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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. test 05

    Protesters stage ‘Strike for Black Lives’ demo in New York City

    […]gathered around the Trump International Hotel

    […] joined by Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

    […]a wide range of actions are expected to take place across the country today,

  2. “Coronavirus: Trial shows experimental drug prevents 79% of COVID-19 cases from progressing”
    Alexander Martin – July 20, 2020

    “Synairgen announces positive results from trial of SNG001 in hospitalised COVID-19 patients” Press release
    Synairgen – July 20, 2020

  3. China slams Britain’s comments on Uighurs as ‘slander’

    “China hit back on Monday (July 20) at comments by Britain’s foreign secretary that accused Beijing of “gross” human rights abuses against ethnic and religious minorities in the northwest region of Xinjiang.

    Rights groups and experts estimate that more than one million ethnic Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities have been rounded up into a network of internment camps, which China says are facilities for job-training and to steer people away from extremism.

    British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told the BBC on Sunday that it was “clear that there are gross, egregious human rights abuses going on… it is deeply, deeply troubling.”

    But foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called the comments “nothing but rumours and slander”.

    “The Xinjiang issue is not about human rights, religions or ethnic groups at all, but about combating violence, terrorism and separatism,” he said Monday at a regular press briefing.

    Mr Raab said reports of forced sterilisations and mass detentions in Xinjiang required international attention, and that Britain “cannot see behaviour like that and not call it out”.

    But Mr Wang said the forced-sterilisation reports were “complete nonsense”, and that the Uighur population had more than doubled in the past four decades.

    Exiled Uighurs this month called for the International Criminal Court in the Hague to investigate China for genocide and crimes against humanity, filing a huge dossier accusing China of rights abuses including forcibly sterilising women.

    Tensions between London and China have soared over a number of topics…”

  4. ‘Bandits’ Kill 23 Nigerian Troops in Northwest: Security Sources

    “At least 23 Nigerian troops were killed when they were ambushed by a gang of so-called “bandits” in a remote village in the northwest of the country, security sources said Sunday.

    The gang opened fire Saturday on the soldiers who were on foot in a forested part of the Jibia district in Katsina state, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    “The bodies of 23 soldiers have been accounted for while some are still missing,” a military source said.

    In the past, the armed gangs, known locally as “bandits,” have been involved in cattle rustling and kidnappings, but a number of experts have recently warned that they could be forging ties with jihadist groups in the region.

    One militia member said the toll could be “higher than 23,” as the search for missing soldiers was underway.

    Also on Saturday in the same area, five children were killed and six others injured when a bomb accidentally exploded, a spokesman for Katsina State police said.

    It was not clear whether the explosive had been left by the bandits, the statement said.

    Katsina State, where President Muhammadu Buhari originates from and where the vast majority of the population lives in extreme poverty, has become increasingly volatile in recent years.

    The Nigerian army regularly raids the forests where the armed groups hide, but the number of soldiers is insufficient and villagers organize themselves into the civilian militia.

    In May, the International Crisis Group, an NGO, warned that the armed gangs could be developing links with jihadist groups such as Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), which is already very powerful in northwest Nigeria.

    The “bandits” have killed around 8,000 people since 2011 and forced more than 200,000 to flee their homes, according to an estimate by Brussels-based ICG.”

  5. IRGC Commander Lauds Ground Force Airborne Division’s Self-Sufficiency

    “Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami hailed the advances made by the IRGC Ground Force’s Airborne Division in overhauling and modernizing military equipment.

    The IRGC Ground Force’s Airborne Division has achieved self-sufficiency in manufacturing components, modernization and overhaul of aircraft, the senior commander said during a visit to the Division’s Fath Base…”

  6. Saudi Arabia, Iraq Agree Investments in Energy, Sports

    “Saudi Arabia and Iraq signed investment agreements on energy and sports, the Kingdom’s state TV reported on Monday.

    The agreements were signed as part of the meetings of the Saudi-Iraqi coordination council.

    They also inked deals on investment and education, reported the Iraqi news agency.

    An Iraqi delegation, led by Finance Minister Ali Allawi, had arrived in Saudi Arabi on Sunday for an official visit.

