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8 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on NYC. A frightening expose”

  1. No matter how often I run the scenario in my head it always comes out the same way, with New York City imploding into a real estate run equal to the bank runs of the Great Depression turning The Big Apple into a giant no-go-zone in a matter of literally months. I think we are about to see thousands of business-owners racing against each other to sell out as the market drops from day to day and de Blasio keeps stabbing them in the back. How can anybody let their Mom and Dad and Wife and Sister work in the store knowing that twenty hate-filled racist caucasian-hating teens could come in and kill them for fun and the police will drive right on by and not lift a finger to help…?

    I think New York is going to become exactly like that Kurt Russel movie…

  2. “Cuomo takes over governors group as virus batters states”
    Marina Villeneuve – August 5, 2020

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The governor who in large measure has defined states’ up-and-down fight against the coronavirus, including occasional combat with the White House, is poised to widen his national spotlight.
    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took the reins of the National Governors Association on Wednesday during a meeting held virtually because of the disease.
    Cuomo, who was tapped for the position in 2018, said governors who’ve shouldered the brunt of responding to COVID-19 will unite to prepare for the next virus and control a pandemic still taking the lives of thousands.

    The next virus?

    “Governor Cuomo Delivers Remarks at the 2020 National Governors Association Summer Virtual Meeting”
    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo – August 5, 2020

  3. “Governor Cuomo: ‘It Has to Start With the President Telling the American People the Truth'” Governor Andrew M. Cuomo – August 3, 2020

    • Tell the American People the Truth?
      OK Cuomo You asked for it 🙂

      “NYGOP Video Town Hall with Governor George Pataki”
      NY GOP – July 31, 2020

      Chairman Nick Langworthy sat down with three-term New York Governor George Pataki to discuss the problems facing our state and how a return to smart Republican leadership could rebuild our state.
      Governor George Pataki @ 10:50 Nursing Homes @ 25:38

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