 2.2 children per woman.”

    • A mail-in vote will allow a lot of deceased COVID 19 ,old people to vote. Coumo would probably be happy with a mail-in vote methinks.

      • All of the Dem politicians would love it, it would give them a chance to steal just about every election in the US.

  18. Turkish currency hits all-time low amid market jitters (abcnews, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Turkey’s currency dropped to an all-time low against the dollar on Thursday as the global recession created by the pandemic brings to the fore weaknesses in the country’s economy.

    The Turkish lira fell to 7.307 against the dollar, past the previous low of 7.26 in May and is down about 19% versus the U.S. currency since the beginning of the year.

    Turkey’s central bank said it was closely monitoring developments. “The Central Bank will use all available instruments to reduce the excessive volatility in the markets in line with the price stability and financial stability objectives,” its statement said.

    The drop is in part fueled by high inflation, a wide current account deficit and the government’s push for cheap credit to drive the economy that was already fragile before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Turkey had been hoping for an influx of foreign currency through exports and especially through tourism but numbers are still low amid the coronavirus pandemic. The central bank said the effects of the pandemic on the Turkish economy had been limited so far, saying “recent data suggest that economic recovery has gained pace.”

    Unorthodox policies including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aversion to high interest rates, coupled with concern over the level of Turkey’s reserves, are thought to have pushed foreign capital out.

    Analysts also noted rising tensions with the European Union as a risk. Turkey faces the threat of EU sanctions over its plans to drill for natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean and the reconversion of the Hagia Sophia last month has further strained relations.

    “If tensions with the EU continue to escalate, sharper falls lie in store,” Jason Tuvey from Capital Economics said in a client note.

    The country endured a currency crisis in August 2018, when the lira fell to 7.24 per dollar, at a time of political tensions with the United States.”

  19. “You can’t go to church but you can go to Walmart! Remember where two or more are gathered”
    The World According to Me – August 6, 2020

    • It makes sense.
      But as weakened as our military has become, we could still cut through Europe like a knife through butter. Then flay China like a dead carp.

      Our problem isn’t material, it’s moral. Degenerates[*] within our population are welcome volunteers in today’s armed services. Regulations are “oppressive”, unit cohesion is kneeling together in protest against AmeriKa.

      I hope our President is losing his reflex veneration of brass - insubordinate, political generals, a clown insisting he be addressed as Lt. Col., etc.

      We won the battles in Vietnam, but the media lost us the war. We lose a popsicle-stand like the CHOP in Seattle when the media aligns with the enemy. If we don’t clean house, our children will be craving bat snacks and fried lice.
      [*] “degenerate” in the expansive definition

  20. Egypt and Greece sign agreement on exclusive economic zone

    CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt and Greece signed an agreement on Thursday designating an exclusive economic zone in the eastern Mediterranean?? ??between the two countries, an area containing promising oil and gas reserves, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said.

    Shoukry made the announcement at a joint press conference with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias in Cairo.

    “This agreement allows both countries to move forward in maximizing the utilization of the resources available in the exclusive economic zone, especially promising oil and gas reserves,” Shoukry said.

  21. Teacher unconstitutionally fired for Facebook post rejecting concept of ‘white privilege’

    An Illinois high school teacher was fired on July 16 for a Facebook post rejecting the idea of “white privilege.” That violated the First Amendment, even if some people viewed her Facebook post as racially inflammatory.

    Speech doesn’t become punishable just because it offends members of minority groups. For example, in Thompson v. Board of Education of Chicago (1989), a court ruled that a teacher’s remarks to a newspaper about problems in the Chicago school system (such as gang activity) were constitutionally protected, even though “individuals in the community had expressed outrage over the remarks,” and viewed them “as racist and inflammatory.”

  22. Will America survive the next three months?
    By Myra Kahn Adams August 6, 2020

    My stomach twinges just asking the title question. Never have I been this anxious before a presidential election. Even in tumultuous 1968 as an 8th grader following all the news about the Vietnam War, assassinations, racial unrest, riots, the Cold War, and the Nixon vs. Humphrey campaign — I believed that America would persevere. There was never any doubt because I lived in the greatest, most powerful country in the world. (A common mid-20th century post-war mindset widely taught in public schools and politically represented by the “silent majority.”)

  23. Farage Investigates: Brexit Legend Discovers Hotel Migrants Got VIP Tours of Anfield Stadium (breitbart, Aug 6, 2020)

    “Continuing his investigation into illegal Channel crossings and migrant hotels, Nigel Farage has discovered migrants got VIP tours of Anfield Stadium after Liverpool’s Premier League win.

    Following his exposé of a migrant-packed hotel in Bromsgrove, the home constituency of Priti Patel as Home Secretary, Sajid Javid — who declared the ongoing and steadily worsening Channel migrant crisis a “major incident” all the way back in December 2018 — Farage followed public tips to North-West England, which is allegedly hosting a particularly large cluster of migrant hotels.