    The Saudi-Iraqi coordination council had convened on Sunday and will hold further meetings on Monday.

    Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi was due to arrive on Monday but his trip was postponed after Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz was admitted to hospital for medical tests.”

  7. Pirates Kidnap Seven Russian Sailors in Gulf of Guinea

    “Pirates have kidnapped seven Russian sailors from the crew of a ship in the Gulf of Guinea, the Russian Embassy in Nigeria said on Monday.

    The seven Russians were among 13 crew members pirates abducted from the Curacao Trader 210 miles off the coast of Benin last Friday, the embassy said on its official Twitter account, but did not provide further details.

    The shipping industry has warned in recent months about increased incidents of piracy and kidnapping in the Gulf of Guinea, particularly around Nigeria.

    Pirates this month attacked an oil production vessel off Nigeria and kidnapped nine Nigerian nationals.”

  8. Middle East states to snap up shares in European firms impacted by Covid-19 crisis: Report

    “Nearly half of all state-owned sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East are planning to buy shares in European companies that have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, a US-based investment management company has said.

    Over the next year, around 43 percent of Middle Eastern investment funds plan to buy equities that have dropped in value, while 29 percent plan to cut those holdings, a study released by Invesco Ltd said on Monday, according to Bloomberg News.

    Most of the funds are looking to use their cash reserves to capitalise on “unprecedented buying opportunities”, Invesco said, with Europe a preferred destination for investors looking for bargains…”

  9. Saudi social media campaign targets ousted crown prince ahead of possible indictment

    “Saudi Twitter users have posted thousands of tweets accusing the kingdom’s former crown prince and his long-time aide of corruption, in what two Saudi sources told Reuters was a campaign to discredit him ahead of a possible indictment.

    The campaign against Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who was ousted and replaced as heir to the throne by the crown prince in a palace coup in 2017, began on Friday and also targeted his aide, ex-intelligence official Saad al-Jabri, the news agency reported on Monday.

    The Twitter storm comes as King Salman, 84, was admitted to hospital in the capital Riyadh, suffering from inflammation of the gallbladder, according to state news agency SPA. The government’s media office declined to comment further on his condition.

    The two Saudi sources, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said the campaign led by apparent pro-government Twitter users was aimed at swaying public opinion ahead of an expected announcement of corruption charges against bin Nayef…”

  10. Police may drop ‘Islamist’ term when describing terror attacks
    The police are looking at dropping the terms “Islamist terrorism” and “jihadis” when describing attacks by those who claim Islam as their motive.

    Proposed alternatives include “faith-claimed terrorism”, “terrorists abusing religious motivations” and “adherents of Osama bin Laden’s ideology”.

    The reform was requested by a Muslim police organisation that blamed the official use of “Islamist” and “jihadi” for negative perceptions and stereotypes, discrimination and Islamophobia.

    The problem was discussed at an online event last month addressed by Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the national head [..]

  11. Everyone’s saying this is a MUST-READ:

    Editor’s note: In this monograph, Robert Spencer reveals the disquieting agenda and goals of those who are working hard to get Muslims elected to political office at the national, state, and local level. He shows how this initiative is gaining ground despite the frank anti-Americanism of Ilhan Omar and others – or is it because of that anti-Americanism?

    ‘Building Power for Muslims in Politics’
    The push to place Muslims in elective offices.

  12. “Redwood City Scrubs Black Lives Matter Mural When Trump Supporter Asks to Paint ‘MAGA 2020’ on Same”
    KPIX CBS SF Bay Area – July 19, 2020

  13. Biden Says Russian Interference In US Elections Will Not Go Unnoticed

    On Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential election, Former Vice President Joe Biden says, “ Putin knows what I mean what I say, this is a violation of our sovereignty … It will not go unstated, unnoticed, or unreported.”

  14. Clinton On Russian interference: What Happened In 2016 Is Sadly Underway Again

    On President Trump’s reluctance to criticize Russia from the 2016 election to the bounty plot, Hillary says, “I am glad that Biden, with all of his experience in foreign affairs … is trying to warn the American people that what happened in 2016 is sadly underway again.”

