Covid, Portland, Ultra-Virus and more: Links 1, July 23, 2020

1. DC mayor Muriel Bowser orders residents to wear masks OUTSIDE of the home or face $1,000 fines as the city battle rising coronavirus cases

(Increasingly this disease appears to be focused into a laser sharp weapon to destroy president Trump, as medicines that work are made illegal and numbers are fudged and fabricated to justify policies no one can stand but make Trump look bad in some, any way at all)

DC mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered anyone outside of their home to wear a mask or face a $1,000 fine.

Washington saw a dramatic increase in the spread of coronavirus when 102 new cases were unveiled on Wednesday. 

In response, Mayor Bowser brought in an order to ensure more people wear masks when out in crowded places.

She told reporters at a press conference: ‘Basically what it says is, if you leave home, you should wear a mask.

‘This means, if you’re waiting for a bus, you must have on a mask. If you are ordering food at a restaurant, you must have on a mask. If you’re sitting in a cubicle in an open office, you must have on a mask.’ 

(It is most likely that increasing cases relates to increased testing and perhaps even inventing positive test results as has been reported at least anecdotally before. But are hospital admissions and deaths on the rise? Have they hit anything close to any of the predictions that justified these measures?)

2. Federal agents hit Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler with tear gas after crowd of angry protesters threw trash and water bottles at him and demanded he resign following two months of chaos across the city


(Hard to believe there are enough sane people left in Portland to form an angry mob at Ted Wheeler)

3. Rioting is not protected speech. But neither is forcing someone to hear your message. Stopping people from doing what they want, blocking access to public places, this is not freedom of speech. Having the right to speak and the right to listen is not the same as forcing either on anyone.

3. Huge crowd of white communists usurping black history in the US and using it as a shield to lubricate their attacks on Western freedoms.

4. In the past Week, the CBC has published a few articles that are critical of Trudeau. Very unusual as they typically act as both his stenographer and his propagandist/publicist. We have posted some here at Vlad. The articles don’t run against the narrative of course. But do criticize Trudeau for some of his actions. And now, the Washington Post, an equally odious source of leftist propaganda wrote a condemnatory piece on Trudeau? I wonder who he crossed. Soros? Certainly something has changed with the Cabal that protects and promotes leftist leaders. But Trudeau was breaking laws and using his position to get money in ways that ranged from unethical to illegal well before he was PM. Those stories seem to have vanished but during the campaign for leadership of the Liberal party it came out that Trudeau was out giving speeches for cash as an MP. Which is illegal, if memory serves. Google certainly does not.


During a major hack into Twitter’s systems last week, the perpetrators had access to the direct messages of 36 account, “including 1 elected official in the Netherlands”, Twitter Support said on Thursday. As far as is known, PVV leader Geert Wilders was the only Dutch politician to be hacked. 

Direct messages can be sent between Twitter users. They are not visible to others. According to Twitter, the hackers targeted a total of 130 accounts and posted tweets on 45 accounts. With 36 accounts they accessed the DM inbox, and with 8 accounts they downloaded the ‘Your Twitter Data’ archive. 

In the hack, Wilders’ profile picture was replaced by a caricature of a black man and his account was used to retweet conspiracy theories. This raised doubts about whether his account was hacked by the same perpetrators that hacked the other accounts. The other accounts were of high-profile Americans including presidential candidate Joe Biden, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. From these accounts the hackers tweeted requests for Bitcoin. 

Broadcaster NOS spoke to a Dutch hacker who says they were the one to break into Wilders’ account. According to the hacker, they did so with the help of an American. 

“To date, we have no indication that any other former or current elected official had their DMs accessed,” Twitter said, seemingly indicating that Biden’s private messages are safe. 

6. French Study Finds Jihadist Terrorists Very Likely to Re-Offend

(An excellent example of how the West is making an error of gargantuan proportions when they look at a military, or intelligence in terms of solutions, problem and treat it like a law and order problem. Crime is using violence or force or otherwise cheating systems for unearned personal gain. Terrorism is using the same but for a political outcome that is not desired by the target population. By using means that are outside the system for political change. So the fact that French authorities are surprised that criminal rehabilitation doesn’t work is a powerful indicator of the utter failure of French, and generally Western thinking on the motives for jihad. Put more simply, because we refuse to connect jihad with islam we pretend it is something it isn’t so our solutions cannot possibly work.)