    Farage visited four hotels across the region “filled up with illegal migrants” at taxpayers’ sense — with said taxpayers’ unable to book rooms at the hotels for months to come — noting the “fascinating” media reports claiming local residents are “overjoyed this is happening.”

    “It’s completely one-sided,” he said. “I’m doing my best to get this out because the Government don’t want you to know about it; Serco, who’ll be paid two billion quid over the next ten years [to accommodate migrants] certainly don’t want you to know about it.”

    The Brexit Party leader went on to interview a local man who disputed “the impression [which is] given that there were local consultations [and] the local community is very, very happy” and was furious that the migrants had “been taken over to Anfield [Stadium]” — the home of Liverpool Football Club.

    “Someone in their wisdom thought that they might enjoy a day out. There’s thousands of kids ’round here who would love to do something like that, but these lucky men got to do it instead,” he told Farage.

    “They went for a guided tour… all ’round the stadium, into the dressing room, through the tunnel, saw the famous Anfield sign, all of these things… Certainly, it’s not the kind of event that is readily available for everbody else to do,” he added.

    “And just after [Liverpool] had won the Premiership as well,” Farage observed.

    “I can imagine selfies, posts, and a message going back to their home countries, ‘Hey guys, I got across the Channel, look how good this is’,” he added.

    “I’ve heard all sorts of things, but the thought that you come here illegally, get put up in a nice hotel, and then get to visit the Premier League champions — I’ve for some more investigating to do,” said the veteran campaigner.

    He later showed social media posts and photographs showing migrants at the stadium, which boasted of highlights including “tucking into pizza and fish and chips” after the tour.

    “All these people will be sending selfies and pictures back to their countries, wherever they come from, and the message is: ‘Come on down, get into the country, hotels, 40 quid a week spending money, full board, trips to Anfield… It’s stone bonkers,” Farage said.”

  24. Trump Is Finally Signing The ‘Buy American’ Executive Order — But Now It’s Going By A New Name

    President Donald Trump will sign a long-anticipated executive order Thursday in Ohio that seeks to onshore the country’s medical supply chain by requiring federal agencies to only purchase critical drugs and medical equipment manufactured in American facilities.

    The coronavirus pandemic illustrated how numerous factors, including other countries’ access to key starting materials and tax haven policies, put the U.S. at a severe disadvantage in handling pandemic and other chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. White House officials say the new order — formally titled the “Executive Order On Combatting Public Health Emergencies And Strengthening National Security By Ensuring Essential Medicines, Medical Countermeasures, And Critical Inputs Are Made In The United States — will establish a base level of demand from the federal government to attract U.S. companies to reshore and invest in stateside manufacturing capabilities. (RELATED: Trump Accuses Biden Of ‘Plagiarizing’ His ‘Buy American’ Plan)

  25. Britain’s First Test Case Under Covid Laws

    When some protests are more equal than others.
    August 6, 2020
    Katie Hopkins

    Meet Fiona.

    She’s a lovely English lady with a happy family, hard-working parents and a firm belief that as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else and resect the law, you should be free to live your life as you please.

    Whether you choose to work like a demon, live off-grid, or identify as a cocktail sausage on a Wednesday, frankly, Fiona couldn’t care less, as long as you pay your way and mind your own business.

    Fiona is also a test case in the UK.

    She is due to appear in Westminster Magistrates Court in London on 19 August and her charge sheet reads as follows:

  26. Why President Trump is Our Only Hope

    A letter from the son of a Holocaust survivor.
    August 6, 2020

    A letter from the son of a Holocaust survivor:

    Let’s look at this man for one second.
    Walking back to the White House after a long day.

    A 74-year-old man coming back home from work at 2AM while most men his age are retired in their vacation homes.

    He comes back after a long day that probably started before the sun rose and gets back home exhausted with his tie open and hat in his hand feeling that an accomplished day is finally over.

    That amazing man is in the age of many people’s grandfathers, great grandfathers or my grandfather when he passed away, but this man just came back home from work, for me, for you.

  27. Boom: Ted Cruz Makes Critical Media-Buried Point About ‘Black Lives Matter’ During Hearing on Violent Protests

    Something that has gotten lost – deliberately, I think – in all the talk about Black Lives Matter and the BLM protests and riots that have taken place in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd is the key distinction between saying black lives matter versus saying you support the “Black Lives Matter” organization.

    Fox News’s Tucker Carlson has talked about the differences between the two often on his program over the last couple of months, but you don’t hear Republican politicians make the distinction often. Democrats, of course, don’t make it at all because it benefits them politically to blur the lines between the two.