    • Clinton: Trump’s Strategy Is To ‘Sow Further Distrust In Our Election System’

      Asked about election security in 2020, Hillary says the Trump campaign’s strategy is “to try make it as difficult as possible for people to vote, to have those votes counted, to sow even further distrust in our electoral system.”

  15. Saudi media claims ex-intelligence chief is member of Muslim Brotherhood

    “Saudi media outlets have published claims that former intelligence chief, Saad Al-Jabri, is a member of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Khaleej Times reported yesterday.

    A disinformation and propaganda campaign was launched against Al-Jabri as authorities try to encourage Canada to extradite him. Al-Jabri is thought to be in possession of documents that prove Riyadh’s support for terror attacks.

    Saudi journalist, however, claim he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is deemed a terrorist organisation in the kingdom and he helped the group to infiltrate into the Saudi institutions.

    Abdullah Al-Otaibi wrote in Asharq Al-Awsat: “This person was not only financially corrupt, but he ran a network of corruption organisations and an ideological organisation affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood and other political Islamic parties.”

    Adding that the Muslim Brotherhood “is the most dangerous group because it is targeting the state and its institutions.”

    Al-Jabri held a cabinet-rank intelligence post under deposed Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef and has been living in Toronto since a 2017 palace coup in Riyadh.

    The Saudis attempted to have Al-Jabri arrested by issuing a “red notice” order through Interpol, the international cooperation organisation for police, in late 2017. In 2018, a visiting Saudi delegation also pressed Canada to extradite him.

    In recent months, Bin Salman has also increased pressure on Al-Jabri’s relatives, detaining his adult children, to force him to return to the kingdom, his family said.”

    • I think al-Jabri is.
      Part of the cabal from John (Abdul) Brennan’s time at the CIA station there. MB (and Deep State) had bin Nayef all lined up, till canny old Salman slid in his pet, MbS.

  16. Jordanian charged with murder of his daughter in ‘honour’ killing

    “A Jordanian man was charged with the murder of his daughter on Saturday in a so-called ‘honour killing’ which has taken Arab social media by storm, Roya News reported.

    His arrest came after a video circulated online reportedly showing the body of the victim – identified as ‘Ahlam’ – lying in the street. Witnesses alleged Ahlam ran into the street bleeding and was chased by her father who bludgeoned her to death with a brick before he smoked a cigarette and drank tea next to her battered body.

    An investigation into the murder, now referred to as ‘Screams of Ahlam’, is still underway as campaigners are calling for tough action and for changes in the way the kingdom deals with ‘honour’ crimes and domestic violence issues…”

  17. Qatar prince awarded USC Master’s degree despite barely attending classes

    “A Qatari prince was awarded a Master’s degree from the prestigious University of Southern California (USC), despite barely attending classes, an investigation by the Los Angeles Times has found.

    Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, 28, graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree in 2015 and later received a Master’s in public diplomacy.

    However, according to the LA Times’ investigation, the prince, who is the brother of the current emir of Qatar, barely set foot on campus or attended classes…”

  18. UAE leader Mohammed Ben Zayed accused of complicity in torture

    “The French media have confirmed that a complaint has been filed against the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi accusing him of torture and enforced disappearances in the ongoing war in Yemen.

    The charges against Mohammed Bin Zayed have been made by the International Coalition for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms and six Yemenis who have demonstrated that they were subjected to torture and violence in UAE-run prisons…”

  19. Indonesia jails leaders of Al-Qaeda-linked extremist group

    “Indonesia on Monday jailed two top leaders of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) — an Al-Qaeda-linked extremist group behind the 2002 Bali bombings — on terror charges linked to sending militants to fight in Syria.

    JI leader Para Wijayanto and deputy Budi Trikaryanto were handed seven and six-and-a-half year sentences, respectively, at a Jakarta court hearing done by videoconference due to coronavirus concerns.

    “The defendants prepared cadres to go to Syria as well as supported them financially while on the mission,” presiding judge Alex Adam Faisal told the East Jakarta District Court.

    The court said Wijayanto, 56, who took over JI’s top job in 2009, recruited Indonesians to fight and train with

    groups, including an Al-Qaeda linked organisation, opposed to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad between 2012 and 2018…”

  20. Face masks imported from China could be made with Uighur forced labour

    “More than dozen Chinese companies are using Uighur forced labour to satisfy global demand for face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new investigation.