A study released by the French Centre for Terrorism Analysis (CAT) has revealed that 60 per cent of Islamic radicals who left France to fight abroad between 1986 to 2006 have gone on to commit terrorist offences.

The study looked at French Muslims who had fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The researchers found that the majority of those who returned to France later went on to engage in terrorism.

Jean-Charles Brisard, president of the CAT, commented on the findings, saying: “Until now, international studies of all identified jihadists around the world concluded with a re-engagement rate [with terrorism] of 11 per cent. French statistics are even more worrying.”

While 40 per cent of the returning jihadists have not engaged in actual terrorism after getting to France, newspaper Le Figaroreports that many still have not given up on their racial Islamist ideology and even promote it to younger generations.

(You would have to narrow the definition of jihad a lot to get those low numbers. Returning jihadis probably engage in some sort of activity that promotes Islamic manifest destiny and supremacy in much higher numbers than the ones above. This would include preaching hatred of the other, and the right to dominate politically for muslims)

7. Illegal Immigrant Suing UK Government After Catching Coronavirus

An African asylum seeker is suing the government after he contracted coronavirus while staying in taxpayer-funded migrant accommodation.

Lawyers for the man, who is Eritrean, contacted the Home Office in April to complain that he and other asylum seekers were at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus while living at Urban House in Wakefield in the north of England.

The Home Office informed the man, whose lawyers raised concerns over room sharing and a lack of social distancing, that current policies did not place him or any other resident at risk of becoming ill from Covid-19 at the Yorkshire accommodation, where more than 20 people eventually contracted the virus, according to The Guardian.

Speaking to the newspaper from a hotel where he was transferred after experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, the man said: “I was so scared in Urban House and believed I was at risk of catching Covid-19 because of the bad and overcrowded conditions there.”

“I have been very ill with Covid, but now I’m starting to feel better,” he said, adding that the illness “has really weakened” asylum seekers, many of whom want to be moved from the “too crowded” Urban House.

8. Here is a man bites dog: Pakistan returns 200-year-old temple to Sikhs in southwest

QUETTA, Pakistan — A 200-year-old Sikh temple that served as a school for Muslim girls for seven decades was returned to the Sikh community in Quetta, enabling them to worship there for the first time in 73 years, officials said Thursday.

The temple stood empty for a year or two when most Sikhs left Pakistan for neighboring India after the British partitioned the subcontinent into separate nations in 1947, following two centuries of colonial rule.

Under the government’s guardianship, a school was later set up in the temple building, which remained functional until recently, when Sikhs won a legal battle to have the property returned, temple custodian Govind Singh said.

He said Sikhs living in Quetta were delighted to get back to their temple.

(OK they had to sue for it. So slightly less man bites dog, but it still qualifies as its hard to believe a Pakistani court would rule in favour of non-muslims)

9. Portland Mayor says he will stand with communist insurgents “No matter what”

(One might think that the Portland Mayor feels that it is “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”. But I don’t think he would mean it like Milton did. More like Marx, Alinsky and Duranty do.)

10. For those that are not already following Dr. Zelenko please consider doing so. Here is a link to his Twitter Feed:

At this stage it feels like there is only 3 things to know about Covid 19

  1. All medical personnel claim great success with Hydroxychloroquine treating this disease.
  2. Most authorities lie about its efficacy claiming it is bad for you and creating materials intended to look like science to convince people it doesn’t work.
  3. Many leaks and admissions indicate that world leaders all take HCQ for the disease and as prophylaxis. Most recently, Jair Bolsonaro who appears to have recovered from Covid with HCQ use.

So authorities lie in a way that will kill many of us about something which has a much much smaller impact than initial claims which were used to justify the total removal of all basic rights.

Once you know they lie, what else exactly do you need to know to withdraw your consent to be governed?