    But on Tuesday during his subcommittee hearing on free speech and the Antifa-esque anarchistic violence happening in cities like Portland and Seattle, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made it a point to explain the distinction in a way the mainstream media here in the U.S. almost never does:

  28. Was Hezbollah Connected to the Explosives That Devastated Beirut?
    The US Treasury believes that the terror group controls Lebanon’s port where the blast occurred
    by Meira Svirsky
    August 6, 2020
    4 min read

    The “official” owner of the chemicals responsible for the massive explosion in the port in Beirut Tuesday evening was Russian businessman Igor Grechushkin, who supposedly pulled into the port with his ship on an unscheduled stop close to seven years ago, went bankrupt and abandoned the cargo.

    Yet the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used for fertilizer and making bombs, did not go unnoticed in the Beirut port. Despite warnings of the extreme danger the chemicals posed (the quantity of chemicals was equal to 1,100 bombs of the size made by Timothy McVeigh when he blew up the federal building in Oklahoma in 1995), the chemicals were allowed to be stored at the port with no safety measures in place.

    Both the U.S. Treasury and Israel believe that Hezbollah, the Iranian-back Lebanese terror organization, is largely in control of Beirut’s ports, which means that the terror group had a vested interest in keeping such material close at hand.

    Robert Baer, a former CIA operative described by CNN as having “extensive experience in the Middle East,” said that while video of the explosion indicated that ammonium nitrate may have been present in the warehouse, the chemical was not responsible for the second massive blast.

  29. DAILY MAIL – FRANCE – Armed [ MUSLIM ] man ‘takes six people hostage’ inside bank in French city of Le Havre

    The incident is believed to have taken place at 5pm local time, local media say
    The situation at BRED bank, on Boulevard de Strasbourge, remains ongoing
    No casualties have been reported and four of the hostages have been released

    A 34-year-old man armed with a gun took six people hostage in a bank in Le Havre, with police sources claiming the assailant had been ‘radicalised’.

    A bomb squad is currently at BRED bank in Boulevard de Strasbourge, a senior official said, following news that there was a bag possibly containing explosives at the scene.

    A representative of the national police told Reuters the hostage-taker had initially seized six people, with negotiators managing to secure the release of four people.

    The police representative said the hostage-taker had a history of mental health problems.

    He is believed to be known to authorities and is on a security service watch list.

    ‘We know that he has been radicalised and suffers a serious psychiatric illness,‘ Yves Lefebvre, head of the SGP Unite police union, said.

    A senior police official said the man holding the hostages had made statements in support of the Palestinian cause.

    He added that the man had also requested a motor scooter and access to social networks.

    Police have cordoned off the area and urged the public to keep away from the area.

    [....He is demanding the liberation of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel and the free access to Al Aqsa mosque for the under 40 Muslims ...]

    • RT – Muslim man holds people hostage in France’s Le Havre, reports claim he demands ‘free passage to Al Aqsa Mosque for Palestinians’

      An armed man took six people hostage at a bank in Normandy, France. Media say he’s demanding that Israel free “unjustly imprisoned Palestinian children” and let Palestinians under 40 into the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

      The two demands were given directly to the media, according to RTL. Specialized RAID officers are on site and the surrounding streets have been closed. No injuries have been reported.

      A bomb squad team has also arrived at the bank, according to a police union official, amid concerns that a bag at the scene could contain explosives.

      A police negotiator is at the scene and in contact with the assailant, while RAID officers have established a perimeter and cordoned off the area.

      Two hostages were released after the negotiator’s arrival, leaving two remaining inside – all of whom are employees of the bank.

      A spokesperson for the police said earlier that the captor had four hostages inside the bank. Two were freed earlier. The spokesperson also described the man as a 34-year-old with a history of psychiatric problems.

      The public is being asked to avoid the general area of Boulevard de Strasbourg.

      Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin has tweeted that he is monitoring the situation “very carefully” and is in contact with police. He urged citizens to respect the current security perimeter and avoid the area.

      RTL has also reported that the suspect has a criminal record, including charges for kidnapping and forcible confinement.

    • Deutsche Pravda -Gunman takes customers hostage at French bank

      An armed man has taken several customers hostage at a bank in the French port city of Le Havre. Police said the suspect — who was known to authorities for his Islamist sympathies — has a severe psychiatric illness.

      A man armed with a revolver took six people hostage at a bank in the French port city of Le Havre on Thursday, according to police reports.

      The man subsequently released at least two of the hostages, who were not injured. It was unclear if a third person was released or had escaped, news agency Reuters reported.

      The news agency later said a fourth hostage had also been released.

      Police sources said an elite intervention unit trained to handle hostage situations had been deployed.

      The 34-year-old man was previously known to the police, a police union official involved in the operation said. He is believed to have Islamist sympathies.

      “We’ve identified him. He’s on a watchlist. We know that he has been radicalized and suffers a serious psychiatric illness,” Yves Lefebvre, head of SGP Unite police union, told Reuters.

      Home to around 170,000 people, Le Havre is located on the English channel, some 200 kilometers (124 miles) north-west of Paris.

      More to follow…

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