    Dozens of new PPE producers have sprouted up over the course of the pandemic, The New York Times reported on Sunday, with at least 17 employing Uighur labourers through a state-sponsored programme that analysts say amounts to forced labour.

    Human rights organisations and activists describe the system – endorsed by Beijing as a method of poverty reduction – as part of a system of repression targeting Uighur and other Muslim minorities in the northwestern Xinjiang province…”

  21. Clinton: Trump’s Strategy Is To ‘Sow Further Distrust In Our Election System’

    Asked about election security in 2020, Hillary says the Trump campaign’s strategy is “to try make it as difficult as possible for people to vote, to have those votes counted, to sow even further distrust in our electoral system.”

  22. Turkey launches Operation Y?ld?r?m-2 Cilo in southeastern Hakkari

    “Turkish security forces on July 20 “neutralized” at least three terrorists in an air-backed operation in the country’s southeastern Hakkari province.

    The terrorists were neutralized as part of a new operation, dubbed Y?ld?r?m-2 Cilo, announced by the Interior Ministry.

    Turkish authorities use the term “neutralized” to imply the terrorists in question surrendered or were killed or captured.

    A ministry’s communique said the operation launched on July 19 aims to completely remove PKK terrorists from the country’s agenda and to neutralize the terrorists in the region.

    Operation includes a total of 1,106 security personnel including gendarmerie commandos, gendarmerie special forces, police special forces and local security teams.

    Operations against terrorists in the region will continue without pause, the statement added.

    The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., and the EU. In its terror campaign against Turkey, which has lasted for more than three decades, over 40,000 people have been killed, including women, children, and infants.”

  23. German activist kidnapped in Iraq, police say

    “German activist Hella Mewis was kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Iraq’s capital Baghdad on Monday, police said.

    Mewis, who is also the head of the culture department of German Goethe Institut in Baghdad, was abducted near her office on the Abu Nuwas Street at the evening hours, Iraqi police Ahmad Khalaf told Anadolu Agency.

    Teams from the defense and interior ministeries as well as police are searching the area, he added.

    No group has yet claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

    Mewis is an activist along with her duties at Goethe Institut, a German cultural institute, operational worldwide with at least 159 institutes in 98 countries. She works at German Arts Center Tarkib which organizes festivals every year to support young artists in Baghdad.”

  24. Germany: Infamous asylum seeker ‘King Abode’ remains free despite 7 convictions

    “The 22-year-old migrant “King Abode”, whose real name is Mohamed T., was supposed to be deported back to Libya, but now the district court of Dresden lifted an eight-month prison sentence against the permanent asylum seeker on Wednesday and referred the 2018 case back to juvenile court.

    “King Abode” received an eight-month suspended sentence in 2018 for insulting, threatening, and biting a train passenger in the arm. His self-proclaimed name translates to “King Stay” in English, and is meant to highlight Germany’s inability to remove him from the country.

    The reason the Dresden court dropped the case and referred it to juvenile court is that it claims “King Abode” should not have been sentenced as an adult, a spokesman for the regional court confirmed a report of the Bild newspaper on Thursday.

    When he first entered Germany in 2014, Mohamed T. stated that he was 18 years old and born on February 4, 1996. However, standing before the Bautzen Youth Court in another case, he said that he was born on August 4, 1997, more than a year later. The court accepted his claim that he was younger, and he was sentenced as a juvenile instead as an adult, which resulted in the court slapping the amateur rapper to only 16 months of probation for 24 crimes.

    King Abode should have been deported long ago
    If the judge in the juvenile court also recognizes his supposedly younger age of the case of 2018, the eight-month prison sentence could now be reversed, leaving Mohamed T. free once again. “King Abode”, who claims to be a Libyan citizen, is well known to the police and the judiciary. The authorities have already initiated more than 60 cases against him, at least nine of which went to trial. He has been convicted seven times.

    In one instance in 2018, he was released from custody only to steal a boy’s cellphone three days later. He smugly told the press at the time that “nothing happens to me anyway” in response to that arrest.