Thank you M., ET., Diana West, Wrath of Khan, C., Johnny U., Malevolent Pixie, Coram Deo, Sassy, EB., Ruth J., Sassy and so many more who continue to put in the effort for all of our sakes.

What week would not be complete without a video of Russian FSB taking down an Islamic terror cell.

Machine translation from under YT video:

The FSB, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard, detained members of the interregional structure of the international terrorist organization “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan” (banned in Russia) in Moscow, Novosibirsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

More details on TASS:

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7 Replies to “Covid, Portland, Ultra-Virus and more: Links 1, July 23, 2020”

  1. Black Lives Matter are perpetrating a slanderous hoax stating that people of my race are indiscriminately murdering young black males for no reason at all while other people of my race sit back and laugh when charges are brought and I don’t like it one little bit because it’s one big effing filthy lie and I’ve never been racist and neither has anybody I’ve ever known. And the kicker is that young black males are being murdered by the thousand but it’s by the same kind of guys that run with Black Lives Matter – same color, same attitude too. They’re murdering black males and blaming me for it, basically. Bastards! Filthy lying bastards!!!

    It really browns me off when I hear guys like Wheeler saying he supports these lying insidious creeps because they are basically doing the same thing as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the “Blood Libel”. Why should anybody be respectful toward BLM? They all belong in jail and should be roundly hated by all decent people and saying nice things about them just shows how chicken you are and how stupid you are. They would love to put you in a concentration camp and gas you so don’t play nice with them. They are dead-bang evil and nothing more.

    There is no epidemic of black men being shot by police officers. It’s simply not true…

    • Stand strong Chris, you know and many people know the Black Lives Matter are Soros revolutionary, mentally deficient ,little cowards. I was taught as a young girl that God created all men equal. These little cowards are the racists and their BS is going to backfire on the little paid terrorists.

      Listen to all the Muslims, who call anyone who is non-Muslim, a dirty Kafir and then cry racism. Islam is not a race and after 1400 years they still can’t stop hating. The tables are turning, sometimes it seems they are at a grinding halt, but I have faith in mankind.

      Keep on the sunnyside.

  2. Mayor Wheeler should receive some sort of award for the Public Official Most Harming His Own Community. He watches an illegal attack on a public building and fire-starting and doesn’t even ask the fire service to attend. After 8 weeks its all Trump’s fault.

    • He has joined the rest of the sick, demented ones blaming Trump — Trump troops, Trump virus / The Made in China Virus…..

    • He looks like any random, liberal arts professor from any local university. Teaching/preaching “activism”.
      In fact, as Chris saiys, this BLM is straight-up Blood Libel. A tangle of lies crafted to incite racial hatred and violence. A license to shed blood with impunity. These themes have sticking power, become selections in a repertoire, recycled at intervals.

      ==> Purveyors of blood-libel always resort to the tactic for motives of their own: the point is never the point. It’s a mechanism to let the public discharge pent up anger on a designated target.

  3. The Mayor of Portland and the Governor of Oregon should have been arrested for participating and sanctioning these demonstrations.

    I know I’m speaking to the choir here but you should call your local Federal Rep to get this done. Its time to be a citizen not a subject!

  4. Imagine that you are officially bipolar as well as schizophrenic with a side of Horkheimer’s simplex and you’ve gotten on to permanent disability with a tiny subsidized SRO apartment. Oh, and you’re dyslexic and you smoke and you drink and you do pot whenever possible. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Oh, but wait! Beyond your rent and phone and a few Kraft Dinners you don’t have any effing money. You’re broke all the time and getting angrier and more depressed by the day.

    Now imagine that you run into a guy who puts giant pitchers of beer on the table after you go to City Hall or the courthouse and protest for a few hours. Then he tosses you a carton of black market cigarettes and it’s all good. Then he asks you to do a march and be a little bit aggressive about it, and he offers you a hundred bucks and a bag of weed if you do it. Excellent! Then he asks you to come to a meeting and hear some “speakers” and you can pick up the other carton of cigarettes when you’re there. “Great… See ya Tuesday…”. And they use you and they use you and they use you… And you let them because you have the character of a rabid wharf rat and hey, you are after all, effing crazy…:)

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