    The immigrant should have been deported a long time ago. His asylum application had already been rejected in September 2016. Since then, he has managed to stay in Germany by initiating a variety of court cases.

    “King Abode” was also involved in riots between asylum seekers and Germans on the Bautzen market during summer 2016. The German press has labeled him the “riot refugee” and numerous articles have been published about him over the years.

    He later attracted attention when he posted a video of himself on social media with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. In another incident, a special task force had to overpower him on the roof of an asylum-seeker accommodation building.

    King Adobe’s case highlights broader issues in Germany
    The attention the “King Abode” case has served to highlight the disproportionately large role migrants play in crime statistics in the country, including for the most serious crimes of murder, assault, and sexual assaults. At the same time, the case highlights German authorities’ inability to successfully deport even those migrants who have committed a variety of crimes.

    The uncertainty over “King Adobe’s” age is also not unique a unique case. In fact, there are over 400,000 migrants in Germany who have unknown birth dates, with the Alternative for Germany party indicating that many of them have lied about their age to gain access to more benefits under the German system and avoid deportation.

    Concerns have been raised in the past that migrants have lied about their age in order to gain entry into Europe. For example, 84 percent of “child migrants” tested by Swedish health authorities were actually adults aged 18 or older, according to a report from the BBC. In another study from Belgium released by the government this month, 73 percent of “migrant children” were actually adults.

    According to a study by the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Münster, a large proportion of underage immigrants lied about their age upon entering Germany. The university clinic’s forensic specialists examined around 600 so-called unaccompanied minor refugees on behalf of the courts where their age was questioned. The institute determined that around 40 percent of them were demonstrably 18 years of age or older, according to the study available online.”

  25. Swedish mother of three brutally attacked by migrants, slams Swedish prime minister

    “While trying to enjoy a night out with their husbands, 24-year-old Rebecca Andersson and her sister were brutally beaten by a gang of immigrants in central Uppsala on Saturday night when they were on their way home from a restaurant.

    The young mother of three described the incident on Facebook and shared photos of her battered body in a post that has been shared tens of thousands of times. In the message, she also mocked the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, writing, “Please share [my post], so maybe it will reach Löfven how safe Sweden is.”

    On Friday night, Rebecca Andersson said she and her husband Fredrik hired a babysitter so that they together with Rebecca’s sister and her husband could go to a restaurant together for a night out. After playing shuffleboard, they were heading home a couple of hours later when they were brutally attacked by an immigrant gang.

    “My friend and I went a little behind and talked and the girls went a bit ahead,” told Fredrik Andersson told Swedish newspaper Fria Tider.

    In Rebecca Andersson’s Facebook post, she said out of the blue, one member of a group of young men called her and her sister “twats”.

    When her and her sister asked why he would call them like that, the attacker became aggressive.

    “I beat girls and I come from Gottsunda,“ the man answered.

    The aggressive man then launched a furious attack against the women whose husbands were walking behind them when the attack started.

    “I remember blows and kicks against me and my sister’s head,” Rebecca wrote on Facebook.

    Fredrik and the other man immediately hurried forward to intervene against the violent man, but then the attacker had a number of men join him in attacing the group.

    “Suddenly, three or four people pulled up in a car and were coming, taking off their belts. They started beating on us instead of our spouses,“ said Fredrik Andersson.

    According to Fredrik, the gang of immigrant men who attacked them were in their 20s and looked like they came somewhere from the Middle East.

    “They were not totally dark-skinned, but of some foreign descent for sure,“ he added.

    The abuse was stopped fairly quickly thanks to the fact that security guards saw what was happening and came out running to help.

    The police confirmed that they were alerted to an assault in central Uppsala on Saturday night involving two women beaten by a gang.

    “As far as we know, the police detained three. They also told my husband that we were lucky we weren’t stabbed, so they obviously had knives with them,“ concluded Rebecca Andresson on Facebook.

    Responding to Rebecca’s post on Facebook, a number of women voiced outrage over the incident in the comments.

    “Disgusting, f**king disgusting… I hope they get what they deserve, and then I do not mean Sweden’s cowardly legal system without someone taking the law into their own hands! Get well soon,” said Denise Hallen.”

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